Don’t Sink Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Different Dreams in the Same Bed

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“I won’t.” Xu Yibai clenched his fist, and the image of the marriage certificate he had hidden in the safe flashed before his eyes. He repeated persistently, “I won’t.”

Initially, Shen Yao was truly blinded and believed that he couldn’t continue playing the piano. For the past ten years, he had been deceiving others, toying with their emotions.

He had deceived Xu Yibai many times, and now Xu Yibai had turned the tables on him, as if playing a game of wits.

Shen Yao folded the documents in his hand and placed them back on the piano, calmly asking, “A few simple lies can affect someone’s emotions and change their decisions. Deceiving others is a good thing, isn’t it?”

Despite the situation, Xu Yibai should have been the confident manipulator, but his voice trembled imperceptibly. “So, is that how you thought when you deceived me before?”

“Now it’s not me deceiving you, it’s you deceiving me.” Shen Yao’s finger landed on the piano keys, gently pressing down, and the music flowed silently in the room. “You seem quite conflicted. You are so intelligent, making everything seamless, but it could have been even more perfect.”

“Indeed, there were no loopholes, but you know I have a suspicious mind. You knew that one day I would become suspicious.”

Xu Yibai’s footsteps froze in place, and he stared at Shen Yao without displaying any emotions in his eyes.

“So,” Shen Yao asked, “the documents inside the piano lid, were they your way of giving me an opportunity to discover them?”

Both Shen Yao and Xu Yibai had guessed each other’s thoughts.

In Shen Yao’s understanding, the piano had become a barrier in Xu Yibai’s heart, preventing him from playing it. That’s why he tightly locked the piano room.

But Xu Yibai also knew that the longer he stayed here, the sooner Shen Yao would discover the documents he had hidden under the piano lid.

Shen Yao’s lips curved into a smile as he gently asked, “Why aren’t you ruthless enough? If you continue with this plan, won’t you completely have me?”

He tossed a tempting fruit and cruelly picked it up himself. “You could do that, but would the version of me without memories still be me?”

Shen Yao asked in confusion, “I followed you, so why are you still doing this? We’re in this situation now…”

“Yes!” Xu Yibai suddenly roared, interrupting him. His emotions had been suppressed for far too long, and in an instant, they all burst out. “Yes, you did follow me! But did you originally want to follow me?! Why did you follow me? Wasn’t it because you weighed the pros and cons and made the best decision at that time?! And why did you pretend to like me again?!”

Xu Yibai lost his former gentleness and elegance, completely revealing himself as an emotionally wounded husband.

“How many times have you deceived me?! Since we started dating, how many true words have you spoken to me? You said that every ‘I love you’ you said to me was genuine, so why did you change your mind so quickly?”

“I tried to keep loving you, to think rationally and calmly, but it was useless… Shen Yao.”

“Isn’t this the only thing I can do? Isn’t it true that no matter what I do, I can’t keep you by my side?! Isn’t this the only method I can use?!” Tears welled up in Xu Yibai’s eyes once again, flowing uncontrollably. He used the back of his hand to wipe them away as he covered his face. “You want a divorce, but after the divorce, who will you marry?! Guan Shu? Yan Zhixing? Or maybe some other alpha?!”

“I told you, I won’t divorce!”

None of Xu Yibai’s questions received a response. This time, Shen Yao didn’t wipe away his tears, but looked at him with a cold expression.

It was always like this. He never received any response. Not even a heated argument, nor a single insincere attempt to coax him. It was like a one-man play.

Not only now, but the four years they were together in the past were also a solo performance that moved him.

Cold violence was truly maddening. Xu Yibai thought he should be able to remain calm, but now his temples were throbbing intensely, and his breathing became erratic and chaotic.

He just wanted to forcefully change Shen Yao’s cold expression. Impulsively, Xu Yibai grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the piano.

Due to the cover, there was no dust on the piano. When Shen Yao’s back pressed against the keys, a few disordered notes instantly rang out.

Unable to support his own weight, Shen Yao swayed and grabbed onto Xu Yibai’s arm.

His fair and delicate thighs were not thin, but had just the right amount of flesh. When Xu Yibai’s fingers pressed into them, the flesh slightly indented, leaving ambiguous red marks.

A mysterious and sweet aroma of apricot blossoms filled the air above the keys. This piano was expensive and unique, but now it was rendered useless due to this situation.

Shen Yao’s hand weakly pressed down, producing another burst of crisp piano sound. His back kept rubbing against the keys, leaving a row of red marks from Xu Yibai’s fingers, which had skillfully pressed on these keys countless times before.

He frowned slightly. Shen Yao never endured unnecessary pain. He softly murmured, “It hurts my back…”

Xu Yibai’s movements paused for a moment, then he lifted Shen Yao up, holding his entire body and making him sit on his lap.

Due to the excessive stimulation, Shen Yao fell forward uncontrollably. Xu Yibai swiftly used his right arm to hold Shen Yao’s waist, while his left hand instinctively pressed on the piano, but not with the gentle touch of playing it in the past.


Several low keys were pressed down by Xu Yibai’s fingers simultaneously, resounding heavily in the hot and sealed room.

Xu Yibai lowered his head and whispered into Shen Yao’s ear.

“The next time you answer Yan Zhixing’s call, I hope it will be at this moment.”

Shen Yao’s eyelashes were filled with tears, but he stubbornly challenged Xu Yibai, clutching onto the lifeline of the alpha. “How… how can you be so generous? Are you really willing…?”

Xu Yibai’s movements abruptly halted. He couldn’t possibly be generous. How could he allow another alpha to hear Shen Yao’s voice in its current state?

But Yan Zhixing must have heard it, right?

He couldn’t imagine Shen Yao’s appearance on someone else’s bed. Just the thought of it drove him to jealous madness.

Xu Yibai parted his lips. He had already marked Shen Yao before, but now he forcefully used his canine teeth to bite down, completing another profound marking.

From inside to outside, he completely possessed the omega in his embrace, even establishing a bridge between their souls.


Shen Yao couldn’t restrain his own voice any longer. His vision turned black, leaving only the scorching heat of Xu Yibai behind him and the scattered breaths in his ears.

After the chaos subsided, Xu Yibai held Shen Yao and helped him take a bath, but there was one place Xu Yibai didn’t assist in cleaning.

He held Shen Yao tightly, almost obsessively, muttering to himself, “… Is it that if it’s like this, you won’t be able to seduce other alphas?”

Returning to the bed once again, Xu Yibai held Shen Yao tightly from behind. The boiling blood gradually cooled, and Xu Yibai’s fierce expression gradually calmed down.

He knew Shen Yao wasn’t asleep yet. Xu Yibai embraced him from behind and calmly spoke in his ear:

“You don’t have to like me, and you can always entertain the idea of leaving me. You can even hate me.” The documents Xu Yibai had prepared turned into mere threats in the end. “Yao Yao, as long as you don’t escape or leave me, I won’t do those things to you.”

He would never change his mind. Xu Yibai had enough time and obsession to wear Shen Yao down until he gave up completely and stayed by his side.

Shen Yao curled up uncomfortably, emitting a stifled moan. In this rare moment of genuine obedience, his body trembled as if he was about to produce the sound of water any second.

It seemed that only when treated like this, Shen Yao would behave, unable to put up any resistance.

With his eyes tightly shut, Shen Yao felt tears falling onto his clothes, clinging to his back.

Shen Yao didn’t understand why these alphas all seemed to enjoy crying.

After Shen Yao fell asleep, Xu Yibai returned downstairs alone. He sat in the dark room and slowly unwrapped the bandages on his hand. His right palm still felt numb, so he called a doctor.

The doctor arrived in a hurry, immediately exclaiming upon entering the room, “Although you didn’t damage any nerves last time, the wound was quite deep. It may not affect others, but you play the piano. Didn’t I tell you to rest? What happened to your hand?”

There was a long scar on Xu Yibai’s palm, and he lowered his head, saying, “The desk lamp was about to fall, so I reached out to stop it.”

“It looks fine now,” the doctor examined it carefully, “but it will definitely delay your recovery. You should go to the hospital for a check-up to determine the extent of the injury. You should go now, as this can’t be postponed.”

Xu Yibai remained silent for a moment and looked up at the clock. “It’s almost dawn. I’ll go by myself in a few hours.”

The doctor tried to persuade him several times but eventually gave up, offering numerous warnings and instructions before leaving.

After the doctor departed, Xu Yibai walked to the safe alone. He carefully opened it in the desolate darkness, holding the two crimson books with great reverence, silently studying them for a long time.

He was now Shen Yao’s husband in name, but he only had those two marriage certificates.

When Shen Yao woke up, he saw Xu Yibai sitting by his bedside, seemingly addicted, with his right hand still wrapped in bandages.

Xu Yibai handed him the two passports, clearly indicating his intention to take Shen Yao abroad. However, the names on the passports were not Shen Yao’s real name.

As soon as Shen Yao read the information on them, someone gently embraced him and held him in their arms. His cheek was lightly kissed, and Xu Yibai whispered in his ear:

“From now on, you will be called Venus.”

Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.

It was rare for a boy to be named Venus, but it was the name that came to Xu Yibai’s mind when he forged the documents.


Shen Yao decisively slapped Xu Yibai’s face. He turned his head away and coldly said, “Xu Yibai, you’re going crazy now.”

That slap seemed to have no effect on Xu Yibai. As there was a bright red palm print on his right cheek, without even flinching, Xu Yibai continued calmly:

“We grew up together as childhood friends. We’ve loved each other since we were young. It was natural for us to be together as adults, without anyone else interfering.”

“A month ago, we got married.”

“Now, I am your husband.”

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