Don’t Sink Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Liar

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Shen Yao’s breathing stopped imperceptibly as he let his hand, held by Xu Yibai, gently fall, like a falling leaf swirling in the wind.

His response took a long, long time, as if he was trying to ascertain the truth of these words or struggling to believe this reality.

Slowly, Shen Yao spoke, without feigning concern, his tone seemingly calm and normal as he asked, “Is it true that you can no longer play the piano?”

Xu Yibai’s silence turned into an admission, unable to truly face the fact that he couldn’t play the piano anymore. He wanted to hide his hand once again, but Shen Yao reversed their positions and lightly held his hand.

His eyelashes trembled, as if tears were about to fall. He finally confessed, “Yes.”

Amidst boundless silence and stillness, Xu Yibai lowered his gaze to Shen Yao’s face, beautiful yet quiet like a silent magazine cover.

Shen Yao didn’t utter words of false concern or shed crocodile tears in his embrace.

He simply stood there silently under the light, never averting his gaze from the bandage. This version of Shen Yao, who truly cared and felt genuine guilt, was real.

He knew that as a dancer, Shen Yao understood how important those nimble hands were to Xu Yibai. The piano was no longer just an instrument fused with his soul; it was intertwined with his very lifeblood, difficult to part with.

After all this time since his hand injury, Xu Yibai seemed to have accepted reality. He spoke, “Shen Yao, I started playing the piano when I was two years old. The first time I curiously pressed a key, I found the sound of the piano to be beautiful.”

“Everyone said I had talent. Newspapers even bestowed upon me many exaggerated titles. But for me, I found something I would continue to do for the rest of my life.”

“Speaking of something more elusive, I saw a profound path before me. I don’t need a multitude of flowers; I just need to take one step at a time because this is inherently a lonely and arduous journey, even if I know it has no end.”

“I never feel tired or weary because each key I press holds its own true meaning.”

“Shen Yao, before I met you, the only thing I obsessively wanted to touch and achieve perfection in was the piano.” Xu Yibai lowered his head, his gaze becoming turbulent. “I thought my dreams would always reign supreme in my life, more important than anything else.”

Moisture appeared in Xu Yibai’s eyes, like a forest after rain. His eyelashes trembled, and tears finally rolled down silently, calm and not fragile.

The way he looked at Shen Yao was different from how he looked at others.

“Yao Yao, will you marry me?”

Xu Yibai’s marriage proposal was ill-timed, but it was the only chance he had now.

Shen Yao was a free bird, with countless branches to perch on, always pausing briefly before spreading his wings and flying away.

He knew Shen Yao wouldn’t willingly stay. Xu Yibai knew he was using the most despicable means. He turned Shen Yao’s guilt towards him into vines, entangling the wings about to take flight.

“A wedding requires a long preparation time.” Xu Yibai suddenly embraced Shen Yao, perhaps out of nervousness, and hot tears fell onto Shen Yao’s neck. “Let’s go register our marriage first.”

Shen Yao remained silent, allowing Xu Yibai to hold him, yet he didn’t push him away.

Throughout history, there have been many geniuses who chose to commit suicide because they could no longer step onto the stage. For them, the loss of the purest source of life was cruelly extinguished, leaving them with no reason to continue living.

There are many ways geniuses fall. Some are worn down by reality, some lose their vitality as they age, and others are blinded by worldly allure.

Xu Yibai didn’t belong to any of those categories. In his struggle with Guan Shu, in the jealousy between lovers, he lost his own hand in despair.

Shen Yao turned his face and saw the mole on Xu Yibai’s nose.

In such close proximity, it reminded him of the young boy who played the piano for him at the black-and-white funeral over a decade ago. That boy had a small mole on his nose, distinctive and eye-catching.

Finally, Shen Yao reached out and wiped away the warm tears on Xu Yibai’s face, nodding his head in agreement.




Xu Yibai and Shen Yao laid on the same bed. It had been a long time since Xu Yibai held Shen Yao from behind like this, his heart beating rapidly.

He had long noticed the unfamiliar marks on Shen Yao’s glands, traces left by other alphas.

From the moment they met, Xu Yibai had the instinctual urge to forcefully bite down, out of envy. He should have made the fragile gland bleed, just to completely cover up the marks on Shen Yao’s glands.

He endured it, forcibly suppressing the impulse.

Xu Yibai propped himself up, bending forward slightly, giving Shen Yao enough space to adjust. He released pheromones to soothe Shen Yao while gently biting.

The mark was too gentle, like feathers grazing over the most sensitive skin. Shen Yao couldn’t help but make a sound:


Perhaps because Xu Yibai’s actions were too gentle, the marking process lasted for a long time. By the time it was over, Shen Yao had collapsed weakly in Xu Yibai’s arms.

He trembled intensely, and Xu Yibai held him, patting his back as if taking care of a child.

Shen Yao leaned against him, his breathing erratic, and he asked, “Xu Yibai, will you resent me because of your hand?”

“No,” Xu Yibai said, “I caused the glass shards to cut my hand, it has nothing to do with you.”

Shen Yao waited for a while but didn’t see any response from Xu Yibai. He raised his head and asked, “You won’t do it?”

Instead, Xu Yibai just reached out and held Shen Yao tightly in his embrace. He held him tightly and said, “I just want to hold you.”

The next day, as soon as Shen Yao woke up, Xu Yibai couldn’t wait any longer and took him to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register their marriage.

It was a workday, and they arrived early, finding the entrance quiet and empty. Xu Yibai held Shen Yao’s hand as they walked in and was congratulated by the security guard at the door, saying, “You’re the first couple today, a perfect match.”

“Is that so?” Xu Yibai tightly held Shen Yao’s hand. He was in a good mood today and would smile warmly at anyone. He politely thanked the security guard, saying, “Thank you.”

The process of registering their marriage was not complicated. They sat in front of the camera, adjusting their poses as directed by the photographer.


The flash went off, and Shen Yao gave a cooperative smile.

Both he and Xu Yibai were photogenic, and their photo on the brightly colored marriage certificate looked very pleasing. Xu Yibai used his fingertips to caress Shen Yao’s smiling face in the picture.

Xu Yibai still didn’t drive himself; the driver who had been with them for a long time was there. After getting in the car, Xu Yibai held the two marriage certificates in his hands, his fingers tense, as if he was constantly on guard against someone trying to snatch them away.

After returning home, Xu Yibai found the household safe. He had so many valuable things, but the safe was empty until now when he placed the two marriage certificates inside.

“Are you sure we should keep it here?” Shen Yao raised an eyebrow skeptically and reminded, “No one would steal it.”

But Xu Yibai turned around and hugged him tightly, not hearing a word of what Shen Yao had just said. He pressed his nose against Shen Yao’s cheek, rubbing it like a big dog.

“It’s an important thing, so it should be hidden here.”

Shen Yao said he liked the Xu Yibai from their university days, so after registering their marriage, Xu Yibai seemed determined to forget any unpleasantness between him and Shen Yao, focusing only on the present happiness.

He returned to being the old Xu Yibai, gentle and considerate, taking care of Shen Yao without being forceful when they kissed on the bed.

Contrary to what Shen Yao had expected, Xu Yibai didn’t confine him. He gave his partner enough space and time, accompanying Shen Yao to the dance troupe every day along with the driver.

He even made a point of seeing Shen Yao to the door, just to assert his dominance.

Many people recognized Xu Yibai’s face and were aware of the postponed concert, but since none of them were acquainted with Shen Yao, they didn’t dare to ask him for gossip. The alpha who had seen Guan Shu looked surprised upon seeing Xu Yibai, but wisely kept silent.

However, it was known to everyone that Shen Yao had found a partner, a handsome and affectionate alpha husband.

And Shen Yao, who had once captured the hearts of many alphas, had become a married man.

On the weekdays when Shen Yao worked at the dance troupe, Xu Yibai stayed quietly at home, not causing any trouble. It seemed like he had nothing else to do but sit in the living room and read books every day.

When the sun was setting, Shen Yao would return. Xu Yibai would lift his head and look towards the door as it opened from the outside.

His only purpose in life was to wait for Shen Yao to come home. Shen Yao had asked Xu Yibai, “Shouldn’t you find something else to do?”

But Xu Yibai just hugged him, burying his face in Shen Yao’s body, and said, “Other than playing the piano, there’s nothing else I enjoy doing. If possible, could you come home earlier to accompany me?”

Shen Yao caressed his head. His belongings had long been packed up and moved to Xu Yibai’s place, which now felt like his own home.

He agreed, coming home earlier each day, and spending the weekends with Xu Yibai.

On weekends, Shen Yao would sleep in, and when he woke up, his throat would be a little dry. He picked up the glass on the bedside table, placed there by Xu Yibai, and took a sip of water.

Shen Yao got out of bed and opened the door, only to see Gu Yunyun on the sofa. He was wearing slippers, dressed in loose pajamas, and had fresh kiss marks left by Xu Yibai on his neck from the previous night.

He knew that Gu Yunyun was well aware of what he had done behind the scenes, yet she naturally behaved as if it were the first time seeing him.

Shen Yao politely greeted her, “Sister.”

But Gu Yunyun only glanced at him without a response, leaving Shen Yao feeling awkward and uncomfortable as she coldly turned her gaze away.

Xu Yibai stood up from the seat opposite her and walked over to Shen Yao, urging him to go inside and change clothes.

As the door closed, Xu Yibai spoke, “Sister, you didn’t behave like this when you entered the house before.”

Gu Yunyun slammed her glass down heavily. She stared at the bandage still wrapped around Xu Yibai’s hand and coldly sneered, “Do you expect me to show him any kindness? The fact that our family agreed to your marriage is already the biggest concession.”

“You’re quite skilled at picking omegas. Just one pick, and you’ve got such a turbulent poisonous rose that can make Yan Zhixing and Guan Shu so miserable.” She took a sip of coffee, her expression turning even worse. “If it weren’t for you getting involved as well, I’d be very happy to watch this drama unfold.”

“He has no connection with them anymore,” Xu Yibai emphasized, furrowing his brow. “Don’t mention those two.”

Gu Yunyun couldn’t understand where Shen Yao’s charm came from, capable of captivating alphas one after another.

“Never mind, you’re as stubborn as a mule!” Gu Yunyun’s expression turned serious. “I didn’t come here for anything else today. I came to ask you…”

Before Gu Yunyun could finish her sentence, Xu Yibai glanced at the bedroom and interrupted, “Let’s talk in the study.”

They spent quite some time in the study. When Gu Yunyun came out again, Shen Yao had already changed his clothes and was sitting on the sofa. He paid no attention to Gu Yunyun’s cold treatment, courteously standing up to bid her farewell, “Sister, until next time.”

Shen Yao watched Gu Yunyun’s figure disappear but kept his gaze fixed for a while. He caught a glimpse of Xu Yibai approaching and anticipated what he was about to say, so he preemptively spoke, “It’s okay. It’s normal for them not to like me.”

However, Xu Yibai held his hand, lowered his gaze to meet Shen Yao’s, and assured him, “They will come to like you in the future. I will take you home in the future.”

Taking Shen Yao home had always been his wish.


Shen Yao wasn’t particularly concerned about taking the initiative in bed, but tonight, he pushed Xu Yibai onto the bed.

As Shen Yao gradually crawled over from the end of the bed, he eventually straddled Xu Yibai’s body. Shen Yao’s hand began to caress Xu Yibai’s neck, fingertips gently gliding down until they halted on the leather belt.

His fingers circled around, tracing a tantalizing path.

Xu Yibai’s throat tightened abruptly, instinctively wanting to sit up, but Shen Yao’s hand pressed down on his shoulder. It was just a gentle touch, yet it rendered him immobile.

Shen Yao’s other hand cupped his chin, teasing him as if he were playing with a cat.

Xu Yibai’s breathing grew more erratic. From his current angle, he looked up at Shen Yao. Shen Yao’s exquisitely beautiful face hung gracefully, exuding a sense of superiority, making him even more radiant.

It was the first time Shen Yao used this term of endearment since they got married.

“Husband,” Shen Yao whispered as he lowered his body. Simultaneously, he unzipped Xu Yibai’s pants. His voice was dangerously close, as if casting a spell. “Let me take control, okay?”

The utterance of “husband” stimulated Xu Yibai’s nerves. He abruptly raised his hand, gripping Shen Yao’s waist, and the blood vessels in his neck throbbed rapidly.

Xu Yibai’s movement clearly indicated his intent to flip the situation and take control. However, Shen Yao once again pressed down on his shoulder and whispered in a low voice, “Behave, and I’ll keep calling you that in the future.”

Every nuance of Shen Yao’s expression magnified before Xu Yibai’s eyes—the undulating muscles on his arm, the faintly wrinkled brow, the droplets of sweat on his jawline.

Occasionally, a stifled moan escaped from his throat.

He was a poisonous rose, the most stunning beauty in this world. Everyone yearned to possess him, but now he belonged solely to Xu Yibai.

Perhaps the effect of that one word, “husband,” was too strong. Initially, Xu Yibai had tried several times to assert his dominance, but he held himself back.

Yet, in the end, after they reconciled, it was the first time Xu Yibai lost control in bed.


The once dominant controller, now brought down, Shen Yao tightly grasped Xu Yibai’s arm, leaving long finger marks. He stumbled and pleaded, “Slow down…”

Xu Yibai heard his plea.

In the beginning, Shen Yao’s leverage was firmly held by Xu Yibai. Xu Yibai twisted Shen Yao’s chin, locking eyes with his scattered gaze, and with a low, hoarse voice, he forced him, saying, “Call me.”

“—Call me, and I’ll stop.”

Shen Yao trembled uncontrollably, unable to utter a word.

Even though he had already called out, Shen Yao slowly covered his face, his foot arches tensing in despair.

Xu Yibai was a liar, completely untrustworthy.

After it was over, Xu Yibai wanted to hold Shen Yao and take a shower, but Shen Yao weakly pushed his arm away, his voice sounding feeble, “I don’t want to move. Just go pour me a glass of milk. I just want something to drink.”

Xu Yibai wanted to offer help with the shower, not making Shen Yao move, but his gaze fell upon something slowly slipping off Shen Yao’s buttocks, and he decided to skip this shower.

He listened to Shen Yao’s words and went downstairs to pour him a glass of milk.

Shen Yao, in a daze, got up and while reaching for the milk, he frowned and pushed Xu Yibai’s shoulder, bossing him around, “I left my phone downstairs. Go get it for me so I can use it tomorrow morning.”

Xu Yibai had no complaints and went downstairs to fetch Shen Yao’s phone. When he returned, Shen Yao was still exhausted, lying in bed, and there was still half a glass of milk on the table.

He gently placed the phone on the table and then instinctively finished the remaining milk that Shen Yao had left.

As the night grew deeper, Xu Yibai, who was sleeping with Shen Yao in his embrace, closed his eyes tightly, sleeping soundly.

Shen Yao slowly opened his eyes. He moved lightly, and the sticky substance flowed down in an instant.

Without changing his expression, Shen Yao gently moved away from Xu Yibai’s arm and retrieved the key hidden under the pillow. When his feet touched the ground, his legs became weak as he had anticipated.

Shen Yao was not wearing pants, so he walked downstairs with bare legs.

He had put sleeping pills in the milk just now, as he had been taking them for a long time. He had developed a tolerance, so these tricks couldn’t affect him, but they could make Xu Yibai sleep deeply.

Without hesitation, Shen Yao walked towards the music room, using the key to open the door. The spacious room was silent, with the piano lying quietly inside, its cover gently closed and covered with a cloth.

His intuition told him that there must be something hidden in the music room.

His gaze swept around the room, then he walked towards the piano. Shen Yao removed the cloth and lifted the piano cover. On the black and white keys, there was a thick stack of papers, resembling documents.

Shen Yao picked them up, and on the top right corner of the first sheet was his own photo.

However, apart from his gender, the name, age, and life experiences written on it did not match him at all, even the nationality was foreign.

He flipped through the papers, and there was a blank death certificate application form.

Shen Yao took out the bottommost document, which revealed the existence of a secretive S-level national laboratory specializing in amnesia and memory retrieval.

In an instant, Shen Yao understood what Xu Yibai intended to do. He wanted to erase his memories, to erase the person named “Shen Yao.”

He hadn’t died, nor disappeared from this world, but his new identity could only rely on Xu Yibai.

“Shen Yao” would have no memories, believing every word Xu Yibai said and instinctively depending on him. In his memory, Xu Yibai would undoubtedly be set as the most sincere lover.

This was the true meaning of hiding, where no one could ever get any news about “Shen Yao.”

In reality, Xu Yibai had long stopped trusting him. He even anticipated Shen Yao’s suspicious nature and didn’t initially show his true anger and jealousy, instead skillfully luring him in.

He made Shen Yao believe he had become the hunter when, in fact, he was the prey.

It was a gentle trap, and Shen Yao had fallen into it. He didn’t even know when Xu Yibai had made this plan, but it must have been before he picked him up and brought him home.

Xu Yibai only appeared after the farce had ended because he knew Shen Yao had no other choice at that moment and following him was the best option.


The door to the music room was opened again, and Xu Yibai stood at the threshold where light and darkness intertwined. He asked with an indiscernible expression, “When did you notice something was wrong? And when did you take the key?”

Xu Yibai’s tone was as usual, calmly asking, “Yao Yao, you saw the documents, didn’t you?”

Shen Yao didn’t answer him. He took a step back without hesitation. Reaching out his hand, he pushed the tall lamp next to him. Without blinking his eyes or moving his feet, he watched as the lamp came crashing towards him.

“Shen Yao!”

Xu Yibai quickly stepped forward, using his left hand to pull Shen Yao away from danger. Meanwhile, his right hand, covered with the cloth, steadily caught the heavy table lamp.

His right hand was perfectly fine, as if nothing had happened.

“Your hand is perfectly fine, isn’t it?”

“You can play the piano, can’t you?”

A silver light slid down the inside of Shen Yao’s thigh, exuding the scent of alpha pheromones. His face showed no expression, but he looked at Xu Yibai resolutely and said:

“Xu Yibai, let’s get a divorce.”

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