Don’t Sink Chapter 68

Chapter 68: “I don’t really like alphas who have been touched by others.”

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Shen Yao held Yan Zhixing’s tie firmly in his hand, not letting go. He was surrounded by the scent of apricot blossoms, taking slow and steady steps forward, showing no signs of panic or fear on his face.

Yan Zhixing’s full attention was on Shen Yao, with the sole desire to kiss and mark the omega in front of him.

His gaze remained fixed on Shen Yao, and he instinctively moved backward. His leg injury hadn’t fully healed yet, making his steps awkward and unsteady. He accidentally bumped into the sofa behind him.

Yan Zhixing’s figure swayed slightly, and something faintly appeared from the pocket of his coat, revealing a corner.

Suddenly, Shen Yao raised his hand, and his fingers traced down Yan Zhixing’s chest as if teasing flirtatiously.

Yan Zhixing’s muscles tensed under his touch, and every breath he took felt heavy as he desperately tried to catch the scent of apricot in the air.

Shen Yao’s touch felt like an oasis in a desert, and he wanted more.

Yan Zhixing’s Adam’s apple rolled, and he instinctively reached out to hold Shen Yao tightly.

But Shen Yao’s hand turned back and took something from Yan Zhixing’s pocket. It was a thin vial with a pale white liquid that had a faint yellow hue, like the color of spring.

Though the bottle cap was tightly closed, Shen Yao was too familiar with the scent of the liquid inside, and his fingers instantly tightened around the vial.

Shen Yao and Yan Zhixing were very close; when Shen Yao looked up, their eyes met.

He shook the vial gently in his hand, feeling pleased and lightly smiling, he asked, “Medicine?”

Yan Zhixing’s gaze fluctuated between clarity and loss of control. He was breathing heavily now, obviously trying to endure something. His eyes were fixed on the vial, suspended in the air.

He raised his hand to touch his forehead, and the veins on his forehead protruded. Sweat was rolling down his neck, and even the breath he exhaled felt scorching hot.

Holding on to his last shred of reason, Yan Zhixing coldly said, “Leave the things here, and then you can go.”

However, Shen Yao didn’t move. He played with the vial in his hand and, at a certain moment, quickly stepped back to avoid Yan Zhixing’s reaching hand.

He turned his face slightly and looked at Yan Zhixing, puzzled, and asked, “Didn’t we make a deal? Do you still need these inferior things? Why didn’t you just ask for my pheromones?”

“As long as you listen to me, I will give you anything you want.”

While speaking, he motioned for Yan Zhixing to extend his hand as if returning the vial to him. Shen Yao’s movement seemed genuinely close to handing it back.

Just as the cold vial touched Yan Zhixing’s palm—


Shen Yao suddenly let go of his hand, and the glass shattered as if it had exploded, and the liquid scattered all over the floor.

Calmly, he asked, “Is this a counterfeit?”

The scent of apricot blossoms exploded fiercely in the room, as intense as a flower field, enough to soothe Yan Zhixing’s emotions.

But it didn’t. It didn’t offer even the slightest relief, instead exacerbating his emotional turmoil.

“In your eyes, am I nothing more than your medicine?” 

“If you leave me, will you die?”

Shen Yao’s hand replaced the vial and gently rested on Yan Zhixing’s hand, which instantly grabbed it tightly, as if holding on to the last lifeline.

His skin looked translucent under the light, and Shen Yao’s face was beautifully cold. His eyes slightly raised, looking down on Yan Zhixing from a higher position as he said, “If you’ll die, why not reconsider and treat me as your savior?”

Yan Zhixing couldn’t take his eyes off Shen Yao. The Creator seemed to have favored Shen Yao excessively; his face had no flaws and was incredibly stunning.

Despite his icy and aloof expression, there was nothing in his eyes, as if nothing mattered and he didn’t care about anything.

“Yan Zhixing,” Shen Yao softly called his name, showing no fear that his role might be replaced by this artificial reagent. He reached out and held Yan Zhixing’s chin, exerting force without reservation. He calmly stated, “I am one of a kind.”

Yan Zhixing’s shirt was already soaked with sweat, and his forced facade of indifference was now crumbling, on the verge of falling apart.

Though the pheromones couldn’t be perfectly replicated, the liquid in the vial had a 99% similarity, making it the highest-quality substitute.

That 1% difference made Yan Zhixing completely ignore the artificial apricot scent that filled the room, and he could only barely detect traces of Shen Yao’s real scent amidst it all.

Fake, everything was fake.

Yan Zhixing’s chest heaved increasingly, his grip on Shen Yao’s hand tightening. Suddenly, he exerted force with a jolt. 

A muffled yet not insignificant sound, and Shen Yao was pulled down onto the sofa. His loose white sweater slid upwards uncontrollably, revealing a slim waist without an undershirt. It was soon grasped by Yan Zhixing’s hand. 

A shadow fell over as Yan Zhixing kneeled on the sofa. Alphas always liked to be in control, especially in such situations. 

There was a hint of blood in Yan Zhixing’s eyes, predatory, as if he was hunting, suppressing Shen Yao and instinctively drawing closer to his glands.

Shen Yao had given him too little of his pheromones, and the throbbing in his head hadn’t completely eased.

He parted his lips, revealing sharp canine teeth, and just as he was about to mark Shen Yao, a sudden and intense pain surged in his temple.

Shen Yao retracted even the tiny traces of his pheromones, leaving only a cool breeze.

In an instant, Yan Zhixing’s pupils dilated several times, his brain momentarily blank.

Seizing the opportunity, Shen Yao forcefully pushed Yan Zhixing’s shoulders, then quickly bent his knees against Yan Zhixing’s abdomen, denying him any chance to get closer.

Calmly, Shen Yao half-raised himself, pulling up the fallen sweater and coat on his shoulders to cover his exposed gland.

Moments ago, Shen Yao had been forcefully subdued by the Alpha, but now his expression showed no signs of panic. He looked coldly at Yan Zhixing, who was writhing in pain, but offered no assistance.

“Does it hurt?” 

Yan Zhixing stared at him intensely, the muscles in his arm taut, his hand holding Shen Yao’s calf firmly. Even in such pain, his every move and gaze indicated that he wanted to take control. An Omega’s strength could never match that of an Alpha, and if Yan Zhixing tried to take control, Shen Yao wouldn’t be able to resist.

“It doesn’t matter. You can do whatever you want, after all, it’s not the first time you’ve forced yourself on me,” Shen Yao’s voice remained chillingly composed. “But I will keep my glands under control. No matter the situation, I won’t give you even the slightest hint of pheromones. You can try.”

As Yan Zhixing remained silent, his gaze still that of a calculating wild beast, it seemed like he was assessing the value behind Shen Yao’s words.

“It’s you who needs me, so you should listen to me. If you follow my instructions, I’ll use my pheromones to calm you down. I won’t make excessive demands, isn’t that a fair deal?” Shen Yao suddenly reached out again, grabbing Yan Zhixing’s hair, his fingers tracing over the scars left by the vase incident.

He slowly stood up, his gaze sweeping down Yan Zhixing’s legs, and he asked, “Or do you want me to continue hating you?”

Yan Zhixing’s Adam’s apple rolled, seemingly shaken by something Shen Yao said.

Propping his elbow on the sofa, Shen Yao noticed the change in Yan Zhixing’s expression and finally released his grip. He surveyed Yan Zhixing and commanded, “Stand up and take off your coat.”

At first, Yan Zhixing had hoped to control Shen Yao with pheromones, but the reality was that it was he who was controlled. Slowly, he stood up, actually complying with Shen Yao’s orders.

Almost as a reward, Shen Yao took off Yan Zhixing’s loosened tie and wound it around his own wrist, creating a strong contrast of black and white.

Shen Yao was skilled at teasing Alphas. His fingers traced down Yan Zhixing’s throat, then he began to unbutton Yan Zhixing’s shirt – one, two, three buttons. It was like preparing for lovemaking, with a delicate and teasing touch, unwrapping a gift.

But when Shen Yao reached the fourth button, he stopped. He casually disregarded his previous agreement and said, “Kneel.”

Even in his current state of diminished rationality, Yan Zhixing couldn’t do such a thing. It would be a humiliating act for him.

It was also likely that no one had ever given him such an order before, as Yan Zhixing’s expression changed, clearly showing anger. “You…”

Shen Yao frowned lightly, raising his leg and delivering a forceful kick to Yan Zhixing’s knee, using all his strength.

If Yan Zhixing wasn’t already injured, he wouldn’t have been knocked down by Shen Yao’s kick, but Shen Yao aimed precisely at his injured leg.


Yan Zhixing’s knee hit the floor hard. In the next moment, Shen Yao released his pheromones without reservation, letting the gentle apricot scent spread throughout the room.

“I don’t want your life right now, but isn’t it only natural for you to kneel down and apologize?” Shen Yao spoke slowly and casually, taking advantage of Yan Zhixing’s intoxication with his pheromones. He lifted his foot and pressed it against Yan Zhixing’s other leg.


Another sound echoed in the room.

Yan Zhixing’s knees hit the floor firmly, and he knelt facing Shen Yao. His back remained straight, as he usually kept it, and his knees were apart in a position of submission.

He had a well-toned physique from his regular workouts, with broad shoulders and chest muscles that filled his black shirt. However, now the shirt’s collar was disheveled, exposing large areas of skin.

Despite his disheveled appearance, Yan Zhixing’s expression still reflected restraint and abstinence.

Shen Yao paid no mind; in fact, he seemed to prefer Yan Zhixing this way.

For a moment, Yan Zhixing’s gaze cleared, and he realized what he was doing. He was about to stand up from the floor.

But Shen Yao, who had at sometime taken off his shoes, wore only thin socks on his feet. He extended his foot, covered by the suit trousers, and placed it between Yan Zhixing’s legs.

The soles of his feet felt the sudden heat and hardness, and Yan Zhixing’s Adam’s apple made a muffled sound. His jawline had tightened, and he clenched his lips in restraint. The beads of sweat betrayed his emotions as they rolled down from his jawline.

Shen Yao untied the tie wrapped around his wrist and lightly stepped on Yan Zhixing a few more times/

To avoid any potential resistance from Yan Zhixing, Shen Yao hurriedly breathed in his ear as he bent down and bound the deep black tie that belonged to Yan Zhixing around his own wrist, looping it several times. Finally, in pursuit of perfection, Shen Yao tied a neat knot. Yan Zhixing’s hand fell, resting on his strong thigh. He lowered his gaze to his hand, hiding any emotions from view.

Though Shen Yao was much leaner than Yan Zhixing, he was the true controller at the moment. With his legs crossed, he held Yan Zhixing’s chin between his fingers.

Shen Yao lowered his gaze, truly taking the higher ground now, and asked, “Are you clean? Have you been with other omegas?”

Shen Yao repeated back the same words Yan Zhixing had once said to him, looking slightly troubled as he said, “I don’t really like Alphas who have been with others.”

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