Don’t Sink Chapter 69

Chapter 69: “I Married Xu Yibai.”

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Similar words were once coldly spoken by Yan Zhixing to Shen Yao, back then, his gaze lowered, as if measuring the value of an object.

Now, regardless of status or position, everything had completely reversed from that time.

With no response forthcoming, Shen Yao bent down slightly as if condescending and reached out his right hand, tugging on the tie bound around Yan Zhixing’s wrist, pulling him closer.

Shen Yao increased the pressure on his foot slightly, his actions intentionally humiliating, with the perfect balance between strength and gentleness.

Casually, he smiled and caressed Yan Zhixing’s cheek, asking, “Do you like it when I treat you like this?”

Yan Zhixing’s breath suddenly stalled, but the tension in his shoulder line grew tighter, and the blood vessels under his skin pulsated wildly.

He lowered his head and could see Shen Yao’s foot, covered by a sock, lightly pressing on his tailored pants. A hint of his ankle peeked out from the pant leg, the ankle protruding slightly and then creating a noticeable hollow.

Every part of this beautiful omega resembled the most exquisite porcelain.

Easily held by just one hand.

Yan Zhixing’s gaze focused on it, and his Adam’s apple made another sound of suppressed groaning. Shen Yao showed no restraint, doing exactly as he pleased, not caring about the Alpha’s feelings.

He deliberately acted rough.

But the frequency of Yan Zhixing’s Adam’s apple rolling increased, and he released the bite on his lip. His thin lips let out heavy breaths, and all the restraint and control gathered as a wetness on his blond hair.

The pain in his temple was gone, replaced by the shame of being stepped on by an omega he once looked down upon, intertwined with the surging stimulation like waves.

Yan Zhixing’s eye corners turned red, nearing the tipping point, when the foot that had been swinging back and forth suddenly stopped.

As if someone had strangled his trachea, a roaring sound erupted in Yan Zhixing’s ears, and the muscles under his shirt tightened even more.

Yet, Shen Yao calmly scrutinized his expression, observing the cold, pale face covered in desire.

He forced the Alpha to face his own desires, asking bluntly without any embellishment, “Can you endure it?”

Yan Zhixing’s Adam’s apple moved up and down, his whole body burning like fire. He disliked being controlled and disliked speaking his desires openly, even now.

The hand that tightly held his chin suddenly let go, and even the foot that was pressing on him quickly retreated, no longer touching him at all.

Though it seemed like he was freeing Yan Zhixing from his bindings, his pupils suddenly widened.

Yan Zhixing instinctively tried to grab Shen Yao, but due to the tie still bound to his wrist, he only touched empty air. Because of this abrupt movement, he lost his balance and leaned forward.

Shen Yao settled back on the sofa, crossing his arms in front of his chest. He used his knee to press against Yan Zhixing’s chest, preventing him from touching even a corner of his clothes.

“You have to tell me what you want, so I can give you what you desire,” he said calmly, questioning, “Isn’t that so?”

The Alpha, who had fallen into desire, was like a wolf breaking free from its shackles, and Shen Yao’s attitude towards him was akin to training a dog, giving a slap and then a treat.

Yan Zhixing’s breath grew tighter, yet the scent of apricot blossoms seemed to caress his cheeks gently. He struggled to speak, forcing out the truth from his mouth, “I can’t…”

“Then answer my previous question.”

The previous question.

Yan Zhixing’s brain seemed to hesitate for a moment as he recalled and whispered, “No… I haven’t been touched by any other omega.”


Shen Yao nodded without expressing satisfaction or dissatisfaction. He waved his foot in front of Yan Zhixing and then hooked his finger on his lips. With a relaxed expression, he said, “Help me take off my socks.”

He didn’t help Yan Zhixing to undo his tie, but that didn’t affect the smooth progress of what was to follow.

With one hand still bound, Yan Zhixing first grabbed Shen Yao’s ankle and then slowly slid both hands down, successfully removing his socks.

He held Shen Yao’s foot in his hands, as if holding a piece of pure white jade.

There was no part of Shen Yao’s body that wasn’t attractive, including his feet—slender and fair, with visible veins running across them.

They seemed to lack strength, but perhaps due to his years of dancing practice, they were both soft and firm.

When Shen Yao stepped on him again, after removing that layer of fabric, Yan Zhixing could feel even more keenly the softness of his soles.

His breathing suddenly became heavy. Alphas always liked to be in complete control. His hands struggled uncontrollably, wanting to break free from the restraints and pull the omega sitting on the sofa down to the ground.

However, Shen Yao had used some skill when tying him up. It wasn’t easy to break free with brute force; his wrists were rubbed red, as if they were about to bleed.

“Shen Yao…”

Yan Zhixing’s body was becoming increasingly covered in sweat, and he unconsciously murmured Shen Yao’s name. After the last whisper, his mind went blank, and even his bones seemed to be swallowed up.

His shoulders rose and fell with his heavy breaths. Yan Zhixing knelt on the ground, and amidst the haze, he finally realized what had just happened.

Shen Yao slowly stood up from the sofa, and his fair foot appeared slightly swollen and reddened from the pressure of treading without shoes. He didn’t seem to mind the discomfort.

The weather outside was cold, and he had a thick camel-colored coat draped over him. With a gentle movement, the coat slid off his shoulders, gathered in his arms, and concealed the hand underneath.

Now, Shen Yao only wore that sweater. He proactively half-crouched down to embrace Yan Zhixing. Their embrace was close and fervent. Shen Yao lowered his eyes, and his gaze was filled with tender affection, as if he was looking at his beloved.

His eyelashes slowly lowered, and their faces got closer. Their breaths intertwined, heated and intimate.

Yan Zhixing’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated. He forgot about the discomfort below him and only knew that Shen Yao was going to kiss him.

His eyes remained fixed on Shen Yao’s face, without evasion or avoidance, waiting for that kiss to come.

However, hidden under the coat, Shen Yao’s hand slipped into his pocket, holding a pen. With a swift motion, he removed the pen cap, revealing a sharp tip.

Just as their lips were about to touch, instead of giving him a kiss, Shen Yao held the pen tightly and forcefully stabbed it into Yan Zhixing’s right thigh!

His actions were swift and decisive, without any hesitation.

Blood immediately gushed out, and the intense pain in his leg brought Yan Zhixing back to reality. His lips turned slightly pale, but he didn’t care about his wounded thigh. He stared intensely at Shen Yao’s indifferent face.

Shen Yao didn’t let go. He held the pen firmly and continued to press it downward. He turned his face, locking eyes with Yan Zhixing, and slowly said:

“Do you know? I married Xu Yibai.”

“We got married legally, with a marriage certificate and everything.”

Yan Zhixing’s eyes turned red, and he stared at Shen Yao, as if trying to tear him apart with his gaze.

As Shen Yao released his grip, he threw the coat that had been hanging from his arm into Yan Zhixing’s lap. The excessively long hem of the coat immediately soaked up the blood, turning red.

That coat had been draped over Shen Yao’s body, carrying the scent of his pheromones.

Shen Yao bent down and picked up his shoes. He left Yan Zhixing, who couldn’t get up, and walked towards the door at a leisurely pace.

Just as he was about to reach the door, Shen Yao suddenly heard hurried footsteps behind him. He quickly turned around, only to see Yan Zhixing completely ignoring his injuries, running towards him like an unleashed beast, in a frenzy.


Yan Zhixing’s body slammed into the door, just a moment too late. Shen Yao forcefully closed the door from the outside, effectively locking Yan Zhixing inside. Shen Yao leaned against the door, feeling the impact of Yan Zhixing pounding against it. It seemed as if Yan Zhixing would break through the door at any moment.

Shen Yao kept Yan Zhixing inside, leaving behind only a coat tainted with his pheromones. It was the last straw he offered Yan Zhixing for salvation.

He knew that Yan Zhixing would cling to that coat without any dignity inside the room.

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