Don’t Sink Chapter 71

Chapter 71 – “I Saved Your Life”

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A burning pain came from his neck, and the gray-white ash fell. Yan Zhixing’s blood vessels throbbed strongly for a few moments. He looked at Shen Yao without resistance, lowering his gaze.

Shen Yao’s eyelashes lowered lightly, his gaze fixed on the drifting cigarette ash in the air. The depth of his pupils seemed to contain absolute indifference, as if he didn’t care about anything.

He was like a porcelain vase displayed on the highest shelf in an exhibition cabinet—cold and exquisite, tempting Yan Zhixing with the impulse to reach out and smash it. Yan Zhixing stared at Shen Yao’s face, and within that burn mark on his skin, a sudden surge of electricity shot through him, stimulating his nerves.

He should feel angry about what Shen Yao said, but he couldn’t control the thoughts that flooded his mind. Who else would be willing? Who else does Shen Yao want in front of him?

“Guan Shu and Xu Yibai.” Yan Zhi Xing’s gaze swept from the alpha who had fainted onto a nearby chair, “Or any other alpha will do?”

Shen Yao noticed the change in Yan Zhixing’s eyes, and a slight smile appeared on his lips. He handed the extinguished cigarette to Yan Zhixing, not directly answering the question but instead asking, as if offering a gift, “For you, do you want it?”

The cigarette had a small bite mark on the filter, and Yan Zhixing’s gaze fell on it. He coldly responded, “Your jokes aren’t funny.”

Shen Yao raised his hand patiently, waiting for Yan Zhixing’s reaction. He flicked his fingers that held the cigarette, and amidst the choking nicotine smell, there was a faint sweetness.

Blood droplets fell from Yan Zhi Xing’s knuckles. Whether due to anger or some other reason, his hand was clenched tightly at his side, but suddenly it twitched, as if he were about to lift it.

Knock, knock.

The sudden sound broke the tense atmosphere in the room. Chen Shuang entered, with glistening snowflakes falling from his hair. He walked to Yan Zhixing’s side and spoke in a voice only he could hear, “There’s new information from the board. They still plan to take action against Mr. Shen.”

Yan Zhixing frowned slightly, his expression returning to calm. He looked at Shen Yao and said, “Come with me.”

Shen Yao followed behind Yan Zhixing and got back into the black car they had arrived in.

He glanced around and noticed that several of the bodyguard cars that usually followed Yan Zhixing were missing. Clearly, their sudden change of plans had disrupted the security.

“Get in.”

During the few seconds of distraction, Yan Zhixing took Chen Shuang’s place and opened the car door for Shen Yao, ordering concisely.

This time, Shen Yao didn’t argue with him. He lowered himself and sat in the back seat.

The black car sped away even faster this time, as if trying to shake something off. Shen Yao saw the familiar red bridge again, its depth so profound that one couldn’t see the bottom. Under the bridge was an unfathomable deep lake, capable of swallowing anyone who fell in.

As the car drove onto the bridge, all tranquility was shattered in an instant. Several cars suddenly appeared around them, following closely, as if hunting down a trapped fish.


Amidst the terrified screams, Shen Yao’s car suddenly swerved to the right. Without his seatbelt on the back seat, he lost control and fell towards Yan Zhixing. Yan Zhixing quickly caught him in his arms, protecting his shoulders firmly.

“Lie down!” 

Yan Zhixing had experienced this situation many times before. He quickly shouted, reminding Shen Yao. He pulled Shen Yao down under the seat, pressing his shoulder down forcefully. In the next moment, even his head was pushed down, making everything blur.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A real hail of bullets came their way, everything happening in the blink of an eye. Countless bullets seemed to materialize from nowhere, shooting one after another directly at them. The bullets hit the bulletproof car’s body, creating only dull sounds as they left dents behind.

Yan Zhixing’s expression became serious. He always meticulously planned everything to avoid any unexpected situations.

But today was an exception. 


The sound was close, the breaking glass echoing nearby. A bullet whizzed past them, piercing through one window and out through another.

The shattered glass fragments exploded, falling onto Yan Zhixing’s back as he shielded Shen Yao. They pierced into his back. 


Gunfire erupted from a distance, and Yan Zhi Xing’s bodyguard eliminated the exposed mercenaries. 

The number of attackers was unknown, and the gunfire never ceased. Intense combat unfolded between the opposing forces. 

Shen Yao was protected by Yan Zhixing in the safest part of the car. He couldn’t see anything clearly, and the bursts of gunfire caused his ears to ring. His body temperature gradually began to drop.

Suddenly, he felt warmth near his ear.

Yan Zhixing extended his hand, covering Shen Yao’s ear to block the deafening gunshots from the outside.

“It’s over.”

Time passed, and Shen Yao couldn’t tell how long it had been. The gunshots finally ceased, and the warmth pressing against his back disappeared.

Yan Zhixing was about to pull Shen Yao up, but through the windshield, his pupils suddenly widened.

A massive armored vehicle rushed towards them. It showed no signs of slowing down, plowing through the obstructing cars as if crushing dead objects. It kept advancing through the heavy gunfire, pushing other cars away in mid-air before they crashed heavily to the ground.

Like a mountain rolling over, the armored vehicle bore down on them. Yan Zhixing’s immediate reaction was to tightly hold Shen Yao, protecting him beneath him.

The black car was also sent flying by the impact. Shen Yao felt like he was in a washing machine, tumbling and turning, his organs almost thrown out.


When the car hit the ground heavily, it was already riddled with holes, with every inch of space squeezed.

Yan Zhixing’s hands were already protecting the back of Shen Yao’s head, but his own head couldn’t escape the intense pain. His vision briefly darkened.


In the silent air, liquid with the smell of blood landed on Shen Yao’s face, warm.

Shen Yao’s breathing became rapid, and the long-forgotten panic surged back, as if countless hands were reaching from all directions, pressing down on his limbs and choking his throat.

In his peripheral vision, he saw the crimson bridge.

Yan Zhixing shielded him with his body, forcibly creating space under the intense pressure. Blood flowed relentlessly, falling onto Shen Yao’s cheeks, neck, and clothes.

The same place, the same situation, someone protecting him in front, everything aligned with the past.

Shen Yao’s lips grew paler, and he forgot to breathe; there was no sign of life in him.

The scene before his eyes fragmented and reconnected.

Once again, Shen Yao saw his beautiful omega mother.

Just like this, she held him tightly in her arms, wiping the blood from his face with her fingers, even though her own body was covered in blood.

Telling him, “Shen Yao… don’t be afraid.”

Yan Zhixing opened his eyes, his face covered in blood. He saw Shen Yao’s vacant and lifeless expression, noticing the warm blood on his fair cheeks.

He wiped it away with his hand.

Shen Yao’s lips moved unconsciously, lost in the illusion, unable to distinguish who was in front of him. He gasped as if he was suffocating and called out, “Mom…”

Yan Zhixing didn’t hear that faint voice; he turned around and stared fixedly out of the window.

After the armored vehicle cleared all obstacles, it didn’t collide again. A tall foreign Alpha jumped off the vehicle, twirling his gun, and leisurely walked toward the wrecked black car.

Yan Zhixing tried to move but found his right leg pinned down. He observed the mercenary approaching, retrieving a gun from a concealed position inside the car.

The car door was jammed and couldn’t open. Yan Zhixing ignored his own bloodied and injured body, shooting two bullets at the door. He gritted his teeth and urgently struck it with his fist, causing his entire arm to go numb.

With each step the mercenary took, Yan Zhixing’s pounding on the car door grew more urgent.


Finally, the car door shuddered and swayed before opening with a resounding crash.

Yan Zhixing handed the gun to Shen Yao, whose expression was dazed. With a forceful push, he pushed Shen Yao out of the car.

He knew he had no way out; everything he had done had exhausted all his strength. His eyes remained wide open, as if he had to see Shen Yao walk away.

“Shen Yao… go.”


Shen Yao fell outside the car, his expression hollow for a moment. Instinctively, he reached out in midair, trying to grab Yan Zhixing’s fingers, clenching his fist tightly at that moment. But he only brushed the passing air with his fingertips.

As if suddenly awakening, Shen Yao’s face remained pale, but he quickly hid the gun behind him.


Silently, he loaded the chamber and placed his finger on the trigger.

The mercenary walked over, completely passing by the seemingly delicate and gentle omega on the bridge. He stood in front of Yan Zhixing, not saying a word, pointing the gun directly at Yan Zhixing’s head through the air, ready to end his life quickly.

However, Yan Zhixing’s expression remained calm; he showed no fear of imminent death.

Behind the mercenary, Shen Yao’s calm expression was surprisingly serious as he slowly raised his hand. The strands of hair on his forehead swayed gently in the wind, and there were still traces of blood not fully wiped away, dripping slowly.

His beautiful face didn’t look like someone who would hold a gun, but his grip and aim were exceptionally steady.


He couldn’t suppress the recoil, so he used both hands to grip the gun tightly. His action was resolute, even faster than the mercenary’s.

In the whistling wind, the bullet accurately pierced the mercenary’s head, creating a burst of blood in the air, mingling with the blood in the air and wind, forming a bizarre sight.

Killing a person, Shen Yao didn’t show much expression either. He lowered the gun slowly, resembling an amaryllis swaying in the wind.

“Yan Zhixing, remember this.” Shen Yao turned his face, wiping the blood from his face with the back of his hand, as if waking up from a long-standing nightmare. His voice was hoarse to the extreme, “I saved your life.”

The blood blurred Yan Zhixing’s vision, and his consciousness began to fade. This was the last scene he saw and the last time he heard Shen Yao’s voice.

His hand unconsciously reached out into the air, as if trying to grasp something.

Shen Yao stood in place until Yan Zhixing’s remaining bodyguards arrived. He removed the positioning device from his sweater and threw it into the lake, ensuring that all traces of him disappeared in the water.

His pocketed phone kept vibrating, and Shen Yao took it out. The person on the other end was sending message after message in a panic.

“Why didn’t you follow our plan?!”

“I saved your life, didn’t I?”

“You want to kill Yan Zhixing, so why did you end up saving him?!”

Shen Yao lowered his eyes, snowflakes falling onto his eyelashes, bringing a cold sensation. He coldly replied, “Weren’t you the one who didn’t follow our plan first?”

“Don’t blame me for turning against you then.”

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