Don’t Sink Chapter 70

Chapter 70 – “Many Are Willing”

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With a loud thud, Yan Zhixing fell to the ground. His breathing was heavy, every breath felt like he was gasping for air. The intense pain in his leg was overshadowed by his anger and bewilderment at losing his omega. His eyes glared fiercely at the door.

He heard the fading footsteps outside.

“Shen Yao!”

Yan Zhixing pounded on the door with force, feeling like his heart was being squeezed. He shouted towards the door, “Shen Yao!”

The spilled reagents on the floor were still working. The artificially crafted apricot blossom scent made his headache worse. Inhaling it through his nose made every part of his body ache. He instinctively resisted.

No, this wasn’t what he wanted!

He steadied himself with the door and stood up from the ground. Yan Zhixing’s eyes seemed like a kaleidoscope, the images distorted and chaotic. He couldn’t even see the straight path clearly, except for the coat draped over the sofa, which was clear in his sight.

His breath was scorching hot as he instinctively knelt down on the floor. This time, Shen Yao wasn’t sitting on the sofa; there was only the coat he deliberately left behind.

He reached out as if grasping at the last life-saving straw. Yan Zhixing clutched the coat so tightly that his blood vessels bulged. He buried his face into the fabric, inhaling the lingering scent of apricot blossoms on Shen Yao’s coat.

Yan Zhixing’s forehead was covered in sweat, and the remaining pheromone scent intensified his frustration. He roughly pulled the hem of the coat, holding it tightly in his arms.

His cheeks flushed slightly, Yan Zhixing rubbed his face against the coat and called out in a low voice, “Shen Yao…”


In the private VIP room of the hospital, Yan Zhixing opened his eyes. In that moment of clarity, his expression underwent a drastic change. Even though he was not in his susceptible period now, he couldn’t maintain his usual aloof and cold demeanor.

He reached for the glass of water beside him and gulped down the cold water, and memories of his susceptible period rushed into his mind. He vividly recalled how he knelt in front of Shen Yao, baring all his desires without any dignity. Shen Yao’s disdainful gaze, his feet dangling in the air – all of it was etched into his memory.

He even remembered the exhilaration he felt when he reached the pinnacle, ascending to the clouds through every fiber of his being. All of his senses seemed to remember the experience so clearly.


Yan Zhixing dropped the glass from his hand, the sound crisp and heavy. Hearing the commotion from inside, Chen Shuang gently pushed open the door and walked in.

He held a set of clean clothes in his hand, along with the black cane, and Chen Shuang lowered his head to place them by the bedside.

“Where is Shen Yao?”


Chen Shuang paused for a moment. Perhaps one thing brought another, but Shen Yao always managed to make Yan Zhixing look very embarrassed. He didn’t know what happened between Yan Zhixing and Shen Yao, but dealing with Shen Yao had become a trouble. Until Yan Zhixing gave the order, he couldn’t act rashly against Shen Yao.

“He’s at the old mansion.”

Yan Zhixing’s gaze glanced towards the bedside table. Apart from the broken glass, there was another identical medicine tube. His eyes lingered on it for a moment before retracting.

Jian Ran had developed many dependencies, extracting their pheromones and conducting numerous experiments. According to the results, the replicated drugs could effectively suppress the symptoms. However, this medicine tube was completely ineffective for him.

He had thought that even Shen Yao’s pheromones couldn’t save him, but it turned out that it was only his body resisting the replicated drug.

Yan Zhixing threw the medicine tube into the trash can by his side. He had just awakened not long ago, and the wound from the pen on his leg had just been cleaned. He picked up the cane and got out of bed.

He picked up the clean clothes to change into. With an expressionless face, he commanded, “Ask the driver to come out and take me back to the old mansion.”

When Yan Zhixing arrived, Shen Yao was calmly waiting in his room. There was even afternoon tea by his side, and he was engrossed in playing with his phone.

He had no intention of escaping at all.

Only when he heard the door open did Shen Yao look up. He immediately noticed Yan Zhixing’s expression and asked in confusion, “Are you coming to confront me? Weren’t you enjoying yourself at that time? What’s wrong, you’re now turning against me?”

His expression was innocent and naive, as if he really didn’t know what he was saying. “I didn’t do anything. I just… with my feet.”

Shen Yao was barefoot as he spoke, stepping on the black carpet. His pants were a bit long, covering most of his foot, and only his delicate toes were slightly exposed, curling slightly.


Yan Zhixing interrupted him abruptly, standing at the door, unwilling to move any closer to Shen Yao. He couldn’t recount those memories of losing his dignity; he simply asked, “Did you marry Xu Yibai?”

“Yes.” Shen Yao nodded lightly, looking confident, “Why can’t I marry him?”

Shen Yao turned around and fully opened the window. The cold wind rushed in instantly, and it was snowing outside – the first snow of the year.

“You seem quite angry,” Shen Yao said, standing by the bed. After opening the window, half of his body seemed to be hanging in the wind. He smiled and suggested, “Then you can kill me.”

The Omega’s figure was slender, and his clothes fluttered in the wind. In this situation, with a gentle push on Shen Yao’s shoulder, he would fall straight down.

Yan Zhixing took a step forward, extending his hand, but he didn’t push the defenseless Shen Yao off the balcony.

“Shen Yao,” Yan Zhixing tightly grasped Shen Yao’s collar and pulled him forward. He lowered his gaze and stared coldly at Shen Yao, “You have misunderstood my bottom line.”

Yan Zhixing took out a pocket watch from his pocket. Its style and age clearly indicated that it was quite old. The hands inside were no longer moving, but it had been well preserved.

He had always understood one thing from childhood to adulthood: those who fell in love died the most miserable deaths. He wanted to be the most ruthless person, where everything was based on self-interest.

He also knew long ago that liking omegas like Shen Yao would leave nothing but bones in the end.

Yan Zhixing’s hand slid down and suddenly grabbed Shen Yao’s arm, forcefully pulling him towards the door. Shen Yao stumbled from his sudden movement and accidentally hit his head on Yan Zhixing’s back.

He hadn’t shown his emotions for a long time, but now he had an angry expression as he dragged Shen Yao into the elevator. Yan Zhixing opened the car door and pulled Shen Yao to sit in the back seat.

Yan Zhixing realized that he had lost his composure. He closed his eyes lightly, calming down once more, and ordered, “Drive.”

Shen Yao rubbed his wrist lightly. He didn’t resist, nor did he expect Yan Zhixing to let him go.

He looked up at the window, watching the snowflakes fall like tiny particles from the sky. He reached out and caught a crystal snowflake.

When he got out of the car, he saw a low-key dark building. However, when he entered, it was like stepping into a different world from the outside.

Colorful and dazzling lights shot up, and the crowd surged like waves. The performances on the stage were bold and explicit, accompanied by screams. Even the Omegas leading the way were dressed in bunny girl costumes.

This was clearly not a serious event.

Shen Yao’s gaze swept around the room as he followed Yan Zhixing to the top floor. Upon opening the door, the first thing he saw was a back sitting on a swivel chair.

Perhaps hearing the sound of the door opening, the chair suddenly swiveled around, revealing the surprised expression of the Alpha. His eyes landed directly on Shen Yao’s face.

It was the Alpha they had met last time. Shen Yao instantly understood Yan Zhixing’s intention. He turned his face away and stared at Yan Zhixing without blinking, asking, “Are you giving me to him?”

Yan Zhixing and he locked eyes, his gaze as cold as the gem embedded in his cane, devoid of warmth.

He didn’t answer, but the Alpha immediately became excited. Afraid that Yan Zhixing might change his mind, he hurriedly said, “Yan, I will give you the profits we agreed upon last time!”

Yan Zhixing’s expression remained unchanged, and his gaze still focused solely on Shen Yao’s face, seemingly uninterested in the profits he offered.

He waited for a long time before finally turning away.

The room was now only left with Shen Yao and the Alpha. As soon as he heard the door closing, Shen Yao didn’t turn his head. He displayed his most common and submissive smile to the Alpha, saying, “Yan Zhixing gave me to you.”

“Do you like him? If you do, that’s too pitiful.” The Alpha straightened up on the chair, his features deep and his gaze filled with affection and regret as he looked at Shen Yao. “Yan is a peculiar monster, and you, such a beautiful omega, it’s such a waste to be with him.”

“I definitely don’t like him.” Shen Yao imitated the Alpha’s demeanor, shrugging lightly. He placed his hand on the Alpha’s shoulder and pushed him back onto the chair, smiling as he asked, “What’s your name?”

While asking, he felt confident in his mind, counting down.

Outside the room, Yan Zhixing stood motionless. A long corridor stretched in front of him, with no end in sight. The room was silent, except for the sound of a table being moved.

Expressionless, he turned his face and lifted his cane, as if he was about to leave.

Just an omega, he would rather suffer through the torment of the estrus than allow an omega to climb over his head.

Just an omega, he couldn’t possibly care that much. When it was time to give up, he wouldn’t allow any weaknesses to exist.

Shen Yao hadn’t asked for his help earlier, and he didn’t actually care, right? For him, all Alphas were the same, right?

His footsteps had not moved at all, and Yan Zhixing’s grip on the cane grew stronger, as if he wanted to break it.

He had only been standing outside for less than a minute, and he abruptly turned around and forcefully pushed the door open.

As the door opened, the sight that Yan Zhixing saw made him furious.

Shen Yao was kneeling on the chair, and though he had never smoked before, slender fingers were now holding a cigarette, and a wisp of smoke slowly rose from the tip.

His eyelashes were slightly lowered, naturally carrying a seductive allure without needing to make any deliberate expressions.

Shen Yao’s other hand was caressing the Alpha’s cheek. He bent down, getting close, as if he was about to kiss the Alpha.

A loud buzzing sounded in Yan Zhixing’s ears, and all the suppressed emotions exploded in an instant.

He rushed over, ignoring the pain and injury on his legs. He grabbed Shen Yao’s arm and forcefully pulled him away from the Alpha.

The Alpha frowned, obviously displeased. “Yan…”

He only managed to say one word before his collar was grabbed, and Yan Zhixing’s fist came down without hesitation.

The force sent the Alpha’s chair sliding backward, hitting the wall behind and bouncing back, causing his head to ring.

“Are you crazy?! What about our cooperation?!”

Yan Zhixing’s breath was rapid, and he didn’t pay any attention to the Alpha’s threats. The calmness in his eyes disappeared completely.

He threw away his cane and grabbed the Alpha’s collar. Amidst the screams, every punch from Yan Zhixing landed precisely, each one stronger than the last.

It seemed to have become his way of expressing emotions.


The Alpha let out another agonizing scream as the bridge of his nose was hit hard, likely fracturing it.

Yan Zhixing’s knuckles were stained with the Alpha’s blood, but he was like a frenzied beast, never stopping his actions.

He continued until the Alpha under his fists completely lost consciousness, and then he gradually stopped. His clothes were now disheveled from the violent movements, and Yan Zhixing turned his head slowly to look at Shen Yao.

He wasn’t in his estrus period, and his actions just now were entirely under his clear consciousness. Yan Zhixing left the unconscious Alpha on the ground and walked slowly toward Shen Yao.

“Why do you want to confirm something meaningless? Confirm that you don’t care about me? Confirm that you can abandon me?” Shen Yao chuckled, his fingers holding the cigarette turned over, and he used his knuckles to lightly brush against Yan Zhixing’s heart under his clothes. “But it seems like you care a lot.”

He was even more petty than Yan Zhixing, and he held grudges. Shen Yao never said he didn’t smoke; he simply didn’t have the habit.

“Moreover, your heartbeat is so fast.”


He bit the cigarette and lowered his eyes to take a puff. Shen Yao gradually approached Yan Zhixing, their noses almost touching. He used his fingers to hold the cigarette and then exhaled slowly, not very skilled but not awkward either.

He blew all the smoke rings directly at Yan Zhixing’s face, not missing a single one.

The sharp smell of the smoke wafted around Yan Zhixing’s nostrils and into his lungs. As if numbed by nicotine, Yan Zhixing remained still, unable to move.

Amidst the swirling smoke, Shen Yao’s features became blurry in his eyes, but still breathtakingly beautiful. There was a different kind of mysterious charm to him now.

His heart did beat as fast as Shen Yao had said, but he stubbornly refused to show any vulnerability on his face.

Shen Yao’s lip line was straight, his face cold and beautiful, and his words were heartless and unfeeling: “You seem upset about kneeling in front of me. You’re not willing, but there are plenty of people who are.”

The cigarette in his hand burned down to a short stub, and Shen Yao took only one puff.

Then he turned the lit end of the cigarette and pressed it against Yan Zhixing’s neck to extinguish it.

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