Don’t Sink Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Clear and Unambiguously Scummy

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After a twelve-hour flight, the plane finally landed on this land that Shen Yao hadn’t returned to in a long time. As soon as Shen Yao got off the plane, Xu Yibai reached out and helped him put on a scarf.

Shen Yao had no luggage, but Xu Yibai had a backpack on his shoulders. He held Shen Yao’s hand tightly from the beginning to the end.

There were several identical cars waiting outside the airport, but Xu Yibai opened the one in the middle for Shen Yao without asking. After Shen Yao got in, the other cars drove in different directions, disappearing at every intersection until only this one drove into the distance.

This road was somewhat unfamiliar to Shen Yao. Xu Yibai took him not to their previous residence but to another apartment, which had a similar warm and cozy interior design.

Whether it was the car or this new place, they were all Xu Yibai’s little tricks to remove Guan Shu from their sight. He didn’t want any interruptions; he wanted to have a peaceful and private space with Shen Yao.

Xu Yibai placed the backpack on the sofa and pushed the coffee table aside, then knelt down beside Shen Yao.

Carefully, he touched Shen Yao’s abdomen through his clothes, unable to hide his guilty and uneasy expression. From the time they boarded the plane until now, Shen Yao couldn’t remember how many times Xu Yibai had asked him:

“Does it still hurt?”

Shen Yao was getting a little impatient with Xu Yibai repeating the question multiple times. He hadn’t slept well on the plane, and now he was lazily slouched on the sofa, completely relaxed.

He lowered his gaze and casually replied, “You can see my wound for yourself.”

Xu Yibai’s hand hesitated for a moment, then trembling slightly, he pulled up Shen Yao’s clothes, revealing a shallow scar on the wound that had been stabbed. It looked like a small crescent moon.

Xu Yibai stopped breathing for a moment, and he lowered his head silently, taking out a tube of ointment from his backpack. He carefully applied the ointment to the wound, gently massaging it in circles.

“I’m sorry.” Xu Yibai’s hand was devoid of warmth, trembling more and more. The less Shen Yao cared about the wound, the more guilty Xu Yibai felt. “Yao Yao.”

His fingertips were calloused, and when they brushed against Shen Yao’s soft skin, a sweet and intoxicating scent of pheromones filled the air.

After several months, Shen Yao’s heat cycle had arrived.

“Yao Yao…”

Xu Yibai’s instincts as an Alpha surged up instantly, but he still restrained himself, half kneeling on the floor, even though the veins on the hand supporting him on the sofa were already bulging.

He was tempted to immediately pounce on Shen Yao, but not daring to act without Shen Yao’s permission, he held back.

“Help me.” Shen Yao’s forehead was burning, and he reached out and pulled Xu Yibai’s hair. His heat-induced Omega gazed down at him, “You can’t be reckless, you have to be gentle like before.”

“Make me feel good, make me comfortable, understand?”

Their pheromones entwined harmoniously, and Xu Yibai couldn’t wait any longer. The sofa felt a bit narrow at this moment, and it creaked with the motion.

Xu Yibai held Shen Yao’s waist tightly, promising to be gentle and to prioritize Shen Yao’s feelings and he a tool for his pleasure.

So, he gazed at Shen Yao’s face, trying to read his feelings from his expressions. He forced himself to pull back every time he couldn’t control himself.

He sweated more than Shen Yao, beads of sweat rolling down his neck, his shoulders. As time went on, his restrained and controlled rationality was gradually eroded by desire. He wanted to possess this Omega completely; he wanted to mark him thoroughly.

Xu Yibai’s gaze shifted upwards, noticing the ambiguous marks on Shen Yao’s neck.

Shen Yao never belonged to him.

He was promiscuous, he had multiple Alphas.

Xu Yibai’s palm gradually exerted more force, his heart pounding fiercely, and even his breathing became heavy.

His possessive desire covered his gaze, and he no longer restrained himself. He wouldn’t allow the Omega to leave him again.

Shen Yao sensed that something was wrong, and he instinctively furrowed his brows, trying to pull his leg away. However, Xu Yibai’s hand firmly grabbed his calf and pulled it down, pushing him to the edge of the cliff:


All of his words got stuck in his throat, Shen Yao lifted his chin, but his open lips couldn’t produce a sound.

The arms tightly wrapped around his waist felt like a lock, impossible to break free from. Xu Yibai, like a starved wolf, first bit the mark on his neck, with force.


Immediately after, the gland that had been marked by an Alpha was bitten into once again, the canine teeth injecting enough pheromones to make his legs weak.

Complete possession made Xu Yibai thoroughly satisfied; he let out a muffled groan, his arm firmly holding Shen Yao’s waist, forcing him.

Shen Yao briefly felt dizzy and his coat fell to the ground, along with Xu Yibai’s backpack. The ringing phone sounded like a bell resonating on the mountain, awakening him in an instant.

His thighs were still involuntarily twitching, and he used all his strength to lift his foot and forcefully kick Xu Yibai off the sofa. Xu Yibai’s back hit the tea table heavily.

He had been soiled by an Alpha again.

The actions from earlier had slid down along his inner skin.


He no longer restrained his temper, expressing his dissatisfaction without hesitation. He slapped away Xu Yibai’s hand that reached for him, coldly stating, “Don’t touch me.”

Shen Yao bent down, picking up the phone that had fallen to the ground. He retrieved his original phone from Xu Yibai, and all the messages sent by Guan Shu had been completely deleted.

As the phone rang, Guan Shu’s voice came through, sounding as if he had been abandoned. He softly asked, “Yao Yao, where are you? Can I come find you?”

Shen Yao looked around, not recognizing this new place. He didn’t bother to hide it and straightforwardly asked Xu Yibai, “Where is this?”

However, Xu Yibai didn’t answer. Shen Yao slapped him to bring him to his senses, and once he regained consciousness, he realized what he had just done wrong.

Xu Yibai’s gaze still fell on the wound on Shen Yao’s stomach, feeling the marks on Shen Yao’s body, he clenched his fist and asked in a low voice, “Can’t you just have me? Do I have to compete with them? I can do everything they can do, alone.”

“Just you?”

Shen Yao asked coldly, his lowered gaze scrutinizing. He hung up the phone directly, sending his location to Guan Shu.

Then, he bent down again, before Xu Yibai could stop him, he picked up the backpack on the ground and opened the most concealed compartment.

Knowing Xu Yibai’s habit of stashing things, he quickly found the deepest-hidden marriage certificate.

Xu Yibai immediately stood up, reaching out to snatch it, but Shen Yao mercilessly slapped away the hand again, looking at him and saying, “How this marriage certificate came about, aren’t you clear?”

With just a few words, Xu Yibai completely froze, and Shen Yao took out a lighter from the drawer.


A flicker of flame.

In an instant, Xu Yibai understood what Shen Yao intended to do; his lips trembled, frantically saying, “Don’t,” and he even wanted to use his hand to cover the rising flame.

“You should tone down your possessiveness as an Alpha,” Shen Yao avoided his actions, the flame getting closer to the marriage certificate. His voice was clear and unambiguously scummy, “I did marry you, that’s true, but I intend to have affairs. If you can’t accept it, then we can get a divorce.”

Shen face was half-shadowed by the flickering firelight, and the pheromones emanating from Xu Yibai’s gland were overwhelming. He stared intently at Shen Yao, the urge to devour him almost overwhelming.

He had countless ways to control the Omega in front of him.

“Xu Yibai.”

Shen Yao noticed his intentions, and once again lifted his hand, ready to ignite the marriage certificate. “You’re being disobedient again.”

Just before that moment, Xu Yibai closed his eyes, reluctantly making another compromise. He agreed in a low and hoarse voice, “Fine.”

Shen Yao threw the two marriage certificates at him and then turned away, ignoring him.

Xu Yibai wanted to carry him to take a bath, but Shen Yao still didn’t allow his touch. The minutes passed, and the doorbell was urgently pressed from outside.

“If you had obeyed just now, tonight would have been just the two of us holding each other,” Shen Yao said without raising his eyes. “Go open the door.”

Xu Yibai slowly got up and walked over, blocking the door with his body, not allowing Guan Shu to see Shen Yao inside.

Expressionless, Xu Yibai pressed his hand against the door and coldly asked, “What are you here for?”

He wasn’t wearing a shirt, his upper body muscles perfectly defined, and without any concealment, he showed the claw marks Shen Yao had left on him, letting Guan Shu see them directly.

The scent from inside the room rushed out with the opening of the door—the sweet and cloying scent of an Omega, along with the scent of after intimacy. Guan Shu smelled it all, and it instantly enraged him.

Xu Yibai calmly looked at him and said without emotion, “You came at the wrong time. Shen Yao and I just finished.”

Guan Shu’s gaze turned terrifying; he had always looked down on Xu Yibai’s type. He clearly wanted to show possessiveness, but still had to calmly put on a face of “Oh, I just slept with Shen Yao, poor you.”

Everyone was the same, yet Xu Yibai had to pretend to pity him.

Guan Shu’s hand also pressed against the door, forcefully trying to barge in. “Who do you think you are?”

“Xu Yibai.” Just as it seemed they were about to start a fight, Shen Yao finally spoke. He raised his eyes and looked directly at Xu Yibai. “I don’t want to see you. Leave.”

Guan Shu didn’t laugh because of Shen Yao’s words. He coldly stared at Xu Yibai, his eyebrows revealing a fierce edge.

He was someone who acted rather than spoke; he directly reached out to grab Xu Yibai’s arm and pulled him out of the room.

——”You’re being disobedient again.”

Suddenly, Shen Yao’s words echoed in Xu Yibai’s ears, and his lips tightened. He hadn’t been dragged out by Guan Shu; he had left his own apartment.


The door quickly closed, but Xu Yibai didn’t leave. He leaned against the door, tightly closing his eyes to calm his fluctuating emotions.

He hoped that Guan Shu would still obey when he saw the marks on Shen Yao’s body.


Shen Yao seemed too tired to even move his fingers; he laid on the sofa, clearly having been thoroughly taken by an Alpha, with marks all over his body.

He only wore a loose long-sleeved shirt, which didn’t seem like his own clothes, and it covered his buttocks entirely.

Hearing a noise, he raised his face and said, “Carry me to the bath.”

Guan Shu clenched his palms, repeatedly telling himself not to be impulsive and to listen to Shen Yao.

He suddenly rushed into the bathroom and turned on the hot water. The sound of rushing water, “gushing” in, did nothing to calm Guan Shu’s emotions, and the misty hot steam clouded his vision.

Guan Shu raised his fist and struck the tiles hard, several “thud” sounds. The joints he clenched were bleeding, dripping onto the tiles below.

He lifted his head, took deep breaths, and suppressed his anger and jealousy as much as possible.

After the tub was filled with water, Guan Shu walked out again, silently hooking Shen Yao’s knees, lifting him up, and then putting him gently into the steaming hot water. As the clear water turned murky, Guan Shu’s mind buzzed, and the string of his sanity tightened again.

It was not the first time he helped Shen Yao clean up. In the past, in his uncontrollable anger, he had roughly cleaned up what other Alphas had left on Shen Yao without distinguishing right from wrong.

He actually enjoyed bathing Shen Yao after everything. At that time, Shen Yao would either be too weak or in a daze, not struggling but obediently leaning against him.

But now it was a different situation.

Guan Shu kept taking deep breaths, using his fingers to gently clean off the dirt, biting his tongue tightly, telling himself not to repeat the same mistakes as before.

However, during the heat of his heat, Shen Yao was susceptible in every way. After the sound of gushing water, Shen Yao fell into his arms, soaking his clothes.

Shen Yao’s hand tightly grasped his shirt, trembling slightly as he called his name, “Guan Shu.”

Guan Shu reached out and removed the bathtub cover, allowing clean water to fill it again. He lowered his gaze and saw the two distinct palm prints on Shen Yao’s waist.

He wanted to hide Shen Yao again; he didn’t want to share Shen Yao with anyone, not at all.

He just wanted to be in a loving relationship with Shen Yao, just the two of them.

“Yao Yao, I’ll be the most obedient.” Guan Shu held him close, leaned down, and gently kissed his forehead. “I won’t lose my temper with you again. I’ll listen to everything you say. I’ll protect you and take you away from Yan Zhixing, away from Xu Yibai.”

They had agreed on fair competition, but they didn’t say they couldn’t use means to get ahead. What they were ultimately fighting for was just a chance to warm Shen Yao’s stone-cold heart.

Guan Shu’s voice was somewhat nervous as he asked softly, “Yao Yao, will you marry me?”

Somehow, one of his words struck a nerve in Shen Yao. His tightly closed eyes trembled, and he opened them.

“Guan Shu, you’re a step too late.” Shen Yao looked at Guan Shu calmly and told him the truth straightforwardly. “I am already married to Xu Yibai. We have our marriage certificate, and now I’m his Omega.”

Guan Shu’s grip was strong enough to break Shen Yao’s waist. Deceived by this soul-piercing revelation, he began to tremble violently, and his blood vessels tightened as if they were about to explode.

“You’re playing with me again… Shen Yao.”

Guan Shu started in a low murmur, but his emotions exploded in a moment. His eyes turned red, and he roared, “Then what’s the point of saying who treats you better, and you’ll be with them?! Aren’t you already with Xu Yibai?!”

“Where’s your marriage certificate? I’ll tear it apart! I’ll tear him apart!” Guan Shu stood up without hesitation. His head throbbed, and he rambled madly, “Does tearing the marriage certificate make a difference? You divorce him, Shen Yao, you divorce him!”

His expression turned somber in an instant, and he walked back toward the bathtub. He firmly held Shen Yao’s chin and said the craziest words with the most composed expression, “If Xu Yibai refuses to divorce you, I’ll kill him! I’d rather have you as a widower than see you married to him. When he’s dead, I’ll take you away and marry you.”

“If you dare to pay respects at his grave, I’ll pin you down in front of his tombstone, making you look at his photo, making him unable to rest in peace.”

“Shen Yao, if you shed tears for him at that time, I’ll make sure you won’t even have the strength to cry.”

“He deceived me, that’s why I married him.” Shen Yao ignored his nonsense, pushed Guan Shu’s hand away, and calmly said, “We are married, but I didn’t say I won’t divorce him. You can be a homewrecker in our marriage, how about that?”

Like a bucket of cold water being poured over him, Guan Shu froze in place. He once resolutely declared that he would never be a homewrecker, but now all his strength seemed to dissolve, and his pride slowly lowered.

He couldn’t do anything to Shen Yao, absolutely nothing.

Strictly speaking, he had already played the role of a homewrecker once, sabotaging Shen Yao and Xu Yibai’s relationship before.

If Shen Yao were to get married, the other name on that marriage certificate had to be his, definitely his.

Guan Shu reluctantly said, “Okay.”

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