Don’t Sink Chapter 76

Chapter 76: “Can’t You Stay?”

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Guan Shu held Shen Yao close, feeling the heat of the Omega in heat, irresistibly bending down to get closer. His Adam’s apple bobbed, and he couldn’t help but call out softly, “Yao Yao…”

Guan Shu’s breath was hotter than Shen Yao’s, brushing against his earlobe, making that area of skin instantly susceptible and turn red. Guan Shu, feeling uneasy due to the Alpha pheromones on Shen Yao that didn’t belong to him, wanted to replace them with his own scent.

“Tired.” Shen Yao frowned, turning his face away. His ears were bright red, but his expression remained cold. “Go buy suppressants for me.”

Listening to Shen Yao’s words, Guan Shu forced himself to step away from him, holding his breath and avoiding any scent of pheromones on Shen Yao’s body. When he opened the door to leave, he saw Xu Yibai standing at the doorstep.

He furrowed his eyebrows and asked, “Why are you still here?”

“This is my place.” Xu Yibai looked at him coldly and said as he tried to open the door to enter. “The person who should be leaving should be you, right?”

Guan Shu’s expression didn’t change, and he quickly blocked Xu Yibai’s way, staring at him firmly. “Shen Yao doesn’t want you to go in.”

He noticed that Xu Yibai suddenly stopped moving, and he knew Xu Yibai wouldn’t act rashly anymore. His expression was still tense as he said, “I’ll be back soon.”

It was late at night, and Guan Shu had rushed from the airport, stepping on the gas pedal, but he still couldn’t stop everything from happening.

He got into the car and slammed his fist hard on the steering wheel. Guan Shu couldn’t leave Shen Yao alone for too long, and he didn’t have time to calm his emotions. He stepped on the gas pedal forcefully once again.

In the freezing winter night, he opened the window, letting the wind cut into his face like a knife. Not being familiar with the area, he drove without slowing down, relying on his keen eyesight to scan the nearby shops.

The 24-hour pharmacy caught his attention, and Guan Shu got out of the car to buy the suppressants for Shen Yao. He also noticed some minor injuries on Shen Yao’s hand and bought some band-aids as well.

He returned with even faster speed, not even waiting for the elevator, and ran straight up. When he arrived, Xu Yibai was still standing quietly at the door.

Their eyes met briefly before Xu Yibai looked away. Guan Shu moved past him and entered the room. Throughout the whole time, they didn’t exchange a single word.


The consequences of that impulsive shot at the banquet were not small. After finally understanding all the entanglements between him and Shen Yao and how the misunderstanding arose, someone stepped forward to resolve the matter on his behalf.

Punishment was inevitable, and Guan Shu was currently suspended at home. Xu Yibai seemed to have forgotten everything after the performance, acting as if nothing had happened. Every time they encountered each other, they would either argue or fight, and Shen Yao preferred silence.

After several rounds of arguing, they tried to avoid each other in front of Shen Yao. This led to every time they saw Shen Yao, they would carefully smell his scent and scan every inch of his skin with their eyes, not missing any details.

Guan Shu hadn’t returned home for a long time. On his way to the military compound, a passing car made him instinctively look back in the rearview mirror.

He entered Guan Yan’s study and quickly noticed the cups on the tea table. There were two cups. Guan Shu discreetly touched the temperature of the cups; it was still warm, indicating that the person who had come had left not long ago.

“When I agreed to send you abroad to see Shen Yao, how did you respond?” Guan Yan rarely spoke to him so calmly. He handed the transfer form to Guan Shu again. “You said you just wanted to see him once before going to Flowing Eagle, but now what are you doing?”

During the time when Shen Yao was taken away by Xu Yibai, Guan Shu lived every day in a daze, feeling more decadent than ever before, even growing a stubble on his chin.

At that time, his heart was like dead ashes, constantly brainwashing himself. He had done so many things that hurt Shen Yao, and he just wanted to see Shen Yao one last time, to confirm how he was doing. If Shen Yao could be happy with Xu Yibai, then he would let go and allow Shen Yao to fly freely.

Guan Shu didn’t know if this was the final excuse he found for himself. But now, the result had changed, and he was going to compete with Xu Yibai. He wouldn’t leave.

“You don’t want to go, do you? Then let me make the situation clear to you.” Guan Yan pressed his brows and said, “Yan Zhixing has a special identity. You shot him, and the most I can do is suppress this matter for you. Initially, he didn’t intend to pursue this matter, but now he has brought it up and labeled you as the shooter.”

“I have a military position, and our relationship with the Gu family has never been close or distant, but they are never involved in politics, yet they always have countless connections. Guan Shu, now they openly stand against me and put pressure on me for Shen Yao’s sake.”

“They only know these little tricks.” Guan Shu sneered and pointed to the cup behind him, asking, “Was Xu Yibai the one who came just now? Is he addicted to snitching?”

“Do I need to make it clearer?” Guan Yan put the cup down and slammed it heavily on the table. “Now, they are grasping at your weaknesses for Shen Yao! Not only do they want to force you to leave, but they also want to send you to prison! I can get you out, but what about your future?!”

There was no longer a stable position for Guan Shu in the capital. His wings were broken, and if he wanted absolute safety or to achieve something, he could only go far away, such as the border.

Guan Shu calmly replied, “I won’t go. I want to stay here.”

Guan Yan raised his hand, wanting to give him a slap, but he held back and yelled, “Xu Yibai has already married him, right? What are you doing now?! Being the third party and breaking up someone else’s marriage?!”

“Their marriage was just an accident!” Guan Shu stood up abruptly, his eyes reddened. His suddenly elevated voice drowned out Guan Yan’s words. “Shen Yao said he would definitely divorce Xu Yibai!”

During the four years at the military academy, Guan Shu had matured a lot, but every time he faced Shen Yao, he still looked like the impulsive and reckless eighteen-year-old. Guan Yan took a deep breath and said,

“Shen Yao, that boy… As your father, I have no right to say he is wrong, but you must leave him for a while and calm down.”

“Which one do you want, your future or Shen Yao?”

Guan Shu didn’t avoid his gaze. He took out a badge from his pocket and threw it on Guan Yan’s desk. On the badge was engraved a soaring eagle, and his name was also carved on it. Guan Shu’s expression was determined as he said, word by word, “I want both.”

Flowing Eagle’s existence in the military was unique. They didn’t belong to another country but only reported to the highest level. They had the highest degree of freedom and the most dangerous missions. The Alphas inside were fearless of death and full of rebellious spirit, but no one dared to say anything to them because everything was decided by strength. They were more like mercenaries outside the system.

“I once met the captain of Flowing Eagle during training, and he was quite satisfied with me, leaving me his contact information.” Guan Shu’s Adam’s apple rolled. At that time, he refused the invitation because he had to come back to see Shen Yao, but now he was joining Flowing Eagle to fight for Shen Yao. “Now, the situation in the capital is becoming more dangerous. I have been injured several times while on duty as an inspector. Flowing Eagle will establish a small team in the capital to take on the most difficult tasks.”

After saying all this, Guan Shu put the badge away again and walked towards the door with a straight posture.

He never acted like a coward because Shen Yao was a beautiful thorny rose that needed the fiercest lion to protect.

Guan Shu would never allow himself to live an ordinary life, unable to give Shen Yao the stars in the sky when he asked for them.

When he came out, it was still early in the morning. Guan Shu waited quietly in the car for Shen Yao to come out. The winter night had already darkened the sky by 5 o’clock.

After a while, Guan Shu got out of the car. At the moment he saw Shen Yao, he ran towards him without holding back his strength, and their footsteps collided, causing Shen Yao to stumble back a few steps.

Ignoring the onlookers, Guan Shu tightly hugged Shen Yao with all his might, holding him like he was seeing him for the last time before parting forever.

The weather was too cold, and the breath they exhaled turned into white mist.

“Shen Yao.”

Guan Shu’s fear and worry were never about death. His heart was pounding, and he asked in a half-joking, half-serious tone, “If one day I unfortunately die, will you be happy to have one less person bothering you, or will you come to my grave to give me a flower?”

Shen Yao went from struggling to gradually relaxing in Guan Shu’s embrace. He blinked and thought for a moment before answering, “I will come to give you a bouquet of white roses.”

Guan Shu didn’t want to see tears in Shen Yao’s eyes; he just wanted a flower, and now he had received it.

His breath stopped, and the Omega in his arms felt warm and fragrant. Guan Shu held Shen Yao even tighter, his hands turning red from the freezing temperature, but he didn’t let go.

Not far away, Xu Yibai sat in his car, looking at the two figures embracing in the cold wind without any expression. They held each other tightly, their foreheads touching.

Xu Yibai’s grip on the steering wheel tightened gradually. He picked up his phone and called Shen Yao.

He watched as Shen Yao’s figure paused in the distance, slightly breaking free from Guan Shu’s tight embrace to take out the phone from his pocket.

Xu Yibai held his breath, and those few moments of Shen Yao not answering the phone felt like a trial to him. Despite sitting in the air-conditioned car, he felt a bit frozen.

The moment the call was connected, it was like the sunlight breaking through the clouds, putting Xu Yibai’s heart at ease.

“Shen Yao.” Xu Yibai tried to make his voice sound natural. He looked through the front windshield, glancing at the two figures in the dead angle. “My hand hurts a lot. Can you come and take a look?”

Guan Shu still hadn’t let go of the hand around Shen Yao’s waist, and he could clearly hear the voice from the phone.

He didn’t hang up the call but covered the receiver with his hand, then gently held Shen Yao’s face and kissed him directly.

Their lips brushed lightly like a dragonfly touching the water, and Guan Shu softly asked, “Can you stay, please?”

He held Shen Yao and moved a few steps closer. Without waiting for Shen Yao’s answer, he lowered his head and bent down again.

Guan Shu could see that Shen Yao’s expression showed no signs of rejection; he was just looking at him quietly, with the same eyes as before.

In an instant, their bodies heated up, and Guan Shu cupped the back of Shen Yao’s head with his hand, then eagerly and warmly captured his soft lips.

A deep kiss.

It was a deep and lingering kiss, yet pure and soft like a cloud.

Shen Yao didn’t actively respond to Guan Shu, but his eyelashes trembled slightly, and then slowly closed, as if secretly cooperating.


The visuals and sounds in front of Xu Yibai perfectly synchronized, and he directly cracked the tempered glass protector on his phone.

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