Don’t Sink Chapter 78

Chapter 78: “I’ll Be Your Gun.”

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In a warehouse at the corner of the city, a strong smell of blood permeated the air, and intense gunshots continued unabated. Guan Shu had a sharp knife between his teeth as he advanced silently from the highest bridge, calmly approaching the corner where the criminals were hiding.

He didn’t have any protective gear, and one wrong move would turn him into a pile of meat.

“You all back off! If anyone takes one more step, I’ll take you all down with me!” The criminal held explosives in his hand, standing on rusty steps, taking steps backward. Suddenly, he let out a hoarse scream, “Ah!”

An Alpha’s hand grasped him from the beam above, his legs tightly twisted around the criminal’s legs and waist, making him instantly lose the strength to stand. Guan Shu gracefully descended from the height, his hand smoothly sliding forward, and blood gushed from the criminal’s throat instantly.

He retreated just in time and didn’t get a drop of blood on him. He even pushed the body, making it fall from the air and become a lump of flesh on the ground.

Guan Shu had a rifle on his shoulder, and he expressionlessly walked down while sliding his hand down his chin to remove the tactical helmet from his head. The dark night sky was adorned with twinkling stars, and Guan Shu’s arm was wrapped with several layers of gauze. He used a hose to wash away the mud and blood from his face, then casually discarded it and prepared to leave the scene.

“Guan Shu!” an Alpha who followed him called out loudly. They had concentrated heavily for an entire night to catch the criminal, and they all looked somewhat disheveled. He shouted, “Aren’t you going to seriously bandage the wound on your arm?”

Guan Shu turned around, the emblem of an outspread eagle pinned to his chest. It was sharp, much like his gaze.

“This little injury doesn’t matter, I’ll take care of it myself. Don’t waste anyone else’s time,” he said, tossing the rifle forward. The Alpha instinctively caught it, and Guan Shu placed his pistol back into its holster. “I’m leaving now, bring my equipment back for me.”

The Alpha watched his back as he walked away and then, as usual, collected the guns and headed back. It wasn’t until a while later that he suddenly reacted, shouting at the car’s rear, “The captain told you to go back to the assembly!”

Guan Shu clearly heard the voice, and his eyes met the other Alpha’s through the rearview mirror. After a second of eye contact, he acted as if he hadn’t heard anything, and the exhaust pipe suddenly emitted smoke. The car disappeared in an instant.

Cough, cough…

Leaving behind the Alpha standing there, covering his mouth and coughing, cursing loudly, “Guan Shu, you f*cking running away again!”

Three weeks ago, Guan Shu was personally brought to join this squad in the capital by the team leader of the Flowing Eagles.

At the beginning, some people looked down on him and questioned his abilities. However, after a few missions, they all respected him, as he always performed exceptionally. But Guan Shu was still the troublemaker among them. After each mission, he never stayed in formation, as if his house was on fire every day.

Guan Shu returned home and opened the door gently. Before going out on the mission in the afternoon, he had tricked Shen Yao to come over and, half coaxing and half forcing him, locked him in the room to prevent him from going to find Xu Yibai.

The moonlight tilted down onto the sofa, and Shen Yao laid quietly, sleeping on the sofa. He had taken a shower, and the shirt he had worn earlier was now his sleepwear.

Guan Shu’s movements were already very light, but Shen Yao’s sleep was too light. His eyelashes trembled slightly, and he woke up from his slumber. As soon as he woke up, Guan Shu hugged his shoulders, wanting to kiss him, but Shen Yao turned his face away, only letting that kiss land on his cheek.

“Are you angry?” Guan Shu asked him in a low voice. He knew he shouldn’t have impulsively locked the door, but the longer the time passed since Shen Yao’s promise, the more it felt like a blank check.

He always spoke with both truth and lies, and everyone knew it.

Shen Yao’s foot was on the sofa, and his hand hung over his knee, trying to create some distance between him and Guan Shu. However, he was tightly held by Guan Shu’s arm, and he had nowhere to retreat.

He lowered his gaze and asked, “Are you trying to hurt me like before?”

“I didn’t,” Guan Shu instinctively denied, as the sudden movement caused a sharp pain in his wounded arm. He never cared about such minor injuries and wouldn’t tell Shen Yao to gain his sympathy.

He tried to change the topic, suddenly thinking about Xu Yibai’s and Shen Yao’s pitiful act.

“Shen Yao,” Guan Shu extended his arm towards Shen Yao, awkwardly saying, “My arm is injured.”

Shen Yao looked down at the wound on Guan Shu’s arm. Just as he was about to speak, his phone, which was placed in his jacket, vibrated a few times. The vibration was so subtle that only he could feel it.

“Does it hurt?” Shen Yao placed the phone behind him, then reached out to touch the gauze wrapped around Guan Shu’s arm. He changed the words that had come to his mouth, asking as if he truly cared, “Where is the first aid kit?”

Guan Shu was about to get it when Shen Yao reached out and grabbed his wrist. Shen Yao stood up first, and his overlong coat covered his buttocks, swaying in the wind.

“I’ll get it.”

With his weak hands, Shen Yao successfully pressed Guan Shu back onto the sofa. Shen Yao seemed to be afraid of the cold, so he held his coat in his hands.

Guan Shu’s storage room didn’t have many things in it. The cabinets were all closed, and Shen Yao noticed a trophy behind the glass, well-protected.

Two large boxes were stacked against the wall, and the first aid kit was placed beside them. Shen Yao squatted down to pick up the boxes from the ground, his gaze brushing over the two closed boxes with combination locks hanging on them.

Shen Yao hesitated for a moment when he stood up. He knelt in front of the boxes and spun the locks, using his birthday to unlock them directly.


The cold lock fell into his hand, and the first thing that came into view was handcuffs and coiled chains, with various props stacked beneath them. Just looking at them was enough to make one’s legs go weak.

They were all brand new, never used, but it was obvious who they were meant for.

Shen Yao closed the box, restored the combination lock to its original state as if he hadn’t seen anything, and put the boxes away. He didn’t know when Guan Shu had prepared these items, maybe it was during the time when he had imprisoned him, or perhaps after they reunited, or maybe it was now.

Shen Yao returned to his usual expression and stopped his steps. From his jacket pocket, he took out his phone, and there was only one message on it.

“He intends to come out of the cage and is preparing to transfer his assets.”

The “he” mentioned here referred to “Shen Fulin,” and since he returned to the country, Shen Yao had been having someone watch him closely.

Shen Yao didn’t reply to the message and put the phone back in his pocket, then continued to walk out.

Facing Guan Shu, Shen Yao’s expression was still normal. He sat on the opposite side of the sofa on the coffee table and replaced Guan Shu’s gauze with a new one.

His movements were not very skilled, but he was serious about tying the knot, asking, “Is your mission very dangerous? You seem to have been injured continuously recently.”

The hazy moonlight shone on Shen Yao’s face, and tonight he seemed particularly gentle. Guan Shu’s Adam’s apple moved slightly.

The captain of the Flowing Eagles, burdened with immense pressure due to his suspension, had made a promise that he would achieve something extraordinary. He was determined to fulfill that promise, whether it required wielding a blade or facing artillery fire – if there was an order, he would charge forward without hesitation.

Suddenly, Guan Shu reached out and pulled Shen Yao’s arm, pulling him to himself.

He quickly lowered his head, and their noses touched. Just when Guan Shu was about to kiss him, Shen Yao pushed him away again, wrinkling his nose and saying, “You haven’t showered, don’t touch me.”

Guan Shu deliberately avoided the blood today because every time he got blood on him, even after washing several times, Shen Yao didn’t want to be near him.

“You stayed in the room for so long, did you see those things?” Sensing Shen Yao’s coldness and distance, he held Shen Yao’s waist tightly and explained, “I prepared those things when I just came back, but I can throw them away now.”

After seeing Shen Yao attending the banquet with Yan Zhixing, and after witnessing Shen Yao and Xu Yibai kissing, Guan Shu had really considered it. He had made all the preparations.

He wanted to handcuff Shen Yao and chain him with a foot cuff, so that he would have to stay within half an inch of him obediently.

But in the end, Guan Shu didn’t do it.

“It’s okay, no need to throw them away.” Shen Yao smiled and reached out to touch Guan Shu’s cheek, his eyes softening as he kissed him gently, “I’ll be by your side, you won’t have a chance to use these things, will you?”

The atmosphere now was too pleasant. While kissing, Guan Shu’s back leaned completely against the sofa. He was wearing a serious black combat uniform, tightly hugging his muscles, exuding the scent of an Alpha all over.

His cold and stern face was being touched by the slender fingers of an Omega, and the moonlight shone on Shen Yao, who was sitting on him. The loose shirt draped over him cascading down to Guan Shu’s pants.

Shen Yao’s skin on his legs appeared whiter, and just before the shirt was about to slip down his thighs, Guan Shu’s hand, wearing tactical gloves, supported it, making him lean all his weight on him.

After the kiss, Shen Yao’s fingers slid down from Guan Shu’s shoulder and touched the gun at Guan Shu’s waist.

“Lend me your gun, and find a way to get me a tranquilizer gun.”

Shen Yao leaned against Guan Shu like a soft and delicate flower, but his hand was firmly gripping the gun’s handle, creating a subtle sense of power. He pressed his forehead against Guan Shu’s forehead and used a tone he hadn’t used in a long time, saying:

“Is that okay, big brother?”

However, Guan Shu was not swayed by him. He covered Shen Yao’s hand, and despite the disparity in strength, he completely controlled Shen Yao’s movements.

“What do you need the gun for?” He raised an eyebrow, his eyes dark as ink, naturally exuding a strong aggressiveness that only eased when facing Shen Yao.

“Don’t go and do dangerous things yourself.” Guan Shu held Shen Yao’s hand and pulled it away from the gun, interlocking their fingers, his gaze fixed on him as he said, “I’ll be your gun.”

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