Don’t Sink Chapter 79

Chapter 79 – Can’t Think of the Subject

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Shen Yao sat in the back seat of the car, his face slightly turned to look at the night scenery outside the window. After the car stopped, Chen Shuang opened the door for him and whispered in his ear, “Master is waiting for you upstairs.”

He nodded slightly and walked into the theater alone.

As the guard at the entrance opened the door for him, Shen Yao seemed to sense something and turned his head, looking towards a dark corner. He walked into the theater with the usher’s guidance, and the stage and rows of seats were shrouded in darkness. Only a few central lights were on, casting a thin beam of light directly on Yan Zhixing.

Yan Zhixing sat alone in the central seat, surrounded by emptiness, his tall figure standing out. Hearing the movement behind him, Yan Zhixing turned his gaze, watching Shen Yao approach step by step until he sat in the seat next to him.

The curtain covering the stage slowly opened after a piece of music, and amidst the gentle sounds, the ballet dancers in their costumes were already in position.

Shen Yao watched quietly and attentively. At first sight, he recognized the name of the ballet. It matched the voice in his mind, spoken by Yan Zhixing.

“Pirates.” Yan Zhixing’s gaze didn’t fall on the dancing performers; he looked at Shen Yao’s profile, which was gently touched by the light. “You said you liked it.”

Shen Yao calmly said, “I didn’t expect you to remember.”

This dated back to their first meeting with Yan Yuan. Because Yan Yuan liked musicals and ballet, they talked about many related topics.

Yan Yuan asked him what his favorite ballet was, and Shen Yao thought for a moment before mentioning the name “Pirates.”

Because, in the past, pirates symbolized freedom and bravery.

Yan Zhixing had rented out the entire theater, and the ballet dancers on stage were considered the best performers for this ballet. Watching the performance from the best seat, it was a perfect immersive experience.

In the end, the performance had a happy and satisfying ending. Everyone set sail and headed towards a bright future.

As the lights came on, Shen Yao clapped his hands lightly a few times. He watched the ballet performers take a bow and then exit the stage.

Chen Shuang appeared next to him, standing beside Yan Zhixing, holding a thick folder in his hands, and handed it to Yan Zhixing.

“The Shen family no longer belongs to Shen Fulin; it belongs to you.” Yan Zhixing raised his hand to accept the folder. After the incident of being snubbed, he disappeared for a long time. His tone was calm as he said, “Although the Shen family has been nearly ruined by him, its foundation is still there. I can teach you step by step how to turn it back into the Shen family when your grandfather and father were there.”

Shen Yao looked at him for a long time before casually asking, “Is this your way of repaying your savior?”

Yan Zhixing replied, “No.”

“I don’t need your guidance. Dance is more important to me than all of this. I have my own things to take care of, and I’ll hire people to manage them.”

Shen Yao’s eyes were indifferent, unable to contain any desire. Yan Zhixing suddenly understood that these were what Shen Yao wanted, but also what he didn’t want. He didn’t need these mountains of wealth; he just wanted to take them back and leave Shen Fulin with nothing.

He reached out and took the documents from Yan Zhixing’s slightly paused fingers. He carefully browsed through them and found the parts related to the art gallery and amusement park, saying calmly, “I only need to take care of what my father left behind.”

Originally, he didn’t even want the Shen family, but he didn’t want to see it fall into someone else’s hands.

Bathed in the faint light above, Yan Zhixing stared at Shen Yao’s thin and pale lips. Without a sound, he straightened up and created a safe yet distant distance between them.

“Chen Shuang made a reservation,” Yan Zhixing said, “let’s have dinner together.”

Shen Yao’s fingers brushed over the documents, and his mood seemed to be fine. He raised his gaze slightly and said, “Okay.”


Under the bright lights of the high-rise building, the sound of a piano flowed from outside the door, and a vase on the table held flowers sculpted from sparkling diamonds. The quiet private room was perfect for a romantic date between just the two of them.

In this quiet space belonging only to them, Yan Zhixing began to speak, “Shen…”


But suddenly, someone opened the door to the private room from outside. Yan Zhixing furrowed his brow and turned his head. Xu Yibai stood at the door, looking elegant and noble, with a slightly flustered expression on the waiter behind him.

Originally, this private room was meant for the two of them, but the remaining chairs had been moved outside. Xu Yibai glanced coolly at the waiter following him and swiftly went outside to bring another chair, placing it beside Shen Yao.

“Yao Yao.” Xu Yibai naturally sat down beside Shen Yao, holding his hand and asking, “Why didn’t you dine with me in my family’s hotel?”

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