Don’t Sink Chapter 85

Chapter 85: “Come, baby.”

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Even though Xu Yibai knew that Shen Yao’s confession was merely meant to provoke Guan Shu, and that he was using those words as a knife to stab at Guan Shu, he couldn’t help but hope that those words were genuine.

Xu Yibai didn’t know what torment Shen Yao had endured at Guan Shu’s hands. His belly looked as large as that of a three-month-pregnant woman’s, covered in the crude bite marks of an Alpha. His once beautifully passionate eyes now lacked their spark.

Shen Yao seemed instinctively afraid of Guan Shu behind him. He nestled into his embrace without any hesitation, as if he feared being abandoned, holding onto him tightly. He clung to him like an overly attached stray cat.

He couldn’t suppress the small moans that escaped his lips, accompanied by a slightly hoarse sobbing tone, making him sound even more pitiable.

Xu Yibai’s protective instinct towards Shen Yao was innate. He knew that Shen Yao was a skilled actor, and his current pitiful appearance was likely a mix of truth and pretense.

Nevertheless, Xu Yibai still took off his coat, wanting to drape it over Shen Yao.

Guan Shu intercepted Xu Yibai’s hand in mid-air, flinging the coat aside. “Don’t cover Shen Yao with your dirty clothes that carry your scent.”

His arm remained securely wrapped around Shen Yao’s waist, creating a balanced tug-of-war that prevented Xu Yibai from taking Shen Yao away. They stood there in a stalemate.

“Are you insane, Guan Shu?! You’ve terrified him into this state?!” Xu Yibai felt Shen Yao’s tears dampen his chest as he reached his hand to the back of Shen Yao’s head. “If I had arrived even a little later, what else would you have done to him?!”

“What I’ve done has nothing to do with you. Who do you think you are to Shen Yao?”

However, Guan Shu remained oblivious to Xu Yibai’s anger, his eyes revealing a fierce hostility. “Do you know why Shen Yao dares to act recklessly? Because he’s been spoiled by Alphas, thinking that all Alphas should obediently follow his commands, grovel at his feet! That’s why he dares to play around with three beds and prepare an escape plan after such a big scheme!”

“But whether my Omega listens to me or not has nothing to do with you. Educating him is my responsibility, and I don’t need you to interfere.”

Guan Shu’s single eyelid drooped, his gaze chilling as it swept over Xu Yibai’s arm. His eyes were sharp as he said, “What you should do is release your dirty grip and stop pestering other people’s Omegas. Just leave this place without any fuss.”

“Your Omega? Shouldn’t the hand that needs to let go be your dirty one?”

Xu Yibai raised his arm, the same hand that played the piano now gripping a gun, and he aimed it squarely at Guan Shu’s head.

“The gun in your hand is an M1911 pistol. The magazine can hold a maximum of eight rounds.” Guan Shu seemed oblivious to the impending threat of death, his face devoid of excess emotion. “When the lock was disengaged, the gun made eight clicks.”

Indeed, the gun in Xu Yibai’s hand had no more bullets left, but he still held it without expression, aiming it at Guan Shu. “Guan Shu, you’ve violated my Omega, who has a legal marriage with me. Do you think you will spend your life in prison?”

“Why don’t you ask Shen Yao how he got the lifelong mark on his body?”

Guan Shu sneered and fabricated the story, “He stripped naked, laid under me, seduced me, and begged me to mark him for life.”

As he spoke, he tightened his arm around Shen Yao even more. If Shen Yao didn’t want to stay by his side, he would just take him back forcefully.

His actions triggered an even stronger resistance from Shen Yao. Shen Yao’s fingers tightly gripped Xu Yibai’s clothes, his grip so intense that his knuckles started turning white. 

In his eyes, Xu Yibai seemed to be his only reliance. 

Shen Yao’s voice remained as clean as ever, though now tinged with a bit of hoarseness. “I’m not his Omega… he’s lying to you… I didn’t seduce him. He just marked me for life, but I can have the mark removed.” 

“Xu Yibai, take me away… take me away.” 

Xu Yibai’s initially tightened breath slowly relaxed. His Adam’s apple moved slightly, and he held Shen Yao’s hand, leaning down to kiss his hair. 

“I don’t want to be with him… I want…” 

To leave with you. 

The embrace between Shen Yao and Xu Yibai was not unwilling. The Omega relied on the Alpha’s affection, and the Alpha looked at him with tender eyes. 

The atmosphere between them was harmonious and gentle, like a couple deeply in love, while Guan Shu seemed more like an outsider excluded from the scene. 

“Shen Yao, I’m still f*cking you!” Guan Shu’s expression suddenly turned ferocious and terrifying. He aggressively grabbed Shen Yao’s arm, attempting to pull him completely to his side. Through gritted teeth, he continued, “Who are you looking at? Flirting with other Alphas? Pouting?” 

The sudden stimulation from behind hit Shen Yao like an electric shock. He was only grazed on the arm, yet it felt as intense as the electric current from earlier, causing him to shiver uncontrollably. 

He couldn’t stand up straight, always half-rising and half-falling. In his blurred and inverted vision, Shen Yao could only clearly see the lower half of Guan Shu’s face. 

Shen Yao’s chin and forehead kept unintentionally bumping into Xu Yibai’s chest. He could even catch a faint whiff of the fragrance of blue wind chimes on him. 

Having been locked in the room by Guan Shu for a day and night, Shen Yao had little time for calm breathing. His glands had been bitten over and over by Alphas, and his body had grown accustomed to Guan Shu’s presence. 

“Ah…” He leaned against Xu Yibai’s embrace, squirming incessantly, his waist firmly shielded by Xu Yibai’s hand. However, he couldn’t escape the stimulation Guan Shu brought upon him. It felt as if he had fallen into a whirlpool. 

Xu Yibai’s heavy breathing sounded in his ear, brushing past his earlobe, making Shen Yao’s ears turn red. It made him acutely aware of being watched. 

Shen Yao’s back was even more tightly tensed than usual. Guan Shu, who was holding his arm, muttered a curse under his breath before his hand landed with a sharp “slap” on Shen Yao’s rear. 

It was a humiliating and tingling pain. Shen Yao’s ears twitched, and his glands uncontrollably secreted the scent of apricot blossoms. 

The front of Xu Yibai’s shirt was wet again, this time not from tears but from saliva that had slid from the corner of Shen Yao’s mouth. 

The garment draped over Shen Yao’s back was once again slipping uncontrollably, but Guan Shu persistently pulled it back up, failing to fully cover his rear.

The upper part of Shen Yao’s body bore fresh, fiery red fingerprints, with some areas showing slightly lighter colors. It was unclear how many times he had been struck, but his buttocks were swollen and red. 

Xu Yibai’s pupils contracted. He had never struck Shen Yao before, not even during intimate moments, but his fingers instinctively reached out to touch. 

However, Guan Shu swiftly slapped his hand away, coldly uttering, “Get lost.” 

Guan Shu forcefully gripped Shen Yao’s chin, pulling his face away from Xu Yibai’s embrace, then used his fingers to toy with Shen Yao’s lips and tongue, his voice low and husky as he commanded, “Come, baby.” 

“Tell Xu Yibai with your own lips how comfortable you are.” 

Helplessly tilting his head back, Shen Yao’s mouth only emitted soft whimpers. His gaze flickered towards Xu Yibai, a look that seemed both beseeching and inviting, veiled by misty allure. 

“I didn’t rape Shen Yao,” Guan Shu’s hand trailed down Shen Yao’s waist. His fingers were damp, carrying more than just Shen Yao’s saliva. He lifted his gaze, his deep black eyes meeting the dark barrel of the gun, devoid of any trace of fear. “It was mutual.” 

Xu Yibai was at a loss on how to proceed. His strength was comparable to Guan Shu’s, so he couldn’t directly pull Guan Shu away from Shen Yao. If he acted too forcefully, he might hurt Shen Yao in the process. 

He watched as Guan Shu’s lips moved, his teeth inching into Shen Yao’s glands, his eyes a warning bell that stared directly at Xu Yibai. 

It was a glaring display of hostility and possessiveness. In the most primal way, he was warning Xu Yibai – “Shen Yao is mine, what do you have to compete with me?” 

Guan Shu remained composed, as though he had firmly secured his position of victory. His gaze was fixed intently on Shen Yao, treating Xu Yibai beside him as if he were invisible. 

Xu Yibai’s breath grew increasingly erratic. His last shred of rationality snapped, and his pheromone scent burst out explosively. He picked up the gun, the sound of the wind echoing as he swung it heavily towards Guan Shu’s head.

 This kind of ambush was something Guan Shu’s usual reaction and keen instincts could easily evade. However, his overconfidence played a part, as he didn’t even regard Xu Yibai as a threat. 

He held Shen Yao in his arms, his attention fully focused on Shen Yao’s pained cries. By the time he reacted, he only had a split second to dodge. Knowing he was far from Shen Yao, Guan Shu still feared that Xu Yibai might hit Shen Yao. He didn’t dodge, but instead reached out and hugged Shen Yao, protecting him tightly in his arms. 


A muffled thud, Xu Yibai’s powerful strike landing right on the wound on Guan Shu’s head, causing his consciousness to blur for a moment. 

Xu Yibai remained entirely out of control. Seizing the opportunity while Guan Shu was dazed, he exerted a burst of strength from his arm, gripping Guan Shu’s neck and pressing him down. Simultaneously, he raised his hand again. 



Recalling the scene he had witnessed earlier, Xu Yibai disregarded everything and mechanically repeated the motion, forcefully striking the hard gun barrel onto the same spot of Guan Shu’s wound, his chest heaving intensely.

Fresh blood splattered onto Shen Yao’s face, its warm temperature and pungent sweetness filling his senses. His tears had long since stopped, but the corners of his eyes and the tip of his nose remained a deep shade of red.

He used his tongue to lick away the blood from his lips, then clenched his fist and used his thumb to wipe the wounds on his cheek.

“Xu Yibai.”

Shen Yao gently stopped Xu Yibai’s actions, picking up Xu Yibai’s coat from the ground and putting it on. He opened his arms towards Xu Yibai:

“Take me away.”

Xu Yibai finally slowly ceased his movements, the tip of his nose still tingling from the encounter. He pushed Guan Shu off the bed.

Shen Yao’s body was marked by traces left by other Alphas, and he could also sense the lingering scent of pheromones.

Unbeknownst to him, Shen Yao didn’t know how many times he had been marked by Guan Shu for life.

Completely owned, inside and out.

The redness around Xu Yibai’s eyes had not yet faded, and after reaching his limits, his fingers trembled. He was still caught in the visual stimulus from before, and Guan Shu’s words kept replaying in his ears.

“Shen Yao willingly let me mark him for life.”

“My omega.”

In the minds of Shen Yao, perhaps both him and Guan Shu was someone who could be easily discarded.

They were a bit different, though. Xu Yibai had to learn about Shen Yao’s escape from Guan Shu. In Shen Yao’s heart, Xu Yibai held a position that didn’t even compare to Guan Shu.

In that previous situation, Shen Yao didn’t let Guan Shu mark him for life. Would Guan Shu dare to do so?

Xu Yibai’s gaze gradually changed, and at the moment Shen Yao sensed it, he began to run, forgetting the chain that was now intertwined with him.

He hadn’t run far before crashing onto the bed.

Xu Yibai stared at the chain, a possession of Guan Shu’s. He reached out and removed the anklet with a rough gesture.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m not interested in those props.” Xu Yibai soothed Shen Yao gently, but then suddenly pulled him down, his fingers tracing the kiss marks on Shen Yao’s body. “I just need to cover up the marks left by other Alphas on you.”

His voice was gentle, but the strong pheromone scent emanating from him conveyed one fact to Shen Yao.

Xu Yibai had been stimulated to enter his susceptible period.

Guan Shu laid on the floor, blood dripping from his forehead and top of his head onto his neck. Slowly, his consciousness began to return from the darkness.

The bed next to him creaked, an Omega about to make a sound, but it was muffled by a hand, leaving only ambiguous sounds.

Guan Shu’s breathing grew heavier, each breath carrying a scorching warmth. He reached out and covered his pounding heart with his hand.

The scent of marjoram and the aroma of wind chimes collided in the air.

In the midst of his susceptible period, the Alpha completely ignored the wound on his head, fixating on one thing obsessively—

Guan Shu needed to find his Omega. He knew where his Omega was.

Less than a meter away from him, on the bed, beneath another Alpha.

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