Don’t Sink Chapter 86

Chapter 86: “Deceiving Me Again?!”

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Xu Yibai maintained their initial position, embracing Shen Yao face to face. Even though Guan Shu had lost consciousness, Xu Yibai was determined not to let Shen Yao make a sound. His hand firmly covered Shen Yao’s lips.

He gazed at Shen Yao’s reddened cheeks, his Adam’s apple bobbing. “Open your mouth.”

The absent-minded Omega surprisingly complied, obediently parting his lips and extending his tongue, as if Xu Yibai could kiss him however he pleased.

Lowering his head, Xu Yibai exchanged a lingering kiss, transforming all sounds into the sticky sound of their mingling saliva.

Sniffing Shen Yao’s scent, Xu Yibai’s anger from betrayal surged, his breathing growing even heavier.

His arms tightened, and the sounds in the air grew urgent and heavy. The Omega’s body struggled more and more, his knees almost giving way, relying entirely on Xu Yibai behind him to support him with strength. 

Shen Yao was like a drifting boat on a stream, and Xu Yibai was his sole anchor, the master deciding which direction he’d drift towards. 

“Shen Yao, how did you get yourself so dirty?” 

Xu Yibai’s kisses trailed down from Shen Yao’s neck, with each bite and suck erasing, as he had said, the marks that Guan Shu had left on Shen Yao. 

His hand was on Shen Yao’s buttocks, as if he was protecting a child from falling off, his grip tender and cautious. 

But in reality, the force of Xu Yibai’s five fingers, pressing down with an unusual violence, attempted to cover up the guiding marks, and the accompanying pressure formed different shapes. 

The skin that had been swollen and reddened by Guan Shu’s blows tensed up whenever it brushed against Shen Yao’s body. 

The kisses became more suffocating, and Shen Yao kept trying to move away, but Xu Yibai grabbed the back of his head to hold him in place. 

The “tut tut” sound of their kissing grew clearer, and there were more and more bloodshot veins in Guan Shu’s eyes. He could only hear the sounds around him, and his body felt as if it were filled with lead, unable to muster any strength to get up. 


Guan Shu heard the sob in Shen Yao’s voice, his heartbeat pounding so intensely that it drowned out the pain. In his mind, only obsession remained. 

He was sprawled on the ground, his fingers digging into the floor, leaving long deep marks, and his shoulders slowly rising like a mountain rising from the earth.

Blood flowed down before his eyes, and the dizziness in his brain brought a strong wave of nausea. Guan Shu’s figure swayed for a moment, biting down on his teeth to bear the intense pain, and finally managed to straighten up halfway from the ground. 

He could finally see the scene on the bed. 

He saw Shen Yao’s thighs trembling weakly, and he saw the bedsheet constantly shifting. 

He saw Xu Yibai lifting Shen Yao up, holding him from behind, his gaze firmly fixed on his glands. 

The wound on Guan Shu’s forehead was still bleeding, and he absentmindedly wiped his face with his hand, like a living demon crawling back from h*ll.

A strong smell of blood wafted in front of Shen Yao, enveloping him like a suffocating cloud, as if it was trying to consume him.

He instinctively tried to move back, but Guan Shu grabbed his arm, pulling him into his embrace. 

Guan Shu’s arms were wrapped tightly around Shen Yao’s waist, lifting him as if trying to carry him away. Guan Shu was anxious and desperate to take the Omega away from here, but he couldn’t. 

Guan Shu reached out and grabbed hold of Shen Yao, the overwhelming presence of another Alphas’ pheromones making him unable to stand by as they used his Omega. He was determined to snatch Shen Yao away. 

Xu Yibai, also in his susceptible period, had already discarded the gun from his hand. His possessiveness surged like a tide, and he instinctively landed a punch on Guan Shu’s face. 

Guan Shu, however, was like a rabid dog, latched onto his prey and refusing to let go. He didn’t seem to feel the pain, as warm blood dripped onto Shen Yao’s body, and he continued with his obsession. 

“Don’t… I’ll die!” 

Shen Yao had never regretted his actions before, but now he regretted it. He wouldn’t regret deciding to escape; what he regretted was… 

The Alpha in his susceptible period couldn’t understand his words, nor did he realize what he was doing. Guan Shu lowered his head and kissed Shen Yao’s eyelashes, his actions unrelenting. 

The two Alphas continued to regard each other with hostility, but no one had a solution, and in the end, it seemed to turn into a confrontation. 

Their expressions were far from pleasant.

Shen Yao’s face turned pale as paper in an instant due to the pain. He had been forced into this mating frenzy by two Alphas, and he finally burst into sobs, unable to control his emotions any longer. 

Imprisoned within the heated embraces of the two, Shen Yao’s body leaned forward, his shoulder hitting Guan Shu’s neck and his head tilting back, accidentally hitting Xu Yibai’s chin. 

Shen Yao couldn’t even catch a breath; he was surrounded by the scents of different Alphas from all sides, along with their heavy and erratic breaths in his ears. 

He couldn’t distinguish whose hands were gripping his waist, nor whose hands were touching his chest. He couldn’t tell which Alpha was delivering each overwhelming stimulus and sensation that left him on the brink of death. 

Shen Yao had never been particularly interested in romance, but from the day before yesterday until now, not a patch of his skin remained unblemished. 

It was as if he had been tamed; now, even a slight touch from an Alpha made him tremble. 

At first, it was just pain, but gradually, even his spine began to quiver. In the dim light, Shen Yao’s mind finally collapsed entirely, his shoulders and chest shaking uncontrollably. 

If before he was only on the verge of death, today it felt more like true death, followed by being cruelly jolted awake from a haze, only to fall from thousands of meters in the sky. 

Perhaps sensing the Omega in his arms crying, Guan Shu lowered his head and kissed the moist eyes. At the same time, Xu Yibai tenderly kissed his smooth bare shoulder. 

Xu Yibai’s fingers brushed against Shen Yao’s cheek, and the usually controlled Alpha blurted out a question he wouldn’t normally ask: “Who’s fu*king you so fiercely?” 

Both Alphas’ breathing grew heavier together, but Shen Yao could hardly make out what they were asking amidst his tears, his eyelashes glistening with drops of moisture, his expression blank and bewildered. 

Xu Yibai’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, clearly displeased by Shen Yao’s hesitation. In an instant, he rendered Shen Yao’s hand powerless as it clung to Guan Shu’s arm, his voice hoarse and on the brink of breaking:

“…You! You!” 

Xu Yibai had calmed down, but Shen Yao’s response elicited an immediate change in Guan Shu’s expression. He squinted his eyes, and just as assertively, he asked, “Say it again?” 

Shen Yao had no strength left in his body now. Two Alphas embracing him—one in front and one behind—he was surrounded by scorching heat. He didn’t even have a chance to collapse onto the bed. 

Due to Guan Shu’s sudden threat, Shen Yao’s vision filled with stars, and he could only move his lips, trying to please the Alpha by giving the answer he wanted: “You…” 

The scales couldn’t find true balance. After enduring the hardship, just as he had finally balanced one bowl of water, the other was abruptly thrown down. 

Shen Yao’s vacillating response didn’t earn him any favors. It was as if the Alphas were determined to establish superiority, and he was being bullied even more. 

Countless kisses landed on his body, targeting his fragile glands and his delicate back. 

Xu Yibai’s breathing grew rapid, his gaze uncontrollably fixed on the gland on Shen Yao’s neck covered in bite marks. 

He was consumed by hatred and repulsion. 

Xu Yibai’s Adam’s apple rolled as a storm raged ceaselessly around him. Suddenly, he pulled Shen Yao tightly against him, then without warning, he opened his lips, revealing his itching canine teeth. 

In an instant, Shen Yao sensed the impending danger behind him. His pupils slightly dilated, and despite his weakened legs, he summoned a burst of strength, attempting to throw himself into Guan Shu’s embrace. 

Desperately trying to evade Xu Yibai’s actions, in his panic, Shen Yao turned to the person before him and cried out for help: “Guan Shu! Save me!!” 

Guan Shu, awakened from his susceptible period, acted swiftly. Ignoring the current chaos and the slight nausea he felt, he clung to Shen Yao’s shoulder and reached out to stop Xu Yibai: “Xu Yibai! I’ve marked Shen Yao for life! You can’t mark him again!! He’ll be in agony!!” 

But it was too late. 

“Ugh…” With a forceful motion, Xu Yibai pulled Shen Yao into his embrace, finally able to do what he had wanted to do for a while. 

He sank his teeth into the gland that had already been marked for life by another Alpha. 

The pheromones of both Alphas forcefully mixed into Shen Yao’s gland. The two pheromones tore through Shen Yao’s gland, and though his body trembled incessantly, there was no painful moan escaping his throat. 

He had already been marked for life by Guan Shu, but Xu Yibai’s temporary mark also imprinted itself onto Shen Yao’s gland. 

The air seemed to solidify, and the secret Shen Yao had hidden for years was brutally torn open through this absurd and outrageous ordeal.

He dared to boldly navigate between three Alphas, observing them coldly as they jockeyed for attention and grew jealous. When he was in a good mood, he would tease them a bit; when he was in a bad mood, he would ignore them completely.

He dared to play this game so brazenly, not because he was foolish, but because he had long prepared to escape the scene if necessary. Moreover, he was incapable of truly being marked for life by an Alpha.

For other Omegas, this would be a disaster, but for Shen Yao, it was his unique freedom.

“…Shen Yao.”

Guan Shu was the first to speak, his gaze gradually darkening. He had lost count of how many times Shen Yao had deceived him. His expression turned fierce.

“Let me save you?! Did you f*cking wanted me to stop Xu Yibai, so you can cover up this secret?!”

He lunged forward, as if crazed, and grabbed Shen Yao’s neck. His roar shattered the silence that had pervaded the room.

“You’re lying to me again, aren’t you?! What else have you lied about?! Why not just tell me everything now?! We’ll settle the score right here!!”

He had believed he truly possessed Shen Yao. He thought that at the very least, marking him for life would forcibly keep Shen Yao by his side. Yet here it was, Shen Yao lying to him once again!

All that nonsense about cleansing the mark, about marking for life – he now suspected that Shen Yao’s description of the true cleansing mark procedure was just another lie.

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