Don’t Sink Chapter 88

Chapter 88: His Name is Shen Yao

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The black car sped out from the military area, and three vehicles that had been waiting for a while surrounded Xu Yibai’s car, effectively blocking its path.

Yan Zhixing’s status was special. Even though he knew that Shen Yao had been brought here by Guan Shu, he couldn’t easily enter the military area. All he could do was leave everything behind and wait.

From night until day, and from day until night, they waited without any knowledge of what was happening inside.

Calmly, Xu Yibai stopped the car. He rolled down the window, revealing Shen Yao, who had been drugged, sitting peacefully and sound asleep in the passenger seat, completely defenseless.

Picking up the gun he had used earlier, Xu Yibai aimed it at Yan Zhixing’s head through the window. “Make way.”

Though Yan Zhixing didn’t know there were no bullets in the gun, his expression remained unafraid. Step by step, he walked towards Xu Yibai, approaching closer. “Hand Shen Yao over to me, and you can go.”

The dark muzzle suddenly shifted direction. In Yan Zhixing’s widening pupils, the gun was now pointed at Shen Yao, who was sleeping next to him. Xu Yibai held the gun steady, not a hint of trembling in his grip.

Yan Zhixing’s steps were forcibly halted, and his expression subtly changed. “Do you know how to shoot?”

“You can try and see if I know how to shoot.”

Xu Yibai suddenly pulled the unconscious Shen Yao closer, pressing the gun firmly against his temple. The swift and confident movement seemed genuine, not like a bluff. As the muzzle made contact, a dull thud echoed, much like the sound of Yan Zhixing’s heart dropping. Xu Yibai’s face remained calm, his tone serious. “It’s fine. If I shoot Shen Yao right now, I’ll follow him to the afterlife. Do you think I’m joking, do you want to take a chance?”

Shen Yao’s limp arm fell by his side. Yan Zhixing’s expression fluctuated, but he didn’t have the courage to engage in this gamble. Finally, he raised his hand, signaling for the vehicles behind to retreat.

With the wind rustling his clothes, Yan Zhixing spoke slowly. “Let him go.”

“And don’t follow.” Xu Yibai’s black eyes locked onto Yan Zhixing. He didn’t lower his arm, his tone cold. “If anything seems off to me, I won’t hesitate to shoot.”

The engine roared to life, and Yan Zhixing’s gaze remained fixed on the departing car. He was always meticulous in his actions, with his people stationed at intervals along the road.

Life was too fragile, especially for a delicate Omega like Shen Yao. There couldn’t be any mistakes.

Yan Zhixing’s mind drifted slightly. He turned his head, his fists clenched tightly. He spoke to Chen Shuang, “Clear the cars ahead.”


With one hand on the steering wheel, Xu Yibai drove into a safe area, his expression still tense. He touched Shen Yao’s temple, his grip on the gun never loosening. He didn’t relax until the shadow of the pursuing cars was completely out of sight.

He took a winding path and brought Shen Yao directly back to the Gu family. Xu Yibai had cleared out all the servants in advance and carried Shen Yao all the way to his own room. 

Placing Shen Yao on the bed, he looked peaceful and beautiful in his slumber. The incessant ringing of his phone in his pocket was annoying him, so Xu Yibai simply opened the window and threw the phone out without any expression on his face. 

Having done all this, he entered the bathroom and filled the bathtub with hot water. 

Xu Yibai removed the hoodie from Shen Yao’s body and gently placed the completely bare Shen Yao into the bathtub, his hands vigorously massaging every inch of skin until it turned rosy. 

He noticed Shen Yao’s eyelashes flutter slightly, and Xu Yibai paused his actions. He asked, “Are you awake?” 

Shen Yao opened his eyes, curled up in the bathtub, hugging his legs as he looked at Xu Yibai without saying a word. 

Suddenly, Xu Yibai stood up and walked out of the room. When he returned, he was holding a fruit knife, the same kind Shen Yao had used to stab himself in the lounge. 

Shen Yao’s gaze fell on the knife, its blade glinting silver and reflecting in his eyes. His hand by his side tightened slightly as he asked, “Are you trying to kill me?” 

Xu Yibai stepped into the bathtub, his clothes becoming soaked in an instant, and the water spilled out due to his entrance. 

“Shen Yao,” Xu Yibai took his hand and lightly traced the small scar on Shen Yao’s abdomen. He placed the handle of the knife into Shen Yao’s hand. “Give me back that cut.” 

Shen Yao’s hand was encased by his grip, forced to hold onto the knife’s handle. He attempted to pull his hand back, but Xu Yibai’s strong hold wouldn’t allow it. Without giving Shen Yao time to react, Xu Yibai suddenly leaned down to kiss his forehead while simultaneously yanking Shen Yao’s hand outward. 


The sound of the sharp blade piercing flesh filled the air. Xu Yibai’s fingers tightened around Shen Yao’s hand, guiding the knife into his own soft abdomen. Blood gushed out instantly, dripping into the bathtub and mingling with the clear water. 

Eventually, the water in the entire tub turned crimson. 

The bathroom was permeated with the scent of bloody flowers. 

“What are you thinking, Shen Yao? Are you worried I’ll die, or do you think it’s better if I die?” 

Shen Yao held the knife, his skin appearing nearly translucent in the air, like a blood-sucking vampire from legends, devoid of any light. He slowed his breathing, then asked, “I think you’ve gone mad.” 

Gradually, the blood drained from Xu Yibai’s face. He stared fixedly at the clock hanging on the wall, his gaze fixated on the steadily turning second hand, as time ticked away. 

It wasn’t until the same time he had taken Shen Yao to the hospital on a previous occasion that Xu Yibai stumbled out of the bathtub. The light before his eyes was fading, darkness encroaching. 

“Shen Yao.” Xu Yibai staggered, supporting himself against the wall. Step by step, he walked backward, eventually reaching the door. Before closing it, he looked back at Shen Yao one last time. Despite his mad actions, his expression remained calm as water. “Settled.” 

Shen Yao soaked in the blood-colored hot water, only revealing his smooth shoulders in the air. Coupled with his exquisite, cold face, it created an eerie and macabre beauty. 

After hearing the sound of the door closing, Shen Yao suddenly sprang out of the bathtub. His feet slipped, nearly causing him to fall to the ground. Unable to bear the overwhelming smell of blood, he clutched the sink and gagged a few times.

Shen Yao wiped the water droplets from his face and met his own gaze in the mirror. He lifted his hand to touch the scarred gland on his neck.

He had completely lost control, and all his escape routes were sealed.

These Alphas were all like mad dogs, each one baring their fangs and trying to bite into him. If he wasn’t careful, he might lose a chunk of flesh with one bite.


The lifelong mark left by Guan Shu on Shen Yao’s body gradually faded, until on the seventh day, it disappeared completely without a trace. He had been confined to Xu Yibai’s room for a full seven days, during which time he only saw doctors and servants, and no one else.

Finally, there was a knock on the door, and the guards behind him took him to a car headed for the hospital.

Inside the hospital room, Xu Yibai laid alone in blue and white hospital attire, a pair of glasses perched on his nose as he examined the documents in his hand.

The door behind him closed with a “thud,” and instinctively, Shen Yao didn’t move forward, pressing his back against the door.

Xu Yibai, however, put down what he was holding and walked barefoot in Shen Yao’s direction. An Alpha’s healing abilities were quite remarkable; within a week’s time, he was already able to get out of bed and move around.

“Do you still remember this document, Shen Yao?”

Shen Yao instantly realized what he meant. He turned around and reached out to try and open the door to the ward. He breathed heavily, shaking the door with force, but it didn’t budge.

He was not afraid of forgetting, but there were things he couldn’t forget, like his parents.

Xu Yibai twisted his hand, pushing his entire body against the door.

“Xu Yibai!” Shen Yao hadn’t forgotten how to struggle. Despite his seemingly fragile appearance, he exerted a burst of strength. He simultaneously used his knee to pound the door, while also elbowing Xu Yibai forcefully. Unusually intense emotional fluctuations surfaced, “I should have stabbed you to death back then!”

Xu Yibai’s still-healing wound split open, oozing blood. He grabbed the Omega’s wrist, pulling him to the edge of the hospital bed and then slamming him onto it.

Flipping over, he used his legs to pin down the struggling Omega, and one hand firmly held both of Shen Yao’s wrists. Xu Yibai knew that Shen Yao’s fierce resistance was expected. He took a sedative from the bedside table and said in a low voice, “You could do this, but you don’t have the chance now.”

“Get lost!”

Shen Yao vigorously twisted his body, trying to avoid the sedative needle aimed at him. He felt a sharp pain in his neck, and the potent medicine quickly took effect. His eyelids grew heavy.

His fingers gradually lost their strength, and they slowly dropped onto the bed.

“I understand your concerns.”

Xu Yibai’s fingers lightly brushed against Shen Yao’s cheek as he calmly spoke the most terrifying words in the coldest tone:

“I won’t change all of your memories, I’ll just manipulate some, like making you forget about Guan Shu, and then making you forget about Yan Zhixing.”

“Shen Yao is still Shen Yao, but the Alphas appearing in your memories will only leave me.”

“You can’t shake off their influence, can you? Or perhaps, you can’t bear to abandon them?”

“It’s okay, I’ll help you forget.”

His idea of reconciliation was never about him and Shen Yao forgetting all of their past together. Instead, it meant that he and Shen Yao would start a brand-new relationship, one without any third parties, a relationship that would last until they grew old together.


In the quiet room, only the sound of the clock ticking away could be heard. The Omega lying on the bed slowly opened his eyes, his first sight being the blank ceiling with the bright light hanging above.

The smell of disinfectant stung his nose. In that moment of awakening, his gaze was blank and lost, with no idea where he was, even forgetting his own name.

“Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Suddenly, a gentle voice sounded beside him. The Omega quickly turned his head towards the voice, but a sharp pain shot through his neck as he did so.

Sitting on a chair by his side was an Alpha with a warm and gentle appearance. He stood up, reached out, and lightly touched the Omega’s forehead, calling out to him softly:

“Shen Yao.”

With that call, memories flooded back like a tidal wave. Countless interconnected images flashed before his eyes like a carousel, and in a matter of seconds, he saw all of his past memories.

His brain couldn’t handle it for a moment, buzzing and humming, causing intense dizziness and nausea.

The Omega’s complexion immediately turned pale, his heart racing. He clutched his forehead with discomfort, lowering his head and suppressing the urge to vomit.

Quickly, a pair of hands reached out, skillfully massaging his temples to relieve the throbbing in his head.

“Where does it hurt? Should I call the doctor?”

He worriedly called out, “Shen Yao?”

The Omega’s expression froze for a moment, and he remembered his own name.

That’s right, he was Shen Yao.

He turned to look at the considerate Alpha beside him, quickly swallowing down the overwhelming memories. Almost involuntarily, he moved his lips, “You are…”

At the moment the words came out, Shen Yao’s throat choked up.

He remembered again.

This was the Alpha who had grown up with him since childhood, and also his affectionate husband now.

Shen Yao locked eyes with the Alpha. He naturally called out the name:

“Xu Yibai.”

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