Don’t Sink Chapter 87

Chapter 87: “If You Don’t Give It to Me, I’ll Take It Myself”

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No one knew the specifics of Shen Yao’s situation, but the undeniable truth laid before them. At the very least, being marked for life by an Alpha didn’t truly bind Shen Yao.

Marks could be overlaid, or they might even fade away without a trace. This was why Shen Yao dared to let Guan Shu mark him for life so boldly.

Xu Yibai stared blankly at the overlapping bite marks on Shen Yao’s neck. His mind seemed to be lost in a white void, and the first emotion that surged within him was relief.

Did this mean that Guan Shu hadn’t managed to hold onto Shen Yao at all? Was this so-called mark for life as useless as a sheet of paper? Did he no longer need to worry about the cleansing mark affecting Shen Yao’s body and having to endure the presence of other Alphas’ pheromones for a lifetime?


Shen Yao tilted his head back in pain, a hoarse cough escaping his throat as Guan Shu’s grip tightened around his neck. He leaned back, his icy hand seeking assistance by clutching Xu Yibai’s hand.

Guan Shu loosened one hand and forcefully pried Shen Yao’s hand away. His face twisted in a horrifying manner as he roared, “You’re in heat right in front of me with other Alphas?!”

Under Shen Yao’s touch, Xu Yibai suddenly snapped out of it. He reached out and tightly grabbed Guan Shu’s wrist, struggling to help Shen Yao break free from the overwhelming sense of suffocation. “Guan Shu! Let go!”

“Get lost!” Guan Shu forcefully shook off Xu Yibai’s hand. “Who gave you the right to interfere between me and Shen Yao?!”

His head wound hadn’t been properly treated, and blood was flowing out in torrents, splattering onto Shen Yao’s body. The crimson liquid fell onto Shen Yao’s fair, naked skin, creating a visually shocking scene.

Shen Yao’s breathing finally became a bit smoother, his chest rising and falling. “Huff… Cough—”

“Guan Shu!”

“Shen Yao, I’ve gone mad like this because of you! You f*cking owe me a lifetime of atonement!”

Guan Shu’s hand, which Xu Yibai had forcibly pulled away, tightened around Shen Yao’s neck again. As the suffocating sensation threatened to engulf Shen Yao, he suddenly released his grip, almost as if he had bestowed a favor. He stared at Shen Yao as he took deep breaths, then suddenly, his palm firmly cupped the back of Shen Yao’s head, and he bit Shen Yao’s lips in a savage kiss.

“If you’re going to spend your life with me, how can I bear to kill you now?”

Guan Shu deftly evaded Xu Yibai’s fist, licking away the blood from Shen Yao’s lips. His gaze swept over Shen Yao before he slowly rose to his feet. “But I will kill Xu Yibai.” 

The two Alphas wrestled, their umpteenth struggle combining fresh grievances with old resentments. Their recent sobering experience, tainted by the nauseating aftermath of lovemaking, had turned their fight into a more vicious and brutal confrontation than ever before. 

Guan Shu had descended into complete madness. His pain receptors were utterly numb, his body bore severe injuries, yet every punch and blow he delivered was brutally powerful. 

Xu Yibai, too, had become consumed by the battle, his nose bleeding without him even noticing. He gasped, a hint of mockery in his smile. “Guan Shu… Your mark for life isn’t worth much. What are you trying to show off?” 

“Better than not having this chance at all, don’t you think?!” Guan Shu’s anger propelled him to grasp Xu Yibai’s shoulder, landing a punch on Xu Yibai’s right cheek. “Do you need me to describe to you how wonderful that feeling is? When I marked Shen Yao for life, he trembled all over. He kept calling my name, you have no idea how seductive and sweet his voice sounded…” 

With each word, Xu Yibai’s expression changed. Eventually, they ceased verbal communication altogether, their only intention being to vanquish each other. 

Shen Yao reached under the bed unnoticed by anyone, retrieved Guan Shu’s discarded clothing, and extracted a tranquilizer gun. 

Xu Yibai was pinned down, confronted with Guan Shu’s broad back. Shen Yao raised the gun and aimed at the most vulnerable spot on Guan Shu’s neck, then pulled the trigger. 


The tranquilizer dart pierced his skin, but against conventional expectations, only a minor reaction occurred. 

The anesthesia needle pierced through the skin and flesh, according to normal circumstances, half of his body should have gone numb in an instant. 

However, at this moment, it seemed like even the anesthetic didn’t affect him as much. His muscles were spasming, but he didn’t collapse. 

His gaze made Shen Yao’s heart skip a beat: “Shen Yao, I’ve been too soft on you.” 

He delivered another punch to Xu Yibai’s face, sensing that Xu Yibai might have lost consciousness. Guan Shu rose to his feet, his expression dark as he gradually approached Shen Yao. 

“What nonsense is this ‘mark for life’?! I should’ve broken your legs and arms. That way, you’d be confined to your bed, relying on me for everything, even eating and using the bathroom.” 

“How are you going to run away now?!” 

The moment Guan Shu’s palm made contact with Shen Yao’s calf, Xu Yibai, who had closed his eyes earlier, suddenly leaped up. He pounced on Guan Shu, overpowering him and pinning him down.

“Shen Yao! Hurry!”

“Get lost!” The effects of the tranquilizer and Xu Yibai’s body combined, Guan Shu’s ferocious expression and his bloodied appearance turned him into a trapped beast. He erupted with strength, toppling Xu Yibai to the ground. “I’ll say it again, get lost!!”

Guan Shu pinned Shen Yao down, crazed like a wild animal. He forcefully knocked the tranquilizer gun out of Shen Yao’s hand and then lowered his head, attempting to bite Shen Yao’s gland.

In a critical moment, Xu Yibai surged forward once more, breaking through his physical limits. He maintained a tight grip around Guan Shu’s neck.

Guan Shu’s teeth clamped down on air, creating a hollow sound. Slowly, Shen Yao’s clenched hand relaxed, revealing a tranquilizer dart he had concealed. With a determined motion, he aimed and plunged the dart into Guan Shu’s gland.

“Shen Yao…”

His body succumbed to the effects of the tranquilizer. Guan Shu struggled to free himself, a look of strong resentment in his eyes. He raised his hand to grab Shen Yao but instead slipped down like a heavy stone.

Until the last moment of his fading consciousness, his eyes remained wide open.

One Alpha dealt with, another remained.

Shen Yao had no time to catch his breath. Acting swiftly according to his initial plan, he picked up the tranquilizer gun and aimed it at Xu Yibai with determination.


The sound of the trigger being pulled echoed again. However, nothing happened this time because the gun contained no tranquilizer.

Xu Yibai’s gaze shifted to him, and he calmly stated, “You were going to shoot me just now.”

“No.” Shen Yao let the tranquilizer gun fall onto the bed. “I was just startled by you both a moment ago. I’m really scared of Alphas right now.”

“Is that so?”

Xu Yibai asked in a light tone. He picked up his coat from the floor and used it to wipe away the blood on Shen Yao’s body.

Guan Shu could wake up at any moment, he couldn’t give him a bath, and his only focus now was getting Shen Yao out of here.

He took off his own sweatshirt and put it on Shen Yao. The slightly short skirt was a perfect fit. He wore just a thin, long-sleeved shirt himself.

Lifting Shen Yao in his arms, they moved cautiously. Having spent too long in the dimly lit room, the sunlight outside stung Shen Yao’s eyes. He turned his face and buried it in Xu Yibai’s embrace.

Xu Yibai’s steps halted, and after a moment of relief, he realized another problem — Shen Yao’s inability to be permanently marked also meant that he would forever remain free, never bound to anyone.

If kisses were ineffective, if marking was ineffective, if love was ineffective, then chains had to replace them.

He had come alone, and a black car waited downstairs. He placed Shen Yao inside the car, took the driver’s seat, and used a handkerchief to wipe away the blood from his nose.

After cleaning up, Xu Yibai didn’t start the car. He turned his expressionless face towards Shen Yao.

“Shen Yao, what does it feel like to be marked for life? Does it feel amazing? Is that why you let Guan Shu mark you? You don’t choose someone just because they’re good to you, so why are you so biased?”

Xu Yibai reached out and touched Shen Yao’s face, finally grabbing onto his hair. “If you won’t give it to me, I’ll take it myself.”

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