Don’t Sink Chapter 93

Chapter 93: “Right, Husband?”

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Shen Yao was firmly held in the arms of the person behind him, but he hadn’t given up struggling. Every time he tried to move forward, his waist was held by iron-like arms, yanking him back. Xu Yibai’s fingers lightly touched his Adam’s apple, and Shen Yao’s breath involuntarily stalled, causing his Adam’s apple to bob visibly.

The fingers glided down his body inch by inch, even though separated by fabric, it caused Shen Yao’s body to tremble slightly.

Xu Yibai didn’t choose to remove Shen Yao’s upper garment. Instead, he gradually lifted the hem of Shen Yao’s shirt and forced him to lift his hands, then tucked the fabric into his hands.

From start to finish, he said only two words:

“Take it.”

Shen Yao was forced to raise his arms, holding his shirt as he stood exposed to the air, his flawless and fair skin fully on display. He was pale everywhere, like cherry blossoms falling onto white snow.

Perhaps due to the current tension or because of being intently watched, Shen Yao didn’t dare to move. He leaned against the Alpha behind him, his back against the Alpha’s chest, stiff and motionless. He felt a chilling slipperiness against his chest.

Xu Yibai’s gaze was focused, and instead of using a cotton swab, he directly applied the pungent disinfectant with his fingers, pressing harder.

“…It hurts.”

The subtle pain began to spread, turning into a tingling sensation. Every sensation seemed to be numbed, causing Shen Yao to tremble more and more.

Sweat formed on the tip of Shen Yao’s nose, rolling down his chin. He wasn’t afraid when he stabbed himself or fired a gun at someone, but now he was overwhelmingly panicked.

He despised this feeling of being controlled by someone else, and even more so the sensation of leaving a mark on his body.

The reflection of the needle appeared in his eyes. Shen Yao’s pupils dilated, and he looked panicked, like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered:

“Don’t… stop…”

Even though it hadn’t officially started yet, in the silent stillness, his eyes became moist as if tears were about to fall in the next second.

Shen Yao squeezed out a faint voice from his throat, sounding weak and pleading, “… Xu Yibai.”

“What are you afraid of?” Xu Yibai’s eyes drooped, his voice low as if coaxing him. “It won’t hurt too much. If you’re in pain, you can bite me. Bite me as much as it hurts.”

Xu Yibai showed no signs of relenting. It seemed he was determined to teach Shen Yao a lesson, to leave him with this indelible mark on his flesh.

As the needle drew closer, Shen Yao’s initially pitiful expression vanished in an instant. He erupted with strength, shaking off Xu Yibai’s hand, arching his thin waist upward, nearly breaking free from the Alpha’s hold. But with a strong force, Xu Yibai dragged him back.


With a muffled sound, Shen Yao was forcefully thrown onto the soft bed, emitting a muffled groan from his nose.

“Why are you trying to escape? Why stop pretending?” Xu Yibai reacted quicker than him, suppressing Shen Yao directly, pressing down on his wrist and asking, “Did you find out that pretending to be obedient doesn’t work anymore?”

“Is this all the patience you have?”

Shen Yao’s breath became rapid, and he couldn’t help but want to kick Xu Yibai, but his legs were firmly clamped by the Alpha. He couldn’t move an inch.

Sweat continued to form on his face, and unable to bear it, he shouted in disarray:

“Get lost!”

“Don’t make me dislike you.”

Xu Yibai’s actions hesitated briefly, but he stubbornly picked up the needle. He said, “Then dislike me. If you’re capable of hating me, hate me.”

He couldn’t win Shen Yao’s heart, couldn’t make Shen Yao stay by his side, so he resorted to this obsessive method – leaving a mark on Shen Yao’s body, ensuring it would be etched into his memory forever.

Love or hate, it didn’t matter.

As long as it surpassed oblivion.

“This doesn’t seem like something I would do, right? How could I bear to hurt you? How could I do something that disrespects you like this?”

“You can think of me as insane.”

Xu Yibai’s hand was steady as he approached with the needle, murmuring as if speaking to himself:

“Shen Yao, do you know that occasionally I try to remember the person I used to be?”

“Love doesn’t change a person; extreme, unjust love does. If you were a bit more open, a bit more loving towards me, I wouldn’t have turned into this.”

“You can’t just provoke me and nothing else… Can’t you take some responsibility and just love me by my side?”

Xu Yibai’s words sounded somewhat submissive, but his hand holding the needle didn’t stop.

Shen Yao’s eye sockets instantly turned red, an electric current of pain mixed with numbness. He subconsciously parted his lips, emitting a soundless moan.

Shen Yao desperately tried to kick, his hands flailing in the air, struggling against the restraints. “Don’t… don’t do this!”

Xu Yibai’s other hand came horizontally, landing near Shen Yao’s lips, just as he had promised earlier.

Shen Yao instinctively bit down, channeling all his painful cries into the force of his bite, leaving behind deep tooth marks and instantly tasting a strong metallic taste of blood.

Xu Yibai’s brow didn’t even furrow. He continued to push the needle down, drawing a tiny bead of blood that he gently wiped away with his fingertip.

When it was all over, the skin on Shen Yao’s chest had a pale, almost pink hue.

He released his fingers clenched in the sheets, lifted his weakened hand, and slapped Xu Yibai hard. The sound echoed crisply through the air.

Shen Yao lost control and cursed, “Go to h*ll!”

Xu Yibai still maintained his cool, noble appearance, only now a conspicuous red handprint marked his cheek.

Yet, he seemed impervious to the searing pain on his cheek. He took out a ring instead, a delicate and exquisite creation that clearly bore the mark of handmade craftsmanship.

Lowering his head, he observed it carefully and then wordlessly and patiently put it on Shen Yao.

It was a partially locked ring, threading through the freshly pierced hole, icy and accompanied by a fine stinging pain.

Shen Yao didn’t dare to move recklessly. His abdomen was tensed, and Xu Yibai didn’t hold his breath. His warm breath also brushed against Shen Yao’s chest, and the unbearable pain was accompanied by an indescribable itchiness.

His hand swung aimlessly in the air, finally grabbing onto Xu Yibai’s hair, as if venting his frustration, forcefully pulling it out. He didn’t hold back at all.

“Very beautiful.”

Xu Yibai carefully observed it. He had just tugged lightly, causing a freshly-made wound to be pulled, and Shen Yao instinctively arched his body upward, following the direction of the force.

While his hand rested menacingly on top, Xu Yibai’s dark eyes shifted, focusing intensely on Shen Yao as he asked, “Shen Yao, still cheating?”


“Why not cheat?”

Shen Yao’s body trembled slightly. He lowered his head, staring at his own chest. He rarely spoke so impulsively.

As soon as he finished speaking, the ring was forcefully tugged again, causing a continuous wave of pain. This time, Shen Yao slumped directly into Xu Yibai’s arms.

He was in so much pain that tears streamed down his face. Amidst the ambiguous gasps and rapid breaths, Shen Yao chuckled, saying, “This is great. When I sleep with other alphas, I’ll wear this ring that my husband gave me. When I take off my clothes, they’ll see this ring, and I’ll tell them it’s self-inflicted. I’ll ask them if they like it.”

“What would they say about me? They might call me promiscuous, thinking I got this piercing just to please and seduce alphas.”

“But an alpha’s body is very honest. They will definitely like the crisp sound it makes when pulled. By then, they will surely tug on it.”

“That’s enough!” Xu Yibai’s arm veins were becoming increasingly prominent. Shen Yao’s impractical and nonsensical words were pushing him to the brink. He forcefully tugged the ring, but due to concern about the wound getting infected, he couldn’t use too much force. In the end, it wasn’t painful or itchy, but rather ineffective. “Shut your mouth!”

His calm demeanor turned somewhat ferocious. He reached over to cover Shen Yao’s lips, making it difficult for him to even breathe.


Shen Yao emitted another painful groan. He managed to avoid Xu Yibai’s hand, spat a few times, and then continued unwaveringly:

“When tugged, it hurts a bit, but it should be quite stimulating. At that moment, I’ll tell them it’s a gift from my husband.”

“They’ll be very angry. If they genuinely like me, they might even become jealous to the point of madness. And then, they might get even rougher, right? I probably won’t be able to cry, and I’ll just call them ‘husband’ in bed.”

“Isn’t that even more thrilling, adding an adulterous and forbidden sensation?”

Sweat appeared on Shen Yao’s forehead. Despite this, he lightly called out to Xu Yibai, smiling as he asked, “Right, husband?”

He used such an affectionate term, yet there was a malicious smile at the corner of his mouth.

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