Don’t Sink Chapter 94

Chapter 94 – “Are we getting back together?”

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“Shen Yao! That’s enough!”

Xu Yibai reached out and forcefully covered Shen Yao’s lips, preventing him from continuing with those harsh words. His forearm was tense, veins bulging, as if he wanted to suffocate him alive.

He didn’t release his grip until Shen Yao’s fingers weakly clawed at his right arm, leaving deep marks of desperation. Suddenly, Xu Yibai let go, flipping Shen Yao’s entire body over.

Shen Yao’s face was pressed onto the soft pillow, and because of the lack of oxygen, a buzzing sound filled his ears. He heard Xu Yibai’s somber voice, filled with anger, as if he wanted to grind his teeth to pieces and swallow them.

One of his hands pressed on Shen Yao’s waist, while the other firmly held his nape. His fingers brushed over sensitive glands, and the thin back under him trembled more intensely. Breathing alternated between deep and shallow, like pearls scattered on the ground.

“You won’t have the chance to sleep with other alphas, and no man will see you wearing the ring.”

Xu Yibai followed Shen Yao’s instructions. He held Shen Yao, who was kneeling on the bed, and reached to tug at the silver ring just placed on him.

Shen Yao paid the price for the words he intentionally used to provoke Xu Yibai. He emitted a muffled groan through his clenched lips, deep bite marks imprinted on them. This pain wouldn’t make one howl, but it was unbearable.

He uncontrollably wanted to follow the direction of the force, arching his back downwards, forming a beautiful curve, trying to get closer to the bedsheet.

Yet Xu Yibai didn’t grant him his wish; he kept forcing him to arch his body.

“… It hurts.” Shen Yao couldn’t resist anymore and began to plead. He helplessly grasped Xu Yibai’s hand, even his physiological tears were on the brink of flowing, “Xu Yibai… it hurts…”

“I put this on with my own hands, only I can touch it. Whoever dares to touch it, whoever dares to pull it, I’ll chop off their hands.”

Xu Yibai still showed no mercy, as if he couldn’t hear Shen Yao’s painful moans. He continued to forcefully tug at the ring, warning, “If you dare to take off your clothes and let other alphas see, if you dare to cheat again, you’ll never get off this bed for the rest of your life.”

“Understood, Shen Yao?”

Tears trickled down, falling onto the pillow. Shen Yao nodded his head randomly, his response to what was unclear.

He wouldn’t scold Shen Yao, let alone hurt him.

So Xu Yibai could only choose to tame Shen Yao in bed, making him obedient.

Shen Yao had crawled closer and closer to the edge of the bed, only an inch away from the edge. The next second, his head heavily bumped against it, and his legs were pulled back by someone.

Xu Yibai’s brows and eyes had completely lost their usual gentleness, his facial lines now appearing incredibly sharp. Sweat dropped from his chin line, falling onto the hollow of Shen Yao’s neck.

He reached over and rubbed the spot on Shen Yao’s head that had just been knocked. Meanwhile, he lowered his head and ordered in Shen Yao’s ear:

“You’ve already been marked by me for life. You can only be my omega.”

“From now on, only I can touch you.”

“And only I can mark you, understood?”

Shen Yao choked as the Alpha behind him tightened his grip on his chin. He unconsciously parted his lips, saliva dripping from the corner of his mouth, falling onto Xu Yibai’s fingers.

“Answer me, Shen Yao.”

Trembling, he nodded his head in response once again.

Xu Yibai gripped Shen Yao’s chin, lifting it forcefully and then baring his canine teeth as he bit down.

At the moment the Alpha forcefully bit his gland, saliva flowed more and more from the corner of Shen Yao’s mouth.

The gland throbbed as if it was about to be punctured, and for a fleeting moment, Shen Yao’s clouded mind cleared. He touched the memories he had forcibly lost, recalling the first thing.

He was an Omega who couldn’t be marked for life.

The chains of lifelong marking could never bind him.

The Omega, after being marked, helplessly slumped, and even while unconscious, his thighs were twitching spasmodically – evidence of a severe bullying.

Xu Yibai looked down at his fingers, glistening with moisture. He lifted his hand, extended his tongue, and slowly licked away the residual saliva, carrying a sweet apricot fragrance.


The next day, Xu Yibai, whose complexion had returned to calm, held Shen Yao in his arms, helping him apply medicine.

Applying medicine should have been a very normal thing, but under Xu Yibai’s gaze and touch, it seemed to become unusual.

Xu Yibai first took off the silver ring, which had absorbed Shen Yao’s warmth. Shen Yao’s chest was inevitably swollen, and the sakura-like mark had turned into a vibrant rose.

When he applied the ointment, Shen Yao’s body trembled slightly from the subtle pain. However, the ointment needed to be spread, and Xu Yibai seemed unable to control the force of his fingers. Shen Yao’s head rested on his shoulder, his breath feverish and erratic.

Sometimes he made sounds of discomfort, and at other times, it was only short, stifled groans.

The milky-white and icy ointment gradually melted on his chest, making the skin even redder.

“Don’t wear clothes for the time being, it will affect the wound.”

Xu Yibai’s tone was natural, as if nothing had happened, as if his lies hadn’t been exposed. He found an extremely fitting excuse, “And maybe you shouldn’t go out for now, just rest at home.”

He reached over to tidy the hair sticking to Shen Yao’s cheek. Just as he placed the ointment on the table, a knock on the door interrupted. The maid stood behind the door, softly reminding him that Gu Yunyun was waiting downstairs and had something to discuss with him.

Xu Yibai frowned, but still followed and went downstairs.


As soon as Xu Yibai reached the bottom of the stairs, he suddenly heard a loud noise from the room above, as if something heavy had fallen to the ground.

He swiftly turned around and decisively sprinted back upstairs without even opening the door, directly kicking it open.

Upon entering the room, the first thing Xu Yibai saw was Shen Yao collapsed on the floor.

The bedside table beside him had been knocked aside, leaving a dark mark on the floor. Shen Yao was in so much pain that he couldn’t make any sound. His pale fingers covered the area where his gland was, and the bright red blood dripped from between his fingertips.

Whether Omega or Alpha, the gland was the most vulnerable part of their bodies. Even a small wound could cause excruciating pain, making it hard for anyone to stand.

“Shen Yao!”

Without wasting a second, Xu Yibai rushed forward, picking up Shen Yao and placing him on the bed. His trembling fingers covered Shen Yao’s wound, and a drop of scalding blood dripped onto his hand, causing his heart to plummet.

He abruptly turned his head towards the door, his face becoming incredibly fierce as he roared, “Doctor! Get the doctor in here!”

The two minutes of waiting felt like being plunged into darkness. Xu Yibai wasn’t sure if Shen Yao’s actions this time were intentional or unintentional. But every time he did something extreme to keep Shen Yao, Shen Yao would hurt him.

It was as if he was retaliating in this manner.

The private doctor quickly arrived with a medical kit and immediately gave Shen Yao a painkiller. He checked the wound on Shen Yao’s gland and let out a sigh of relief. The injury wasn’t severe, just a small cut, but the doctor treated it with utmost care, applying the ointment and then dressing the wound.

“No serious harm.”

He couldn’t help but notice the teeth marks on the Omega’s gland. The doctor didn’t expect that Xu Yibai, who appeared so gentle, would act like a wolf when marking an Omega.

The teeth marks left behind were bitten deep and overlapped with each other.

The doctor gently reminded, “Before his wound heals, you mustn’t mark him again. It could cause a secondary injury and damage the gland.”

After the doctor left and the painkiller began to take effect, Shen Yao finally began to recover. His lips were still somewhat pale. He reached out and grabbed Xu Yibai’s sleeve, and when he sat up, the thin blanket covering him slid off his shoulders. His gaze was fixed on the clothes hanging on the rack, and he spoke, “The coat.”

Xu Yibai slowly snapped out of his daze, instantly deducing the cause and effect.

He didn’t allow Shen Yao to wear clothes, so Shen Yao wanted to put on a coat. As he attempted to get out of bed to reach for the coat, he possibly stumbled due to his weak legs and fell.

Coincidentally, the bedside table was nearby, and his gland collided with the sharp corner.

Xu Yibai walked over slowly, picking up the coat and silently helping Shen Yao put it on.

He didn’t ask if Shen Yao had done it on purpose; he simply inquired, “Still hurting?”


Perhaps due to the wound on his gland, for the next period of time, Xu Yibai didn’t do anything to him. Instead, he took care of Shen Yao meticulously.

But conversations were scarce, and he still didn’t allow Shen Yao to leave. However, Shen Yao didn’t resist; he simply nursed his wounds quietly.

Until one midday, he was awakened by a loud noise downstairs. Shen Yao didn’t run downstairs to investigate. He slowly sat up on the bed, listening to the prolonged and distant noise that disturbed him.

Footsteps in the corridor grew nearer, followed by the sound of a door opening. Shen Yao stood by the window, as though he might jump from the high place any second. He turned around.

The approaching figure wasn’t Xu Yibai; it was Shen Yao’s so-called former boyfriend, someone he remembered as Yan Zhixing.

Shen Yao had no memories of Yan Zhixing at all, yet he extended his arms toward him, waiting for him to approach and embrace him.

“Yan Zhixing.” Shen Yao called out his name in a gentle and slightly reproachful tone, complaining in a coquettish manner, “Why did you take so long to come find me?”

However, Yan Zhixing’s gaze was fixed on his right chest.

Shen Yao wasn’t wearing a shirt, and there was a silver ring adorning his right chest. Shen Yao’s face was beautiful but not ostentatious. The silver ring on his chest carried a glaring and bittersweet implication, swaying with his fair skin.

Yet Yan Zhixing knew, this was a chaste shackle, an imprint forcibly left by another Alpha in anger.

And that Alpha was Shen Yao’s husband.

Yan Zhixing walked towards him, and Shen Yao immediately flung himself into his arms, hugging him tightly.

As they embraced, Yan Zhixing felt the silver ring resting against his chest.

“Are we getting back together?”

Shen Yao asked him.

Author’s note:

A little anecdote:

Amnesiac Shen Yao discovers that Xu Yibai practices martial arts and boxing every day.

He felt puzzled and curious why Xu Yibai, a pianist, would engage in these activities. Wasn’t he afraid of injuring his hands?

So, one evening, Shen Yao asked this question out of curiosity.

Xu Yibai: …

Xu Yibai: To protect you.

Xu Yibai’s inner thoughts: To beat up the other Alphas.

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