Don’t Sink Chapter 95

Chapter 95: I’m Wealthy

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Shen Yao had gauze on his gland, he had changed his clothes, and the coat he draped over himself seemed a bit large. He didn’t ask Yan Zhixing how he managed to take him away from Xu Yibai’s side, nor did he inquire why Yan Zhixing had taken him.

He simply adjusted his coat, tilting his head to carefully examine the somewhat unfamiliar face before him.

As if drawn by those different eyes, Shen Yao did something he would never have done before losing his memories. He raised his right hand and touched Yan Zhixing’s cheek, his fingertip gently brushing against those eyes that resembled the deep sea.

“Do you say I never make wrong choices?”

“So, walking away with you is the right thing to do?”

Yan Zhixing’s eyelids trembled slightly. He locked eyes with Shen Yao and said without any hesitation: “Of course, I will protect you.”

“Protect me from being harmed by other Alphas? Like Xu Yibai…?” Shen Yao slowly lowered his hand, but his gaze didn’t waver. After a brief pause, he continued, “And that other Alpha, can you tell me who he is?”

He found the answer on Yan Zhixing’s face and innocently speculated, “Could he be another one of my ex-boyfriends? Was I so impressive before I lost my memory, to have so many Alphas tangled up with me?”

Yan Zhixing’s face turned as cold as ice, and he calmly remarked, “You were not only impressive, but you were also quite audacious.”

Impressively managing to juggle three Alphas at the same time, impressively watching them vie for your attention, impressively scheming all on your own and managing to leave unscathed.

“Are you angry, or jealous?” Shen Yao suddenly leaned in, smiling, not missing any of Yan Zhixing’s subtle expressions. “But those were things I did before losing my memory. What do they have to do with the present me?”

His breath was too close, Yan Zhixing calmly extended his hand and unbuttoned the first button of his shirt’s collar.

Yan Zhixing felt his heart race again, and the pheromones began to fluctuate restlessly. In the past few months, he had spent almost half of his time in isolation.

Shen Yao, however, seemed oblivious to his changes, continuing to speak as if he were the only one there, “Now that we’ve met, can you tell me about the past? If you’re not willing to share other things yet, maybe you could start by telling me our love story.”

Their love story, it began with cold calculations and manipulation, and later, he alone was tamed and ensnared.

Shen Yao’s attention was divided among too many people, but he detested Yan Zhixing the most. Consequently, he never spared him a single glance, reserving the last vestiges of warmth for Xu Yibai and Guan Shu.

Yan Zhixing silently stared at Shen Yao’s lips, which were constantly parting and closing. Suddenly, he lifted his hand to cradle Shen Yao’s head and drew closer in an instant.


His palm slammed heavily against the window, their lips collided, and the partition in the car swiftly rose.

All the kissing techniques that Yan Zhixing had learned were abandoned. His hand reached to the side, firmly gripping Shen Yao’s hand that was struggling against him. He only knew he had to kiss forcefully, so that Shen Yao would know who was kissing him.

“Shen Yao…”

Yan Zhixing had kissed Shen Yao’s lips until they were swollen. He touched them and brought a sensation like electric currents, causing Shen Yao’s body to tremble slightly.

“It would be incredibly foolish for Xu Yibai to take you for such an operation, because you understand yourself very well, to the point that I cannot deceive you. You know you lack emotions, and getting close to me is purely for personal gain.”

“Well, I’m curious.” Shen Yao leaned against the window, breathing evenly. He licked his lips and asked, “So, what am I aiming for?”

The car came to a stop, and Chen Shuang stepped out of the driver’s seat to open the door for them.

After Yan Zhixing got out first, he extended his hand inside, gesturing for Shen Yao to put his hand there for support as he got out of the car.

Only then did Shen Yao realize he was in a mansion, seemingly not much different from the Gu family’s. Yan Zhixing turned the signet ring on his hand and calmly stated:

“Because—I’m very wealthy.”

“I’m different from Xu Yibai. I have complete control over all my rights and wealth. I’m not beholden to anyone. I can give you everything I have and protect you with everything I possess.”

In front of them was a grand fountain. As water splashed onto his face, Shen Yao felt Yan Zhixing’s hand rest on his shoulder from behind.

“You’ve visited this mansion many times, but I’ve never told you a secret. If you observe closely, you’ll notice that parts of the mansion’s interior design are a bit disconnected.” Yan Zhixing spoke slowly, “Initially, I didn’t plan to stay in China for long, and this mansion was only intended as a facility for hosting guests.”

“During its construction, I met you and something unfortunate happened. If you want to know about that incident, I’ll tell you.”

“And this mansion…”

Yan Zhixing paused, his tone a bit peculiar. “From the moment we first met, it was prepared for you. You are the master here, and I wanted to turn it into a home.”

This wasn’t a lie. He had searched for this mysterious Omega for many years, and with an understanding of most Omega personalities, the design style on the second floor of the mansion had suddenly transitioned to warm tones.

After searching for so many years, he finally found Shen Yao, only to keep him at a distance.

Perhaps people always paid the price for their momentary actions.

Yan Zhixing’s gaze rested on Shen Yao’s face.

If he were given another chance… If he could start over again…

He wouldn’t fall in love, but if the other person was Shen Yao, then maybe he would.

When there’s love, there’s no need for anyone to teach.

“It’s okay.” Shen Yao’s voice pulled him out of his brief daze, his Adam’s apple bobbing noticeably, “It’s not too late for you to tell me now. We can turn this into a home now.”

Shen Yao reached out and peeled away the gauze, revealing the concealed gland. His gland was no longer perfectly smooth; there was a small wound on it.

The toothmarks on his gland had faded, even the lifelong mark belonging to Xu Yibai had faded away. Lying without blinking, he said, “Xu Yibai marked me for life, but I injured my gland and forced him to remove the mark.”

Shen Yao was gambling, betting that Yan Zhixing wouldn’t know this secret, his palms even becoming slightly sweaty.

However, Yan Zhixing stared at his gland in a daze. He lightly touched it and asked, “Does it hurt?”

“It hurts… it hurts a lot…”

“When he pierced the piercing, it hurt a lot too…”

Shen Yao couldn’t forget the pain of deliberately smashing his gland against the bedside table. His eyes instantly reddened, and he turned around to hug Yan Zhixing: “If you can protect me forever, keep me from being bound to Xu Yibai again. Then you can mark me for life, and we’ll be together for the rest of our lives.”

Yan Zhixing instinctively hugged Shen Yao, releasing pheromones.

But the moment Shen Yao smelled Yan Zhixing’s pheromones, his complexion turned pale.

He pushed Yan Zhixing away, covering his mouth and letting out a dry heave.


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