Don’t Sink Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Another Day of Stealing Wives

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Yan Zhixing forcefully pulled the coat off Shen Yao and tossed it aside, treating it like a discarded piece of rubbish. He bent down, his arm going across Shen Yao’s knees, and lifted him expressionlessly. Yan Zhixing carried him through the corridor adorned with paintings and then kicked open the door.

The predominantly black and white bedroom came into view. Yan Zhixing placed Shen Yao directly on the bed and then kneeled down, bending over him.

He didn’t make any further boundary-crossing moves; he simply looked down at him from above, as if he had no interest in Shen Yao whatsoever.

“Angry?” Shen Yao’s collar had loosened a bit due to the earlier movements. He raised his hand, hooking his fingers around Yan Zhixing’s neck, pulling him down. Shen Yao himself partially sat up, leaning closer to Yan Zhixing, and chuckled, “But you don’t seem like the type who loses their cool easily?”

“No need to test me.”

Yan Zhixing held onto Shen Yao’s chin, lowering his gaze, and said, “I am indeed calm, but I’ve never been a calm Alpha.”

His suit jacket slipped off his broad shoulders. Yan Zhixing casually caught it before tossing it aside. He reached to loosen his tie, coiling it around his hand, then bent down and passionately kissed Shen Yao.

Their lips pressed together, their fiery and rapid breaths interweaving. Shen Yao closed his eyes, reaching around Yan Zhixing’s shoulders and pulling him close.

Yan Zhixing carefully controlled his pheromones. As he felt his glands beginning to heat up slightly, he tightly squeezed his palm to maintain his exceptional self-control and steady his emotions.

His kisses trailed down to Shen Yao’s neck, and his reserved face gradually became tinged with desire. The Omega skin was incredibly delicate, and the bite left deep red marks.

Yan Zhixing caught a whiff of the apricot blossom fragrance that was starting to fill the air. His blood pulsed through his veins, and he greedily buried his face in the crook of Shen Yao’s neck.

Shen Yao obediently allowed himself to be held, seemingly unbothered by whatever Yan Zhixing did to him. This feeling was akin to a beautiful illusion.

He was entrapped by this sensation, uncontrollably releasing the scent of sandalwood.

Shen Yao’s expression instantly changed. His previously calm demeanor shifted, and he struggled, pushing and kicking in an attempt to free himself from under Yan Zhixing.

“Yan, Yan Zhixing…”

He couldn’t sense even a trace of Yan Zhixing’s pheromones, and the physiological resistance prevented the marking process from continuing. Yan Zhixing took a deep breath, forcibly retracting his pheromone scent, and then soothingly patted Shen Yao’s shoulder.

Yan Zhixing’s shirt was soaked with sweat, sleeves pushed up to his elbows.

He took every breath deeply into his lungs, his heart rate accelerating, and his blood seemed to boil and surge, unable to suppress the excitement and jealousy building up.

Yan Zhixing suddenly jumped up and ran out, not even bothering to close the door.

He rushed into the study, retrieved a box from a drawer, and opened it to reveal a needle inside. Without hesitation, he picked it up and stabbed it into his own gland.

Yan Zhixing’s lips lost color instantly, yet he never ceased the movement of pushing the needle, persisting until the last drop of serum vanished. Despite enduring this unbearable pain, his body remained tense, his gaze unwavering.

This was the opportunity he had been waiting for.

No matter the method, no matter the means, he was determined to mark Shen Yao for life.

When Yan Zhixing returned to the room, there was no longer the scent of sandalwood that disgusted Shen Yao.

“You dislike that scent,” Yan Zhixing cupped Shen Yao’s cheeks, planting a deep kiss and then whispered, “But it’s gone now.”

This was the first time they had engaged in an intimate act while Yan Zhixing was truly sober.

As he watched Shen Yao’s fair skin gradually take on a rosy hue, the silver ring on his right chest appeared even more conspicuous, inevitably emitting a slight sound.

No Alpha could endure their Omega wearing something belonging to another Alpha in bed.

Yan Zhixing lowered his head, attempting to remove the ring. His movements were inevitably a bit rough, causing Shen Yao to emit a soft, suppressed moan from the tugging.

The silver ring that Xu Yibai had put on Shen Yao was crafted using special techniques. Those who didn’t know the method simply couldn’t remove it; it was akin to an indelible mark.

“It hurts…”

The cold metal scraped against Shen Yao as Yan Zhixing fumbled with it, a sensation akin to being bitten or shocked by electricity. Shen Yao’s hand couldn’t help but grip Yan Zhixing’s arm, unable to bear the discomfort.

Yan Zhixing’s breathing grew heavier, well aware that he shouldn’t blame Shen Yao for this. However, he couldn’t suppress the undercurrent of jealousy within him. Just as his grip on the ring was about to tighten, he changed his mind and slipped Shen Yao’s shirt back onto him.

He held Shen Yao from behind, his canines pressing against the delicate edge of the Omega’s gland while his other hand firmly massaged Shen Yao’s chest on the side where he wasn’t wearing the silver ring.

“How did Xu Yibai mark you?” It was Yan Zhixing’s own question, but he increased the pressure slightly as he asked.

Shen Yao, amidst his rare moments of honesty, answered in a dazed manner, “He used disinfectant first… then he used his hand to numb… and then he brought out a needle… and then…”

“Ahh!” It was Yan Zhixing’s question, but he tightened his grip a bit more, interrupting, “Did you like it?”


The most sensitive part of an Omega’s body was being touched, and Shen Yao’s cry was sharp until the shivers receded, allowing him to continue, “I didn’t like it, why would I like something like that?”

He wished his Alpha behind him would be gentler. Out of habit, he uttered a sweet endearment, but it had the opposite effect:

“If, if it was you marking me… then I would like it.”

Yan Zhixing knew well that this statement shouldn’t be taken seriously, but his breath still caught, and he suddenly parted his lips, forcefully biting onto Shen Yao’s gland.

It was like being marked by a Beta, unable to sense the scent of pheromones, but the sense of possession filled his heart with anxiety.

Shen Yao emitted a few helpless whimpers, only to be held tighter by Yan Zhixing.

Yan Zhixing’s canines dug into Shen Yao’s gland. A lifelong marking was an entirely different sensation from a temporary one. This was true ownership, as if two red strings had been forcefully tied together, forming an unbreakable knot.

The first time Yan Zhixing sat in the head seat of the Yan family, his mood remained unmoved. He had planned out every step meticulously, and power was already firmly within his grasp.

Yet in this very moment, Yan Zhixing’s heart raced like never before, enveloped in an indescribable joy.

Shen Yao had been marked by him for life. Shen Yao was his Omega.

While Shen Yao slept, Yan Zhixing remained awake. He gently caressed Shen Yao’s hair and removed the signet ring from his finger, placing it on Shen Yao’s thumb.

He was giving the gift he hadn’t presented before, in this manner.

Yan Zhixing touched his own gland and kept his gaze on Shen Yao’s face. The effects of the pheromone suppressor had worn off, but Yan Zhixing still restrained his own pheromones.

Shen Yao detested his pheromones but praised Xu Yibai’s, saying they smelled good.

Yan Zhixing gazed at Shen Yao for a long time, appearing deep in thought. It was as if he was engaging in a lengthy internal struggle. Finally, he reached out and gently touched Shen Yao’s cheek, softly calling out, “Yao Yao.”

This was the first time he had affectionately called someone by their nickname.

A few days later, the weather was clear and sunny.

The private jet was parked on a spacious tarmac. As all the preparations were complete and it was about to take off, airport personnel hurriedly appeared. One of them seemed hesitant and approached Yan Zhixing, speaking in a low voice.

Shen Yao noticed Yan Zhixing’s movement and instinctively grabbed his sleeve. “What’s happening?”

Perhaps due to the lifelong marking, Shen Yao had become quite reliant on him these past few days. Yan Zhixing calmly fulfilled that dependency.

He reached out to pull the blanket that had slipped off Shen Yao’s knees back up and explained, “There’s something outside that requires my attention. I’ll be back soon.”

Yan Zhixing headed towards the exit. The wind was particularly strong in the open area, causing the corners of the bodyguards’ clothing to flutter. The two Alphas, who had been held down by the bodyguards, glared at Yan Zhixing with hostility.

Guan Shu had prepared himself to intervene physically. He glared at Yan Zhixing and demanded, “Where’s Shen Yao? Give him back to me.”

Yan Zhixing stood on the plane’s stairs. His coat billowed in the wind, and his body was emanating a strong and sweet scent of Omega pheromones. Except for lifelong marking, there was no other way to leave such an impression. This was the first time in this standoff that Yan Zhixing seemed like the victor, looking down on Guan Shu and Xu Yibai, who had temporarily formed an alliance.

“He has undergone the process to remove the marking from you guys three times before this, which is the limit for an Omega’s body. His body can’t endure another procedure,” Yan Zhixing explained.

Subtle changes appeared on Xu Yibai and Guan Shu’s faces. They caught a whiff of Yan Zhixing’s scent and faintly guessed his intention but didn’t say a word.

Yan Zhixing continued, “In other words, Shen Yao can’t remove the lifelong mark I left on him anymore. He can only be with me for the rest of his life.”

“So what? Who do you think you are?” Guan Shu sneered, countering. He moved forward step by step. “No matter what, no matter what you say, I’m taking Shen Yao with me today. I’ll simply never mark him in my life. During his heat, I’ll restrain him. Let’s see if he can find you. Or perhaps I’ll just have his glands removed. That way, there won’t be any d*mn marking effect. We can be ordinary Betas together.”

While his words sounded like this, what Guan Shu was thinking was—

Shen Yao, who had lost his memories, was also a cunning little trickster. He understood too well the base instincts and possessiveness of an Alpha. Using his inability to be lifelong marked as a reward, he would entice Alphas into a whirlwind of confusion, falling headlong into this trap that was masked by sweetness.

Guan Shu watched Yan Zhixing’s flaunting of the lifelong mark from the sidelines. Now, he realized how laughable he had been back then.

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