Don’t Sink Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Death Escape

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Xu Yibai glanced at Guan Shu, his eyes signaling him, urging him to take action.

“Why aren’t you stopping Yan Zhixing?” Guan Shu sneered, immediately seeing through Xu Yibai’s intentions. “You’re letting me stop Yan Zhixing and his people, creating an opportunity for you to take Shen Yao away. Why aren’t you playing your cards louder?”

The temporary alliance between Guan Shu and Xu Yibai was unstable. Everyone was calculating against each other.

The three Alphas argued for a long time on the tarmac, but neither Guan Shu nor Xu Yibai showed any intention of allowing Yan Zhixing to leave.

They blocked the way here, which meant they had to unite and take Shen Yao away first.

What happens next is a matter for later.

During the deadlock, the airplane door somehow shut without anyone noticing due to the current tense standoff.


The plane, parked on the runway, suddenly roared to life. Its wheels spun at a high frequency, and its massive wings swiftly swept past not far from the three Alphas, creating a powerful gust of wind.

At such a close distance, the wind was strong enough to knock someone over.

The plane took off like a massive white bird, carrying Shen Yao on board as it soared towards the sky.

“Shen Yao!”

Guan Shu instinctively raised his leg and walked towards the direction the plane was heading. He couldn’t catch a glimpse of it, only the trailing scent of exhaust fumes.

This was likely the umpteenth time he had watched Shen Yao leave his side.

He quickly turned his attention, pushing through the crowd ahead, clutching Yan Zhixing’s fingers so tightly they turned white. His face twisted into a fierce expression as he shouted:

“What do you think you’re capable of?! Do you really think Shen Yao loves you? Tell the pilot to turn around immediately! Do you hear me?!”

Yan Zhixing’s gaze was fixed on the plane gradually receding into the distance in the sky. By holding Guan Shu and Xu Yibai here, he allowed the pilot to take off first, which was part of his plan.

He lifted his hand to grasp Guan Shu’s wrist and lowered his gaze to reiterate once more:

“I’ve already said it.”

“Now I’m the only Alpha who can spend a lifetime with Shen Yao.”

Yan Zhixing’s demeanor was like a warning to others. He and Shen Yao were a pair, and anyone else joining would be a third party interfering.

No one knew where he found the audacity to say that.

The flames of anger surged higher in Guan Shu’s heart. He wished he could punch Yan Zhixing in the face, sneer, and reveal all the truths at once.

He wanted to shatter Yan Zhixing’s pretentious demeanor, preventing him from entertaining such fantasies. He was the least likely to spend the rest of his life with Shen Yao at that moment.

But he couldn’t.

Shen Yao was in Yan Zhixing’s hands now. He still remembered how he had gone insane after being deceived. If Yan Zhixing found out, it would likely be the same.

So, unable to ensure Shen Yao’s complete safety, he had to help Shen Yao hide this lie.

He could only stare coldly at Yan Zhixing, clenching and relaxing his fist, before finally uttering:


Xu Yibai clearly shared his sentiment. He stood to the side, not getting involved in the dispute.

Instead, while Yan Zhixing and Guan Shu were locked in their confrontation, Xu Yibai held his phone and calmly issued instructions to the person on the other end of the line.

Looking up, Xu Yibai’s gaze joined Yan Zhixing and Guan Shu’s, fixed on the plane that was flying higher and farther.

Gradually, the plane aligned with the high-hanging sun in the sky, creating a radiant golden glow behind it.


The soft sunlight fell on half of Xu Yibai’s face, bathing him in a warm and cozy temperature. But in an instant, it transformed into the reverberation of a volcanic eruption.


A tremendous sound echoed once again, as if a heavy hammer had been raised high and forcefully struck down, creating a sensation similar to the aftermath of a volcanic eruption. The brain and ears resonated with a strong echo.

Afterward, it was a silence akin to being plunged into the depths of h*ll.

The pupils of the Alphas dilated to their maximum, limbs frozen stiff. Nobody could react in the slightest.


All the strength drained from Xu Yibai’s body. He couldn’t even hold onto a phone, which slipped from his fingertips and shattered on the ground.

He couldn’t even swallow the blood that welled up in his mouth. His entire body began to tremble, and he struggled even to breathe.

The plane’s middle to rear section vanished completely, turning into an unreachable trail of black smoke. The remaining wreckage, like a falling meteor, hurtled downwards.

The debris fell into a nearby uninhabited jungle, igniting a raging wildfire.

The explosion seemed to happen in a single second. For the three Alphas, however, it felt as long as a cosmic explosion.

Guan Shu couldn’t accept the reality unfolding before his eyes. His lips moved unconsciously, his voice hoarse as if choked with blood:

“No… no…”

The cloudless azure sky turned partially red, as if signaling the end of everything. All the love and hatred, all the entanglements, seemed to have vanished in an instant.

“No… no!!!”

Guan Shu’s eyes turned crimson in an instant. After a few mutterings, he erupted into a heart-wrenching scream.

He forcefully ran towards the direction where the plane had crashed but stumbled and fell heavily about a hundred meters away. He had lost his instinct for self-preservation, dragging his bloodied and mangled knees as he continued to advance.

After picking himself up once again, Guan Shu swayed unsteadily and fell once more.

“Tell me… Shen Yao isn’t on there…” Guan Shu turned his head to look at Yan Zhixing, his eyes bloodshot. He yelled uncontrollably, “Tell me!”

However, Yan Zhixing couldn’t hear Guan Shu’s voice at all. His vision was entirely a murky black, and he seemed to be temporarily blinded.

He lost all his senses, and tons of weight seemed to press down on his heart. Blood trickled down from his lips.

A long time later, Yan Zhixing managed to move his parched and cracked lips:

“Shen Yao…”


By the time they arrived, the rescue team was already on the scene. When Guan Shu desperately tried to rush into the wildfire, the rescue team stopped him, speaking sternly:

“It’s very dangerous inside. People without proper equipment and professional training cannot enter.”

“I graduated from a national military academy. I’ve studied the same things you have,” Guan Shu raised his hand to briefly cover his eyes, wiping away the tears that had welled up. His gaze became resolute in an instant. “My lover is on that plane. He isn’t dead, he won’t die. I need to find him myself.”

Beside him stood two other Alphas. They didn’t speak, but all their intentions were evident from the prominent veins on their necks and the reddened rims of their eyes.


At this moment, the first team to enter emerged, and a team member removed his face mask, pointing behind him with his fingers to signal:

“The plane wreckage is in there… Hey! You can’t go in!”

Before he could finish his sentence, the few Alphas who had been standing in front of him charged forward, rushing in without any regard. He didn’t even have time to brush against their clothes.

“Forget it.” The captain, however, placed a hand on his shoulder. He fell silent for a moment and said, “Let them in.”

The dense forest had been largely destroyed by the wreckage. Plane fragments and fallen trees were scattered on the ground. The cross-section appeared pitch-black, and even the lush grass had been charred into black ashes.

It resembled a h*llish landscape.

Amid the pungent and acrid smell of smoke, Xu Yibai’s head jerked wildly as he surveyed the area. He lost control and grabbed the arm of a passing team member:

“Where is the person?!”

He gripped the rescue team member’s arm so tightly that it felt like it might snap. The team member couldn’t help but cry out in pain.

Everyone knew that when a plane exploded in midair, fragile humans had almost no chance of survival. They would be incinerated by the high temperatures, reduced to ashes, with even their remains difficult to find.

“But there’s no evidence of his death,” Xu Yibai’s lips turned pale. He told himself to stay calm. Shen Yao was waiting for him to rescue him. He said firmly, “So he’s still alive, right?”

The team member looked into the Alpha’s eyes. It was an indescribable gaze, as if he had fallen into a canyon of no return, clutching onto the last thread of hope.

He looked at him, his Adam’s apple bobbing before he said, “There is a slight possibility of survival…”

The Alpha who had been clutching his arm suddenly released him, then without hesitation, headed deeper into the wildfire, intending to search for someone who likely couldn’t be found.

The team member hurriedly followed, almost ready to forcibly restrain Xu Yibai. But just as he was about to do so, Xu Yibai’s steps came to a halt.

His gaze followed the Alpha’s line of sight.

Amid the deadened black dust, there was a piece of pristine white fabric, its edges already charred from burning.

Yan Zhixing was the first to notice it, disregarding everything, he lunged forward. He dropped to his knees in the soil, clutching a handful of dirty earth.

Gone was Yan Zhixing’s usual air of superiority, leaving only the silhouette of a piece of cloth imprinted on the depths of his eyes.

He reached out again to grab it, but just as he was about to touch it, Guan Shu lifted his foot and forcefully kicked his shoulder.

“Get lost! I won’t allow you to touch anything that belongs to Shen Yao!”

Yan Zhixing stumbled backward without any defense. He quickly got back up and tried to reach for the white fabric again.


This time, Guan Shu delivered a direct punch.

“Isn’t this your plane?! Didn’t you prepare everything before taking off?! Why? Why did it explode in midair?!”

After fiercely punching Yan Zhixing, Guan Shu seemed to have drained all his strength. He pressed down on Yan Zhixing’s body, his knees sinking into the soil, arms hanging by his sides, knuckles stained with blood.

“This… isn’t… your plane… He’s not dead, right? Is this some scheme between you and him? Did you two plan this? Was it all calculated? Shen Yao is so clever… He definitely won’t die…”

“….I don’t know.”

Yan Zhixing didn’t resist Guan Shu’s actions. Ashes were smudged on his golden hair, making them stand out even more.

He couldn’t feel any pain, only repeating, “I don’t know… but he definitely won’t die.”

“Shen Yao won’t die.”

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