FMEA Chapter 101 Part 3

Chapter 101 Played until ruined! 

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“Reporting to Your Majesty, the Prime Minister has delivered everything the Emperor wanted. He has also sent this subordinate with a thousand elite soldiers to support the Emperor in case of an emergency.”

“The prime minister is very thorough, for now keep the troops here. What about the things?” Feng Tingye nodded. He knew that Leng Ruofeng was worried that the Wu family and ttheir descendents would be holding a grudge against the royal family due to the execution of their family. Furthermore, he was worried he would not be willing to go back, instead to fight them himself. 

Hearing this, the general who was kneeling took out an item wrapped in a brocade.

Feng Tingye gave Shao Zitong a look, Shao Zitong stepped forward to take it.

“You guys go back first. Do not come unless we call you.”

“Yes.” The generals paused, but also knew what should be heard and what should not. So they each bowed and went out one by one. 

“This is what you said can bring the mother and son of the Wu family back to the palace?” 

“En, take a look.” Feng Tingye’s mouth turned upwards like a small arc, staring at the cloth bag as he spoke. 

Shao Zitong reached out and opened the brocade-covered item. In the next second, two things came into view. 

“This is……” 

Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows: “That year, General Wu wanted royal father to rescue his wife and children, but a close aide had secretly hidden his letters and tokens.”

At the same time, the subject Xia Yuqing and them were discussing was too embarrassing. Xia Yuqing realized that her face was still not thick enough, so she changed the topic and had the old madam accompany herself for breakfast before speaking more. 

Looking at Xia Yuqing’s soft and cute appearance, the old madam naturally agreed. But after the initial joy, her heart became more and more depressed. Oh, why is such a good girl not her own daughter-in-law? 

As for Yun Xi, knowing that she had to eat at the same table with the old madam, let alone respond, she had a face stretched down like an old man. Holding her chopsticks, she continuously poked at the food in her bowl, exuding an aura for people to not come over. 

“Mm, by the way, the second master is next door. Why not ask him to come and have a meal together.” Xia Yuqing bit onto her chopsticks, suddenly remembering last night’s episode and made a suggestion. 

“I’ll call him, Qing Jiejie eat first.” Yun Xi immediately got up and rushed out like a whirlwind. 

When the old madam saw this, her face sank again: “Bustling around, in what way does he look like a man who is going to be a father.”

She really doesn’t look like one… Xia Yuqing chuckled: “Cough, Xi’er is young and vigorous, so it’s inevitable he will be a bit impatient. He’ll be better when he gets older.”

“Well, you just spoil him too much. You can’t do this. You can’t just accept him because he ’s young. You are already disadvantaged since you are older than him. If you continue to pamper him like this, who knows what kind of mess he’ll be later on. You also know that a child of this age is impatient. If he is tempted, who knows what kind of unforgivable things he could do…. At that time you won’t have anywhere to cry. I’ll tell you, men can’t be spoiled. Otherwise they will win an inch and want a foot. Only by using thunderous strategies to press them down, can you let them know who is indispensable.” 

“Hmm…” Xia Yuqing almost choked on her porridge and coughed gently. 

Thunderous strategies? Is this old madam teaching me techniques to manage a husband? It’s a pity that that person isn’t someone who can be casually suppressed instead she is often the one who gets accidentally suppressed. And old lady, do you mean that Yun Xi will derail one day? Keke, you can put a hundred and twenty hearts at ease, because she won’t have this opportunity! 

The old lady looked at Xia Yuqing’s side flushed red with a smirk and mistakenly thought she had a bad cough. She helped her to pat her back, worried: “Are you okay?” 

“Cough, I’m alright. I will remember what the old madam said.” 

The old lady nodded with satisfaction. The two were talking when they saw Yun Xi walk back alone.

“What’s wrong, Second Master doesn’t want to come over?” 

Yun Xi shook her head: “I knocked for a long time and there was no response. I guess he got up early and went out.” 

Xia Yuqing froze for a while. The second master is known to get angry for being woken up early, how could he get up so early? 

In the back of her mind she recalled Xiao Dong coming over and calling the second master away. He was saying that it was the big master who had something to do with him. This morning, Second master was not in the room. Is it possible that he stayed overnight at the big master’s? 

Over…..night! It won’t be what I think, could it?! Uh… did the master of the house finally get enlightened? After calling him over, they confided in each other and exchanged feelings? Then while the second master was embarrassed, they did you know what? Finally he had him tossing around the entire night so he couldn’t even return by now?

I’m done, just thinking about it is making the blood go to my face, is it swollen?!! I really am becoming more and more impure, it must be because of the Ultra Seme Lord! But… please look for the scene, look for the scene! 

“Qing Jiejie, what’s wrong?” Yun Xi couldn’t help worrying when Xia Yuqing’s eyes looked empty with drool about to come out of her mouth. 

“Ah, cough, it’s nothing. Since he’s not there, it’s fine.” 

“But, Qingyan really, where did he go so early in the morning? How can he just disappear like that?” The old lady frowned. 

“…” Maybe he can’t get up from your son’s bed. 

Xia Yuqing was very lively, when suddenly she heard a shout from outside: “Something happened, something happened, something happened at the back of the mountain!”

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