FMEA Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Picking up the frightened Fei Zao 

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When Xia Yuqing helped the old madam to the front hall, Wu Jun was pacing anxiously, while Su Qingyan was sitting on the chair beside him. His face was a little pale, and below his eyes were two black eyebags.

Xia Yuqing glanced at the dark circles under Su Qingyan’s eyes. Alas, this little face is really pale. It shouldn’t be the case where they were working hard until dawn, could it? Can the second master’s waist stand that? 

When the two men looked up at the sound of footsteps, seeing Xia Yuqing and the group, they were stupefied. “Mother, why are you here?” 

“There was such a loud ruckus, how could I not come? What happened?” The old lady looked at the two with disapproval. 

Su Qingyan glanced at the big mouths that followed the old lady. He had told them not to open their mouths, yet there were still a few fish that leaked out of the net. 

“Madam, it’s really nothing. Big brother and I can handle it. Don’t worry, just go back and rest.” 

The old lady heard the words and frowned: “Qingyan, I might be hard of sight but I am not blind. If it is a trivial matter, why would both Wu Jun and you both need to appear? Look at your ugly faces. You must not have slept all night. Don’t hide it from me. Mother has eaten more rice than you have traveled. If you say it out, maybe I could help.” 

Wu Jun and Su Qingyan looked at each other with a little hesitation on their faces. The old lady twisted her eyebrows and said lowly, “Speak.”

The two men shuddered, then Wu Jun was suddenly pushed out by Su Qingyan. He didn’t know where to put his hands and feet when he spat out: “Mother… it’s like this. There was a sudden change in the back mountains last night. A few brothers brought some people over, but… I thought it was just some passing crocodile, but I didn’t expect that those people were well-trained. They don’t seem like people from Jiang Hu, but rather… ” 

“Do you suspect that those people were sent by the palace?” The old lady raised a brow but there was no fluctuation on her face, this made Su Qingyan even more nervous. 

Wu Jun swallowed hard and nodded. 

With a slam, the old lady slapped her palm on the table next to her. This directly shook the tea cups on the table to the ground, making a cracking sound. 

“How dare they?! We have all fled for so many years, far away from the capital and far away from the palace. Are they so desperate to want to put us to death, really… really…” 

Seeing that the old lady was turning red in the face and getting breathless, Xia Yuqing hurried forward to help soothe her. But she was puzzled. 

When she heard about the imperial court, Xia Yuqing was a little surprised. Could there be some resentment against the imperial court? 

If you think about it carefully, since Feng Tingye already knew that she was in this cottage, why not immediately take someone up the mountain to take her back, but instead disguise himself to investigate the truth? Could it be that the Ultra Seme Lord really has grudges with the people in this strong hold? Was he worried that if he rushed up the hill he might warn the snake and get her implicated in it?

But that’s not right. If he was worried about not attacking the mountain at first, why now… 

If Feng Tingye was really going to attack the stronghold, he would definitely take her away last night and not put her in danger. You should know that she was still pregnant with his child. For this reason, Xia Yuqing became more and more confused. 

Unable to understand, Xia Yuqing decided to investigate from the old lady first: “Old Madam, I hear you talk about the imperial court… Do you have any disputes with the court? Otherwise, why would the court send troops to give you trouble?” 

The old lady let out a sigh when she heard Xia Yuqing’s question. She couldn’t help turning her head and take a deep look at Xia Yuqing. She looked at Xia Yuqing with a little guilty conscience. She has let… the cat out of the bag.

Unexpectedly, the old lady sighed quietly, holding Xia Yuqing’s hand and whispered softly: “Now that it has come to this, telling you this, is nothing.” 

“Godmother…” After hearing those words, Su Qingyan was shocked. He looked at Xia Yuqing with a bit of precaution. He always felt that this woman was not as harmless as she looked on the surface. Moreover he felt weird how the old madam who never liked strangers could trust her so easily. 

The old lady shook her head at Su Qingyan: “They have already come to the door. Even if we don’t say it, they will know. Speaking of it, we have troubled you.” 

The old lady took Xia Yuqing’s hand and her face was slightly down: “This matter started from your brother Wu’s dad, who was a famous general of the current emperor’s dad. He had made great achievements when he was young and was highly respected in court.”

Famous general?!! Xia Yuqing’s eyes narrowed sharply. The big master’s dad was a former famous general? How could the big master and the old madam fall to this state then? Could it be that the dad with great achievements did something taboo to the king and became cannon fodder?

“Although his father was invincible on the battlefield and was good at leading soldiers, he was not proficient at all in court. In addition, he was straight-headed and unwilling to be contaminated with some ** officials, thus he offended quite a few people. Later on during the battle between the brothers for the throne, his father intended to stay out of it and not get involved. But who would have thought he would be plotted against, causing our entire Wu Family….. to be massacred. 

Only I was able to escape with Jun Er. Following a close aide who had fought through dangerous situations with his father, we fled all the way to this place. Just when we got settled, unexpectedly after so many years, the court still refused to let go of this son and widow duo!”At the end, the old lady’s eyes already clearly showed hatred. 

Xia Yuqing was taken aback, her heart trembled. The hatred of annihilation was a big deal. If the people who attacked the mountain today were really the army of the Ultra Seme Lord, then how should she handle herself? In terms of feelings and reason, she should stand on the side of the Ultra Seme Lord, but the people in this strong hold are not bad people. Sell her friends for glory, how can she do that! 

Xia Yuqing pursed her lips and reluctantly smiled, “So that is what happened.” 

When the old lady saw Xia Yuqing’s face a little pale, she thought that she was scared and hurriedly said: “That’s why we have troubled you. I wanted you to stay here for a few more days, but I didn’t expect… rest assured though, Jun Er and the rest will protect you well and won’t allow you to be hurt. “

After hearing the words of the old madam, Xia Yuqing’s heart warmed. Her eyes could not help become a little red: “Old Madam, please don’t say that. If it were not for the two masters taking us in, Xi Er and I would be wandering around alone long ago, who knows where.” 

Xia Yuqing looked up at Su Qingyan and Wu Jun, then bit her lip, tentatively asking: “Old Madam, you said that Brother Wu’s father was killed wrongly when the emperor was fighting for the throne. Was the person who framed the general… the emperor?” 

The old lady froze and replied: “That’s not it.” 

Xia Yuqing’s face lit up. Since the emperor did not do it, the feud of killing the father should not be counted on His Majesty’s head. In this case, if she came forward to intercede, he should be willing to let them go. 

Xia Yuqing just wanted to say something good for Feng Tingye when the old lady added a sentence: “But when the accident happened, Wu Jun’s father once wrote a letter with his own blood asking the emperor to save us, mother and son duo. But who knew that the emperor would just take the blood letter and not do anything. He just simply watched my Wu family almost disappear. Fortunately… there were some brothers who came to help. But unfortunately they all had the same end as Wu Jun’s father… there is no one good in the royal family!” 

“……” The words hanging on Xia Yuqing’s mouth were swallowed down. Can’t you breathe, old lady? It’s true that this is a deep hatred for him not coming to save him, but old lady, you can’t knock down the entire boat of people! How can she open her mouth now? How can new hatred be formed from these old hatreds? I’m so tired, I feel like I’m going to be caught between both sides!! ~ o (> _<) o ~

Before Xia Yuqing could finish her thoughts, there was an anxious cry from outside: “Boss, Boss …” 

Wu Jun and Su Qingyan’s faces changed slightly. They quickly stepped forward to catch the bloody Xiao Dong who was covered in blood. 

“Xiao Dong, what’s the matter? Where are you injured?”

“I’m fine.” Xiao Dong gasped, holding the arms of Wu Jun tightly. “Boss, in front. Someone in front is besieging us.” 

“What? There are still more people. Are they planning to encircle us and finish us off in one fell swoop? Are you trying to get rid of them? F*ckers, trying to bully us? Second brother, stay here and protect mother and the rest and treat the injured brothers. I’ll go meet those villains.” 

Su Qingyan twisted his eyebrows and said: “Be careful.” Then he watched Wu Jun go out. 

“Xiaodong hurt his arm. Who can help me grab the medicine in my room?” Su Qingyan checked Xiao Dong’s arm and looked at the wound. 

“Mm, let me go.” Xia Yuqing glanced around. All the capable people basically went out to help, so the whole house was empty, leaving only a few of the old and weak. 

“You are pregnant, how can you move around?” The old lady grabbed Xia Yuqing’s hand and turned to look at Yun Xi, who was inseparable from Xia Yuqing. 

“I’ll go, Qing Jiejie. You wait here.” As soon as she made contact with the old lady’s eyes, Yun Xi stepped forward and volunteered. She didn’t want to be caught by the old witch again and have her preaching. 

Yun Xi turned to Su Qingyan’s room, and the old lady took her Ya Tou out to boil water to clean the wounds of the wounded soldiers outside. Before leaving, she specifically told Xia Yuqing to stay with Su Qingyan and not to run around.

Xia Yuqing watched the old lady walk away without looking back, and turned her head stiffly to Su Qingyan who was tearing the sleeve of Xiao Dong’s shirt to stop the bleeding. Her tears turned into a river. 

She didn’t want to be alone with the second master. Although she knew that he had a sharp mouth but was like a tofu on the inside, but this slave is just a fragile little cabbage. She can’t even withstand a gust of wind, please let her go.

“Come here, help me pull the strap.” 

Xia Yuqing was at a loss on how to save herself, when Qingyan opened his mouth to let her help. 

“…” Can I say no? 

Despite all her reluctance, Xia Yuqing moved obediently step by step. 

“Pull well.” Su Qingyan didn’t speak any extra words. He gave the torn strips of cloth from the sleeves into Xia Yuqing’s hands. Then he took out a silver needle under Xia Yuqing’s surprised gaze. 

“…” Is the silver needle that was as thick as a toothpick in your hands really the needle for acupuncture? Is it really okay to use that to pierce? Or do you want to pierce me, to kill me to prevent me from speaking. F*ck, are you not afraid to be splashed with blood? 

Xia Yuqing watched with horror as Su Qingyan approached with the bright silver needle, his hand slowly raised upwards….

“Aaaoo…” A scream like a pig being slaughtered sounded from the hall, making the waiting injured people become frightened. They hugged themselves, trembling non-stop. 

Xia Yuqing slowly opened her eye, one by one. Hey, there was no blood splash like she expected. The silver needle pierced in instead of causing blood to flow out, actually stopped it.

Xia Yuqing’s mouth suddenly turned into an O-shape. When she looked up at Su Qingyan’s eyes, a light of worship appeared. 

Su Qingyan gave her a disdainful glance and sneered: “Thought you would be splashed with blood? Haha…” 

Ha ha… Oh your sister, arrogant people are the most annoying! Realizing that she was being looked down on, Xia Yuqing glared at Su Qingyan with an angry look. 

Su Qingyan didn’t put her in his eyes at all, only focused on treating the wounded in front of him. 

Xia Yuqing glanced sympathetically. Although the blood was stopped, Xiao Dong was still whimpering from the pain. She secretly mourned for him for a few seconds then made up her mind secretly that in the future, she would never let the person in front of her heal herself. That cruel treatment method, the little girl really … cannot have the blessing to receive it.

“Cough …” It was really awkward with the atmosphere so quiet, thus Xia Yuqing took the initiative to raise a topic, “Sorry I distrubed second master last night. I am really sorry. I originally wanted to visit this morning, but I didn’t expect…” 

Su Qingyan looked up appreciating Xia Yuqing, he smiled softly: “If Lady Xia is really sorry, you can show some sincerity.”

“…” Whn Xia Yuqing heard this, her alarm sounded. Could this guy be the same type of beast as Ultra Seme Lord?

Didn’t they say during the ancient period time, there were a lot of people who helped out of the goodness of their heart and not for favours? Why is it that she keeps meeting all these capitalists, she must have passed through in the wrong way! 

“What’s the meaning of second master’s words?” 

“Nothing much, I just want to ask Lady Xia something and hope that lady Xia will tell the truth.” 

Xia Yuqing felt somewhat guilty, she had a bad premonition: “Secon … second master, what do you want to ask?” 

Sure enough, the corner of his lips lifted upwards and his eyes were fixed on Xia Yuqing. He spat out a question: “For example, who are you? For example, since Lady Xia cares so much about the Ye royal family, what kind of relationship do you have with the Ye kingdom’s royal family? Finally, this time that the strong hold is under siege, is it related to Lady Xia?” 

” … ” Xia Yuqing looked at Su Qingyan with a blank expression. Mother f*cker, her premonition was right. The hardest person to deal with in this stronghold is the one in front of her. 

Ah, why is his sixth sense so accurate?! When did she expose herself? Ultra Seme Lord, please save me!!!

Xia Yuqing carefully backed up a few steps, avoiding Su Qingyan’s deep vision that saw everything. She pretended to be silly and stupefied: “Ahahaha, second master, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.” 

“Your heart knows whether you understand or not. No matter what your purpose is to enter this strong hold, if I find out that you have done something that will endanger the lives of the people in the strong hold, I will never let you go.” 

Xia Yuqing stiffened. Just when she wanted to say something to explain, she suddenly heard a fighting and shouting from outside. 

The two’s faces changed at the same time. Su Qingyan’s eyes narrowed and his face suddenly became cold: “They’ve sneaked in so quickly.” 

Grabbing Xia Yuqing’s hand, he stretched his hand to wake up Xiao Dong who fainted because of excessive blood loss. They hurried towards the back door. 

“Wait … wait a minute, Xiao Xi and the old lady are still inside!” 

Su Qingyan paused and looked at Xia Yuqing, then suddenly pushed her into Xiao Dong’s arms: “You follow Xiao Dong to the front to find big brother. I will go find godmother and Yunxi.” 

Seeing Xia Yuqing still wanting to speak, Su Qingyan added another sentence: “You will only hinder me if you stay here.”

       Xia Yuqing shut her mouth. That’s right, I’m only going to get in the way here. The most urgent thing is to go out and find Feng Tingye. If the people outside are really his… 

“Lady Xia, let’s go quickly.” Xiao Dong paled and took Xia Yuqing’s hand to remind her. 

Xia Yuqing nodded: “Be careful second master.” 

“En, I’ll find them and will meet with you guys as soon as possible.” After turning around, he rushed towards the direction of the old lady’s departure. 

Xiao Dong took Xia Yuqing on the hidden path. There weren’t many people on the road, but the further they went, the deeper the doubt in Xia Yuqing’s eyes were. 

The appearances of those sneak attackers don’t quite look like the soldiers of Feng Tingye’s men. Could they be scattered soldiers? But soon, Xia Yuqing’s doubts were solved. 

“It’s really hard to break through iron shoes and then get it when you put in no effort*. Hahaha I was just looking for you, when you delivered yourself straight to me. Long time no see, Consort Qing.” 

* when you put in loads of effort you can’t find what you’re looking for, but when you don’t try you get it

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