FMEA Chapter 104 Part 3

  Chapter 104 Patients with Schizophrenia 

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Cui Er’s eyes flickered and her face sank: “Let go.” 

“I won’t… little beauty aren’t you too cruel? Just now, junior sister seemed to have cried out that I was your future husband. Thinking about it, you must be the one my mother mentioned, the wife in the palace. Wife, your husband’s chest hurts.” Su Wuduan grabbed Cui Er’s hand and touched his chest. 

Cui Er was furious. She shouldn’t have been soft-hearted for a second. She felt guilty for that certain someone for the injury he suffered, but this lecher deserved it! 

Boom- with a muffled sound, screams arose again. 

“…” This time it was Xia Yuqing and Su Qingyan staring at the change in front of them.

Cui Er took out a handkerchief and wiped her hands as if she had touched something dirty. Then she threw away the handkerchief and sneered: “Thank you for Su Gongzi’s affection, it’s a pity that this Nu Bi doesn’t have the blessing to be the eighteenth concubine. Gong zi should go find another. Niang Niang, it is getting late, we should go back.” 

“But senior brother…” Xia Yuqing hesitated. If she didn’t see it wrong, the place where Cui Er had hit was that place again! 

Cui Er, you are too ruthless! Even if your future husband has a tendency to go flirt and have affairs, you can’t cripple him like this! ! ! 

“With Su Gongzi here, there will be nothing wrong. We don’t understand medicine, so staying here will just be a hindrance. It’s better to go and see if the emperor came back. If the emperor comes back and doesn’t see my lady, I’m afraid he’ll be worried again.” 

“Oh, okay.” 

Watching Xia Yuqing leave, Su Qingyan was happily staring at Su Wuduan who was rolling on the bed: “I didn’t expect that the grand Su Gongzi would also be rejected one day.” 

Su Wuduan stared at his bad friend with red eyes. He sneered: “It’s okay, it’s tastier when they’re spicier. This way you will have more pleasure in conquering it. Ha ha. This kind of thing, Xiao Yanyan, you little chick, will not understand.”

Su Qingyan’s face darkened a little bit when the words fell and the chills became more severe: “I obviously wouldn’t understand this kind of thing like Su Gongzi who frequently visits brothels but what’s the point of knowing it? She won’t even accept you. ” 

Su Wuduan paused and pursed his lips in embarrassment: “That’s because she hasn’t seen this Gong Zi’s romantic gestures yet. Look, this Gong zi will make her mine, sooner or later.”

Su Wuduan’s eyes twinkled as if he was a hunter who just caught sight of his prey, which surprised Su Qingyan. 

No, he’s only seen her about two times and this man became serious? He didn’t believe that this wandering lecher would give up the whole garden for a single flower. 

“You wouldn’t be serious right? Are you really going to follow them to the capital?” If he remembered correctly, that certain someone hated being bound by things the most. He was like a lonely cloud, not staying for anyone. Now he would go into the net by himself?

Su Wuduan did not respond, but not denying was already an answer. 

Su Qingyan rolled his eyes. He was too lazy to intervene in someone’s romantic affair. He walked towards Su Wuduan: “I’m too lazy to care about where you go, but before that, let’s cure your problem first.” 

“Ah, is it half an hour? So fast?” 

“Of course not.” Su Qingyan showed his white teeth. “Someone just rolled a few times on the couch and the needles seem to be crooked again. So, we will pierce it again.” 

“Wh … what?!”


“Huh, I seem to hear screams from senior brother.” Xia Yuqing, who had already walked to the outer room at the moment, turned to look at the compartment not far away, and was worried. 

“Really? Nu Bi didn’t hear anything. Perhaps Su Gongzi just screamed too loudly earlier, and there are some echoes.” Cui Er lied without changing complexion. 

 “Oh, so, it’s an echo.” Xia Yuqing nodded inexplicably. 

The two were talking, when a figure swayed into the courtyard. Cui Er saw the other person and hurriedly bowed and saluted: “Your Majesty.”

Feng Tingye nodded. Cui Er smiled and retreated tactfully, giving the two some space.

Xia Yuqing was also a little surprised to see Feng Tingye, but was delighted: “Why is Your Majesty here? Have you finished talking to the old lady? How was it?” 

Hearing the eagerness of Xia Yuqing’s words, Feng Tingye smiled slightly and stretched his arms around Xia Yuqing’s waist. He chuckled lightly: “It’s solved.” 

“So fast?” Xia Yuqing was shocked, staring blankly at Feng Tingye. That was years of hatred! Can it be eliminated in a few words? Although the culprit was not the Ultra Seme Lord nor the first emperor, but he’s still a member of the royal family. Not to mention, the first emperor really did not help them out. This kind of fatal enmity is usually a debt that gets carried on by their sons and won’t be finished until they’re dead. This is completely different from the fights in dramas, this doesn’t make sense! ! ! 

Looking at the slightly lost expression on Xia Yuqing’s face, Feng Tingye felt helpless. Sometimes he really wanted to pry her head open to see what was inside. 

“There was a misunderstanding about what happened then. At that time, royal uncle worried that the general would stand on my father’s side. Thus he framed the general for plotting rebellion and had the entire Wu family murdered. The general knew that he could not escape, so he wrote a blood letter to request help from my royal father. He was hoping that royal father could help him keep the last trace of his blood and expose royal uncle’s crimes. It was a pity that this letter was not sent to royal father in the end. “

“Why?” Xia Yuqing was startled again. So the blood letter was not delivered to the first emperor?

“Well, the deputy lieutenant who sent the letter was already bought by royal uncle, so the blood letter was cut off. Perhaps the lieutenant was worried that royal uncle would do something bad to him, but he left the blood letter as a threat to save his life. Maybe he also forgot about it, but it was found at the lieutenant’s house.

After royal father ascended to the throne, the lieutenant’s heir committed a crime and was ordered to have his whole family executed. When the officers went over, they found the letter and presented it to my royal father. After reading it, my royal father felt deeply guilty for the Wu family. Fortunately, my royal father knew that the general’s closed aide worked hard to save the wife and son of the general. Thus, he had sent many people to search for the two all over China. Even before he passed away he had ordered Zhen to continue to find them.” 

“It turns out it was this complicated.” The chaotic things within politics were really too complicated. Xia Yuqing sighed. 

“The body of General Wu, my royal father has already buried it properly. Zhen has also promised justice for General Wu and his family and allowed the Wu family to move back to their home. The madam and the son of General Wu will return with us to the capital.” 

“Go back together?” As simple as that? She felt something was not right, “Emperor, did you threaten them?” It is still a tragedy having their entire family exterminated. The capital should be a place that reminded them of their sadness. Even if the emperor said a few words, them being coaxed… it doesn’t make sense! 

“Different from what Ai Fei thought? These lost leaves, in the end, have to return to their roots. Even though the old lady and Wu Jun are repulsed about the capital, in the end, General Wu is still buried there. Just for that reason, they should go back. Furthermore, using intimidation? Ai Fei, do you think Zhen is such a person?” Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing with a hurt face. 

There was a moment of hesitation on Xia Yuqing’s face, but she kept vomiting in her heart. Actually, in my heart, you really are like that, Ultra Seme Lord ~~o(>_<)o~~

While Xia Yuqing was entangled in her thoughts, she did not realize that danger was slowly approaching. When she came back to her senses, someone had taken her waist and breathed close to her ear. 

“Ai Fei, don’t just worry about other people’s affairs, we still have an account to settle.” 

“!!!” Xia Yuqing’s complexion changed slightly. She turned her head stiffly and asked with doubts in her heart, “What account?” 

Feng Tingye smiled brighter and brighter: “If I remember correctly, when I met Jiang Zhaorou in this backyard, Ai Fei called me… Ultra Seme Lord. I am very curious about what this “Ultra Seme Lord” is. Why don’t we go back to the room and discuss it?” 

“Ahahaha… ” Xia Yuqing gave a hollow laugh and moved back only to find that someone was ready. She was imprisoned in his arms at the first step. Without even giving her the opportunity to escape, she was hugged and led towards her bedroom. 

“Ao …Yamete*!”

* stop in japanese

The screaming cut across the sky again, echoing around the courtyard. When the brothers who also stayed in the courtyard were cleaning up the mess and heard Xia Yuqing’s shouts, there was a flickering in their eyes. Seeing the fleeting figure ahead, they could not help sigh, young people this year, public morals are degenerating with each passing day! ! ! 

In actual fact though, Feng Tingye didn’t tell Xia Yuqing that he did not intimidate the old lady, he had just tempted her. Cough. The situation was like this at the time.

“It turned out that this was the case. I didn’t expect that Xue deputy general was such a person. The general really trusted him wrongly!” 

Deputy general Xue was originally one of the closest deputy generals around General Wu, thus general Wu had handed over the blood letter to him to let him pass on to the emperor. Little did he expect to be betrayed by such a person that he had always regarded as a brother for a few gold coins and silver. How could this not make one bitter?

The old lady was very sad to learn the truth. Feng Tingye struck while the iron was hot: “Does the old lady and Wu Gongzi have any plans in the future?” 

“What other plans can I have? Wu Jun and I only want to live peacefully here for the rest of our lifetime.” 

Feng Tingye sighed and made a pitiful gesture: “I know the old madam’s concerns and I don’t want to force the old lady. It’s just that every day that the general’s injustice is not reversed, you and Wu Gongzi will carry the identities of sinners. Even if I know the truth, what would those sour ministers in the court do? This old madam knows better than I do. Moreover, after the old general was executed, my royal father always had a heart of mourning. Thus he secretly took his body, so he can be buried properly. Old madam and Wu Gongzi could go to his grave and give him a proper burial.”

“Really?” Light flashed in the eyes of the old lady, but there were still some concerns. Although she wanted to go back to see Wu Jun’s father, she was already old and was more worried that Wu Jun will never return once he went. When general Wu died, she was discouraged but bit down her teeth because she still had a child to support. But if Wu Jun also… she didn’t dare to think. 

Upon seeing this, Feng Tingye decided to make his decisive move and said with a smile: “Zhen knows that the old madam is most concerned about Wu Gongzi’s marital affairs, but you have also seen, there is no woman in this stronghold. Yes, there might be some village women, but the capital is different. The women there are many times better than this.”

The hesitation in the old lady’s eyes became more and more obvious, completely shaken. 

Feng Tingye smiled indifferently: “Old madam, Brother Wu’s age is not small. Don’t you want him to get married soon, then have a bunch of children? In the future, the children will be making their parents happy and you can also play with the grandchildren, isn’t that the joy of life?” 

“This …” The old lady’s solid fortress had begun to collapse, but she was still thinking about struggling one last time. “However, Wu Jun that child is so tall and fierce. He wouldn’t be able to marry a wife from the capital. The girls in that place are spoiled and pampered. Having such sheltered lives, how can they look upon my son?” 

“What’s so difficult? As long as Wu Gongzi has a girl that he likes, I will be the host and bestow that girl to Wu Gongzi. No one will deny an emperor’s imperial decree. Furthermore, old madam, you don’t have to worry about the reluctance of the girls. Since the past, marriage has always been decided by one’s parents. Wasn’t this the case for you and General Wu? Zhen and Ai Fei was also like this. Yet, the old madam and the general were a pair of enviable lovers in the capital and Zhen and Ai Fei are also one that causes envy.”

Feng Tingye’s words suddenly blocked all the old lady’s intent of rejection. This was because at that time, she was indeed reluctant to marry General Wu. But the two of them had the sweetest memories that were incomparable to anyone else. Young people seek stimulation, but when they mature, they will understand that those who will truly live a long life with you will never feel bored during the ordinary days and are the ones to truly accompany you for the rest of your life. 

“The emperor really can…”

“I promise. As long as Wu Gongzi has a good candidate, I will bestow him a marriage. Then the old madam will just have to wait to play with the grandchildren the next year.” 

“Okay, that’s it. We will follow the emperor back to the capital.” The old lady clapped her hands together and settled the matter in this way. In her eyes, her son was more important than her outdated husband. Moreover her future grandson and granddaughter who have not yet appeared are more important than her son. 

So… some poor stupid person was sold by his mother under the temptation of Feng Tingye 

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