FMEA Chapter 104 Part 2

  Chapter 104 Patients with Schizophrenia 

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Su Qingyan didn’t care much and raised his eyes and sneeringly said: “Speaking about it, I guess it’s also considered fate. My master and your senior brother’s mother were close friends who grew up together, they were basically… childhood sweethearts.”

Childhood sweethearts?!?! Xia Yuqing’s alarm bell sounded. It’s over. These two have history. Oh no, this is dangerous for first master! Where is first master? If you don’t rush to the finish line now, your wife will be stolen.

“It’s indeed an ill-fated relationship. Every time you pierce me with a needle, you always torture me! Is it because of the few losses I made you eat when you were a kid? You still remember it to this day, Xiao Yanyan?” Su Wuduan was like an unkillable cockroach. In a moment, he had regained his liveliness. 

Su Qingyan heard the disgusting title and sneered with a cold voice: “Don’t get hurt then. Otherwise, next time I’ll make sure to pierce you just like this time.” 


“Ghost Hand Medical Immortal? Su Gongzi is the Ghost Hand Medical Immortal?” The two were still squabbling. But Cui Er, who was beside Xia Yuqing, thought for a moment and exclaimed in a low voice. 

Su Qingyan raised his eyes and looked at Cui Er: “This lady knows of me?” 

“Cui Er, you heard of second master?” Xia Yuqing’s eyes were bright. His title sounded so freaking awesome! ! 

Cui Er nodded: “I’ve just heard of Su Gongzi’s Ghost Hand Medical Immortal reputation. It is said that the Ghost Hand Medical Immortal is like a ghost and has never been seen. If you ever want his assistance, you would have to prepare at least three big gifts. Only if those gifts satisfy the medical immortal would he appear to assist. Otherwise, even if you look all over China, you still won’t find him.”

“… This incredible?!” Dependent on how they’re feeling and willing to just watch on as people die is really the style of second master. But, he’s soooo freaking awesome! Ao ~~~ How did I not even see that there was such a great god living by my side! God, is it still too late to hold his thighs now? 

“Xiao Yanyan’s medical skills are naturally the most powerful. Uncle He once praised Xiao Yanyan’s medical talents as outstanding and cannot be compared to an average person. He can bring people back to life and bring back flesh to bones. Furthermore, as long as there was still a breath left within the body, Little Yanyan would be able to snatch them back from hell’s door.” 

Wow, so impressive. 

But what’s the matter with you, senior brother. You seem to be showing off your own child? You’ve really fallen into that childhood trap and cannot return? Also, bringing back the dead …… flesh back on the bones….

Su Qingyan didn’t feel much about the praises of these people. He didn’t usually go out of the stronghold gates, only a few times in order to collect medicine. During this time, he would help treat people with severe injuries and terminal illnesses. He had never expected it to cause such a rumour in Jiang Hu. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Too lazy to explain the matter, he was about to turn around to grab medicine when he saw a person standing behind him staring at himself with two bright eyes and sensed a bad premonition.

Su Qingyan watched as Xia Yuqing stretched her hand to her waist and found a valuable handkerchief that she slowly opened.

Could it be that there is a hidden mechanism in this handkerchief, like poisonous powder or a hidden dagger? Su Qingyan’s heart was stuck at his throat. He stared at Xia Yuqing and the handkerchief in her hand. 

Following Xia Yuqing’s movements, the thing under the handkerchief was revealed. It was not poison powder, nor a dagger, but a… chicken leg? 

“…” The expression on Su Qingyan’s face cracked. What kind of girl carries a chicken leg with her? Why did she even take it out in front of him at this time? Could it be that she wants to reward him for treating her senior brother or is she guilty of concealing her things before? 

Soon Xia Yuqing told him the answer. Under the eyes of several people, she put the little chicken leg into her mouth and then nibbled it in front of them. 

“…” They clearly underestimated Xia Yuqing’s unruly behavior. 

Xia Yuqing sucked the chicken leg in her hand with satisfaction. This chicken leg was made by Aunt Zhao in the kitchen this morning as a treat when she saw that she was pregnant. Xia Yuqing hated to part with it, but at the moment she had a greater use for it.

After confirming that there was no trace of meat on the bone left, she handed the bone in front of her to Su Qingyan. She stared at him: “Second master, I want a chicken leg that is fatter than before.” 

“… if you want chicken drumsticks, you should go to the kitchen. What do you want me to do?” Su Qingyan looked at the meat bones in close proximity and his face was obviously twisted. 

“Huh, but can’t you bring flesh back to the bones? You just have to change this one for me. The chicken drumsticks in the kitchen are too small.”

Xia Yuqing looked at him pitifully. “It’s okay even if it’s raw meat. I’ll take it to the kitchen and roast it. “

“…” This is Su Qingyan who suddenly petrified. 

“…” This is the stunned Su Wuduan and Cui Er. 

After a long while, Su Wuduan finally burst out into laughter: “Ha ha ha ha, no, I’m going to die laughing. I can’t help it, can’t help it. Xiao Yanyan, hurry up and press me down for a moment, I can’t hold on.” 

Su Qingyan’s veins popped on his forehead and he ignored the unreasonable pleading. He turned to coldly say: “You do it yourself. If the needles are crooked again, I don’t mind helping you pierce again.” 

“… Don’t, don’t. It’s really not my fault, it’s her who made me laugh.” Su Wuduan didn’t want to be tied down for another half an hour, but he couldn’t help but laugh hard. 

Cui Er reluctantly glanced at someone who was fueling the fire, then as soon as she turned her head, Xia Yuqing looked at her innocently: “Did I say something wrong?” 

“…” At this moment, Cui Er suddenly felt that Su Qingyan, who was seething with anger at her family’s master, was… pitiful. 

“Cough, Niang Niang, bringing back flesh to bones is an exaggerated metaphor.” 

“Exaggerated metaphor? In other words, second master can’t reproduce meat for my chicken legs?” Xia Yuqing’s eyes widened, a shocked expression. Then she looked at the smooth chicken leg bone in her hands and cried tearfully. Then holding her rounded belly, she rolled to a corner and began to draw circles. 

“What an exaggerated method, he’s clearly a liar, a liar. You quack doctor, I will never believe in quack doctors anymore. My chicken legs … woo woo woo …”

“…” Cui Er’s face turned pale, and she turned to smile at Su Qingyan apologetically and spread her hands to prove her innocence. She did not do that intentionally. He can only blame her master for having a complicated thought process. As a regular person, she just couldn’t keep up with her thoughts. At this time, she missed the days when Lu Rui was by Xia Yuqing’s side. At that time, Lu Rui basically carried the misfortune of her lady and now she realized that it wasn’t easy. Perhaps she should treat this unsung hero after returning home. Cough… 

Su Qingyan had a black face and suddenly felt that he might have been wrong since the beginning. He never thought that his golden reputation would be smashed by the hands of this girl, instead of his bad friend! ! ! She even rejected his medical skills! ! ! 

Having lived together for so many years, Su Wuduan knew Su Qingyan’s disposition very well and could tell Su Qingyan was truly angry. 

For the sake of his only junior sister, he changed the topic wisely. 

“Junior sister, what about your family?” 

Xia Yuqing turned her head when she heard Su Wuduan’s call and looked at him with a sorrowful face. Sensing Su Wuduan’s scheming aura again, it was as if disturbing her broken thoughts was a very spiteful thing. However, without interrupting her, her life will be forfeit. Su Wuduan suddenly felt that even though only half a day had gone by, he already had to worry for his junior sister he had just met. 

Fortunately, Xia Yuqing’s grievance did not last long. She got up and patted the dust off her body and replied: “My family? His Majesty? His Majesty went to find the old lady.”

“To find godmother?” Su Qingyan’s eyebrows twisted together. He couldn’t care about his anger. He was worried about the old lady and Wu Jun. Their grievances with the royal family were never concealed from Su Qingyan from the beginning. Now that the royal family has come to the door, Su Qingyan was quite worried that they would start a conflict. 

“Yes, if you didn’t ask me, I would have forgotten. Before His Majesty left, he told me to tell you something.” Xia Yuqing put her hands together and finally remembered the main purpose of why she stayed for so long. 

“Tell me? What’s the matter?” 

“When your mechanism pheasant appeared before the enemy, there were many soldiers from the Ye Kingdom. In view of the fact that when it landed, it had also crushed many Ye soldiers, His Majesty decided to take you back to the capital for your sentence.” 

“What? Return to the capital with you? No, I won’t go! Junior sister, don’t forget, although your family is the emperor of the Ye Kingdom, your senior brother is a person from Jiang Hu. His Majesty is powerful, but he cannot manage people from Jiang Hu. Give up. I will never go back with you.” Su Wuduan let out a humph and immediately rolled his eyes at Xia Yuqing. He laid stiff on the bed. He would rather die than submit. 

“Senior brother, do you really not want to go?” Xia Yuqing asked tentatively. But when he nodded, she became more and more excited. She said loudly, “Well, the emperor said, if senior brother does not go, he will send the bills of the expenses of those injured to your mother and let her see what happened to her son.” 


“Also, if you don’t follow us, I’ll go back and tell the truth of what you did to master. I don’t dare to speak for others, but my master will definitely believe me. You also know that the Master hates liars the most. If he knew that you deceived him, his good impression of you would be compromised. I can’t guarantee anything. Also, you don’t have to think about how to buy me, I have everything. Even if I don’t have it now, as long as I want it, the emperor will help me get it. So no need to bother, senior brother.” Xia Yuqing smiled like a thieving cat causing the people who were helpless to her to freeze again.”

Su Qingyan and Cui Er’s eyes met: “Are you sure your master is not pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger?” 

Cui Er returned a glance: “Who knows?” 

“Pu …” Su Wuduan’s blood that was stuck for a long time suddenly sprayed out. When he was vomiting blood, Su Wuduan’s brain had only one thought in mind: “What kind of couple is this?!”

“Senior brother, why did you vomit out blood?” Xia Yuqing was startled and hurriedly turned to look at Su Qingyan, but she saw Su Qingyan simply reply: “It’s okay, it’s the congestion in his body. Vomiting it out is good. I was originally worried about how to draw the blood out, but this is good. He spat it out. Now, his injury will be better in three to five days.” 

Cui Er’s mouth twitched and turned to look at Su Wuduan who was still vomiting blood not far away. Then she looked at Su Qingyan who acted as if it had nothing to do with himself, then at Xia Yuqing who was standing at the same spot who was at a loss. Sigh, she stepped forward and helped that certain someone. 

Unexpectedly, as soon as her hand touched someone’s body, her hand was held tightly by by someone: “Little beauty, I knew you were the best.” 

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