FMEA Chapter 105 Part 2

Chapter 105 Turtle b*stard 

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En? Wang Ba? Wang Ba! Pu… it really is a Wang Ba soup! Royal mother, people say you eat what you need to replenish and now you bring me a pot of Wang Ba soup? Aren’t you afraid that once I drink it, I might give birth to a bunch of little Wang Ba*? !

*little b*stards   

Xia Yuqing was embarrassed by her own thoughts. Before she could make out anything, she heard Lu Rui exclaim: “Empress Dowager, please excuse Nu Bi speaking bluntly, this turtle is for increasing blood circulation. Niang Niang right now is pregnant…” 

Zhang Sunshi was also stunned. After a moment, she came back and hurriedly closed the lid of the golden box. She embarrassedly said: “Meixi, you handed over the wrong one!” 

Then Mei Xi reacted, and lowered her head to lift the lid of another golden box in her hand. She hurriedly fell to her knees and apologized: “This Nu Bi has poor vision and got the box wrong. I hope Consort Qing can forgive this low one. Niang Niang, please pardon this lowly one’s sins.” 

The soup box was exactly the same from the outside, no wonder Meixi got confused. 

“The two boxes are similar, it’s normal to confuse them. It’s no wonder Gugu* mistook them. Gugu, please get up quickly.” 

* calling her aunt basically – being friendly

Mei Xi lowered her head and stood up before she handed the box in her hand over again. 

What Zhang Sunshi brought Xia Yuqing was stewed pork rib soup. It was boiled with large bones for several hours, so all the essence in the bones penetrated into the soup. The fragrance was enticing and made people hungry upon smelling. 

Seeing this bowl of soup, Xia Yuqing should have been so excited that she wouldn’t even want to lift her head to look away from it. It’s a pity that her attention was focused on another brocade box in Meixi’s hands, a little worried. 

Since the bowl of soup was not prepared for herself, it must be prepared for another. She was curious. Who could it be for? If that Wang Ba was eaten, would that person evolve from a mammal to an amphibian Xia Yuqing thought deeply. 

“Yes, Ai Jia heard from Zitong you guys have brought back quite a few people this time and one of them is Xu Lao’s son?”

Zhang Sunshi’s words successfully attracted Xia Yuqing’s attention. She looked up and replied, “Yes. Senior brother is Master and Master’s wife’s child. Master has only learned it recently. This time, only thanks to his help was Chen Qie and His Majesty able to return without harm.” 

“Well, a distinguished father would have such a distinguished son. When can Ai Jia take a look at this senior brother of yours? Since you have been back for the entire day already, Ai Jia thought it was weird how your master has not entered the palace to take a look. He must be busy greeting his son and forgot about the time.”

“Well, speaking of this, royal mother, Chen Qie has something to ask of royal mother.”

Zhang Sunshi was stunned. Although Xia Yuqing was favored, she rarely asked her or Feng Tingye for anything. This was what made Zhang Sunshi very satisfied with her. This child was not greedy. Although she loved creating chaos, she knew what she could want and what she shouldn’t. Whether this was in the palace or outside the palace, it was an extremely valuable characteristic. 

“Whatever is the case, you can say it straightforwardly” 

“It’s like this, royal mother. When Chen Qie was abducted, a lady had taken care of Chen Qie the entire time. This time, she was among those who returned with Chen Qie. Chen Qie seeing that she was alone, helpless, and drifting around, Chen Qie was hoping to take her into the palace. This way she could stay by Chen Qie’s side with Xiao Yuan and the rest and we could look after one another. I wonder if royal mother can… “

Since escaping from Jiang Zhaorou, Xia Yuqing and Yun Xi were inseparable. After returning to the capital, Yun Xi naturally followed Xia Yuqing. However, right now she could only be placed outside of the palace. Listening to Zhang Sunshi talk, Xia Yuqing started to think about taking Yun Xi into the palace, but this matter had to be approved by Zhang Sunshi first. 

Staring at Xia Yuqing’s small face, Zhang Sunshi smiled slightly: “Ai Jia thought it was some big matter. Since you like that girl, allowing her to enter your palace is no problem. Ai Jia promises that no one in the palace will say anything against it. In the future, Qing Er can make her own decisions. Ting Er has already said that as long as you give birth to a child, whether it was a boy or a girl, he will immediately hold a ceremony so you will become the master of this harem. It is only right for Qing Er to get used to dealing with these things ahead of time.”

Xia Yuqing nodded obediently. After receiving the confirmation, she was in a happy mood. Her eyes began to drift around again and floated towards the brocade box in Meixi’s hands. 

Being no match for her own curiosity, she asked, “Royal Mother, who are you delivering this soup to?” 

Zhang Sunshi followed Xia Yuqing’s gaze and had a playful smile hanging on her face: “This? Why, it’s for Ting Er. These days travelling around searching for you, Ting Er must be very weary. Ai Jia has heard that turtles are good for replenishing one’s vital energy. So, Ai Jia specifically ordered people from the kitchen to stew some for him. ”     

“……” This Wang Ba is for the Ultra Seme Lord?!  The inner person inside Xia Yuqing’s heart was startled by the words of Zhang Sunshi, then afterwards it began rolling on the ground. The big Wang Ba* eating the small Wang Ba*, isn’t this too tyrannical? Ultra Seme Lord, release your same kin!

* homonyms; first one is b*stard and second is turtle

Wait, something doesn’t seem right! Xia Yuqing seemed to have thought of something and turned towards the turtle soup. Turtles are for invigorating blood circulation*, so after the Ultra Seme Lord eats it…..

* eating turtle increase a man’s libido

“Okay, well it’s getting late now. Ai Jia will go deliver the soup to Ting Er. Then Ai Jia will go back to the temple and pray. Qing Er, make sure you finish drinking the soup.”

“!” Xia Yuqing’s face changed abruptly. She hurriedly pulled on Zhang Sunshi’s sleeves and yelled, “Wait!” 

Everyone was taken aback by Xia Yuqing’s action. Zhang Sunshi turned back and asked suspiciously: “What’s wrong?” 

“Ah… ” Xia Yuqing also realized she had forgotten her manners and hurriedly released Zhang Sunshi’s sleeves. She kneaded the handkerchief in her hand and made a shy expression, “Nothing, it’s nothing. Just since Chen Qie will also go to the emperor’s later and royal mother is rushing to the Buddha temple, this soup… how about Chen Qie delivers it.” 

“This .. ” Zhang Sunshi looked back at the brocade box in Meixi’s hand and hesitated, “Qing Er, if you walk around so much just after coming back, wouldn’t you be too tired?” 

“No, no. Chen Qie had a full night’s rest yesterday. Now Chen Qie feels very awake.” Xia Yuqing puffed out her chest. She looked radiantly at Zhang Sunshi, pleading eyes flashing with light. 

“Empress Dowager, please let Consort Qing take it. His Majesty and Niang Niang, the young married couple, after being away from each other for so long, how could they feel tired?” Mei Xi reminded with a smile. 

Zhang Sunshi seemed to realize something and then she had a smile on her face. “Look at Ai Jia, how could Ai Jia not remember this? You really do forget things when you get older. I almost took an innocent person as someone evil.”

“Royal mother!” Xia Yuqing turned red from Zhang Sunshi’s words and wanted to refute.

“Okay, okay. Ai Jia won’t bother you two young married couple. The soup can be delivered by you. Ai Jia will return to the temple. Ai Jia, will come visit you tomorrow.”

“See royal mother out.”

Watching Zhang Sunshi depart, Xia Yuqing couldn’t wait to open the box received from Meixi. 

“Niang Niang, this turtle soup is for improving blood circulation, you must not drink it if you are pregnant. Tell Nu Bi what you want to eat and Nu Bi will make it for you later.” Misunderstanding that Xia Yuqing wanted to take the turtle soup to drink for herself, Lu Rui anxiously persuaded her. 

“Don’t worry, Lu Rui, I don’t want to drink this wang ba soup.” 

“… then?”

Xia Yuqing glanced down at the wang ba in the brocade box. After a moment of contemplation, a deep and unpredictable smile appeared. She placed the box on the table: “Speak, who betrayed me?” 

Several people looked at each other, confused. Only one small hand stretched out guilty. 

“Xiao Yuan, it turned out to be you?!” Xia Yuqing’s eyes widened, staring at Li Yuan with unbelievable sadness. 

Li Yuan was a little embarrassed and lowered her head: “Qing Jiejie, I didn’t mean it. When the empress dowager came yesterday, you still haven’t woken up yet. So she instructed that once you woke up, I had to notify her immediately.”

Xia Yuqing silently rolled her eyes to the sky. She knew it couldn’t be a coincidence that Zhang Sunshi appeared in front of herself only minutes after waking up. A trip from Xiefang Temple to Cining Palace, plus the time to go to the Imperial Dining Room as well, it was not a short trip. Thinking like this she knew there had to be a ‘spy’ in her palace!

“Xiao Yuan, Qing Jiejie treats you so well usually, how could you…. How could you do this….” Xia Yuqing pressed her hand down on her chest. She had nailed all the details of acting like a lovely woman betrayed by her closest companion. 

Li Yuan didn’t think that notifying Zhang Sunshi would cause Xia Yuqing to be so hurt. But thinking about it carefully, she had not gotten permission before acting which was basically the same as betraying her trust. Within the imperial palace, the most taboo thing was exchanging communication of one’s master’s information. She had clearly committed this taboo. Qing Jiejie had so much trust in her, yet she….

Thinking like this, Li Yuan’s eyes became red. Xia Yuqing couldn’t bear seeing this but decided to go through with it to the end: “You have really disappointed me. No, this must be punished. My palace is very clear on reward and punishment. Since you are at fault, I will have to punish you.”

Li Yuan’s hands tightened up and she lowered her head: “This matter is indeed due to Li Yuan’s carelessness. Li Yuan will accept any punishment.”

“Great.” Xia Yuqing rubbed her chin, then her gaze darted towards the turtle soup. She must not allow the Ultra Seme Lord to drink this turtle soup!

The Ultra Seme Lord was originally a beast. With the addition of the turtle soup that invigorates one’s blood circulation, his vital energy would be through the roof. He definitely would become even more savage. At that time, the one to suffer would be her! No, she must save herself…. She must destroy that soup!

“Cough, Lu Rui, did the several Da Rens’ enter the palace today?”

Lu Rui was looking sympathetically at the frightened Li Yuan kneeling down on the ground. When she heard Xia Yuqing’s question, she took a moment to contemplate the question: “Nu Bi heard that this morning only the Grand Tutor entered the palace.” 

“Gorgeous Tutor, perfect!” 

Li Yuan was shocked. Under her moment of rage, was Qing Jiejie going to send her back to Yan Ran’s side?

“Qing Jiejie…” 

“It’s decided, I will punish you to…”

“Qing Jiejie!” Li Yuan looked at Xia Yuqing in horror. Her face was extremely pale. 

“… to deliver this bowl of turtle soup to the Gorgeous Tutor.” 

“Qing Jiejie, I don’t want to… uh… what?” Li Yuan didn’t react for a moment. She stared at Xia Yuqing, stunned. A moment ago a certain someone was still heartbroken, yet now there was a cheap smile plastered on her face while she grabbed her hand. 

“Xiao Yuan, aren’t you usually the most obedient? Qing Jiejie is in trouble right now and sisters should face challenges together. Now, you go obediently deliver this soup to the Gorgeous Tutor. I will be waiting for you in the palace hall for the good news.” After that, she picked up her spare rib soup and fled, leaving Li Yuan with a blank stupefied expression. 

When she came back to awareness, she turned to look at the palace maids behind her. Then someone shouted: “Disperse, disperse. Everyone go back and do your tasks. Niang Niang is already gone, nothing to watch here.”

With that statement, the people who had originally surrounded themselves suddenly became like birds scared off by a bow leaving behind only Cui Er and Lu Rui.     

“Lu Rui Jiejie, Cui Er Jiejie.” Li Yuan helplessly called out.

The two shook their heads. They patted her shoulder and then withdrew themselves leaving behind one advice: “It’s been hard for you. Go obediently deliver the soup and return quickly.”

Seeing everyone’s expression, it seemed like what happened was a common occurrence. Li Yuan then felt that she was played. She looked at the not so distant turtle soup. She didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. What kind of master had she decided to follow?! 

At the same time, a totally oblivious scapegoat, the man below one person but above thousands, Ye Country’s Gorgeous Tutor was currently listless as he laid on his wooden table. He couldn’t help angrily looking at the beast that was flushed with success.

Looking at this beast’s expression, wasn’t this beast scared people didn’t know that he was in heat. Now that he brought back his wife and child, he was ready to enjoy his happy family life, what’s so amazing about that. ╭(╯^╰)╮

“Yan Ran, don’t goof off.” Feng Tingye looked up and gave him a warning glance. 

It was fine if Feng Tingye didn’t say anything, but once he made a comment it was like lighting up a firecracker.

With a snap, Yan Ran threw the paper down on the table and said angrily: “Lao Zi is not working anymore. You little boy went out for a month enjoying your love affair, while that dead iceberg and I have been working ourselves to death helping you. That part is fine. But now that you have come back, the dead iceberg has left the palace, why does this Lao Zi still have to work himself to death? Lao Zi is not working!”

Feng Tingye lightly swept his eyes on him: “Ruofeng is the prime minister, naturally he has a lot of government affairs to handle. You as the Grand Tutor, usually go about living a casual happy lifestyle. Now that Zhen wants you to share some of the work, you have such a big opinion? You don’t want to discuss about the country and the people?”     

Yan Ran choked and reluctantly said: “If Ruofeng does not work, what about Zitong? Why must it be me?”     

Feng Tingye looked up at him unreasonably, as if looking at a noisy child: “You should know that Zitong has been hiding from Ai Fei recently. If you have the ability, you go drag him into the palace yourself. ”     

“… “Yan Ran choked again. What a joke. When Shao Zitong was still a baby, he was already not his opponent. Now after his years of training, cultivation and restoration to appear like a normal person, if he went looking for trouble with him, that’s like… looking to die!     

“No matter, I’m exhausted. I won’t do it anymore.” Yan Ran got up and headed towards the door.

Feng Tingye didn’t stop him, he only spoke a few sentences just when he was about to step out of the door: “If you step out that door, then Zhen will tell your housekeeper about the time when you went to a brothel and couldn’t leave because you had no money. In the end, you had to have Wenzhong sneakily go bring money to redeem you.”

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