FMEA Chapter 105 Part 3

Chapter 105 Turtle b*stard 

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Yan Ran’s body froze. The foot that was about to step out of the study room was retracted as he turned back and asked astonishly: “How did you know?”

Feng Tingye didn’t answer. He simply revealed a profound smile.

Yan Ran was nearly blinded by that smile. His heart was pent up with frustrations. This wretched fox, damn it! 

With his weakness in a certain someone’s hand, Yan Ran helplessly returned to his seat. Writing on the memorial in front of him, each stroke of the brush was like a slash by a knife to a certain somebody’s body.

Time passed by, bit by bit. When the matters were finished, it was already the afternoon.

Feng Tingye lifted his head up and looked at the colour of the sky. Placing down his brush, he threw out: “It’s the afternoon, Zhen needs to go have a meal with Ai Fei. Zhen will leave first.”

Then what about me? As expected, once you have a wife you do not need your brothers anymore. What a good bros over hoes!

“Wait!” Just when Feng Tingye was about to leave, he heard Yan Ran shout out. His eyebrows pinched together: “Does the Grand Tutor also want to join? Unfortunately, you cannot. Zhen wants to spend some alone time with Ai Fei. In addition with you coming….Zhen does not want Ai Fei to misunderstand.”

Misunderstand? Misunderstand your sister! This prince is dashing, handsome and charming. Who would want to be your third wheel?!

“Your Majesty, you are overthinking things. Chen just wants to ask for Your Majesty’s advice….”

Feng Tingye’s eyes narrowed: “What’s the matter?”

Yan Ran bit his lip. He didn’t know how to open his mouth. After fidgeting for a long while, just when Feng Tingye was getting annoyed, he stated: “I have a friend….”


“I had a friend ask me. What happens if he accidentally, with a pure young girl.. did it.”

 “Did it?” Feng Tingye’s eyes became stern.

Yan Ran’s guilty conscience opened his eyes. He dared not stare at the other person. God knew how much he didn’t want to tell anyone about it. But in the past two months, he has been driven crazy by this matter. Among his good friends, He Wenzhong was a wooden block. Asking him is like asking himself. Leng Ruofeng? He would have frozen before he even spoke. Shao Zitong, he didn’t even have to mention. As soon as he found out, he would laugh at him for the rest of his life. But the man in front of himself, not only was he married, but he also has a child. He should … should know better than them. 

Yan Ran preparing for the worst, continued: “Moreover, because they felt too guilty, I … when my friend woke up the next morning, he ran off without saying anything to the girl. What should he do now?” 

Feng Tingye didn’t answer. He looked up and down at Yan Ran several times. His eyes were slightly dark. Then acting as if he had discovered something, he pretended to be surprised: “Having sex with a girl, then running off without a word the next day? Your friend started this chaos then abandoned it?! The girl like you mentioned is a pure innocent girl. When they woke up the next day and found out that the person they had a relationship was missing must have received a big blow. After all, a girl’s innocence is something very important. Who knows, maybe if one day she couldn’t get over it she might commit suicide. Even if she didn’t commit suicide, this was a big blow and she would be probably too ashamed to see people.”

Hearing every word he said, Yan Ran’s face turned white. Feng Tingye affirmed his guess through his observation. Yan Ran wasn’t speaking about his friend at all, it was himself. 

“Then… what should he do now?” 

“Isn’t it your friend’s problem? Why are you so anxious?” Feng Tingye glanced at Yan Ran who was clutching his hand tightly. 

Only then did Yan Ran realize his actions and hurriedly let go of his hand and said with a smile: “I am just anxious for my friend.” 

“What important friend would make you worry so much? Why does Zhen not know him?” 

Yan Ran’s face stiffened and he lied: “Just a friend I met when I was in Jiang Hu. It’s normal that Zhen doesn’t know.” 

“Oh.” Feng Tingye nodded vaguely, no longer asking. “What else can he do? How does your friend feel towards that girl?” 


Feng Tingye glanced at him in surprise: “Of course. How does he feel towards the girl? Does he like the girl or….”

” Li… like?” Yan Ran’s face slightly changed, and he stuttered. 

“You don’t even know whether you like the girl or not and you…” Feng Tingye looked at him with an expression of “You are a beast and a scumbag”. 

Yan Ran panicked: “No, I… I… no, that’s my friend. My friend, not me.”

“Oh, yes, your friend.” Feng Tingye’s mouth twitched, “If your friend likes the girl, isn’t that perfect. That’s just pushing Dong Fang* to an earlier date. Now it would be logical to marry the person home, but before that, they have to make it clear to the girl and apologize. Otherwise the girl will surely be upset with them. If they don’t like the girl and feel overwhelmed, they have to apologize and give some compensation. No matter what, you can’t just have the girl.. I mean have your friend take advantage of her.” 

* doing it

Yan Ran hesitated for a while, then said in a weak voice: “All in all, you have to apologize first. ” 

Feng Tingye lifted his eyebrow and smiled lightly: “Naturally.” 

Yan Ran struggled for a while, then looked up as if he had made up his mind. He clenched his fist and turned around, saying: “Wei Chen still has important things and will leave first.” 

Without waiting for a reply, he quickly ran out of the hall. 

“He really ran off quickly!” Feng Tingye looked at the back of someone who was walking away, his lips slightly lifted up. What he didn’t tell Yan Ran was that when he ran away after eating, the girl would definitely feel resentful. If he hurried to find that someone, maybe before he could even say a word, he would be slapped in the face. 

But since he didn’t ask, he would not meddle in other people’s business. He will just stand off on the side to watch the good show. 

“An Yi, follow him.” 

“Yes!” The dark guard in the shadow flashed and chased the direction of Yan Ran’s departure. 

Not long after, Li Yuan walked out of Xiefang palace hall and saw Yan Ran rushing towards herself. She was startled. After the accident, she had discovered that a certain person was hiding from her. The two rarely met. Even if they met, they nodded politely and just showed basic courtesy. They didn’t delve into anything and acted as if nothing happened that night.

Now, seeing Yan Ran rushing over anxiously, she was quite surprised. Remembering the brocade box in her hand and the task she had to carry out, she took the initiative to gently whisper: “Grand Tutor Da Ren.” 

“Yuan Er, I…” Yan Ran’s stiffness was obviously because he was a little nervous. 

Hearing the familiar call, Li Yuan lost her focus for a moment. Lacking in confidence, she hurriedly shifted the topic under her guilty conscience: “Grand Tutor Da Ren, there is a bowl of soup here, it’s…” 

“Soup, are you giving it to me?” 

“Well… I guess it can be considered that.” It was actually sent by Niang Niang, but she was sent to deliver it to him personally. 

Yan Ran’s face changed slightly. It was mixed with a slight joy that he didn’t even realize. He treated her like that, but she actually… 

Yan Ran’s eyes made Li Yuan feel a little overwhelmed. Strange. This man, wasn’t he treating her like a viper a few days ago? Why is he now… maybe she’s thinking too much. 

Thinking of the morning after that night, everything she saw, there was a trace of loss and complexity in Li Yuan’s eyes. 

Yan Ran didn’t notice this. His attention was all attracted to the box in Li Yuan’s hands. Upon seeing it, Li Yuan opened the brocade box and let Yan Ran see the things inside. 

The smile on Yan Ran’s face cracked for a moment after seeing the turtle soup contained in the brocade box: “This… this…” 

Wang Ba Wang Ba Wang Ba… Why is it a Wang Ba? ! 

Li Yuan was a little embarrassed: “Although the appearance is not very good, the taste should be… not bad.” 

Qing Jiejie has told her that she must give this soup to the Grand Tutor. Although she didn’t know why Qing Jiejie wanted her to transfer the soup for the emperor to the person in front of her, since Qing Jiejie has instructed it, she must follow through. If this person doesn’t eat it, how could she go back to work? 

Yan Ran took a deep look at Li Yuan, took a deep breath, and thought in his heart: “No, this is what that person had worked hard to make for him. He can’t betray their kindness.”

“No, it doesn’t look bad, it looks delicious. ” 

“That’s good.” Li Yuan sighed with relief. She took a pair of chopsticks from the box and handed it to Yan Ran, “Drink it.” 

Yan Ran stiffened and exclaimed: “Here? Now?” 

Li Yuan was startled and touched her heart. She glanced at him: “Is there a problem?” A man being so fainthearted should be…. taught a lesson. 

“… No problem.” Yan Ran froze for a moment. The chopsticks in his hand shook as it went towards the turtle. The turtle shell was very smooth. After several attempts, he still failed to pick it up. 

Yan Ran’s face sank. He poked directly into it. The chopsticks in his hand shook. When the turtle shell was lifted up, a plop was suddenly heard. Then a small turtle egg fell into the soup from the edge of the turtle shell. 



Wang Ba’s egg*? Wang Ba egg Wang Ba egg Wang Ba egg …… Yan Ran only felt his glass heart clatter and shatter to the ground. 

* means b*stard

Sure enough, she refused to forgive him. She did not want to embarrass him directly, so she made such a dish to tell him that he was a b*stard! 

Yan Ran pinched the chopsticks in his hand, tears rolling in his eyes. After holding back for a long time, he was finally overwhelmed. He threw away the chopsticks in his hands, covered his face and became emotional. 

“Wooooooooooooooo…..” Mother, father, your son with unlimited talent has been thrown away. 

“…” Li Yuan, who had recovered from the shock of the turtle egg falling out of the turtle shell, looked at someone’s back with their face covered in tears. The corner of her mouth twitched slightly. Even if you don’t like to drink the soup, you don’t need to cry. This man really… 

At the same time, Feng Tingye, who was going to share lunch with his own concubine in Xiefang Hall, “accidentally” watched this scene. A meaningful calculative smile appeared and he said lightly: “It turns out… to be like this.” 

If his Ai Fei knew that Yan Ran did this to one of her favorite Ya Tou’s, throwing them away… He was suddenly looking forward to seeing it! Ha ha ha …   

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