FMEA Chapter 109 Part 3

Chapter 109 Blind your dog eyes! 

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Huo Feiyan was too explicit. Zhang Sunshi and Feng Tingye wanted to pretend they hadn’t seen it.

A trace of killing intent quickly passed through Feng Tingye’s eyes. This woman dared to hate his possessions in front of him, she must really want to die!

But what Zhang Sunshi thought was simpler. How could such a woman who is vilified by jealousy and selfishness be placed next to Feng Tingye? How could she be able to compare with her lively and lovely daughter-in-law, she really is overestimating herself!

Thinking like this in their hearts, the two of them naturally took a few steps forward and kept Xia Yuqing out of Huo Feiyan’s sight without a trace. How could this kind of unkind gaze meet with their pure Ai Fei (daughter-in-law)? What if it affects her mood?

After the two of them took Xia Yuqing’s hand, they led her to the upper position. The people who knelt on the ground stood up and returned to their positions. Now, the empress dowager’s birthday banquet has officially started.

As for Yun Xi and He Wenzhong, when Huo Feiyan was attracted by Xia Yuqing’s appearance, they had already escaped first.

Duke Lu walked to Huo Feiyan’s side and looked at her gloomy face. He squeezed her hand and  shook his head towards her, signaling her to calm down and not be irrational.

“Today is a family banquet. You don’t need to be too restrictive, just be casual.” As soon as Zhang Sunshi took a seat, she said politely to the crowd.

Everyone present at the scene thanked her and offered their own carefully prepared birthday gifts. Only Duke Lu seemed to be still thinking about what happened just now, and did not pay attention. Until…

“Duke Lu has been away from the capital for a long time, this time it must be a rare opportunity to return, so Ai Jia will respect Duke Lu and offer you a drink.”

Duke Lu awoke from his dream and hurriedly raised his glass on the table and said: “Today is the Empress Dowager’s birthday. This minister should be treating the empress dowager for a cup, so this minister will do it first.”

After drinking all the wine in the glass, Duke Lu gave a gift carefully prepared by him. It was a fiery red coral specially transported from the border to the capital.

Seeing the coral, the faces of several people changed. They looked at each other, and the same message was conveyed in their eyes. This Duke Lu was really prepared!

“The color of the coral is very good and the texture of the branches is also very smooth. It is a rare treasure. Duke Lu is really considerate.” Zhang Sunshi took a look at the coral and casually praised it.

Yet because of the grandfather and granddaughter duo’s conceitedness, they thought they won the Royal Mother’s favor because of this, and were pleased with themselves.

“If the empress dowager likes it, then that is perfect. Empress dowager, this is my granddaughter Huo Feiyan. Feiyan, quickly greet the empress dowager and his majesty.” Duke Lu hurriedly casted a look at Huo Feiyan.

Huo Feiyan got up knowingly, and stepped forward to bow to Zhang Sunshi and Feng Tingye: “Chen Nu greets the empress dowager and His Majesty.”

The shrill voice that was intentionally restrained and pinched, matched by the flitting eyes that was thrown upwards from time to time made everyone on the side shake with goose bumps abruptly.

It’s a pity that the person she winked at this moment was coaxing Xia Yuqing to eat the celery she most disliked in front of her, and ignored her completely.

Zhang Sunshi had a full view of this. Her eyes were full of ridicule, but she smiled decently: “The granddaughter of Duke Lu has grown up so much. She was only that big when Duke Lu took her away from the capital. Now, she’s so big, like…” like a wool. She was a little cute when she was a kid, but now… Heh, trash!

Duke Lu’s eyes brightened. He felt that there was still a chance and he hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Yan Er, why don’t you take off the scarf on your face and let the empress dowager look at you?”

Xia Yuqing was still struggling to fight off the celery in front of her, but when she suddenly heard this, her eyes lit up. The hair on her head stood up suddenly, raising her head, she looked at the kneeling Huo Feiyan.

Seeing this, Feng Tingye couldn’t help but laugh. He slowly stretched out his hand to Xia Yuqing’s round belly under the table. Forcing Xia Yuqing to withdraw her gaze, she ruthlessly patted someone’s salty pig’s claws and sent it flying, then she turned her gaze onto Huo Feiyan again.

After many times, when Feng Tingye saw that she was really getting impatient, he mercifully let her go. He bestowed Huo Feiyan a look.

Seeing Feng Tingye look over, Huo Feiyan became more confident. She twisted her body shyly, and slowly undid the veil under the gaze of everyone who was curious, confused, and worried. Slowly, slowly, slowly it was taken off…

The woman behind the veil…had long eyelashes blinking like a fan. If she continues like this, the person watching will feel sooner or later that their eyes will become cross-eyed. Her bloated cheeks were red like that of a charming monkey’s butt, with deep red lipstick on big thick lips. It is not difficult to imagine how shocking of a scene this was when this ferocious beast opened its mouth.

“…” Everyone clearly felt that the atmosphere in the hall paused suspiciously for a few seconds.

Feng Tingye couldn’t see the opponent’s face clearly. Naturally, he didn’t know how shocked the people present were. He only wondered why the surrounding atmosphere suddenly became a little elusive, until he felt a sharp pain in his arm.

“Ai Fei, what are you doing?” Feng Tingye turned his head. He saw Xia Yuqing’s hand on the back of his hand at some point, and had pinched it hard. The pain made the unsuspecting him almost exclaim.

Xia Yuqing stared at Feng Tingye in a daze: “It hurts?”

“Nonsense, of course it will hurt.” Thinking Xia Yuqing had misunderstood that he was interested in Huo Feiyan, Feng Tingye twisted his eyebrows and quickly explained, “Ai Fei doesn’t have to worry. No matter how good-looking Huo Feiyan is, I won’t be tempted by anyone other than my Ai Fei.”

Before he finished his words, he saw Xia Yuqing staring at him with a complicated expression for a long time, then she sighed. She patted him on the shoulder and said: “Oh, it turns out that…face blindness is sometimes a blessing.”


“Your Majesty, Chen Qie just pinched you just to make sure Chen Qie was not in a dream.”

“… in a dream?”

Xia Yuqing nodded solemnly: “At that moment, Chen Qie thought she saw… a ghost!”

Several people on the side heard Xia Yuqing’s words and they nodded in agreement. Yii, in the middle of the night seeing a ghost, who knows if she will have a nightmare when she goes back to sleep tonight! If she knew earlier, she wouldn’t have come to join in this excitement. Sometimes curiosity kills the cat! You can even bump into unlucky things going to a banquet! So tired!

“…” Damn, how hateful does the woman look! Feng Tingye felt a rare moment of embarrassment. Then he realized something, “Why didn’t Ai Fei pinch herself?”

Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye with an innocent look, and uttered three words bitterly: “It will hurt.”

” …… “She felt that the pinch would hurt, so she chose someone else to pinch to verify it? In her eyes, does she think it wouldn’t hurt Zhen?

In all fairness, even though Huo Feiyan’s appearance is not capable of causing the downfall of a city, she didn’t let down the audience. The most reasonable summary is: ordinary.

But this ordinary face was overcorrected with an extraordinary amount of makeup, so she actually turned a pretty human like girl to a ghost who came knocking on doors in the middle of the night.

However, this ghost still felt very good about herself. She waited for a long time for Feng Tingye’s stunned eyes and praises to come. As soon as she raised her head, the image she saw was of Feng Tingye and Xia Yuqing whispering intimately with a smile on his face. Immediately, her smiling expression carried a bit of anger and the hideousness made the face ever more terrifying.

“To be honest, Chen Nu has been sitting for quite some time and still hasn’t seen Consort Qing deliver a gift to the Empress Dowager from the harem. Could it be that she can’t even bring out a small gift for the Empress Dowager’s birthday party?”

Zhang Sunshi’s phoenix eyes sharpened. When she was about to speak out an excuse for Xia Yuqing, she heard Xia Yuqing sneer and retort confidently: “Who said Ben Gong did not prepare a birthday gift for royal mother?”

When the words came out, not only Huo Feiyan, even Zhang Sunshi was stunned. Everyone’s eyes focused on Xia Yuqing’s body.

Xia Yuqing met everyone’s gaze. She supported her stomach to get up, then with the support of Lu Rui and Li Yuan, she walked towards the platform not far away, step by step.

“…umm, do you think this scene…seems familiar.” Yan Ran looked at Xia Yuqing’s back on the stone steps. Then an alarm bell in his heart rang, and his face paled as he looked at the two friends beside him.

The complexions of Shao Zitong and Leng Ruofeng also changed. They raised their eyes to look at the man who was full of interest.

Feng Tingye seemed to be aware of their gaze. He turned his head to grin at them with white teeth: “Ai Fei said that for the birthday gift for royal mother ordinary gold and silver jewelry were too tacky, antique treasures were too old-fashioned, so after thinking, she decided to go with….”

“…” Several people swallowed in unison waiting for Feng Tingye’s unfinished words.

“Decided to play the zither personally to express her feelings.”

“!” So it is the case! The tears of the group of people who suddenly learned the truth were about to fall! What can they do now? Unprepared, are they going to be pierced by that magical sound again? !

The three of them who had been able to predict the consequences, felt their faces sink, and while everyone’s eyes were still focused on Xia Yuqing, they picked up the orange on the table and smashed it towards Feng Tingye.

You’re soulless. If you have known for a long time, why didn’t you reveal anything? Can you still be considered a brother?

Deeply sensing that they were stabbed in the back two times by their brother, the few people were splashed with blood. They took the fruits on the table without hesitation and threw them hard.

Feng Tingye patiently dodged several times at first, but in the end he was too lazy to dodge. His slender hand turned out, revealing a few white cotton balls.

The movements of the hands of the three of them were paused. Their eyes widened. They no longer cared about the etiquette between monarchs and ministers, they rushed forward one by one.

At this time, Xia Yuqing had already walked to the stage. Cui Er quickly placed the zither on the square table.

Xia Yuqing smiled at Zhang Sunshi and said: “Royal Mother, Chen Qie will play a song for you to celebrate your birthday. Please don’t dislike it.”

“Why… dislike it? Qing Er is willing to play the zither for royal mother, royal mother… can’t be happier any sooner how could royal mother dislike it? Hahaha…” Unintentionally experiencing Xia Yuqing’s zither skills before, her face was slightly stiff and she laughed a few times. The hand behind her hurriedly waved towards Mei Xi, asking her to find something to block her ears.

When everyone was rushing around looking for life-saving objects, they suddenly heard a shrill whistle: “Wait a minute.”

“Huh…” The actions of everyone in the audience and Xia Yuqing all stopped and followed the sound.

“What is it Ms. Huo?” Feng Tingye narrowed his phoenix eyes into a dangerous arc, staring directly at Huo Feiyan who was not far away.

“Your Majesty, this lady has a presumptuous request.”

“Presumptuous request?”

“Chen Nu has long heard of Consort Qing’s excellent zither skills, invincible in the country of Ye and even among the five countries. No one can compare. Today being able to hear Niang Niang’s zither sounds, Chen Nu feels that she was gained 3 lifetime’s worth of happiness. Untalented me has always researched sounds since I was small. So today, I would like to ask Consort Qing for a duet. Consort Qing will be in charge of the zither and Chen Nu will sing. What does His Majesty and the empress dowager think?”

“…” Everyone looked at Huo Feiyan, who had actively asked to play an ensemble with Xia Yuqing, with stunned faces. The feeling in their hearts could no longer be expressed in words.

“Royal Mother…” Feng Tingye turned to look at Zhang Sunshi to allow her to decide. After all, today’s protagonist was Zhang Sunshi.

“Ai Jia has no opinion. We can do whatever Qing Er wants.” Zhang Sunshi gave a sympathetic look at the smug Huo Feiyan and whispered.    

Before she finished her words, she heard Xia Yuqing reply in a loud voice: “Royal mother, Chen Qie has no objection.”

“…Then it’s settled.”

Huo Feiyan was overjoyed when the group agreed. Turning her head, she looked at Duke Lu and smiled. They had heard that Xia Yuqing was good at playing the zither long before they entered the capital, so they were prepared.

Once Xia Yuqing asked to play the zither, she will immediately ask to sing together. She did not believe that her music practice for so many years was no better than an unfavored princess.

When there is a contrast between the vocals and the music, when that time comes…oh hehehe…

The two grandfather and grandchild duo were clinking their abacus, but they didn’t know that a certain someone was someone who could not be measured.

Seeing Huo Feiyan’s complacency, as if she was already on top, everyone couldn’t help but sympathize with her.

Little girl, do you really understand the seriousness of this matter? !

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