FMEA Chapter 109 Part 2

Chapter 109 Blind your dog eyes! 

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“That… she did not do that deliberately. I ask the lady to be magnanimous and spare her once. If there’s any request, I…I will help her…”    

“Where did this country bumpkin come from? He looks so ugly, but he still dares to come out and save the beauty? Get out, otherwise this lady will finish you as well.”

“Co…Country bumpkin…” The smile on He Wenzhong’s honest face faded away. It changed into one of obvious astonishment and hurt.

“Kacha—” The string in someone’s mind called rationality… broke.

“Finish? Who finishing who up isn’t for certain yet. If you dare say something about country bumpkin again, this old lady will finish you first.”

Unexpectedly, Yun Xi suddenly rose in revolt. The two people who were facing each other and the other people watching the excitement were all startled.

Huo Feiyan was the first to come back to her senses. Flushed, she pointed to Yun Xi and said: “You…”

“You, what you? If I don’t speak, will you really treat me as mute? Putting on a veil and pretending to be mysterious, even if I pour the wine for you, how can you drink it after I pour it for you? Drink it from above or from below?”


“I, what I? Don’t think I didn’t see it just now, it’s clearly you who waved your hand over and knocked the flask out of my hand. Yet, you even attacked me back and blamed me for hitting you? Hmph, do you really think I am a soft persimmon that you can squeeze and toss! My clothes are also soiled by the drink you spilled just now. I didn’t even look for you, but you are looking to find trouble with me first!”

“I…you…how can the ruined clothes on your body be the same as the ones on me? The ones on my body are…”

“Shu Embroidery? Drop it already about how Shu Embroidery is so amazing! Let me tell you, this outfit on my body is for the royal palace! The royal palace, do you understand? It’s something that only exists in the palace. Even if you want to buy it outside, you can’t buy it. On the palace rules written in black and white, it says that anyone who steals or destroys palace things will be put to death in serious cases, or beaten up with thirty hits with a plank. Does Miss Huo want to be sentenced to death or suffer from thirty hits?”

Huo Feiyan’s face turned pale, and she actually took two steps back: “I…”

“What I, didn’t I just say it quite smoothly? Why are you hesitating now? You still dare to say that someone is a country bumpkin? I think you are the country bumpkin who has never seen the world. Wearing a brocade makes you feel that you are outstanding, but not even looking in the mirror. Look at your figure, even if you are wearing a dragon robe, you wouldn’t look like a prince. Someone can casually throw you in front of a dam and you would be the sandbags blocking the entire flood, yet you dare to run your mouth against others.”

“…” Everyone on the side watched with dumbfounded eyes as Huo Feiyan’s face flushed by Yun Xi’s words. She was in danger of going into shock at any time. For a long while…

“Shoot, by that Ya Tou’s side is a savage.” Yan Ran’s fan in his hand froze in midair.

Shao Zitong glanced at him, but the corner of his lips held a slightly nasty smile: “Compared to this, didn’t you guys discover…”

“Ah?” The two turned to look and saw He Wenzhong, who was being protected by Yun Xi. Even Leng Ruofeng’s expressionless face showed several cracks.

“Tsk tsk tsk, I didn’t expect the iron tree to blossom. Wenzhong, that block head, I originally thought that he would be lonely and die a bachelor his whole life, I didn’t expect…”    

The book boy behind Yan Ran couldn’t help but draw his mouth. Master, have you forgotten that you were still discussing to guard against that girl? How could it change in the blink of an eye? What kind of nonsense is this, as if you just found your sister-in-law!    

Shao Zitong didn’t answer, but turned his head to look at Yan Ran meaningfully: “Jealous?”    


“You can do it too.”    

“!” Why did he just feel a chill run up his leg? That matter should only be known to himself. Could it be… it has been discovered? !    

“You…” Huo Feiyan was anxious when she was forced into a dead end twice in a row on the other side. Just when she wanted to repeat the old trick, to beat people back with her hands, she heard a shrill announcement from outside.   

“His Majesty has arrived, Consort Qing has arrived.”

Huo Feiyan paused, then turned around suddenly with a look of overjoyed expression between her brows.

Not long after, everyone saw a man and a woman. They walked slowly holding hands. The young man was dressed in a solemn dragon robe with eight five-claw golden dragons embroidered on the sleeves and hem and his luxurious purple gold crown that clinked with his movement. The young man was more white than jade, and his gestures were smooth and graceful.

The young man’s slender right hand was now holding a pregnant woman. The woman wore a luxurious and eye-catching red palace gown. The cuffs, waist, and hem of the palace gown were embroidered with dignified and luxurious golden peonies. The golden dragon on the man actually complemented the other well. A fluffy fox fur was wrapped around the palace robe, which tightly wrapped the girl’s bare neck. The long, combed black hair was rolled up into a thicker double-flowered bun, and the side facing them had a shiny golden phoenix on the hairpin. The girl’s palm sized face was incredibly beautiful.

Huo Feiyan seemed to be pierced by this picture-like scene. Her head lowered, then her hands tightly clasped together. Her eyes were full of resentment. Soon, the one who will be standing by this man and enjoying everyone’s worship will be me!

Feng Tingye took Xia Yuqing’s hand and walked in front of Huo Feiyan and he suddenly paused.

Huo Feiyan’s heart trembled, a trace of ecstasy emerged from the bottom of her heart. The emperor stopped. The emperor stopped for me! The emperor must have seen me and wanted to let go of that bitch’s hand to help me up. Yes, it must be so.

Huo Feiyan looked up at Feng Tingye with joy, but Feng Tingye gently stretched out his hand to touch Xia Yuqing’s fox fur.

After that, Feng Tingye asked in a soft voice: “Is it cold?”

Xia Yuqing shook her head obediently: “It’s not cold.”

Feng Tingye didn’t believe it very much and reached out to hold Xia Yuqing’s other palm. That hand was to help her warm the palm that had been cold due to the wind and snow.

Xia Yuqing was a little embarrassed. She wanted to take her hand out, but somebody’s hand strength was too great. After struggling for a long time, she just let him do as he wished.

Everyone looked at the two people who were starting to show off their sweetness in complete disregard of the occasion and couldn’t help covering their eyes one by one. Ah ah ah…… it’s too blinding, our eyes are becoming blind!

“I was wondering why I didn’t see the emperor coming over. It turned out he was picking up that girl. It must have been deliberate to get the woman like this.” Yan Ran glanced at the petrified Huo Feiyan with “sympathy” and murmured gleefully.

Shao Zitong and Leng Ruofeng did not change their expressions, but after seeing what Xia Yuqing was wearing, a gleam of light flashed across their eyes. This suit was…

From the beginning to the end, Feng Tingye never gave Huo Feiyan who was on the ground a glance and Huo Feiyan looked at the interaction between the two in a daze. Her face turned black, she almost crushed her teeth.

She was clamoring wildly in her heart, why did this woman get the emperor’s special treatment? That position should obviously be mine. His grace should be mine, mine!

“Your…” Huo Feiyan glared at Xia Yuqing unwillingly, then looked up at Feng Tingye affectionately and was about to speak when she was interrupted by a shrill shout.

“The Empress Dowager has arrived, Duke Lu has arrived.”

The Empress Dowager was the protagonist of today’s birthday banquet. As soon as everyone heard the announcement from the eunuch, they quickly moved their attention from Feng Tingye to the entrance of the hall.

“Royal mother has arrived.” Xia Yuqing’s eyes lit up. She turned to see Zhang Sunshi come from the entrance and called out, “Royal Mother.”

Zhang Sunshi was getting annoyed by the entanglement of Duke Lu, but when she saw Xia Yuqing, she came up with a gentle smile to support Xia Yuqing and said: “Qing Er is pregnant, no need to be polite. Why is this little hand so cold? Meixi, quickly bring over Ai Jia’s heater.”

“Yes, Royal Mother.” Mei Xi hurriedly took a small heater from the court lady on the side and handed it to Zhang Sunshi. Zhang Sunshi tried the temperature before putting it into Xia Yuqing’s arms, and faintly said: “Qing’er is not alone anymore. You have to be extra careful about what you eat, wear, stay and travel. Recently, the weather has turned cold. Ting Er should also take care of her, don’t let her and Ai Jia’s little golden grandson get cold.”

Feng Tingye was startled. He looked at the gentle appearance of Zhang Sunshi. As if he understood something, he reached out and held Xia Yuqing’s hand. With a face of doting, he said: “It’s your child who has been negligent. Your child will definitely look after Ai Fei.”

This scene of mother and child filial piety, husband and wife being harmonious scene, it was really worse than the scene before where the two were showing affection. Everyone present at the moment looked towards the sky.

Damn it, is it really good to radiate this dazzling light in the middle of the night? Don’t you know that our eyes are going to be blind?

The dark night gave us night vision, but if we use it to see other people show affection, we will be blinded by the flash, we will be broken!

Huo Feiyan who was left aside by Zhang Sunshi caused Huo Li who looked at this scene feel a more complicated mood than the others.

Huo Li has been an official for many years, so he still knew how to conceal his emotions. But, Huo Feiyan who has been so flashy in public couldn’t hide anything, everything was written plainly on her face. Now that the three people were in harmony, there was no room for her to intervene. Her eyes were full of jealousy and madness.

Huo Feiyan has been spoiled since she was a child growing up. This kind of person will never feel she was at fault. Others pleasing and accommodating her was a matter of course, so if she was rejected, she would never think it was her fault. On the contrary, she will think that the other party was at fault and will push the blame on others.

Just like now, Feng Tingye and Zhang Sunshi’s ignorance of her, she didn’t think it was her own problem at all. Instead, she felt that Xia Yuqing was too sordid. She must have seduced Feng Tingye with some kind of charm. She also must have used her own child to please the queen mother and take away what should have belonged to her. Thinking like this, the jealousy and resentment in Huo Feiyan’s eyes became more and more unconcealable.

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