FMEA Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Giving birth to a soccer team! 

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After the Huo Feiyan duo left the capital, the palace was restored…. Xiefang palace was as harmonious and prosperous as before. The only difference was that before Xia Yuqing’s palace had one person running to it from time to time, her not so good senior brother; but now there was one more. 

“Tsk tsk tsk… General He is here again?” Xia Yuqing looked at the big silly man in front of her, and laughed in a low voice, “Here to see Xiao Bai again?” 

“I…I…Yes, yes, I came to see Xiao Bai.” He Wenzhong scratched the back of his head guiltily, glancing around. He didn’t dare to meet Xia Yuqing’s gaze. 

“Wowowo…” Not far away, Xiao Bai raised his head when he heard someone talking about himself. He turned to face He Wenzhong’s big black eyes, and immediately twisted his body in Cui Er’s arms. Turning around, he turned his butt directly at He Wenzhong. Hmph, this master only likes beautiful women, he doesn’t like stocky men! ! ! 

Xia Yuqing raised her eyebrows into a curve that harboured evil designs: “Does the general want to see Xiao Bai the dog or our lovely Yunxi Xiaobai?” 

“I…” He Wenzhong’s eyes opened wide, his flushed face didn’t know what to do. 

Xia Yuqing looked at his appearance and wondered again in her heart. He was obviously a strong man, so why does he get so easily shy? This uncle has a pure young girl’s heart, he cannot get more cute! ! ! 

In view of the fact that a certain bear was already stupid and in order not to burn his brain out of shame so he became more stupid, Xia Yuqing finally coughed compassionately: “Xiao Xi is afraid of Xiao Bai, she is cleaning up the room in the side palace hall at this moment. General He can go to the side palace hall to find her.” 

He Wenzhong nodded hurriedly and smiled honestly. Then, he turned and walked towards the side hall. 

Xia Yuqing looked at his distant back and chuckled. She greeted Lu Rui and the others in a soft voice, whispered a few words, then her eyes flashed with a calculating light similar to Feng Tingye’s. 

Not long afterwards, outside Xiefang palace, a few small heads suddenly appeared on the edge of a bush.

Lu Rui looked at Xia Yuqing, who was sneaking under the window, and the corners of her mouth twitched: “Niang Niang, are you sure we should eavesdrop like this?” 

“Eavesdrop?” Xia Yuqing looked at Lu Rui with a face of disapproval. “How are we eavesdropping, we are listening in an open manner.” 


Seeing the disapproval in Lu Rui’s eyes, Xia Yuqing coughed slightly and said politely: “Lu Rui, where are we?” 

Lu Rui after a moment, replied, “Xiefang Palace in the side hall?” 

“Is the Xiefang Palace side hall included in the Xiefang Palace?” 

“Naturally.” Lu Rui replied confusedly. 

“Who is the owner of Xiefang Hall?” 

Lu Rui frowned, and touched Xia Yuqing’s forehead: “Weird, there’s no fever. Niang Niang, what’s wrong with you? Of course the owner of Xiefang Palace is you!” 

A bright light flashed across Xia Yuqing’s eyes and she pulled down Lu Rui’s hand then said with pride: “Since the owner of Xiefang palace is me, then the side hall of Xiefang palace is mine. The land under my feet is also mine. You and Yunxi who are inside are mine too. How can I be eavesdropping when I am listening to my own people in my own place?” 

“…” Lu Rui looked at Xia Yuqing blankly. I… I’m speechless!!!

Xia Yuqing and the two were talking when suddenly they heard Cui Er’s “hush” behind them. It turned out that He Wenzhong had already walked into the side hall when Xia Yuqing was bickering with Lu Rui and was talking to Yun Xi. 

“That…Xiao Xi…” He Wenzhong called the girl in front of him embarrassedly, with a little shyness on his face. 

Xia Yuqing, who was eavesdropping outside the window, suddenly felt her eyes brighten. This is unexpected… Has he started using nicknames? Wouldn’t it be too fast for you to slide directly from first base to second base like this! ! ! 

“What’s the matter?” Yun Xi’s small white face was also dyed a little pink, from a distance it looked like Xiao Long Bao suddenly transformed into a ripe peach. 

“Wo…” Xiao Bai, who was still nestled in Cui Er’s arms outside the window became excited when he saw his most beloved sister Xiao Longbao. 

“…What’s that sound?” Yun Xi trembled and looked at the entrance of the hall with horror. 

Outside the window, Xia Yuqing and the others held their breath and did not dare to move. The culprit who had almost exposed their whereabouts was now pitifully nestled in Cui Er’s arms, with the hand of a little eunuch who quickly stepped forward to cover his mouth. 

The little eunuch grimaced because of the pain in his hand, but he didn’t make a sound.

Xia Yuqing looked at the little eunuch in admiration. She secretly made up her mind that she must let Lu Rui stew a few more soups and give it to the little eunuch to supplement him. In a world where there is no rabies vaccine, he placed his hand into a dog’s mouth without hesitation. He really is an admirable hero. 

“It seems that I heard wrong.” After listening for a long time, Yun Xi was slightly relieved. She was a little embarrassed to think that she was so awkward in front of others. 

He Wenzhong didn’t care too much, he just kept watching Yun Xi in a silly manner. Everyone outside the window was anxious for him. 

What is going on with General He? At this time when men and women are alone in the same room, even if it’s not time to do that kind of discordant exercise, it is still necessary to hold her hands to increase feelings. How can he be like a block of wood? He really has a block head ! ! ! 

Just when everyone thought the two of them were about to look at each other like this and laugh endlessly, He Wenzhong said astonishingly: “That… tomorrow afternoon, is Xiao Xi free?” 

The ears of Xia Yuqing and the others suddenly stood up because of this sentence. Their brain began to work quickly. Noon tomorrow? Is it possible that General He is going to invite Xiao Xi to go boating on the lake, to tour the scenery of the capital, and then… 

Oh, you really can’t judge a book by its cover. They really couldn’t tell that General He was such a romantic person.

Seeing Xia Yuqing staring at the two people in the hall with shining eyes, everyone on the side shivered in unison. What weird things was Niang Niang thinking about now? Suddenly, they felt a bit of sympathy for the two people in the hall who were unconscious of being YY* by their Niang Niang. 

* not sure whats the author was insinuating

Yun Xi was also startled when she heard He Wenzhong’s question, she said in a quiet voice: “It depends on what Qing Jie needs. If you are asking this…” 

He Wenzhong smiled foolishly: “If you have the time, my mother would like to ask if you would like to come to my house for a gathering and join us for a meal.” 

“!!!” F**k, this cowardly bear’s mother? Isn’t that a mother bear? How could Mother Bear know Yun Xi? If you invite her to dinner, wouldn’t it be a Hongmen Banquet*! Also isn’t this kind of development speed of going home to see the parents too fast? Are you on a rocketship? Also, Xiao Xi is a person from my palace. If you want to have her meet the parents, shouldn’t you tell me? Can we still be friends? ! ! ! 

* banquet set up with the aim of murdering a guest

Xia Yuqing put one hand on the edge of the window, resentment rolling around. It forced the others on the side back up three feet. 

The two culprits in the hall were unaware and were still awkward. 

When Yun Xi heard He Wenzhong’s words, she was both delighted and disappointed. She lowered her head and turned back: “It turns out that it was just auntie who wanted to invite me to dinner. Doesn’t General He want to be with me too?” 

“…” Xia Yuqing was embarrassed. Xiao Xi, are you acting like a baby? How long has it taken you to learn how to act like a baby and the object of affection is not me?! How can my lolicon self endure this! 

Wahh, Xia Yuqing felt her glass heart break! ! ! Xiao Xixi, do you still remember Qing Jie?

“I…I…” He Wenzhong’s face was flushed completely red. “I” didn’t come out for a long time.

Feeling impatient to see improvement, Xia Yuqing glanced at the two people in the palace who were looking at each other. She shook her head helplessly. The saying was true, “the emperor was not in a hurry, while the eunuch was anxious to death*”. At the critical moment, it really was up to her, the veteran. 

* when the person not involved but observing is anxious about the situation while the person in the situation isn’t

With a light sigh, she took back her gaze and looked back. She suddenly brightened after seeing Xiao Bai in Cui Er’s arms. 

“Niang Niang, what do you want to do?” Seeing Xia Yuqing’s eyes, an alarm rang in Lu Rui’s heart, so she asked worriedly. 

“Hehe, Cui Er, give Xiao Bai to me.” Xia Yuqing raised a wicked smile and stretched out her hand towards Cui Er. 

Cui Er seemed to understand something. She didn’t ask and smiled lightly. Then she handed Xiao Bai to Xia Yuqing. 

Xia Yuqing stretched out her hand to smooth Xiao Bai’s soft hair and smiled faintly: “Xiao Bai, if you do a good job, owner here will give you chicken thighs. If something goes wrong, you will have your teeth pulled out so you can never again bite people.” 

“Woo…” Xiao Bai wailed. He looked at Xia Yuqing in fright, for fear that Xia Yuqing would pull his teeth so that he would never be able to chew his most beloved bones. 

Xiao Bai’s well-behaved appearance made Xia Yuqing very satisfied. So in the next moment, everyone just watched Xia Yuqing…throw Xiao Bai in from the window. 

“…” This was the group of palace people who were stunned by Xia Yuqing’s actions. 

“…” This was He Wenzhong who couldn’t react to Xiao Bai’s sudden appearance. 

“!!!” This was Yun Xi who was frightened by the dog.

As soon as Xiao Bai was thrown into the hall by Xia Yuqing, he conveniently used its usual agility to jump up and down and flipped and landed steadily on the ground. Then he raised his head to face Yun Xi’s horrified eyes, with red hearts. 

“Wow…” Sister Xiao Longbao, Sister Xiao Longbao, this master is here, this master is here! ! ! Without worrying about Yun Xi’s pale face, it ran towards Yun Xi. 

As a result, the originally quiet side hall suddenly heard a long scream and a low roar, which lasted for a long time. 

“Wowowo…” Xia Yuqing looked at the melee not far away and finally couldn’t help but laugh treacherously. She let out bursts of creepy laughter. The people nearby could not help but shudder, Niang Niang’s laugh is… …too horrible! ! ! Oh, I’m going to have a nightmare again! ! ! 

In the wide hall, a fluffy little white dog happily circled a man and a woman in the center of the hall. It wagged its tail, pleased, and barked. It’s a pity that the person it wanted to please wanted to avoid it. Eyes full of tears, she hung tightly on the man’s body. 

Yes, hanging. Yun Xi’s hands were tightly wrapped around He Wenzhong’s neck, and her legs were tightly sandwiched He Wenzhong’s chest. She hung like a koala from the crooked neck tree of He Wenzhong. 

After the chaos, when Xia Yuqing and others bypassed the main hall and rushed to the entrance of the side hall, they saw this scene.

When Cui Er took back Xiao Bai again, after Xia Yuqing coughed, the two people realized how awkward their position was. He Wenzhong escaped and rushed out of the Xiefang Hall, and Yun Xi… 

“Pu chi……” Xia Yuqing looked at the girl who wanted to dig a pit and bury herself. She smiled and revealed her white teeth, “Xiao Xi, confess already, resistance is futile.” 

“… Uh .” Yun Xi looked around with a guilty conscience, and whispered, “I don’t know what Qing Jie is saying.” 

“Oh, then let me remind you. When were you so close with General He? These past few days I see him come visit every day. Even when Xiao Bai first came here, I didn’t see him running so diligently every day and…when did you and Mama Bear, pu, no, when were you so familiar with General He’s mother? Why did someone take the initiative to invite you to lunch?” 

Yun Xi’s eyes suddenly widened, she looked at Xia Yuqing in disbelief, “You just… you did it deliberately!” 

Xia Yuqing raised her eyebrows to show a “I did it on purpose, what can you do about it” face. Yun Xi was so angry that she turned her face away, determined that she would rather die than surrender. 

Xia Yuqing didn’t feel anxious when she saw this, she just sighed softly: “Oh, I suddenly remembered that I’m going to empress dowager’s tomorrow afternoon and you all will go with me.” 

“…” Yun Xi hasn’t responded yet when Lu Rui has already floated over like a ghost and inserted a sentence, “Niang Niang, you seem to have been corrupted by His Majesty, you are getting… black bellied.” 

Xia Yuqing was not angry and rejoiced, speaking happily: “Thank you for the compliment, I will continue to work hard.” 


“Lu Rui, want to come and talk together.” 

“…No need, Nu Bi still has something to attend to, please continue… ” Lu Rui hurried away, this also ruined Yun Xi’s last chance at life. 

Yun Xi’s face changed slightly when she heard Xia Yuqing’s words. Like an eggplant beaten by frost, she compromised in a low voice, “Qing Jie, what would you like to know?” 

Xia Yuqing’s eyes lit up: “Just how did General He’s mother get to know you?”

That block head He Wenzhong will definitely not take the initiative to mention Yun Xi to his mother. Even just now when Yun Xi heard He Wenzhong talk about his mother asking her over for dinner, Yun Xi didn’t seem to be too surprised. Then there was only one possibility… Yun Xi and He Wenzhong’s mother have already met. But Yun Xi has been in the palace these days and would only occasionally meet He Wenzhong a few times. She has never met He Wenzhong’s mother, when did the two of them meet secretly? ! ! ! 

“At the empress dowager’s birthday banquet, before Qing Jie arrived at Fang Cui Pavilion, Huo Feiyan was causing trouble with me. It was General He who came forward to save me. As a result, he annoyed Huo Feiyan and she verbally abused General He, then…” 


“Then I scolded Huo Feiyan without holding back. When Qing Jie and the emperor came up, I took General He and ran away.”

“…” Xia Yuqing was startled and remembered suddenly. At the empress dowager’s birthday party that day, except for the three Da Rens, she did not see He Wenzhong.

Seeing Xia Yuqing’s expression, Yun Xi coughed and continued: “In fact, General He’s mother is a close friend of the empress dowager’s. The empress dowager was a good sister to her for decades, so that day at the empress dowager’s birthday party…Mrs. He was also there.” 

“So she saw the scene where General He was protecting you and you protecting General He, as a result…” 

“As a result…Mrs. He said that she liked me very much and wanted to… wanted to accept me as a daughter-in-law.” 

” …” The story of this, god… it is exactly like a soap opera. A thought suddenly came out of her mind, there is melodrama in all aspects of one’s life and she has just gotten a thorough washing of it by accident!!! 

“Oh, the world is crashing down. When did my palace become a gathering place for people’s daughter-in-laws? Why does everyone like to pick their daughter-in-law from me? My girls are not a vegetable garden where they can be chosen as they like! Have you thought about the feelings of the owner of this vegetable garden when you do this?!”


Suffering attacks consecutively, Xia Yuqing was devastated all the way into the night. She didn’t even notice someone entering the door. She really led the wolf into the room!

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