FMEA Chapter 113

Chapter 113 When doing archery, you must aim right!  

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In the imperial study room, several people looked at the greeting messages sent from neighboring countries in front of them with cold faces. 

After a long while, it was Shao Zitong, who was the furthest from the table, breaking the silence in the room. He sneered: “The emperor of the Kingdom of Shu is coming to us? He still has the face? Haha, I think he just wants to borrow this chance to come to Ye so he can write off all the previous things.” 

Before Shao Zitong’s words fell, Yan Ran shouted: “He better not! Let’s not even mention the crimes of the previous year about Prince Rui, but he wants to write off the Consort Qing’s matter as well? If he wants to write off the debt, he still needs to see whether we agree or not.” 

Leng Ruofeng did not speak, but moved his gaze to Feng Tingye who was not far away: “How does Your Majesty feel?” 

Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows, his eyes calmly slid over the greeting card. He smiled coldly: “Wu Shi Xian Yin Qin Gei Jian Ji Dao*.”

* It means if someone treats you very nice for no reason, they must be trying to scam you or rob you 

The short sentence made several people quiet. Yan Ran touched his chin and thought for a moment: “Do you think he will be here to attack Niang Niang again this time?” 

“The emperor of Shu Kingdom is not a brainless person. If he wants to grab someone from Ye Kingdom, don’t you think he would be afraid of coming in vertically and going out horizontally*?” Shao Zitong glanced at Yan Ran and said with a disdainful face. 

* coming in alive (standing upright; vertical), go out dead (lying down; horizontal)

“What’s the purpose of that? That’s irrational, it doesn’t make sense! You just said that the emperor of Shu Kingdom is not a fool. Since he is not a fool and we experienced those past two events, shouldn’t he know we will be prepared to be on guard against him? At that time when he comes to visit, won’t it be like a sheep entering a tiger’s mouth?” Yan Ran gave Shao Zitong a look back, and asked with some doubts. 

Feng Tingye knocked on the table and suddenly remembered the news he had received a few days ago. He raised his head and said: “I feel that there is still another possibility…” 

“What’s the possibility?” The three of them were startled, they all looked at Feng Tingye.

Feng Tingye smiled slightly: “Do you still remember the spies who were in Shu. The other day, they reported that the heir to the throne for Shu… has disappeared recently.” 

“You mean…” Several people glanced at each other. This news was completely blocked in the Kingdom of Shu. After all, the disappearance of the heir was tantamount to shaking the entire country. The reason why they were able to get this news was because they had a special person helping them in the territory of Shu. This time the arrival of the emperor of Shu Kingdom is really unusual. Now that he thought about it, it is really possible… 

“The emperor suspects that the heir is in our country?” 

Feng Tingye raised his lips and smiled: “No, I think the heir of Shu is not only in our country, but very likely to be in this capital city.” 

The trio’s expressions changed slightly. After a while, Shao Zitong took the lead and said: “What is the emperor going to do?” 

“The State of Shu has never placed my kingdom Ye in their eyes. Numerous times they have tried to provoke discord among several countries, now it is time to let out the anger from so many years. Lead people to look for suspicious people who have recently entered the royal city. Be sure to find the heir before the emperor of Shu. If the heir is in our hands, this debt will go much better.” 

The three nodded, they had already thought about it. As soon as the business was finished, Yan Ran’s lips couldn’t stay idle, and he began to ask about some people’s private affairs: “Your Majesty, I heard that Wenzhong and that girl have recently… well, Niang Niang’s senior brother also often goes running into Xiefang palace. Although they don’t have any thoughts towards Niang Niang, they are all foreign ministers. Running into the harem, it doesn’t seem to be in compliance with the rules of the palace.” 

As soon as Yan Ran finished speaking, Shao Zitong laughed, with a little ridicule in his eyes: “Palace rules? When did the Grand Tutor start to pay attention to the palace rules? I think you aren’t worried about that Ya Tou, but about someone else.”

Yan Ran shuddered all over. He looked at Shao Zitong in amazement, his heart trembled. Is it possible…is it possible that his own affairs were really known to him? 

It was rare enough that Feng Tingye did not hit him while he was down and grab on to his weakness, but his face suddenly sank when he remembered his interest being disturbed last night. Perhaps, he should really consider breaking apart the affectionate couple, so that this d**n man would not even have a chance to hook up. 

Without hearing Feng Tingye’s agreement, Shao Zitong was a little puzzled. He turned his head to glance at Feng Tingye’s expressionless face: “Your Majesty, why do you look a bit… dissatisfied?” 

“Pu……” Yan Ran choked on the tea he had ingested. He looked at Feng Tingye for a while, then said: “Don’t say it, it seems that there is a little bit of that. I think his Majesty is worried Niang Niang is giving birth soon. Since his majesty dotes on Niang Niang, he can only hold himself back,  hahaha…” 

“Yan Ran, no one will treat you as a mute if you don’t speak.” Feng Tingye smiled coldly, staring at the tea in his hand, “Is that tea good?” 

Yan Ran being stared at by Feng Tingye suddenly had a bad premonition. Sure enough, Feng Tingye’s next sentence scared him to almost throw the cup in his hand: “How about the soup from the other day?” 

“…” He knew it, he knew it! 

A gleam of light flashed through Shao Zitong’s eyes, he seemed to understand something, while the only one unaware Leng Ruofeng frowned in confusion: “What soup?” 

Feng Tingye saw that his goal was achieved, but he was not ready to move on yet. After speaking, he said, “It’s nothing, I asked the Grand Tutor whether the stewed pig’s trotters with red dates made by Ai Fei at that time was good.”

Shao Zitong and Leng Ruofeng were taken aback, then recalling someone’s unbearable past, they couldn’t help pursing their lips to refrain from laughing too much. 

The corners of Yan Ran’s lips twitched. Although he was relieved that the certain incident had not been said, can he also not mention his unbearable past. Sure enough to be brothers with the person in front of him, he must always be prepared to be stabbed in the back! 

“Speaking of that, it’s already past lunch time. It’s rare that the emperor is willing to accompany us to chat here. Don’t you have to dine with Niang Niang today?” 

“Zhen also wants that, but it’s a pity that Ai Fei is not at Xie Fang palace, so it would be in vain for me to go there.” 

“Not in Xie fang palace?” 

Seeing the suspicion of several people, Feng Tingye said helplessly: “Royal Mother recently got a bow made of phoenix wood. It’s beautiful. After giving it to Ai Fei, Ai Fei has really liked it.  Recently with her interest in this novel item, she is probably practicing archery in the archery hall.” 

Feng Tingye didn’t guess wrong. At this moment, Xia Yuqing was not at Xiefang palace, but ran to the riding and shooting hall with her four golden flowers to harm others. 

Seven months has already gone by and Xia Yuqing is now round like a big ball. Several people worried that she would accidentally hurt herself, refused to allow her to touch the bow and arrow. They would only let her watch from the side and satisfy her addiction from afar. 

The sun was shining, and the sunlight made people unable to open their eyes. Lu Rui stood beside Xia Yuqing, watching the movement not far away. Unexpectedly, as soon as she turned around, she saw her master looking up high in the sky. She seemed like she was daydreaming with an expression that showed that she was about to drool. 

“Niang Niang… Niang Niang, what are you looking at?” 

Lu Rui’s whispering pulled back Xia Yuqing’s wandering mind, but failed to bring back her gaze from the sun: “I’m looking at the sun.” 

Lu Rui was startled, she looked up at the blinding sun and wondered: “The sun? What is so beautiful about the sun?”

Xia Yuqing said with a dreamy expression: “You probably don’t know, but a long time ago, there were actually ten suns in the sky. Each sun was as big as our current one. It was so hot that it burned all the grass on earth and mortals could not survive because the ground was so hot. ” 

“Huh?” It was the first time that Lu Rui heard this story, her eyes widened in surprise. She curiously asked: “What happened after?” 

Xia Yuqing squinted her eyes and said in an intoxicated manner: “Later, there was a person named Hou Yi who used an arrow and shot down the other nine suns like a meatball skewer, leaving only the current sun.” 

“…meatball skewers?” 

“Yeah, don’t you think the sun is nice and round, like a meatball. A big meatball.” Xia Yuqing spoke as she tried to suck in the flood of saliva coming out. 


“Lu Rui, do you think if I learn archery well, I can shoot the sun down and skewer it into a meatball skewer in the future?” 

“…Uhh…probably.” Lu Rui looked at the sky numbly, shocked by Xia Yuqing’s remarks. Using a white cloud on the side to block the sun, she suddenly felt this world seemed like an illusion. Her brain can’t keep up with her masters! 

With Lu Rui’s guarantee, Xia Yuqing became more motivated to fight for the meatballs she had been thinking about for a long time. 

On the other side, Cui Er and Li Yuan had already stood on the adjacent shooting positions. In front of them were two grass targets with red cinnabar used to draw the mark. 

“Look Niang Niang, look. Cui Er Jiejie and Xiao Yuan are going to shoot.” 

Shoot?! Xia Yuqing froze, she quickly withdrew her attention from the sun that she had been teasing and transferred her attention to the two people not far away. 

The shining eyes looked at Cui Er and Li Yuan who were not far away, then she dropped her eyes in disappointment. It turned out they were actually shooting archery! Xia Yuqing, once again, expressed how her rotten girl’s soul had suffered a heavy blow.

The tense bowstring was leaking an aggressive aura. The tense bowstring cuts into an arc in mid-air. The movements of the two were surprisingly uniform with a bit of fierceness. Accompanied by a bang, two arrows came out almost at the same time. The few people nearby could only vaguely see a shining afterimage flying through the air. In the next instant, two red hearts had arrows sticking through them. From a distance you can see the feathers on the arrows gleaming in the sun. 

“I lost, Xiao Yuan’s archery skills are too good.” Cui Er turned her wrist, retracted the bow in her hand, and smiled slightly. 

Although both arrows hit the target, Cui Er’s was obviously a little to the side, while Li Yuan’s was right at the center. It was clear at a glance which was better. 

“Cui Er Jiejie is also very good, in fact…” Cui Er Jiejie didn’t try her best. She found out when the arrow went out just now. The fingers of Cui Er’s arrow were slightly off, just changing the trajectory of the arrow making the arrow deviate a little from the bullseye, but…why? 

Cui Er seemed to see her doubts, but smiled. Soon someone answered this question for her. 

Li Yuan just retracted the bow in her hand and when she turned around, she met someone’s shiny eyes and was taken aback : “Qing Jiejie, what’s the matter?” 

Xia Yuqing looked at her with joy: “I didn’t expect Xiao Yuan’s archery to be so good.” 

Li Yuan was startled, scratching her cheeks embarrassedly. She said with a smile: “Well, I’ve learned it secretly from someone in the palace before, it’s not too good. People say that one can never learn too many skills, so I just wanted to learn more. This way I won’t starve to death after I leave the palace.” 

Xia Yuqing nodded: “That’s right, since Xiao Yuan’s archery skills are so good, can you help me shoot down the sun in the sky?” 

“Shoot…shoot down the sun?” Li Yuan was stunned, “Qing Jie why do you want to shoot the sun?”

“Don’t you think it looks like a meatball?” 

“…” No! Not at all!

“Such a big meatball hanging above my head all day long, being able to see it but not eat it, I can’t help having this craving. Xiao Yuan, shoot it down.”

“…” Qing Jiejie, you won’t even let go of the sun now? If you continue to eat like this, not only will the palace be overwhelmed by you, but the whole world will have no escape! 

Li Yuan looked at Cui Er, who was packing her bow and arrows leisurely not far away, with a sad expression on her face. She finally knew why she had moved her hand just now! Sure enough, ginger is still hotter when older! Showing off one’s ability sometimes isn’t a good thing! Qing Jiejie, please let me go! 

“Niang Niang, next is Xiao Xi.” Lu Rui couldn’t bear to continue watching Li Yuan receive Xia Yuqing’s mental attack, and kindly reminded Xia Yuqing to draw her attention back. 

“It’s Xiao Xi’s turn?” Sure enough, Xia Yuqing’s attention suddenly shifted, “Come on Xiao Xi, show us your vigor!” 

Yun Xi, who was drawing a bow, was trembling when Xia Yuqing shouted like this. As soon as she loosened her hand, she could only hear a “Jiu”, and the arrow in her hand flew out. 

The four of them watched the arrow draw a beautiful arc in the air, then plunge into the grass in between the person and the target. A cold wind blew. The feathers of the arrow tail swayed slightly along with the long green grass, it was inexplicably… funny. 





After a long while, Xia Yuqing, who was the first to recover, changed her face slightly: “Pu, no more, I’m dying. Xiao Xi, are you doing archery or shooting the grass? If you shoot arrows like this, those innocent injured grass will cry!” 

The other three were drawn back to their wits by Xia Yuqing’s laughter. They couldn’t help laughing as well.

Yun Xi’s white face flushed suddenly. Like a seductive red apple, she argued unconvincingly: “This is just an accident, accident. It’s all Qing Jie’s fault! You suddenly spoke, I… I… ” 

Xia Yuqing laughed enough and hugged her belly while heaving: “Yes, yes, I was wrong. You quickly shoot another arrow to restore your broken image.” 

“Hmph!” Yun Xi was very proud. She turned her head away, but her ears were red. 

Taking a deep breath, under the gaze of several people, Yun Xi once again drew a long arrow, squinted slightly, staring at the target not far away in an awe-inspiring manner.

With a bang, the arrow flew towards the distance as if it was equipped with a launcher. It then fell into the haystack, a few steps away from the target under the dumbfounded gaze of a few people. 

“…” After a brief deathly silence, there were several bursts of unbearable laughter. 

“Yes, not bad. Hahaha, this time you shot a little farther, you improved.” Xia Yuqing laughed as she grabbed Lu Rui’s hand, making fun of her while she was down. 

Yun Xi’s small face flushed. She furiously drew out the long arrows behind her and started shooting wildly, but the results were not satisfactory. Most of the long arrows plunged into the lawn sadly. Only the last one, finally stabbed into the target. 

“…” There was a suspicious silence for a few seconds in the field. Suddenly there was a loud laughter again. 

Xia Yuqing laughed while holding her belly in her arms and shouted, “It’s no good, I’m going to die.” 

Lu Rui helped support her body, with a clear smile on her face. Li Yuan squatted aside to clean up. With her head lowered, one couldn’t see the expression on her face, but from the shaking shoulders, it could be seen that she was actually trying to stop herself from laughing really hard.

Only Cui Er who had her expression slightly shifted didn’t laugh out loud, but her eyes were filled with smiles.

Soon, Yun Xi threw away her gratitude to the person in front of her. This was because Cui Er who stepped towards her, reached out and patted her shoulder. When she was expecting that the other party was here to comfort her, the result was… 

“Don’t be discouraged, at least this time you hit the target, didn’t you? Pu…” Cui Er couldn’t hold back her laugh anymore and broke down. 

“…” Yes, it was a target. But, I hit the target heside my intended target. It was also on the very edge of the target. How big a deviation would it require for it to get to the next target after aiming at my own target, hello! 

Yun Xi felt her glass heart break, the kind that couldn’t be glued together again. She had a hunch that today’s archery will be the failure of her archery career, so… she must save herself. 

After being stunned by her anger, Yun Xi threw the bow and arrow in her hand to the ground under everyone’s astonished gaze. She stiffened her neck: “Laugh, laugh, what are you laughing at? If you have the ability, Qing Jiejie you can go shoot an arrow too. Maybe it’s worse than mine.” 

“…” Everyone instantly stopped laughing and watched the Xiao Longbao explode!

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