FMEA Chapter 114 Part 2

Chapter 114 An offspring enthusiast is so unbearable*!

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“I’m saved.” Yun Xi ran out without daring to look back. She only breathed a sigh of relief when she hid in a small quiet courtyard. The Xiao Long Bao directly turned into a red bean paste bun. 

“Hmph, you want to bring me back, don’t think about it! But strange, I obviously appeared today in front of him several times, but he did not notice at all. Maybe he has another new interest!” 

“If he really had a new interest, how can he personally go deep into the enemy country for danger? Instead, he would have taken his new interest to play long ago, rather than think of you who have no conscience.” 

“That’s not necessarily true, maybe he didn’t come for me at all!” Yun Xi snorted coldly. Then her eyes widened as if she had noticed something. She looked at the dark shadow not far away with a look of horror. 

“What…Where is this evildoer? Quickly report your name and kowtow to this girl to apologize, otherwise…this girl is proficient in all sorts of martial arts. It will definitely make you not want to live and will show you how death would be better than living. This lady will make you regret coming into this world.” Yun Xi put on a fighting pose, looking defensively at the dark shadow not far away.

“…” the black shadow paused suspiciously for a moment, then his whole body trembled violently. “Xi Er, you have only left the palace for less than four months, how come you have become…” 

The black shadow was obviously considering his own wording, but Yun Xi was already frightened by his address: “What did you call me just now? Xi Er?” 

When they were in Shu Kingdom, those people called her Your Highness. After coming to Ye Kingdom, she was used to Xia Yuqing and the others calling her Xiao Xi. There were only two people in the world who would call her Xi Er. But this one had to be… 

“Recognize your father, the king?” The black shadow hidden in the darkness slowly walked out, revealing a completely unfamiliar face under the moonlight. There was a doting expression on his face that was unusually familiar. 

“Royal father?” Yun Xi tentatively walked over. As soon as she approached, she heard a familiar aegyo, “My lovely little Xixi doesn’t want her father anymore, she has a temper and ran away from the palace! It really hurts your father’s heart. I’m hurt.” 

This voice, this manner, and this way of acting like a baby as if wasn’t wrong, it must be her father. 

Yun Xi’s eyes were shining, she quickly stepped forward to grab the mustache under Yun Zhongli’s chin, and said in surprise: “Father, it’s really you? Come, let me see. Is this… Is it the legendary human skin mask? OMG, ​​this is amazing! Let me touch it.”

Yun Xi rushed towards Yun Zhongli. Jumping on the person, she raised her hand against Yun Zhongli’s face. 

“Oh, my spirit, don’t touch it, don’t touch it. If it falls off later, royal father won’t be able to go back to the banquet.” Yun Zhongli really could not do anything about this pearl in the palm of his hand since she was a child. He could only whisper while grabbing her hand, with helplessness on his face. 

“Oh, okay.” Yun Xi then remembered that this was not the Shu Kingdom’s imperial palace but the Ye Kingdom. She hurriedly took her hand back. She really couldn’t get accustomed to looking at this strange face. 

“Father, since you are here, who is the one outside?” 

Yun Zhongli stretched out his hand to smooth his long beard that was almost pulled off by Yunxi, and said with a smile: “Your Uncle Hao.” 

“Uncle Hao? Royal Father, why do you want Uncle Hao to pretend to be you?” Yun Xi asked with a puzzled face. Her eyes lit up and she grabbed her father’s shirt and smiled, “Royal Father, are you hiding something from Er Chen?” 

“No…no…” Yun Qianli’s* face was rarely embarrassed, he was guilty of thinking about other things, “You still want to speak, if it wasn’t for you, do you think your father would come to such a place? Did you see how the few people outside besieged your Uncle Hao? If the person sitting inside was really your royal father, there would be nothing left. You pack up quickly and go back with your father, otherwise you will be in danger if they know your identity.” 

* not sure why they switched names, but still Emperor of Shu Kingdom

Yun Qianli’s words did not bring back his daughter’s heart, but instead caused her to give him a blank eye, as if saying, “Father, why are you so useless? Just because you can’t bear the bombardment of those people, you made Uncle Hao block the gun, I was really wrong about you!” 

“I don’t want to go back, the people here are so kind to me! Although Qing Jiejie instigates things and likes to pinch my face casually, she is very kind to me. There is also Cui Er Jiejie, Lu Rui Jiejie, and Li Yuan Jiejie, they are all good people. Also the Da Rens and the emperor you just mentioned are not like how Third royal uncle and aunt said, they aren’t that bad, especially the emperor. Besides being jealous usually, he is kind to Qing Jiejie and because we are under her, he also takes good care of us. How could a man who can be so good to Qing Jiejie be a bad person?” 

“…” Yun Qianli’s expression changed drastically as he listened to Yun Xi’s rhetorical retort. He reached out his hand and touched Yun Xi’s forehead, and muttered, “Weird, she doesn’t have a fever. Why is she talking nonsense?” 

“Father, what are you doing?” Yun Xi raised her hand and pushed away the hand, “Father, Er Chen is serious.” 

“My dear, you won’t be fooled by the people in this palace with their demonic techniques, right? Quickly, royal father will take you back immediately and let the imperial doctor treat you. Don’t worry, nothing will happen.” 

Yun Xi looked at her father as if the sky was about to collapse. With a panic expression, she couldn’t help rolling her eyes: “Father, calm down. I’m really fine, I just understand things now.” 

“What’s the matter?” Looking at Yun Xi’s sinking face, he was startled. 

“Seeing is believing and hearing can be misleading. We used to listen to third royal uncle and aunt in the palace talking about how abhorrent this Ye country is, but father, Er Chen has lived here these days and found the people here are completely different from our impressions. I can’t help but wonder… which of the words said by third uncle and aunt are true and which are false.”

Yun Zhongli* frowned: “Xi Er, how do you know that they didn’t pretend to be like that on purpose? What if they were using you to subdue my Shu country?” 

* changed back

“…” Yun Xi looked at her royal father like a fool. She stretched out her hand to caress Yun Zhongli’s forehead as Yun Zhongli did to her just now, “Weird, no fever! Father, you just said to take me back before they found out who I was. Now why would they want to use me? In their eyes, I am just a little palace lady. Why is it necessary to pretend in front of me? Father, you’re being prejudice.” 

Seeing Yun Xi’s seriousness, he was stunned. He stared blankly at this baby girl who had been protected under his wings this entire time. He was reluctant to let her get hurt. His expression was complicated. 

Seeing that Yun Zhongli hasn’t responded for a long time, Yun Xi was a little confused. As soon as she raised her head, she saw the tearful and pitiful look of Yun Zhongli. She immediately panicked: “Father, what’s the matter with you? Oh, don’t cry! You are a big man who is still the lord of a country, don’t shed tears casually. What will you do if people see?”

“Woohoo, anyway I’m wearing someone’s face now, who cares.” 

“… ” Father, you are so irresponsible, how were you raised? Uh…it seems like I belong to his family, well, whatever! 

“Wuuu, royal father is just very happy and sad. Royal father’s darling has finally grown up, and can say such a reasonable thing!” 

“…” It turns out that royal father could still be reasonable. If she knew this before she would curse at him a little bit earlier.

“Oh, to think back then, when royal father’s little baby was just born, she was so meaty and soft, sooo cute. Now she has grown into such a slim and lovely appearance. I still remember when royal father’s little baby just learned to walk, it was this royal father who led her to stand up step by step. Now she can leave the palace and run around. I still remember when this royal father’s little baby just learned to speak and called out their first word, “royal father”. Now she has reached the age to be able to marry! To marry? No, who would dare to plot against my baby, I will definitely not let her go! If you want to marry my baby, you have to pass my round first… ” Yun Qianli was caught in the fear that his daughter would marry and be a wife after she grew up, and couldn’t help himself. He didn’t notice Yun Xi’s face becoming as black as the bottom of a pot standing beside him. 

Yun Xi listened to Yun Qianli’s increasingly exaggerated self-talk, with blue veins jumping out of her head, and groaned unbearably, “Shut up.” 

“…” Yun Qianli’s voice fell silent. There are only two people in the world who can yell at him like this without being punished to death by him. One was his wife who was left behind in the imperial capital, Situ Jiao, the Queen of Shu. The other was his only precious daughter, Yun Xi. 

Yun Xi ignored the sad eyes projected by Yun Qianli, and took a deep breath: “Father, don’t change the subject. You haven’t answered me about what I asked you just now.”

“Huh, what?” Yun Qianli pretended to be stupid. 

“Don’t pretend to be stupid, do you have something you are hiding from Er Chen?” Yun Xi squinted slightly and shouted coldly. 

“…” Yun Qianli looked up at the sky and was uncooperative. 

Yun Xi rolled her eyes and said, “Since the emperor doesn’t want to say it, then Er Chen can’t help it.” 

Yun Qianli was overjoyed, and was just about to say something, when Yun Xi continued: “Last time when playing hide and seek with cousin Hao, I happened to see that there were a lot of pictures of beauties hidden under royal father’s couch. I don’t know if the queen has seen it…” 

“Hold on!” Hearing Yun Xi’s words, Yun Zhongli with a panicked look, stepped forward and grabbed Yun Xi’s hand and said, “Father will speak, Father will speak. Don’t tell your mother, or Father will have to sleep in the study room for another half year!” 

Yun Xi’s plump face showed a treacherous smile. She said compassionately: “Well, let’s talk…” 

“…Xi Er, why does royal father feel like you have been corrupted since going out this time?”

“Thank you, father, Er Chen will work harder.” 


Yun Xi looked at Yun Zhongli’s crying expression and her heart was refreshed. Sure enough, she had profited since following Qing Jiejie. Seeing her royal father’s expression, it’s so… so funny. She must tell her royal mother about this when she goes back, hahaha! 

“In fact, it’s nothing, but some people in the capital have become restless recently. Your mother suggested that since they are restless, it’s better to take this opportunity of picking you up to lure the snake out of the cave and kill them all.”

Yun Xi was startled. After a moment of contemplation, she understood the purpose of the disguise. Her eyes changed slightly: “It turns out that royal father did not come this time to pick up Er Chen, so Er Chen will not go back with father. Please have a safe trip, I will not send you off!” 

“…” Yun Zhongli was startled, his face sagged. He hurriedly stepped forward to hold Yun Xi, and coaxed: “Daughter! Father’s dear daughter, don’t have a temper and follow your father. Let’s go back!” 

“Won’t go back! I won’t go back. If I go back, you will force me to marry that sissy.” 

“Sissy…Oh, you mean the fourth prince of Xia? He has gone back a long time ago, he won’t bother you anymore. Your third uncle will no longer force you to marry him, so you can go back with your father. For this, your mother has punished me enough, father really doesn’t want to sleep in the study room anymore. Have pity for your pitiful father, and go back with your father. You may be discovered here at any time and be in danger, how could your father leave you alone and go back?” 

“Don’t worry about that father, Er Chen is safe here. Humph, and even if it wasn’t him, there would be someone else. Third Uncle would not let me go. Every day, he wants to marry me out. Humph, how could I not know his thoughts? Once I get married, then the heir of the Kingdom of Shu….” Yun Xi was shocked that she slipped out a few words. She hurriedly stopped, and muttered, “Anyways, I will not be at the mercy of you. I will not marry a man I do not like and be depressed for a lifetime. Hmph…”

“…he will marry in, you won’t marry out!” Yun Zhongli retorted. How could his baby girl marry to a foreign country? 

My baby girl is so noble and lovely. Naturally, I want to find a gentleman with an extraordinary appearance and an extraordinary personality. Only a dragon of men can be worthy of her. The most important thing is that the son-in-law must enter the family so that he can be under his watch to take care of his daughter for a lifetime. 

“Hehe, but third uncle doesn’t seem like they want to let the husband become our family?” 

Yun Zhongli’s face was dark, as if he had also noticed the strangeness in this matter. 

Yun Xi didn’t wait patiently for him to recollect the key points. She folded her hands on her chest and said with a proud face: “Anyways, Er Chen will not go back with my father. Er Chen has already found someone Er Chen likes here. If royal father urges Er Chen, Er Chen will cook the rice with him and settle in Ye Kingdom, and never go back to Shu Kingdom. You can figure it out. ” 

Boom- Yun Zhongli felt lightning crash down on him, almost abruptly splitting him in half. His hands were shaking when he asked, “Xi Er has someone they like?” 

Yun Xi nodded firmly, and his face sank in the cloud. He could no longer hold back. He screamed: “Damn it, who is it? Who is it? Which beast dares to have thoughts about my baby girl… woo woo woo…” 


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