FMEA Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Man Tou father-in-law vs Bear Son-in-law 

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On the other side, singing and dancing at the banquet, Feng Tingye and the counterfeit Yun Zhongli talked back and forth, enjoying themselves. 

Xia Yuqing watched it with gusto. When she suddenly remembered that Yun Xi had been missing for a long time, she couldn’t help but feel a little worried. 

“That girl Yun Xi has been gone for so long and hasn’t come back. She didn’t fall into the pit, right? Lu Rui, go and see. If she did fall in, quickly get her out.” 

“…” Niang Niang, Nu Bi feels that Yun Xi won’t be as bad as Xiao Bai to fall into a pit. 

Pulling the corners of her mouth, Lu Rui still got up and walked out obediently. Just two steps later, she heard Xia Yuqing yell: “Wait!” 

“Does Niang Niang have more orders?” 

“I’ll go with you. I’m a bit full, it will be good to walk around.” 

“…” The last sentence was the crucial point. 

“Ai Fei, where are you going?” Although Feng Tingye was talking to the fake Yun Zhongli, his eyes never left Xia Yuqing from beginning to the end. So seeing Xia Yuqing get up, he hurriedly asked. 

“Your Majesty, Chen Qie feels that there are too many people here and am a little bored, so Chen Qie wants to go out for a walk.”

Once Xia Yuqing said this, Feng Tingye also remembered the old lady’s advice that pregnant women shouldn’t be stuck in a crowded place for long, otherwise it would be easy to cause chest tightness. He glanced at Cui Er and Li Yuan who were following Xia Yuqing, and was relieved a little bit: “Go early and come back early. If you are really tired, go back and rest first.” 

Xia Yuqing nodded. Then she led the girls to bow to him and walked out. 

“Did you see where the Ya Tou beside Ben Gong went?” As soon as Xia Yuqing walked out of the palace gate, she looked in all directions. She was confused and turned to ask the palace guard on the side. 

Because of the frequent exchange of news, the palace people around Feng Tingye were familiar with the girls under Xia Yuqing. When Xia Yuqing asked, they  immediately understood which one she was referring to, and pointed to a direction with a smile. 

Xia Yuqing smiled back and walked in the direction Yun Xi had just taken. 

At the same time, Yun Xi, who didn’t know that Xia Yuqing was heading to her, was busy comforting her distressed father. 

“Father, don’t be like this. When you asked Er Chen to marry the fourth prince of the Xia country a few days ago, I didn’t see you like this…” 

“How can that be the same?” Yun Zhongli murmured miserably, interrupting Yun Xi’s persuasion, “The fourth prince has been carefully assessed by your father and your third uncle. Only then did your father reluctantly allow him to get along with you first. As a result… After countless calculations and preventions, your father couldn’t prevent it! What kind of b**tard dared to hook up with my beloved dear without my consent, and… also took away my dear daughter’s heart. Unforgivable!” 

“…” Seeing that her father was about to transform from a dormant volcano into a fire-breathing dragon, Yun Xi couldn’t help but roll her eyes to the sky. Just as she wanted to explain, a shout came from not far away.

“Xiao Xi, Xiao Xi? Hey, where is she? The guards outside clearly said she came here? Xiao Xi, Xiao Xi, are you still alive? If you are alive, just make a squeak…” 

“… Niang Niang, Xiao Xi is not a mouse, why would you make her squeak?” 

“…That’s right! Xiao Xi, Xiao Xi, are you there? Are you there? If you are, just roar?” 


Yun Xi listened to Xia Yuqing’s unusual call and became stiff. She turned around and looked at Yun Zhongli: “No, I can’t let Qing Jiejie discover father, you have to hide, hide! Father, come here quickly and find a place to hide.”

“It’s empty here, where do you want your royal father to go to hide?!” 

“Uh … there is a rockery in front, royal father go there and hide!” Yun Xi searched around and finally saw something not far away. She hurriedly dragged Yun Zhongli in the direction of the rockery. 

“Ah… Qing Jiejie, there is a dark shadow over there.” 

It really is the case in which what you’re afraid of would always come to happen. Before hiding Yun Zhongli, the two running people were spotted by the sharp-eyed Li Yuan. 

Yun Xi was anxious, and the steps under her feet got faster. Two steps would equal three steps of running. As a result, because she was already in a hurry, the moon was not very bright tonight, and the garden was so dark, Yun Xi stepped on a banana peel that someone finished eating: “Ah~” 

Yun Xi had only one thought in her mind when she fell down: What soulless person didn’t throw away their banana peel! 

“Xi Er!” Yun Zhongli, who was being held tightly by Yun Xi, hurriedly stretched out his hand to catch her, but was dragged down by her. 

Then when Xia Yuqing arrived, they saw Yun Xi lying on the ground in shock and a tall man pressing on her.

“Wa…” everyone exclaimed. After a while, Xia Yuqing recovered first and shouted: “Beast, let go of that girl, I’m coming! Ah, that’s wrong! Cui Er, you go up quickly! Cut off that hand of the skirt-chaser and save Yun Xi!” 

“Yes, Niang Niang.” Cui Er drew out a sharp dagger she carried with her and was about to step forward. 

Yun Xi who recovered from the initial panic, seeing Cui Er who was approaching with a sharp dagger in her hand, exclaimed: “Wait a minute! Qing Jiejie, you have misunderstood. It’s not what you thought. This person is not…not a lecherous man.” 

Yun Xi pushed Yun Zhongli off her body. The two hurriedly got up from the ground. 

Cui Er heard Yun Xi’s shout and was startled. She turned to look at Xia Yuqing inquiringly. 

Xia Yuqing touched her chin, then glanced suspiciously at the two of them several times. Then she remembered that when Yun Xi fell, the man yelled anxiously and intimately, could it be… 

Xia Yuqing clenched her right fist, then revealed an expression of sudden enlightenment. Her look towards Yun Xi immediately became complicated. 

Seeing a trace of suspicion, Yun Xi’s guilty conscience floated up and she just wanted to lower her head to confess when she heard Xia Yuqing exclaim: “Xiao Xi, you’re actually having an affair!?” 

“…what?” Yun Xi’s eyes widened. She looked at Xia Yuqing’s sad expression with her small face in disbelief. 

“I was wondering why you suddenly got a stomach ache. After you ran to the toilet for so long, and didn’t come back, I came out to look for you and heard the guards outside say that you were coming here. I was still wondering, this is not the toilet, what could you be doing here? It turns out…it turned out to be a private meeting with a lover!” 

“Qing Jiejie, I…”

Yun Xi was interrupted by Xia Yuqing before she finished speaking, “It doesn’t matter if you have an affair, but how could you do it with such an old uncle! Find yourself a younger one! If General He knows that such an uncle was his love rival, he will think that you treat him as an uncle as well. He will definitely die of sadness.” 

“…” So General He would only be sad because he thought he was being regarded as an uncle? The group of palace people were stunned by Xia Yuqing’s logic. 

“…” What the h**l is this? Why can’t I understand what Qing Jiejie just said? This is Yunxi who was confused by Xia Yuqing’s retort. 

“…” Uncle? Was he so old? Although he was already the father of a child, he is well maintained and looks like he is only in his thirties at most. How can he be considered an uncle? ! Completely unaccepting of being called old, Yun Zhongli obviously has forgotten that he was wearing a human skin mask. 

But soon, Yun Zhongli’s attention was attracted by another thing: “General He? Who is General He? Why would General He finding out about Zhen… AH that I am his love rival will feel sad?” 

As soon as Yun Zhongli said Zhen, Yun Xi stepped on his foot causing him to scream and dare not do that again. 

Fortunately, Xia Yuqing’s attention was not here at this time. When she heard the words from Yun Zhongli, Xia Yuqing’s face changed slightly. She tremblingly pointed to Yun Xi and said: “Xiao Xi, it turns out that you are not only having an affair, but also deceiving elders? You…you really disappointed me, I…I…” 

“Enough!” After hearing Xia Yuqing’s words, Yun Xi finally couldn’t bear it, and interrupted Xia Yuqing’s accusation with a scream. Glancing at Xia Yuqing’s wide-eyed eyes, before Xia Yuqing said something more terrifying, she gave up and said, “This is my father.”

“…” Xia Yuqing who prepared a stomachful of words and teachings had it wither and die inside. Her slightly opened mouth suddenly became O-shaped. The scene fell silent for an instant, even some mosquitoes and flies could be heard. 

“…Didn’t you say that your father is in the Kingdom of Shu?” 

Yun Xi turned her eyes slightly and coughed lightly, “Yes, my father is favoured in front of King Shu. Didn’t I tell Qing Jiejie that I came from a big family and ran out? My father came with King Shu this time, but he found me at the banquet just now. I’m still running away from home, right? So I was thinking of slipping away, but I was caught by my father. Just now I heard Qing Jiejie call me, but I was worried that Qing Jiejie would be suspicious of me when she found out, so… I didn’t expect it to get worse.” 

“No wonder you just ran away like your buttocks were on fire, so…” Xia Yuqing suddenly realized something and turned her head and looked at Yun Zhongli again, “This…Uncle, are you really Xiao Xi’s father?” 

“The goods are genuine and authentic, I am Xiao Xi’s…Daddy.” Yun Zhongli hasn’t finished speaking yet again when Yun Xi gave a kick to change the topic hurriedly. 

“Oh, it’s Xiao Xi’s father! This younger generation has offended you just now, I ask that Uncle Yun forgive me.” 

Yun Zhongli nodded. Just when he was about to take a serious look at this woman who had been talked about by his daughter, he felt something move slightly below. He looked down and saw Yun Xi winking at him vigorously. 

Suddenly he remembered his current identity was just a little courtier next to the Shu King and he really couldn’t be acting arrogant in front of Ye Kingdom’s future empress. But to let the Shu King honor a concubine. …

Now Yun Zhongli was in trouble. He hesitated for a moment. For the sake of his daughter and not to reveal his identity and influence major events, Yun Zhongli decided that if a man could bend and stretch, he could greet her! 

“Niang Niang is too serious. It is this foreign minister’s daughter who was impatient and guileless. She ran out without telling Niang Niang and other people. This will cause such misunderstandings. Please don’t blame yourself Niang Niang.” Yun Zhongli folded his hands forward and bowed. 

Before he could finish his words, Xia Yuqing had already walked to him, and supported him first: “Uncle Yun doesn’t need to be polite, I don’t know how Uncle Yun should be called?” 

After avoiding the bow, Yun Zhongli’s affection for Xia Yuqing increased. She was a polite girl. He whispered back: “This foreign minister is Hao Zhonglang of the State of Shu. If Niang Niang doesn’t mind, just call this minister Uncle Hao.” Bo Fu* sounded too old! Yun Zhongli was still agonizing over the things Xia Yuqing had said earlier. 

* term of respect for older man

“…” Yun Xi’s mouth twitched and said in her heart, if Uncle Hao knew that you were standing with his face and using his name while doing all those stupid things just now, he would definitely cry! 

Xia Yuqing did not suspect him. She obediently shouted, “Uncle Hao” then suddenly felt something not quite right. She wonderingly asked: “Hey, that’s not right. Uncle Hao your surname is Hao, how could Xiao Xi’s surname be Yun?”

“Umm …Well, Xiao Xi follows her mother’s surname. Her mother’s surname is Yun.” 

“Oh, so that’s how it is.”

Looking at Xia Yuqing, Yun Zhongli nodded. Seeing that there was no skeptical expression, he sighed slightly and decided to ask how things were going for Yun Xi in Ye Kingdom. 

But Xia Yuqing suddenly mumbled: “It’s strange, obviously Xiao Xi is a Xiao LongBao, so her dad should be a Da LongBao. But why did he get a Man Tou face, that doesn’t make sense, ah” 

Another thunder struck him head-on. 

Mantou face Mantou face Mantou face… Did this person say he has a mantou face? ! Yun Zhong Li felt like an arrow hit his knee and he had just fallen on his face. 

Just like that, Yun Zhongli and Xia Yuqing’s first meeting because of Xia Yuqing’s words, had him KO’d and petrified. The weather just blew away the little bits left of him on the ground. He was defeated! 

“Where did you go for so long?” When Xia Yuqing returned to the banquet, the banquet was drawing to a close. When Xia Yuqing came back, Feng Tingye immediately took her hand, feeling that the temperature in her hand wasn’t too cold, his face was only slightly dark. 

Just now Xia Yuqing hadn’t returned for a long time and the people from her Palace hadn’t come back to report that she had returned to the palace, this meant that Xia Yuqing had not returned early to rest. After a long period of time, Feng Tingye couldn’t help but become a little worried. Just when he was thinking about getting up and going out to take a look, Xia Yuqing returned. 

“Just to the garden not far away to walk around.” Staring at the unconcealable smile on Xia Yuqing’s face, Feng Tingye narrowed his phoenix eyes and chuckled: “Why are you so happy?”

“Nothing. It’s just that General He’s future father-in-law is here, hehehe…” 

“General He?” Wen Zhong’s future father-in-law? Feng Tingye suddenly remembered that Wen Zhong seemed to be interested in the new girl in Xia Yuqing’s palace recently… Then isn’t his future father-in-law the girl’s father? 

He came? Could it be that the girl’s father is among the team of Shu that came to Ye this time? 

“Well, I’ll tell Your Majesty when we return.” Xia Yuqing didn’t notice the flash of cold light in Feng Tingye’s eyes. She only thought that Feng Tingye was surprised because he had just heard the news. 

Thinking like this, the smile on Xia Yuqing’s lips could not help but deepen a lot. If General He knew that his future father-in-law had appeared, what would happen? 

The night gradually deepened, and the lively reception banquet slowly came to an end. The palace people who had been guarding outside the palace for the major enemy could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. This time the banquet was surprisingly smooth. 

Since Xia Yuqing appeared, the banquets in this palace have had unpredictable events from time to time. Even the Da Rens in the court are now talking about the banquets. They had to limit the heads for the banquets in this palace or else some people might try to sneak into the palace. 

But this was also good, without too many people, the food in the palace will be preserved a lot. This can be used to make up for the deficits eaten by Consort Qing. Really, ​​it is true that after following the emperor and Niang Niang for a long time, people will become so witty!

In the heart of a bunch of people who were feeling great and lucky because of today’s banquet, little did they know, something that should happen, happened quietly, and this thing was destined to cause someone’s near tragedy….. 

The day of the tragedy was on the third day after the banquet. It was a sunny day, with birds and the scent of flowers outside the window. 

Xia Yuqing had just had lunch and was in the midst of rubbing her basketball sized belly for digestion when suddenly, she heard a cry: “Oh no, this is bad, Qing Jiejie!” 

“What’s not good? What are you doing, Xiao Xi? What should we do if Niang Niang becomes shocked?” This scream not only disturbed Xia Yuqing on the couch, but also shocked Lu Rui and the others in the hall. 

Yun Xi didn’t care about apologizing to them. She ran to Xia Yuqing with a panicked face and said: “Qing Jiejie, help me, my dad…My dad ran to General He’s house.” 

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