FMEA Chapter 118 Teaser

Chapter 118 A Mistake gives birth to a baby!

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Chapter Teaser Below…

After Yun Xi left, the Xiefang Hall and the Imperial Palace returned to their former calm. At first they didn’t feel much, but Xia Yuqing gradually felt that something was missing. There was no more experiencing the pleasure of ravaging a Xiao Longbao or the joyful drama of Xiao Bai vs Xiao Longbao, or even the blushing of Xiao Longbao and the Big Bear, life has really become a bit boring. Especially… 

“Lu Rui, do you think Xiao Yuan is a bit weird recently?” Xia Yuqing asked boredly, touching the listless Xiao Bai beside her. 

As soon as Yun Xi left, Xiao Bai also became a little bored. Oh, this uncle’s favorite Xiao Long Bao sister is gone. This uncle will be sad for a while, please don’t disturb. 

“Weird? What’s weird? Nu Bi didn’t see Xiao Yuan acting weird recently.” Lu Rui was holding a feather duster to clean the dust from a glazed lamp next to Xia Yuqing when she heard Xia Yuqing’s question. As a result, as soon as she turned her head, she received a look from Xia Yuqing. 


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