FMEA Chapter 117

Chapter 117 The tragic long-distance relationship!

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In a small study room inside the post house, gathered there were the most important people in Ye Kingdom and the two most distinguished people in Shu Kingdom. 

“Xiao Xi, you said that you are a young lady from a big household and there is only one daughter in your family?” Xia Yuqing took the lead to break the silence, speaking pitifully. 

“Um… this isn’t a lie, Qing Jiejie. The palace should indeed count as a big household.” 

Xia Yuqing was stunned, tears rolling down: “You also said that your family is very big, rich and powerful.” 

“Umm, the royal family of the Shu Kingdom should be considered rich and powerful.” 

Xia Yuqing became more and more aggrieved. Her trickle of tears were becoming a flood: “You also said that your father forced you to marry a sissy, so you were forced to run away from home.” 

“Qing Jiejie, I didn’t lie about this. My father obeyed the words of my third royal uncle and my royal aunt who always wanted to force me to marry that Xia fourth royal prince. God knows that he is a fairy-like sissy. I don’t like him at all, so I ran out. Speaking of which, the fourth prince seems to be Qing Jiejie’s fourth elder brother! How come you are all in the same family but look nothing alike?”

Xia Yuqing’s mouth slumped, full of grievances: “So, it’s my fault?”

“…Of course not.” Yun Xi froze and said with a guilty conscience, “I didn’t tell Qing Jiejie the truth earlier and only now, so it is my fault. I hope Qing Jiejie can forgive me once.” 

“How could I just let you off like this? Such an important thing…ahhh, if I knew that you were the heir of the Kingdom of Shu, I should have moved out all my little yellow books*, and subtly assimilated you into a rotten girl*. Then…Ahahaha, the heir, the future emperor of the kingdom of Shu would be rotten. Then having the entire world being like that won’t be a dream, not a dream!”

* chinese way of saying fujoshi

“…” Why can’t I understand what Qing Jiejie is saying? This is Yunxi who was bombarded by Xia Yuqing’s words. 

“…” The Niang Niang of Ye country doesn’t seem to be very simple. Although he didn’t quite understand what she wanted to do, she seemed to want to brainwash their heir! Fortunately, she didn’t discover the identity of their heir. These are the few officials of Shu who are praying for Yunxi. 

“…” It’s over, Niang Niang’s sickness is reoccurring again! Moreover, in front of so many strangers, this is terrible. Now Niang Niang’s reputation will be passed on to the other countries. These are the maids around Xia Yuqing who have been trained by Xia Yuqing and can probably understand what Xia Yuqing is saying. 

“…” Girl, is that your main point? What about the things that the emperor (Zhen) was worried about before!? This is a few people including Feng Tingye. 

“So… in short, I won’t forgive you easily.” Xia Yuqing made a conclusion after venting, regardless of the different faces of everyone. 

Yun Xi panicked and shouted: “Qing Jiejie…” 

Xia Yuqing looked away proudly, not being baffled by the pitiful offensive of a certain Xiao Baozi. She sniffed and said, “Since you are the heir of Shu, why did you lie to me that Uncle Hao is your daddy?” 

“That… is actually not a lie…he is indeed my father, but my father’s original name is Yun Zhongli. The real Uncle Hao is the one over there.” Yun Xi pointed to Hao Gongfang, who was still wearing the dragon’s robe not far away, and whispered. 

“Ahhhhhhhhhh? What’s going on?”

Xia Yuqing was confused, but Feng Tingye’s eyes seemed clear. 

Feng Tingye stepped forward and took Xia Yuqing into his arms: “I think King Shu and her Royal Highness should give an explanation to Zhen and Ai Fei.” 

“This…” Yun Zhongli and Hao Gongfang looked at each other. There was some embarrassment in their eyes. After all, this was considered their own domestic matter. If they told Feng Tingye, it would be inevitable that the people in front of them would think of what they shouldn’t towards Shu. 

Feng Tingye seemed to see through the thoughts of the two and smiled: “It seems that the two cannot speak, but… Zhen will remind the two that the soldiers from the Kingdom of Shu did not just try to assassinate the King of Shu, they also tried to assassinate Zhen and Ai Fei. Shu soldiers tried to assassinate King Ye and King Ye’s favorite concubine at the Ye State Post house. Even if there was no relationship between Ai Fei and the heir, no matter what, the two of you still need to give an explanation to Zhen and Ye Kingdom. Otherwise, I am afraid that it will be difficult to stop the mouths of the ministers and even more difficult to quell the anger of the people of my Ye Kingdom.” 

Yun Zhongli and Hao Gongfang’s expressions changed slightly, obviously not expecting Feng Tingye to attack at this time. Right now they were under unfavorable conditions of the enemy’s. If Feng Tingye takes advantage of them at this time, they will never have a chance of winning. 

“King Ye is threatening us?” “Yun Zhongli said with a sullen face, angrily. 

“The king of Shu’s words are heavy. Zhen and Ai Fei just want an explanation. We won’t be putting knives on people’s necks with a knife, we just want to know why we are in this dangerous situation.” 

“…” Although Feng Tingye’s words were reasonable, Yun Zhongli and Hao Gongfang still avoided speaking.

Feng Tingye didn’t care, and threw out his last threat: “Speaking of which, there are quite a few assassins. Even though they are all captured, there are no more than a hundred people under the Shu King. If the unruly people who sent the assassins discover this, they will definitely not let it go. Even if the king of Shu does not care about his own safety, he should at least care about the safety of the heir.” 

“…” Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye’s violent offensive with a speechless expression. The big beast is indeed a big beast. This is a threat in disguise. There are no more than a hundred left with the King of Shu? Now whether Feng Tingye detains them privately or throws them out to fend for themselves, it will undoubtedly break their back. King Shu is really in a dilemma. 

Xia Yuqing glanced sympathetically at the two with their very ugly expressions on their face. Be good, accept your fate. If you fight against a black-bellied man who is black from the inside to the surface, you will never have a chance to win!!! 

It has to be said that Feng Tingye’s last words did pierce Yunzhong’s weakness. His original intention was to leave immediately after he found Yunxi. Unexpectedly, Yunxi did not want to go with him, while on the other hand, these assassins hidden next to him were impatient and jumped out early. Now he really couldn’t advance or retreat. 

“Father, tell them.” No one expected that the first person to break the deadlock would be Yun Xi who had been thinking about how to restore Xia Yuqing’s heart. 

“Xi Er…” 

“This is our only choice. Father, Er Chen is willing to trust the person in front of you for Qing Jiejie.”

“But your lord…” Hao Gongfang was about to step in, but was stopped by Yun Zhongli. 

“Xi Er, do you know the seriousness of this matter?” Yun Zhongli frowned and looked at his daughter in front of him, struggle in his eyes. 

“Of course, Father. Don’t worry, let Er Chen talk to King Ye.” Yun Xi turned to look at Feng Tingye. She did not act cute like she does towards Xia Yuqing, instead, she brought back the cold exterior she had during her dispute with Huo Feiyan last time. 

“Your Majesty, in fact, with your cleverness, you must have guessed a lot even if my father didn’t say it. That’s right, there are some people who do not know their own place in the Shu Kingdom. These people have become more and more due to my disappearance. My mother meant to take advantage of this opportunity of father going out of the palace to find me to clean up these people along the way. However, it is estimated that father did not expect so many to be lurking around him. Thus, many of the people by his side had been bought, allowing assassins to enter our midst.” 

“So…… ” Feng Tingye raised an eyebrow. This was the first time he was facing this mascot who served by Xia Yuqing’s side, this young girl who had no presence.

“So, I hope that I can represent my royal father and join hands with Your Majesty.” 

“Join hands?” Xia Yuqing and Yun Zhongli exclaimed at the same time, obviously they did not expect Yun Xi to say such a thing. 

Feng Tingye was calmer than them. He raised his eyebrows to signal Yun Xi to continue. 

Yun Xi smiled lightly: “Yes, join hands. I hope Your Majesty can lend an elite force to escort us back home.” 

“Elite troops?” Feng Tingye was amused by Yun Xi’s remarks. The gaze that looked at Yun Xi was a bit cold and stern, “Do you think I have any reason to lend you an army?”

Yun Xi was caught by his gaze. She trembled, but she still straightened her waist and said: “Reason? Of course there is. Whether Your Majesty believes it or not, the kidnapping of Qing Jiejie not long ago and the case of Prince Rui’s rebellion a long time ago, my father did not know anything about it. However, the person who caused this is indeed from my Shu country. What does this mean? This shows that the black hand behind this scene is dormant in the Shu Kingdom’s court, waiting for an opportunity to move.” 

Yun Xi looked up at Feng Tingye and continued: “This group of people has been looking for trouble in Ye Country in appearance, but in fact they have been instigating fights between Shu and Ye in order to achieve their ulterior goals. Now this group of people obviously cannot wait. As Your Majesty can see, if we go back like this, I’m afraid we will be assassinated along the way. When there is no leader in the kingdom of Shu, this group of people will inevitably take the opportunity to seize power. The tragic death of me and my royal father in the territory of Shu would cause a great fuss and a war between the two countries. I think that this is not the result that Your Majesty wants? Therefore, whether it is for Your Majesty’s sake or for our sake, Your Majesty should cooperate with us.” 

“…” Is this girl still the Xiao Long Bao that stays by her side and lets herself be tortured? Someone dared to negotiate terms with the Ultra Seme Lord like this? Wow, it’s awesome! ! ! 

Xia Yuqing stared at Yun Xi with bright eyes. Several people including Yun Zhongli were also a little surprised. When did his daughter (the heir) have such eloquence and knowledge? 

Feng Tingye remained silent for a moment without changing his face, then smiled, “You are more clever than your father.” 

Yun Xi raised her head proudly: “That’s natural. My intellect comes from my mother. “

“…” Baby, have you been hiding your dislike of your father being stupid? The glass heart that had just been glued together inside Yun Zhongli clicked… and broke again! 

“But you also said just now, those people are hovering above your Shu Kingdom court. The enemy is in the dark, you are in the light. If this is the case, even if Zhen sends someone, you are not guaranteed victory.” 

Yun Xi stared at the sly smile at the corner of Feng Tingye’s lips. She closed her eyes and said, “What good strategy does the emperor have?” 

Feng Tingye smiled indifferently: “In this world everything has a price.” 

“…” Here comes the black-bellied fox mode of the Ultra Seme Lord! Someone is going to be trapped again! Xia Yuqing glanced at Yun Xi and her father sympathetically, I hope you don’t get slaughtered too badly, Amen~~~~ 

“Your Majesty…what price? As long as it is not too much, we can satisfy you.” 

“Zhen is a reasonable person, how can I make any excessive demands? Since you still don’t know the face of those who plot the wrongdoing, I will help you and release false news that the Lord of Shu and the heir were assassinated in Ye Kingdom. After this, those people will definitely act. After all, the dead cannot come back to punish them. On this basis, they will definitely relax. Once they relax, they will easily show their weakness.” 

Yun Zhongli and the others changed their expressions slightly. They obviously thought of this too. After agreeing with Feng Tingye, they couldn’t help but feel a little fear. This was bold and daring. If they did it well, they can really find a lot of people who have bad intentions towards the King of Shu. 

“I can lend you soldiers, secretly escort you back to the palace, and even help you regain your rights. However, I have one condition…” 

“Your Majesty, please say it.”

Feng Tingye did not look away this time. Instead, he looked at Yun Zhong Li who was behind Yun Xi, who was looking at Feng Tingye fiercely like a beast guarding his territory. He smiled: “This condition, I want to speak to King Shu alone.” 

“…” Yun Xi looked at the faint smile on the corner of Feng Tingye’s lips. She suddenly felt a cold chill on her back. She had a bad feeling. Father, you have to hold on, don’t be swallowed by this wolf in sheep’s clothing in front of you! ! ! 

What conditions could Feng Tingye put forward? No one knew except Yun Zhongli. Everyone only knew that for this condition, Yun Zhongli’s face was black for three days. He did not recover even until the moment he left Ye Kingdom. 

Of course, there were many people who were curious and asked, but they were all sent back by Yun Zhongli with a cold face. Even his favorite Yun Xi was the same. This made people more and more curious about what the conditions were. What could have made Yun Zhongli so mindful and even angry?

A long, long time later, Xia Yuqing asked Feng Tingye one day: “What conditions did Your Majesty ask the king of Shu at the time that made the king of Shu so worried? So much that even these past few years, he is still brooding about it when he sees your majesty?” 

Feng Tingye laughed: “Actually it’s nothing much. I just made King Shu promise that he could not interfere with Yun Xi and Wenzhong’s affairs. If they are not destined then Zhen will not force it, but if they are fated then King of Shu should fulfill their wishes.” 

Feng Tingye’s statement caused Xia Yuqing to be touched again: “Your Majesty, you are so kind to General He.” 

After sighing, there was some confusion in her heart. They are all brothers, but why does Ultra Seme Lord treat the Gorgeous Tutor differently compared to General He? Is it possible that like Yun Xi, compared to a beautiful man like the Gorgeous Grand Tutor, he prefers a strong general… a muscular man? !

It has to be said, but even though Xia Yuqing was from the 21st century, her head was not as good as Feng Tingye, who has always been in court dealing with ministers. 

Xia Yuqing only saw the beauty of Feng Tingye forming a beautiful couple, but not the purpose at all. 

Yun Xi’s brains were obviously much more flexible than her father. If there was no accident, she would succeed the throne of Shu in the future. If He Wenzhong can really cultivate a positive result with her, in the future, Ye and Shu will be regarded as in-laws. The relationship would also be stronger than an in-law relationship with any princess or relatives. He Wenzhong’s temperament is to be honest. Saying it nicely, he was loyal. Saying it not so nicely, he is foolish and slow. In the future, whether he married Yun Xi back or enters their family, he will definitely not allow people from Shu to have the opportunity to do something to Ye. No matter what angle, Feng Tingye would benefit from it. 

So, never make a deal with a cunning, black-bellied man, especially if this man is the lord of a country because he can always make it so you think you are gaining the advantage, then turn the tide, and make you lose so much that you don’t even have any pants left. 

Yun Zhongli was depressed for a long time because he had experienced this in person. 

Three days later, Yun Zhongli left the capital of Ye State with Yun Xi secretly. A group of people saw him off in a low-key manner. 

In these short three days, the person who felt the most complicated was He Wenzhong. In one night, the person he liked changed from a little court lady to the heir to the throne. He who was originally full of ambitions to give the other party happiness suddenly lost his emotional intelligence. Already seriously lacking in confidence, he felt that he was now facing the most severe dilemma in his life. It was hard to extricate himself from this situation.

Yun Zhongli sitting on a horse, condescendingly looked down at He Wenzhong, who was desolate. He snorted and reluctantly said: “Two years, two years later, if you and Xi Er are still determined to be together and you have gained a status worthy of Xi Er, then Zhen will approve of this marriage.”

“Huh?” He Wenzhong suddenly raised his head. His honest face was full of surprise, he was stunned. This was until Yan Ran on the side who couldn’t handle seeing this anymore rewarded him with a slap, then did He Wenzhong felt confident and said: “I…I will definitely work hard.” 

Yun Zhongli glanced at him, then snorted and kicked his horse proudly. No way. He still doesn’t like this man who snatched his precious daughter away, even if he had saved them. Hey, I have been raising and caring for her for more than ten years. The jewel in my palm is beautiful like a peony flower. How could I insert it into cow dung? Thats… so heartbreaking! ! ! 

The atmosphere of this interaction was subtle, but the atmosphere on the other side was completely different. 

“Qing Jiejie, I’m leaving now, so please forgive me.” Yun Xi pulled Xia Yuqing’s sleeves, her final struggle. 

Xia Yuqing rolled her eyes and whispered: “It’s not impossible for me to forgive you, but you have to help me with one thing.” 

“What? As long as I can do it, it will be done.” Yun Xi’s eyes lit up, and she asked eagerly. 

“You said it! If you can, you must do it. I have a few books here. You take them back and study them. After reading them and copying them… Well, write me a five thousand word summary on your thoughts.” Xia Yuqing took out one tightly wrapped package and stuffed it into Yun Xi’s arms. 

Lu Rui and the others on the side saw the corner of the slipped package when Yun Xi picked it up with sharp eyes. What was hidden in the package was clearly… 

A few people looked at the sky in unison. You really don’t give up. You didn’t know Xiao Xi’s identity before, so you couldn’t pull her into your camp in time, so now you are anxiously preparing to make up for it? 

If Yun Xi’s father knew that you stuffed his baby girl with something like this, he would become crazy. He would! ! !

“Feelings after reading it?” Yun Xi looked at Xia Yuqing confusedly, obviously not quite understanding what Xia Yuqing meant. 

“Um… just how you feel after reading these books, write it down and pass it to me. If you write it to my satisfaction, I will forget the previous things.” 

“Oh, but five thousand words… isn’t it a bit too much?” 

“Five thousand words is a lot? You said so many words when you negotiated the terms with the emperor last time. You can also write hundreds of words in your random writings, five thousand words is not a problem. I believe in you.” 

“What I said when I negotiated with the emperor last time? Oh, what did I say…” Yun Xi seemed to recall something embarrassing and scratched her face. “In fact, most of those words are what my mother usually says to me. I was in a hurry that day, so I rearranged them, hehe…” 

“…” If the Ultra Seme Lord knew that he would vomit blood! 

Xia Yuqing choked on Yun Xi’s straightforward cuteness. She curled her lips and said: “You don’t have any sincerity at all. It’s only five thousand words, yet you are still trying to negotiate. Hmph, forget it.” 

“No… I’ll write it. I’ll write it. As long as Qing Jiejie is willing to forgive me, I can even write ten thousand words.” 

“Then it’s a deal, ten thousand words. I didn’t expect Xiao Xi that you would be dissatisfied with the number of words. I misunderstood you. You must write it well. It doesn’t matter if you exceed it. There is no limit.” 

“…” Yun Xi’s mouth twitched as Xia Yuqing held her hand tightly. She finally understood what it means to self-inflict an injury. Can she take back the words she said just now? 

Lu Rui and the others also looked at Yun Xi sympathetically when they saw this. How could they not know how their Niang Niang was after being with her for so long. As long as she was given an inch, she would want a foot, so this ending was inevitable. Rest in peace child! 

Not paying attention to Yun Xi’s expression of wanting to cry tears, Xia Yuqing suddenly remembered something and whispered: “Why aren’t you going over to take a look at General He?”

“No, I’m afraid to talk to him. If I do I am scared I will be reluctant to leave. I have something here. Qing Jiejie can you help me give it to him and also a message.”


“Thank you, King Ye, for your help this time. If I have the chance to set foot in the Kingdom of Ye in the future, Zhen will drink three hundred cups with King Ye.” 

“King Shu is too polite. I wish King Shu a successful return.” 

The two main characters parted ways, and Yun Zhongli took Yun Xi away without looking back. He Wenzhong looked at the backs of several people with a look of disappointment. His eyes were full of loss. Until the end, that person never said a word to himself. 

Before he could mourn, he was slapped hard from behind. He Wenzhong turned his head, confused, to face Xia Yuqing’s smiling face. 

“Xiao Xi was worried that she would not bear to leave as soon as she talked to you, so she asked me to bring you a few words. This hairpin was given to her by her mother, it is her family treasure. She wants you to take it, this heirloom. Two years later, if you are not married and she is not married, if you don’t go to her then she will definitely come to you.” 

He Wenzhong’s eyes burst out with a dazzling light. Excitedly, he said: “I…I will definitely go to her first.” 

Xia Yuqing nodded and handed the hairpin to him. She coughed softly: “The next thing is what I want to tell you. General He, you and Xiao Xi are now in a long-distance relationship. My countless experiences tell me that long-distance relationships are prone to a series of messy things, such as feelings getting cold, getting broken, or even love affairs. But Xiao Xi is a member of my family, so I will guarantee that if you dare to abandon her or during the time when Xiao Xi was absent, you make a mess of things or have an affair, hehe… Ben Gong will let your little guy who did those bad things…” 

Xia Yuqing smiled and made a breaking gesture. He Wenzhong trembled all over, holding the hairpin in his hand. He stepped back three feet and shook his head vigorously: “I…I won’t….” 

“If you won’t, then that is good. Your Majesty, let’s go back to the palace.” 

“Okay, Ai Fei.” Feng Tingye stepped forward and took Xia Yuqing’s hand and turned to leave. Just before leaving, he glanced thoughtfully at Yan Ran, who was not far away, with a pale face. 

At this moment, Yan Ran was not only cold on the inside, just remembering Xia Yuqing’s words just now, he felt like he was also…cold down there.

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