FMEA Chapter 122 Part 2

Chapter 122 Cat catching rat, scratch scratch scratch! 

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“So that’s it…” Xia Yuqing twisted her eyebrows a little strangely. Are sounds spreading in a roundabout way these days? It passed from the pond to next door, then to this room. Didn’t it make a big circle? Also even though it’s spring, the icy river in Ye Country seems to have not melted yet. Was Xia Country too warm? Has the ice and snow melted into the river water already so a fish can jump out like this? 

Seeing Xia Yuqing’s tendency to waste time on insignificant problems, Liu Yixiang hurriedly changed the subject: “Qing Jiejie, you just said that you want to sell this night pearl for money for food, is it possible that His Majesty doesn’t allow you to eat until you’re full?”

It doesn’t make sense. Seeing the way her royal cousin dotes on her, it is unlikely he would allow her to be hungry! 

“No, I’m full in the palace. It’s just this time coming out, we brought less money and more people. We ran out of rations quickly and could only buy some with money. So, by the time we arrived here… the money was all spent…” 

“It turns out to be like this! Qing Jiejie, if this is the case, next time you go out, don’t bring so many people. One more person is one more mouth to feed. Next time you go out, just remember to bring my royal cousin and money. In this case, you don’t have to worry about eating and royal cousin will be happier.” 

Feng Tingye in the wing opposite heard these words and smirked. If they could go out together next time, it would be just them living in their two-person world. Thinking about this, it sounds pretty good, but…

If Ruofeng and the others knew about Xiang Er’s misunderstanding about having too many people which caused them to have a deficit in money and food, who knows what they would look like. After all, nearly half of the food for the trip has gone into that girl’s belly! 

“Oh ho, I know.” Xia Yuqing’s eyes lit up and nodded hurriedly. Turning to look at Liu Yixiang, she finally remembered her plans. She asked with concern, “What about Xiang Er? How’s Xiang Er doing? Did my eldest royal brother bully you?” 

“…” Xia Mingyuan, who was next door, hid his face and cried silently when he heard these words. In his heart, royal sister, why are you turning your arm out the other way*! 

* as in why are you helping outsiders and not family

Okay, technically this shrew is his wife, so his imperial sister is considered a family to her. Thus, if his imperial sister helped her it should not be regarded as turning her arm the other way. However, look at the destructive power of that wicked woman. It would be good if she didn’t bully others, how could anyone dare bully her! 

His Royal Highness, who has been suppressed by force by his wife since the wedding, silently shed two lines of heroic tears. 

“Him? He bullies me all day long. Didn’t you see me pinching him when you first walked in? He used to forbid me from running around, that’s fine, but recently, he even has to question what I eat. Ah, what a bully!” 

With a bang, a muffled noise suddenly came from the room beside Xia Yuqing and Liu Yixiang. Xia Mingyuan’s neck shrank with fright, he couldn’t even cry out injustice! 

He didn’t let the spoiled woman go out casually. This was obviously because he was worried that she would run into Xia Mingqi’s gang after she went out and he would not have time to come and rescue her after an accident. Restraining her diet was clearly because he was worried that she would hurt her body and the child in her stomach by eating indiscriminately. Oooooooo, the pain in his heart, who can understand!?

“My cousin is stubborn, she has troubled the eldest prince.” Feng Tingye brought a slightly playful voice into his ears, making Xia Mingyuan grit his teeth again. 

“The same words can also be given to the emperor.” 

“Hahaha, the eldest prince stated something incorrect. My cousin is clever, sensible, and has never bothered me about things like this.” 

“Huh? Is it possible that Your Majesty during my royal sister’s pregnancy did not restrict her diet?” He didn’t believe that his foodie royal sister could resist eating all kinds of food she liked! 

“Naturally, there were some. Otherwise, how could Ai Fei give birth to two fat babies in one fell swoop?” 

“…” Show off! Xia Mingyuan swore he heard him showing off! However, since there were restrictions, why… 

Even though there was a wall and one cannot see the other party’s expression at the moment, Feng Tingye seemed to be able to predict what the other party was thinking. Waiting for the other party who remained silent for a long time, Feng Tingye smiled and added another sentence: “There are many talents in the Ye Kingdom Palace. Lu Rui is one of them.” 

Lu Rui?! Is that the girl next to his royal sister who is said to be good at cooking? Xia Mingyuan secretly noted in his heart that perhaps he should also find a cook who is good at culinary arts that can be trusted to enter the mansion. This would be a good plan! 

On the other hand, Xia Yuqing became more puzzled by Liu Yixiang, “Xiang Er, since eldest royal brother has treated you so poorly, how can you let him do…that kind of thing? How long has it been since you have been married that you are even with child now?” 

At that time, when Xiang Er left Ye, didn’t she still have a bitter and deep hatred for her eldest royal brother? Before leaving, she said she wanted to vent her anger. This made her scared and worried for a long time. She was worried that one day there would be news of the murder of the two from Xia Country. After so long, how did her eldest royal brother succeed? Not only did he succeed, they are even with child now. This speed could catch up with her and the Ultra Seme Lord right?

Liu Yixiang didn’t expect Xia Yuqing to ask this. Her small face couldn’t help reddening. She mumbled: “This…this…” 

“This what?” 

“It was the night of the wedding that the third princess and I got into trouble. He… he came forward to help me, and then…” 

“Then you were moved and gave your body to him?” Xia Yuqing looked at Liu Yixiang’s lowered head with a hatred of iron and steel. Ahhh, deceived this easily?! Xiang Er, did you lower your bottom line? Was your domineering side at the beginning all just for show?! Help me calm down! 

“It can’t be said like that! I just felt soft-hearted. Then… who knew that the weak chicken was like a beast once he got into bed. I just… I just…” 

Men are like this. Even if they were like a sick cat off the bed, they may turn into a wolf as soon as you get on the bed! 

“However, I came back with revenge!” Liu Yixiang saw Xia Yuqing’s dark cloud-covered appearance and felt that she was too shameful in the past, so she decided to get back some face. 

“Revenge? What revenge?” Xia Yuqing, the old butler who eavesdropped next door, and the two people on the other side all raised their ears. 

“Yeah, well… it was when we got up the next morning. I realized something was wrong, so I kicked him out of bed.”

“… ” This is Xia Yuqing whose mind suddenly short-circuited. 

“… ” This is Feng Tingye who was refreshed when he heard an interesting incident by chance. Xiang Er, good job! 

“…” This is the old housekeeper who accidentally discovered how the two masters got along with each other. It turns out…it turns out that the next day after the wedding, the big movement in His Royal Highness’s room was because of this! He knew it shouldn’t be a problem for a few people to sleep together in such a big bed, so how could it be possible for His Highness to fall off by himself? But His Highness refused to admit it, insisting that he fell down accidentally. Hahaha, he can be considered caught now! 

“…” This is Xia Mingyuan who has been exposed of his embarrassing story and had no light on his face. ┭┮﹏┭┮ Wife, we should just keep these private stories in our own bedroom our thing. You don’t have to say it to everyone!

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect His Royal Highness and Xiang Er is that intense, it is really enviable.” Feng Tingye’s playful voice came again, almost causing Xia Mingyuan to break his teeth. 

“Your Majesty does not have to envy me, you and my royal sister can have a try.” Xia Mingyuan gritted his teeth and fought back. 

“Zhen wants to, but it’s a pity that even if I have the will, Ai Fei loves me too much. She would be reluctant to kick me out of bed, hehehe…” 

“What sound is that? ” Suddenly hearing a strange noise, Xia Yuqing was shocked again. 

“Ahahaha, it should be a mouse. The mouse is grinding its teeth in the middle of the night.” 

“Oh, mouse? There are so many small animals in your house. It was a fish earlier and now even a mouse has come out.” 

“Isn’t there? Tomorrow, I’ll call the old butler to buy a few more packets of rat poison to cure the restless rat.” Liu Yixiang snorted coldly. At this time, it must be a dead b**tard who was embarrassed. Thus, there were no misgivings. Maybe she didn’t even notice, but she would only say such words without any scruples in front of a certain someone. 

As a result, Xia Mingyuan, who was grinding his teeth hard, hearing Liu Yixiang’s words, suddenly felt an arrow in his knee… 

“Don’t talk about me. Qing Jiejie, how about you? You were pregnant when I left. Later I heard that you were kidnapped, so I was so worried. Fortunately… royal cousin rescued you and there is nothing wrong with you and your child. Otherwise, even if royal cousin swallows this breath, I won’t let it go.” 

“Oh, that time, even though it was a kidnapping, nothing big happened. I met a few big brothers, which was a blessing in disguise. Let me tell you… ” So, Xia Yuqing told her story about meeting Yun Xi, Wu Jun and the others when she was kidnapped at the time. At the last moment, her senior brother appeared, bothered Cui Er and was beaten up by her. After that, senior brother who had some M tendency started to court disaster and chase his wife. She was brought up to date to the current events. 

Hearing all this, Liu Yixiang’s face changed again and finally she summarized it in one sentence: “This is all a grievance!” 

“I didn’t expect so many things to happen during my absence. What happened to my royal cousin? After you became pregnant, did he treat you better?” Usually, he holds you in his palm like a treasure. So when Qing Jiejie became pregnant, Qing Jiejie who is spoiled to the heaven, royal cousin should not have….. deducted her food like that weak chicken!

“It’s okay.” Xia Yuqing raised her head to think for a moment, then gave a pertinent evaluation. 

“It’s just… okay?” 

Xia Yuqing bit her lip embarrassedly and said: “Everything is okay, just… that…” 


“That kind of thing is being done too much.” Xia Yuqing was really embarrassed to be stared at by Liu Yixing. She screamed, “Ahhh, god, I was a pregnant woman at that time. A lot of things were written in the account book, just the interest alone almost killed this sister. Do it early, do it late, he falls into heat at all times of the day. Ahhh, he is a beast, a beast! If one didn’t know that once the fertilized egg is fertilized and doing more won’t change a thing, I would have thought that my second baby was compensated by him. He even said that he wanted me to give birth to seven or eight children. Does he think I’m a sow? Seven or eight, why don’t you tell me to birth a dozen? That uncle can bear it, but this aunt can’t bear it. If he didn’t admit his mistake and change his attitude, permitting me to not continue giving birth… Heheheh, I would have taken the two children and left the palace. If this tigress doesn’t show her power, does he really think I’m Hello Kitty!?

Xia Yuqing didn’t take a breath from beginning to end. She didn’t give anyone a chance to interrupt. When she recovered after finishing speaking, Liu Yixiang’s face turned into this: “…” 

There was another muffled “Puu”, Xia Yuqing wondered: “Your fish started jumping again?” 

“Uh…Yes, it was probably shocked by your words, so it made some movements to show its existence.” Liu Yixiang said with a stiff face. She forced a smile, tears were already flowing in her heart.

Royal Cousin, I really didn’t mean it. I really didn’t expect you to be such a beast, let alone royal sister-in-law to have such an opinion of you. I am innocent, I am really innocent. If you will seek revenge in the future, go to the person that is at fault, please don’t come after me! 

“Hahaha, it seems that my royal sister does not seem to love the emperor much or else why can’t she bear it? That suggestion earlier, Your Majesty should try it. Maybe there will be some surprises.” Xia Mingyuan finally caught an opportunity and immediately retaliated against Feng Tingye. 

The corners of Feng Tingye’s lips twitched slightly, but he smiled even more brilliantly: “I really didn’t expect Ai Fei to think of me this way and have such big opinions of myself. However, eldest royal prince, you don’t need to be in too much of a hurry to call the kettle black, you and I.. there’s still quite a difference.” 

“Ha ha ha…” 

“Ha ha ha…” 

The two began to sneer in the same tone, grinded their teeth… and scratched the window! 

“Xiang Er, there seems to be a strange noise again.” 

“Pu…umm, the mouse grinding its teeth must have led the cat over. Now the cat is catching the mouse and starting to grind its claws.” 

“Oh, it turned out to be like this. Your house is so lively at night!” 

“Yes…yes.” Actually it’s just lively tonight, ha ha ha… 

Just like this, Xia Yuqing and Liu Yixiang had their first sleepover. Liu Yixiang’s intentional questioning, Xia Yuqing’s unintentional complaints, the repeated falls of the old housekeeper and the verbal attacks of the two beasts came to an end.

The next morning, when the two men walked out of the courtyard carrying two national level eye bags, they looked at each other with a sneer and a similar slyness in both their eyes. They planned to catch their pet (shrew) that night to deliver their punishment, but ended up receiving the same closed door and the “tonight we will sleep together, you sleep on your own”. 

Ever since, the sound of mouse grinding its teeth and the sound of a cat scratching its claws has never been interrupted. It seemed as if the cat never caught the mouse. 

After a few days, even the people in the mansion began to notice the anomalies. 

“Hey, have you heard? Recently in our mansion, there has been a rat grinding its teeth in the middle of the night. It must be cursed. I was shivering and wrapped myself in a quilt when I heard it in the middle of the night. It scared me to death.”

“No, I heard there wasn’t only just the sound of a mouse grinding its teeth, but also the sound of a cat scratching its claws. That sound is also cursed. How many days have passed, yet the cat still hasn’t caught the mouse. It’s so hard to sleep. Maybe we should get the old housekeeper to find two cats and help catch them?” 

“Yeah, agreed.” 

Unfortunately, no matter how many cats Xia Mingyuan got into his mansion later, he still wouldn’t be able to catch the mouse. The sound of teeth grinding and claw scratching still sounded every day. At the same time, a rumor gradually spread in the mansion. 

Unfortunately, just like how Ye Kingdom’s imperial palace had the news of Xiefang Hall and Qianqing Hall interlinked, the news of the Grand Prince’s residence and the second prince’s residence of the Xia Kingdom were also interlinked. It didn’t take long for this rumor to spread, and it naturally reached the ears of the second prince, Xia Mingxi. 

“Second Royal Highness, Second Royal Highness, something bad has happened.”

“Pu…cough cough cough, what’s wrong? Qingyin, don’t scare me!” Xia Mingxi was drinking tea at that time and almost choked to death because of his shock. 

Qingyin was Xia Mingxi’s accompanying studymate. He rushed to Xia Mingxi in two steps. He fixed his hat and said: “Your Majesty, Nu Cai… Nu Cai got the news that recently… the eldest prince and the prince consort have separated rooms to sleep.” 

“What’s wrong with that? Eldest sister-in-law has recently become pregnant. Eldest royal brother is probably worried about hurting her so…” 

“But… but, separating rooms is fine, but there’s rumours there is another man in between the two.” 

“What?!” Xia Mingxi was taken aback. 

“That’s right, there is a handsome boy in the prince’s room and another man lives in the courtyard where the eldest prince lives.” 

Xia Yuqing was the little princess of Xia Country. Although she was not favored and few from Xia Country knew her, there was always a chance she could be recognized. Therefore, even in Xia Mingyuan’s mansion, she has always been dressed as a man. Except for the old housekeeper, Liu Yixiang, and Xia Mingyuan, no one knew her identity, let alone that she was a girl. Thus, they all treated her as a boy. 

As for Feng Tingye, he and Xia Mingyuan live in the same courtyard. Although they were in different rooms, the two men listening to everything that occurred at night, they would always come in and out together every day. Naturally, they were coming out of the same courtyard, thus the misunderstanding was produced in this way. 

After hearing Qingyin’s news, Xia Mingxi’s brain short circuited. It then began to run frantically, only to make up a twisted and bizarre emotional story in a flash.

It’s over, the relationship between eldest royal and sister-in-law has finally intensified. Sister-in-law was pregnant and they must have gotten angry at each other, then due to eldest royal brother’s heated state, he must have retaliated. Now that sister-in-law is upset, did she cheat? ! Oh no! It must not be like this, sister-in-law must be pissed off at royal brother, so she randomly found a pretty boy to piss off royal brother. 

But, royal brother didn’t know the truth and mistakenly thought it was true, then…and then… he found a man. Is eldest brother just like what royal sister said, he’s a homosexual?!

Okay, this is not the important point. The important point is that such misunderstandings can easily be produced. If the relationship between eldest royal brother and eldest sister-in-law is broken, the family will be destroyed! Oh, no! Whether it’s for his unborn nephew or for the life of his royal brother, he can’t let this happen! He must stop this tragedy from happening, definitely! 

“Qingyin, quickly! Let’s go to the eldest royal brother’s mansion to see!”

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