FMEA Chapter 123

Chapter 123 A misunderstanding that leads to tragedy!

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On this day, the sun was shining, the spring flowers were blooming, and everything around was so vibrant, including… 

“Xia Mingyuan, damn you, why are you lying on my bed?” A loud roar of a lioness succeeded in waking up the last few drowsy people at the table. 

With a loud bang, the ground trembled three times, and Xia Yuqing also trembled with fright: “What’s the matter? An earthquake happened?” 

“It’s okay, your royal brother is cultivating his relationship with Xiang Er.” 

“Does that require tearing down the house?” Xia Yuqing rubbed her sleepy eyes and took an egg that had been peeled from Feng Tingye’s hand. 

“Their house is relatively old. After being demolished, it could be rebuilt.” 


“…” Hey, Your Majesty, Niang Niang, we are still in someone’s house right now. Is it really okay to say that? In fact, the host hasn’t arrived and you have already started to eat. Is this really the right thing to do? 

As if seeing the doubts of several people, Feng Tingye elegantly took a piece of brocade on the side and wiped the corners of his mouth. He said with a chuckle: “The prince and Xiang Er have something to do, they told us to eat first. You don’t have to wait for them.” 

Waking Xia Yuqing up from bed early in the morning to facilitate the eldest prince’s sneak attack, the price was starting the meal early and the consequence was that there may not be any food left for them to finish and enjoy. 

Liu Yixiang was not afraid. She was pregnant and had her own cook prepare food for her, but Xia Mingyuan was not so lucky.

“Ahem… our royal highness really did order this just now. The guests can eat first without waiting for them.” The butler tried to keep his face calm, and hurried forward to agree with Feng Tingye. 

Thinking about the previous time, his Royal Highness and the princess consort will do the same as before. They won’t stop anytime soon. In order not to neglect these distinguished guests, he still has to go step up! Sure enough, as a conscientious old housekeeper, not only does one need to know how to figure out one’s master’s thoughts, but also know how to advance and retreat. He has to know how to help his master preserve his face in front of these distinguished guests, so as not to be rude. A steward like him is really rare. 

When the old housekeeper thought about it, he immediately felt that he was really amazing, even the mustache on his face could not help but curl up. 

Seeing the old butler say so, several people stopped being cautious. After thanking him, they all began to eat breakfast. 

“What’s the matter? Don’t like to eat the eggs?” Feng Tingye saw that everyone started to move their hands, so he withdrew his gaze. As soon as he turned around, he saw Xia Yuqing staring at the white egg in her hand, not knowing what she was thinking. 

“No, I’m just thinking. If this egg is not eaten by us, it can be hatched and turn into a hen or a rooster. If it is a hen, it can give birth to a bunch of eggs when it grows up. After hatching, they would give birth to a brood of chicks. Then, they would grow up and lay eggs, and so forth. In this way…you can have a lot of eggs and chicken to eat…” Xia Yuqing stared at the white egg with a dreamy expression. 

“…” When everyone heard Xia Yuqing’s words, they all stopped their movements, staring at Xia Yuqing dumbfounded. Although Niang Niang ate before, she never had these thoughts when she ate like she does now! 

Feng Tingye was also taken aback when he heard these words. He patted Xia Yuqing’s head affectionately: “It’s okay, there is something for Xiang Er and the prince to eat. Don’t worry about eating this egg, there will still be hens laying eggs.” 

“!” Sure enough, was it because she got hungry on the road and now she was always worried about not having a meal? Niang Niang, we are sorry! 

“Cough cough, don’t worry, young man. There is still food in the mansion. Nu Cai will asks Mrs. Xiang if we can prepare a big hen and deliver it to this young man this afternoon, is that ok?” The old housekeeper listening to Xia Yuqing, immediately remembered what he had heard from that corner that night. He pitied Xia Yuqing, so he immediately decided to turn around and ask the cook to cook a bit more for Xia Yuqing from time to time when she lived in this mansion. Such a thin and small doll… it’s so sad. Thus, the misunderstanding was caused like this.

Xia Yuqing got some assurance, and hurriedly thanked the old housekeeper in a well-behaved manner. The well-behaved appearance captured the little heart of the old man on the spot. There were really not many children with such manners these days, he must take care of her more in the future. 

Xia Mingyuan didn’t know that his food had been sold by his old housekeeper. At this moment, he was too busy fighting off the oncoming weapons. 

Finally, when someone was tired of tossing things and he was about to step forward to take her down in one fell swoop, someone rushed in suddenly outside. 

“Your Royal Highness…” 

“What’s the hurry? Don’t you see your master is a little busy?”

“…” The servant who came to report the news paused, and said silently in his heart: Your Highness, if those Ministers knew that you have been busy with this all day long, they would cry! 

“Your Royal Highness, please calm your anger. It’s just that second Royal Highness has come to request a visit.” 

“Second royal brother? What is he doing at this time?” Xia Mingyuan’s actions paused, he pondered for a moment. Finally, he instructed the people around to take good care of Liu Yixiang, then he turned around and followed the young man towards the front hall. 

Xia Mingxi waited in the front hall for a long time. He kept thinking about how he should persuade Xia Mingyuan to reconcile with Liu Yixiang. The more he thought about it, the more he felt uncomfortable. As an otaku, one living his second life in another dimension; a senior otaku who was almost out of touch with society, how did he come to become a family’s peacemaker for the sake of other people? 

Why is it that when others transmigrate, they all have beautiful women in the world to hug left and right? Even if there weren’t three palaces and six courtyards worth, he should at least have three or four concubines like Wei Xiaobao*. He should be enjoying the blessings of all people. Why is it that when he transmigrated, he didn’t get the slightest benefit? Instead, he had to worry about his virginity like a girl! That doesn’t make sense!

* character from a novel with many wives

Xia Mingxi did not notice that his brain circuit had accidentally turned a corner, and ran for a hundred and eight thousand miles until a familiar whisper came from behind him: “Second royal brother, why are you looking for me in such a rush for?” 

“Eldest royal brother…” 

Xia Mingxi was startled. He hurriedly turned to look at Xia Mingyuan. It’s okay not to look, but when he did: “!”

After listening in the corner of the wall for several days, in addition to Feng Tingye’s countless cynicism, Xia Mingyuan had two big black circles under his eyes. They really looked like some kind of national treasure animal*. Plus, he just climbed up this morning out of Liu Yixiang’s bed and was about to go for a sudden attack, but he didn’t expect that he would be kicked out of the bed before touching her clothes and was beaten up. Now his expression was really haggard and black. 

* panda

And these all fell into the eyes of Xia Mingxi as… excessive indulgence! 

“Eldest royal brother, your face looks… not so good.” Is it true that in order to have revenge on sister-in-law, he made himself look like neither a ghost or a person? Oh no, is it too late for him to save the situation? 

“Ahem, there has been a rat infestation at home recently, so I haven’t slept… very well.” Eavesdropping on the private conversations of the shrew and his imperial sister and losing sleep is too embarrassing to say. 

“…Oh.” I don’t think it’s a rat infestation, this is awkward! It seems that the conflict between royal brother and his wife is quite big! Xia Mingxi had a bitter face and tried to figure out the situation.

“Um… I heard that brother’s wife is not in a good mood lately, so I came to have a look. Royal brother, sister-in-law is originally rash. Now that she is pregnant, her temper must naturally be bigger than usual. Royal brother, make sure you are forgiving, after all, she is not alone anymore.” 

“…” Xia Mingyuan twisted his eyebrows. He felt Xia Mingxi was extra strange today. Coming to his house to persuade himself to be forgiving to that wicked woman? Is it possible that he heard something? Could it be that… he knows that he was kicked out of bed on the second day of his wedding, and was worried he was still brooding about it, so… 

He knew that the butler’s big mouth was unreliable! Xia Mingyuan gritted his teeth: “I know, I didn’t care about it a long time ago. Don’t worry. Although the wicked woman has a little temper, she is still my princess consort. Furthermore, she is pregnant with my child, do you think I can still leave her?” 

Xia Mingyuan intended to keep his face in front of Xia Mingxi, so what he said was a little more dignified, but he didn’t know that it had another meaning in Xia Mingxi’s ears.

“!” Royal brother and sister-in-law really must have had a very stiff fight this time. It seems like he almost divorced sister-in-law. If it wasn’t for the child’s sake… I’m afraid… no, he can’t let his little nephew become fatherless or motherless right after birth. This is abuse for the child! 

“Royal Brother, you can’t say that! Although sister-in-law is wrong, can you say that royal brother wasn’t at fault at all? You know that sister-in-law is strong in temperament yet you still treat her like that? It’s no wonder she would do something like this. Royal brother, just suffer this loss and be soft to sister-in-law. If you swear that you will never do anything like that again, wouldn’t everything be fine?” 

“Tsk… …” Xia Mingyuan’s face changed slightly. Why is it that the more he heard Xia Mingxi speak, the more he felt that Xia Mingxi thinks he deserved it? Does he thinking climbing in one’s wife’s bed is wrong? 

“What’s there to be soft about and me vowing that I won’t do anything like that again? What’s wrong with this kind of thing? This is the stuff between me and that spoiled wife, it is not your turn to meddle. I’ll tell you, just before you arrived, I was doing that stuff you just spoke about. In fact, I really can’t guarantee that I won’t continue to do it in the future!” 

“!” Still doing it before I came here? Is it possible that royal brother was having another round with his male pet before I came here? ! I can’t guarantee.. Does that mean…. 

“Royal brother, you can’t do this! Both you and sister-in-law are husband and wife. You even have children! At this time, if you tell me you have turned bent, this is cheating! It is wrong for you to do so. What will my sister-in-law and my future nephew do? How would they face you in the future, face you in the mansion with your boy toy? Are you worthy of royal father who painstakingly cultivated you? Are you worthy of royal mother who has managed to bring you up? Are you worthy of the civil and military officials who have high hopes for you? Are you worthy of the people who look for you to set an example in Xia Country?”

Could it be true that it will be like that girl’s words, that the civil and military officials, all the people of this country will follow royal brother and… become a homosexual, then myself… 

The villain in Xia Mingxi’s heart made a loud cry, Yamete*!

* stop in japanese 

“Enough! What nonsense are you spouting? Second royal Brother, did you get bitten by a dog when you went out today? What kind of mad things are you spouting when you come to my house?” Xia Mingyuan’s veins bulged and a low growl interrupted Xia Mingxi’s conjecture, “I was just kicked out of the bed after I was in bed with the spiteful woman. As for the heinous crime you are speaking of, are you hoping that I will get struck by lightning as punishment? I have s** with my wife, whom I am married to, why should I be sorry to royal father and royal mother, the civil and military officials, and the people of this country? Are you itching for some beating so you came to find fault on purpose…” 

“Huh? You got kicked out of bed after doing it? It turns out that royal brother just got kicked out of bed by sister-in-law?” Xia Mingxi was stunned by Xia Mingyuan’s roar, and exclaimed afterwards. 

The blue veins on Xia Mingyuan’s head burst again: “Now you realize? Then what were you talking so much about this entire time?” 

The two people who did not understand each other at all then realized that the direction of their conversation might have been wrong since the beginning. They stared at each other blankly. 

Only Xia Mingxi’s reply could be heard: “Just now? What I said just now was that royal brother, you can’t treat sister-in-law like this even if she wrongs you first. You can’t raise a man in the mansion so grandiosely and spoil him. Do you know that sister-in-law’s belly is still pregnant with your child?! “

Boom…A shocking thunder hit the top of Xia Mingyuan’s head head-on causing Xia Mingyuan’s eyes to fall into darkness. He almost couldn’t get up and passed away. 

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