FMEA Chapter 125

Chapter 125 The Xiu Qiu* that fell from the sky 

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* the embroidered ball people compete to catch to win the bride

The eyes of a few people instantly fell on Xia Yuqing’s body. Liu Yixiang exclaimed: “Qing…Cousin, do you want to grab the Xiu Qiu?” 

Absolutely not! If my royal cousin knew that I pulled Qing Jiejie out to grab a Xiu Qiu, even if she was a female, with the perverted possessiveness of her royal cousin, it didn’t matter whether it was a man or a woman! At that time… At that time… Ahhh, she will die miserably! 

“Grab the Xiu Qiu? What would I do with the Xiu Qiu? I just want to join in the fun and see the ancient Xiu Qiu thrown…” Is it really like the ones shown on TV shows? The whole town will turn out there, the young lady will invite bachelors to compete, and the Xiu Qiu will bring together a new fate from all around. Cough cough, of course, maybe they might also meet a bully who comes to try to snatch a wife. Just thinking about it made her excited! 

Xia Yuqing paused, and straightened her face: “Ahem, it’s hard to come out here, so it would be a pity if we don’t take a look at these events.” 

“…” Niang Niang, you actually want to watch the excitement right? Don’t try to make yourself sound so dignified, okay?

However, Liu Yixiang was relieved. As long as Qing Jiejie didn’t want to grab the Xiu Qiu, at least she and the people who followed her could keep their lives! 

Liu Yixiang’s relieved expression fell into Xia Muyun’s eyes but it turned into another meaning. Is it possible that sister-in-law really has that kind of idea for this pretty young thing? No, she must kill this idea while it’s still in the cradle. 

Fortunately, the pretty boy doesn’t seem to be interested in royal sister-in-law, but this kind of thing will be an issue once the interest is there. The best solution is to let this pretty young boy start a family soon, so as to cut him off from royal sister-in-law.    

Xia Muyun thought about it this way and a flash of light appeared in her mind. There was something in her eyes when she looked at Xia Yuqing. 

“Since we just want to watch the excitement, why don’t we just go to a place where the Xiu Qiu is being thrown with less people watching?” 

As soon as Liu Yixiang finished speaking, Xia Muyun immediately interrupted: “Hey, how can this be ok? Since you want to see the excitement, how can you find a place with few people. How would you be able to see it clearly? It would be best to go to a place closer, so you can fill your eyes with the entire sight.”

“But…I’m still pregnant.” Liu Yixiang couldn’t help but feel awkward. 

“Third royal princess is right. You still need to be close to see the excitement clearly. But, you are pregnant, so you shouldn’t stay in crowded places. Xiao Yuan and He Wenzhong, you two, go escort Xiang Er to a quiet inn nearby to rest. Cui Er, I and the rest will go over and take a quick look. We promise to come back soon.” 

Liu Yixiang hesitated, but there was no better option, thus she nodded and agreed. 

“You guys must remember to protect my cousin. Ruofeng, I am entrusting him to you.” 

“Miss Liu, don’t worry, we will take good care of master.” Cui’er and the others guaranteed Liu Yixiang. 

Liu Yixiang glanced at Cui Er and Leng Ruofeng who were guarding Xia Yuqing’s side, feeling a little relieved. Leng Ruofeng grew up with her. Liu Yixiang was naturally aware of his strength. As for this Cui Er, she had heard Feng Tingye say not long ago that her strength was not inferior to them. So with her guarding Xia Yuqing, nothing should go wrong.

“Since that is the case, third royal sister…” Liu Yixiang instructed the few people, then remembered Xia Muyun was next to her. 

Xia Muyun smiled: “This miss has never seen the event of using a Xiu Qiu to invite a groom and  would like to see it.” 

She’s going! Of course she has to go. If she doesn’t go, won’t she miss out on a great opportunity? 

“Then you can go together. I’ll wait for you at the nearby inn. After you finish watching, come over and find me soon.” 


So the few people were divided into two groups and went their separate ways. 

When Xia Yuqing and the others walked to the place where the Xiu Qiu was thrown, there was a sea of ​​people. If they were not paying attention, they could be separated by the crowd. 

“Niang Niang, remember, you must hold on to Nu Bi’s hand, okay?” 

“Yes, I know.” Xia Yuqing was guarded by Cui Er and Leng Ruofeng, so she was not squeezed too much. 

Through the gap of the crowd, Xia Yuqing could see an old man with white hair and beard sitting on the edge of a high platform not far away. The old man was dressed in clothes that looked extraordinary at first glance. He appeared to be a high official, probably the Xiang Ye they mentioned.

Speaking of this, Xia Country’s Xiang Ye was an old man who has been an official for many years, and has a high position in court. This Xiang Ye had married eight wives in a row, but the room was full of hens who did not lay eggs. This Xiang Ye was so anxious that he had asked a lot of famous doctors to find prescriptions, yet it still didn’t work. Finally, a famous doctor said that the problem was with Xiang Ye.

The problem was with Xiang Ye himself, so he couldn’t blame his eight wives. Just when Xiang Ye thought it would be difficult for him to have a heir, the house finally heard good news. Xiang Ye’s original partner was pregnant. Although a daughter was born in the end, at least he had a child. This caused him to host a happy feast for three consecutive days. His only baby girl was loved by him like a jewel in his palm since she was a child. He treated her delicately in fear of her breaking. 

In order to keep his precious daughter away from the intrusion of the world, Xiang Ye had been guarded her very well for many years. Although there were rumors from time to time, few people have actually seen this daughter of Xiang Ye’s. Over the years, many young talents have come admiringly, having interest in the ​​daughter of Xiang Ye. Yet, they all left with no results. Therefore, the rumor that the daughter of Xiang Ye has high standards has spread to the ears of the people, and it has become one of the interesting subjects people talk about after dinner. Now today, this high-sighted daughter of the Xiangfu actually wants to throw a Xiu Qiu here to invite a groom? How can this event be missed? 

“Have you heard? I heard that this Xiang Ye’s daughter has a voice like an oriole, a graceful body, and a charming appearance, not to mention her waist can be held in one hand.” 

“No, I heard that this Xiang Ye’s daughter had a great education. She is proficient in all four arts: zither, chess, calligraphy and painting. She is really a rare talent in the world. I wonder who can be lucky enough to marry this beautiful lady today?” 

“Do you think it’s whoever gets the Xiu Qiu? What if the daughter shook her hand and threw the Xiu Qiu into the hands of a beggar, then…”

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s a beggar or a rich person, Xiang Ye’s family is filthy rich. Even if the Xiu Qiu fell into the hands of a beggar, the beggar will just shoot towards the sky and become a new person.”

“Yeah, yeah…” 

Xia Yuqing stood in the same place listening to the chatter of the people nearby. She couldn’t help but become a little curious. What kind of wonderful person is the daughter of Xiangfu? 

When Xia Muyun heard those people speak, her eyes sank slightly. She turned her head and smiled: “Gong Zi, this princess seems to have seen an acquaintance over there just now. I want to go and look. Can you wait for me here? I’ll go and come back quickly.” 

“Oh, okay. Third princess, please be careful.” 


Watching Xia Muyun leave, Xia Yuqing regained her focus and turned to look at Leng Ruofeng with a smile. “Prime Minister, I just heard those people talking about the daughter of the Xiangfu family who sounds pretty good. Would you like to try to catch the Xiu Qiu?” 

Xia Yuqing was thinking about this just now. Among the few people around Feng Tingye, the Gorgeous Tutor is already part of Xiao Yuan’s family. Although Xiao Yuan said he wouldn’t be held accountable, he had done that with Xiao Yuan. Even if the Gorgeous Tutor agreed with not doing anything, they wouldn’t agree with that. He Wenzhong, this person was already labeled as Yun Xi’s. Thus, she sent him to Liu Yixiang’s side without even thinking. 

And just forget about Xiao Shang Shu. In Xia Yuqing’s eyes, although he is an adult form now, he still feels like the original Xiao Shangshu from the beginning. She had to gradually get used to this matter first. Not to mention Xiao Shangshu has a Ji general from Shu country in which they have a love/ hate relationship. So only Iceberg Prime Minister in front of her is still a lonely bachelor. It makes people sad to look at. It doesn’t matter whether it is a man or a woman, someone come take him!

Leng Ruofeng was stunned. He calmly spat out a sentence: “If one hasn’t completed a great accomplishment, how can one get married?” 

“…” Prime minister, you have become the prime minister, a person above 10,000 people. Is this still not a great accomplishment? Is it possible that you want to usurp the throne and sit at a higher position? Excuse, this is absolutely an excuse! 

“The lady from Xiangfu is coming out.” Someone shouted out loud and everyone’s eyes instantly turned towards the high platform. 

The high platform that was erected high up towards the sky, blocked everyone’s sight. One could only vaguely see the gorgeous pearl hairpin on the woman’s head. This arrangement has made everyone in the audience talk about how truly beautiful this lady from Xiangfu must be, even now she was not willing to show her true colors at this meeting. 

“Be quiet, be quiet.” When the woman walked to the center of the high platform, Xiang Ye got up and said, “This is a great day for my little girl to throw a Xiu Qiu to receive a groom. I want to thank you all for coming to join us. As the saying goes, marriage is based on fate. Today, if any benevolent person receives my little girl’s Xiu Qiu, regardless of whether they are rich or poor, anyone who is between 15 and 30 can participate. Now, those who do not meet this requirement are invited to voluntarily exit the open space in front of the stands. The throwing of the Xiu Qiu will start immediately.”

Hearing the words of Xiang Ye, many people consciously retreated, but many people stayed. Since Xiang Ye said it didn’t matter whether they were rich or poor, they should really stay and try their luck. The daughter of Xiang fu. If you can marry Xiang Fu’s precious daughter, they will surely have a smooth life in the future. 

“Well then, my precious daughter will now throw the Xiu Qiu. Please pay attention to not hurt the people next to you when you are fighting for it.” 

Xiang Ye said this and the Ya Tou waiting up on the platform nodded knowingly. Then everyone saw a very beautiful golden silk Xiu Qiu fly out from behind the high curtain, flying straight to the hands of the crowd.

“Over there, over there.” The Xiu Qiu continued to rise and fall in the wave of people. Then when one of the pale-faced scholars was about to catch the Xiu Qiu, a bright red whip suddenly swished out like a snake’s tail. The Xiu Qiu was pulled over accurately and quickly. It was then flicked to the side of Xia Yuqing and the others. 

Cui Er was desperately protecting Xia Yuqing from being squeezed. She had no time to multi-task. At this moment of time, Leng Ruofeng twisted his eyes slightly. He leaped forward and kicked the Xiu Qiu to the other side. Xia Muyun bit her lip. She swung her whip again and pulled the Xiu Qiu back towards Xia Yuqing and the others. After a few times, Leng Ruofeng became a little annoyed and kicked it harder. The Xiu Qiu then actually flew into the open window on the side. 

However, it didn’t succeed, because the ball was kicked out again. Xia Yuqing looked at the window and was taken aback. At the moment, two youths of similar age were standing at the window. One was seen by Xia Yuqing and the others not long ago. It was the fifth prince, Xia Mingqi. Standing beside him was a pretty, handsome boy. The boy was way more beautiful than handsome. With red lips and white teeth, like a fairy who came out of New Year paintings, this man had an indifferent expression. 

Xia Yuqing originally thought that this person was a young man raised by Xia Mingqi. But after seeing how Xia Mingqi obviously feared him, she determined that this person could only be her fourth royal brother she has never seen. 

At this moment, Xia Yuqing finally understood the meaning of Yun Xi’s original sentence. Even she would not want to marry such a man who was more beautiful than herself. 

The Xiu Qiu that flew into the window was kicked out by the fourth prince Xia Mingxuan. It fell to Xia Muyun’s side. Xia Muyun’s eyes flickered and continued to throw the ball over to Xia Yuqing’s, while Leng Ruofeng was persevering to throw the ball away. The fourth prince who seemed to know something, was also unwilling to accept this Xiu Qiu.

Therefore, a good event of throwing the Xiu Qiu became the iron triangle football passing game. The people who originally were fighting for the Xiu Qiu stopped and watched the Xiu Qiu fly between the three in amazement. Xiang Ye’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot, but Xia Yuqing was excited regardless of the occasion. 

“Good opportunity, pass it! Ruofeng kick it to the fourth prince and blast apart his goal.” 

After a long stalemate, Xia Yuqing’s words clearly encouraged Leng Ruofeng. His eyes flashed slightly and he sent out a flying kick. At this moment, he possessed Ronaldo and Messi’s spirit. At that moment, he represented the long history of ancient chinese football and he was not alone! 

Just as everyone held their breath, waiting for the result of the ball, they only found that Leng Ruofeng’s ball was not aimed towards the fourth prince at all. Instead, it accurately hit the fifth prince on the side. In an instant, everyone could only hear a plop. The fifth prince was smashed into the sky by this amazing ball. He fell to the ground, holding the ball in his arms. 

“The ball was caught, the ball was caught.” Someone yelled in surprise. In an instant, everyone’s attention was drawn to Xia Mingqi in the inn’s wing. 

“Hey, that seems to be the fifth prince?” 

“Yeah, yeah, it was the fifth prince who received the Xiu Qiu. What a pity.” 

The lamentation came one after another. The daughter of Xiangfu who was afraid to come out heard the sound and excitedly rushed out from behind the curtain. 

“Who received the Xiu Qiu, who received the Xiu Qiu?” 

“…” The noisy venue fell into a dead silence. After a while, someone yelled out, “It’s the daughter of Xiangfu.”

“…” The scene was again suspiciously silent for a moment, then screams came one after another. 

“Ah…” This is the many onlookers who were shocked. 

“…” This is Xia Yuqing and the others who didn’t know how to react. After a while, Xia Yuqing tremblingly pointed at the behemoth not far away, and said in a dumb voice: “Where is the promised lady who could cause the downfall of states?”

“…” Such a big face full of pockmarks, it really opened one’s eyes. In this world, there was probably no face that could compare to it. 

“They said her waist could be held in one hand?”

“Niang Niang, that person’s waist can’t be grasped with one hand. It probably needs a lot of people to just hug it…” 

“…” The legendary giant bucket waist was actually displayed to her today! She thought that Huo Feiyan’s body shape was already very apologetic to the audience, but she didn’t expect that there could be others beyond that. Miss Huo, I’m sorry, I have thought wrongly of you. She knew it was strange how the daughter of the dignified Xiang Ye would end up throwing a Xiu Qiu. It turned out that this was the truth! Furthermore, she had wanted to push iceberg Prime Minister to her, this is really… 

“Ruo Feng, I’m sorry! I asked you to pick up the Xiu Qiu without understanding the situation just now and it almost hurt you.” 

Xia Yuqing’s sincere words made Leng Ruofeng’s mouth twitch. He nodded, and turned to look at the two in the inn not far away. 

After Xia Mingqi woke up, he fainted again after realizing that he had received the Xiu Qiu and that the daughter was an extremely ugly woman. 

Xia Mingxuan cast his gaze on Xia Yuqing and the others who hurriedly left from the inn. A faint coldness flashed across his eyes, but the chill was once again hidden deep within his eyes.

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