FMEA Chapter 124 Part 2

Chapter 124 Let me buy you a green hat! 

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“It turns out…that’s the case.” Xia Muyun’s mouth twitched, looking dumbfounded. 

Liu Yixiang also laughed dryly, not knowing whether she should be happy or be frightened by someone’s astonishing words. Hey, there is a person around me who does not play cards according to common sense. This makes her heart so tired. She is obviously a pregnant woman, a pregnant woman. Why is there a feeling of being stressed when the child has not been born yet?! 

“It turned out that this incident was just an accident and it can’t be blamed on my cousin, so how about…” Liu Yixiang took the opportunity to deal with it, hoping that the matter would be done with. But, she did not expect Xia Yuqing to emerge unwilling at this time. 

“I feel guilty about this. After thinking about it for many days, I finally figured out a way to redeem my sins.” 

“!” Qing Jiejie, what do you want to do?! Method of atonement? The face of the second prince is almost catching up to a pig’s head! Is it possible that you want him to fight back? If my royal cousin comes back and finds out that you were beaten, it would cost someone’s life! The entire country of Xia would be bloody! 

“What method?” Xia Mingxi’s ears cocked, and he looked at Xia Yuqing curiously. 

Xia Yuqing stared at him with bright eyes: “Since you are already swollen on one side. How about I take the burden of hitting you on the other side as well. This way it would be symmetrical. It would look a lot better than having one side big and one side small and being this ugly.”

“Huh!” Xia Mingxi’s eyes shrunk. After reacting, he hurriedly stepped back and hid behind Xia Muyun. He stared guardedly at Xia Yuqing, for fear that she would rush over and beat him violently! 

“…” Liu Yixiang only felt a cold wind blowing in front of her. She felt desolate. She really shouldn’t expect Qing Jiejie to say anything serious. Royal cousin, come back soon. Cousin I can’t stand it! Except for you, no one can control this evil creature! 

“Sir…” Before Liu Yixiang was done wailing, the person who saved her from this natural disaster appeared. 

Cui Er held back Xia Yuqing’s threatening gestures and smiled decently at Xia Muyun: “Our Gong Zi likes to make innocent jokes typically, sorry for our rudeness.” 

“It’s a joke? This Gong Zi is really funny.” Xia Muyun twitched and sighed. 

“Ahem, royal sister, my cousin is like this, please be patient. The incident with second royal brother is also unintentional, so let’s forget it. Next time, I will send more nourishing tonics to second royal brother. Please don’t mind it, second royal brother.” Liu Yixiang said hurriedly, changing the subject. “Yes, just now I was talking to my cousin about going out and getting a taste of Xia’s culture. Royal sister, you…” 

Liu Yixiang’s words meant to chase away the guests, but she didn’t think… 

“Sister-in-law is going out? Let this sister go with you.” 

“Wh…what? “

Sister-in-law is going out alone, so royal brother would be worried. If younger sister accompanies you, Sister-in-law will be less worried. If royal brother knows it, he also won’t be too worried. Besides, Sister-in-law hasn’t been here for long and won’t know much about the capital. Let this younger sister lead the way. This way you can have a better time.” 

“…” What was meant by lifting a rock and hitting yourself on the foot? Liu Yixiang finally learnt it. “This is not good. Isn’t third royal sister usually busy?” 

“There’s nothing to be busy about. Besides, what matters can be more important than royal sister-in-law and my little nephew in her belly? Is it possible that sister-in-law doesn’t want me to follow?” 

“…Of course not.” 

“Then it’s decided.” 

“…” So, at the order of Xia Muyun, the original duo from the palace suddenly expanded into a trio. As for Xia Mingxi, the bruises on his face were not healed, so it was unpleasant to see people. Regretfully, he had to miss this trip. But even if he didn’t follow, two other people followed. 

“Xiao Yuan, what’s the matter?” Xia Yuqing watched in amazement as a person stood in the crowd exuded air-conditioning, so that within a few meters of a certain iceberg at the center, there was no one but them. The pedestrians on the side, as soon as they approached, would spontaneously walk around. 

“…Uh, that’s… Qing Jiejie, you should ask the person behind you.” 

“Behind?” Xia Yuqing turned her head in doubt. She faced He Wenzhong’s honest smirk, “Why are you here?”

He Wenzhong smirked and touched the back of his head: “Miss Cui Er said that Niang Niang is going out, so she told me and Ruofeng to report it to His Majesty, so he doesn’t worry.” 

“Since you are reporting it to His Majesty, why are you not staying in the house? Why did you come here?” 

“Ruo Feng said if Niang Niang went out alone, at that time, we wouldn’t be able to explain ourselves to the emperor when he came back. So…so we came out together to protect you personally.” 

“…” What about the Ultra Seme Lord? As soon as he came back, seeing everyone run away, wouldn’t he think that I abducted everyone back to Ye Kingdom and left him here alone? 

If Li Yuan and the others knew what Xia Yuqing was thinking at the moment, they would definitely reward her with the whites of their eyes and complain: Qing Jiejie, you are worried over nothing. The emperor will never think you abducted us, instead, he would think we abducted you. 

Xia Yuqing and the others were whispering, while Xia Muyun on the other side was not idle either. She always felt that Liu Yixiang had something to hide from her, or to say, second royal brother and even eldest royal brother had something to hide from her. That’s why she thought about following Liu Yixiang and Xia Yuqing. As a result… 

A somewhat gloomy cold wind swept by her, causing Xia Muyun to shiver abruptly in this warm spring day. Looking at that chill, she faced Leng Ruofeng’s profile. 

Xia Muyun was taken aback for a moment. This person…was the one who followed the little Gong Zi that day and saved her? 

Leng Ruofeng seemed to feel the gaze of another. He tilted his head slightly with a cold exterior. He was also slightly taken aback when he saw Xia Muyun, but just nodded at her blankly.

This little episode did not fall into the eyes of the people nearby. At this moment, Xia Yuqing and Liu Yixiang were attracted by something at a side stall. 

“This hat looks very unique.” 

“Yeah, I agree! There are also different colors.” 

Xia Yuqing and Liu Yixiang stood in front of a small stall. There were quite a few people at the stall before. However, because of Leng Ruofeng’s appearance, only a few people were left. Yet, the owner of the small stall didn’t care much. Perhaps, it was because most people stopped just to take a look, but few actually paid for anything. 

The owner of the stall was a very nice old man. Seeing the two, he laughed: “Do the two of you need to buy a few small hats? Besides adult hats, there are also children’s hats.” 

“Children’s hats?” Xia Yuqing and Liu Yixiang were taken aback. They looked carefully only to find that besides the adults’ hats, there were many children’s tiger-head hats on the side of the stall, which were very beautiful. 

“This kid’s hat is quite cute. Sister-in-law can buy a few for after the child is born.” Xia Muyun saw the two people parked in front of a small stall, and followed them. She saw the tiger-head cap on the top and couldn’t help but smile. 

When the stall owner heard Xia Muyun’s words, he realized that Liu Yixiang was pregnant. He smiled more amiably: “Gong Zi has good fortune that your wife is pregnant. Buy some of these hats to go back. When the child is born, it will be ready to use. “

When several people heard this, they all knew that the stall owner had misunderstood, but they did not explain. 

Xia Yuqing and Liu Yixiang were picking and choosing. After picking several small hats, they started picking adult hats. But the hats in this stall looked very chic and both of them were indecisive. 

“You say, which one of these hats is better?” The two had difficulty making a decision, and decided to pull the few people behind to advise them together.

 Xia Muyun smiled faintly when she saw this, “This is easy. Eldest Royal Brother likes gold. Sister-in-law, just pick that golden hat over there.” 

Several people looked in the direction Xia Muyun was pointing and saw a hat with small sequins shining in the sun: “…” 

Okay…ok…that’s really flashy. Eldest royal Brother, are you flashy because of your family? Well, looking at Xiang Er’s stunned expression, it is obviously not the case. However, this taste is really…very suitable for eldest royal brother’s boring personality. Look at the sky~ 

“I…I didn’t want to buy it for him!” Liu Yixiang blushed, and shouted in anger. 

“Oh, it’s not for eldest royal brother, then sister-in-law… who are you going to buy it for as a gift?” Xia Muyun raised her eyebrows, and asked a little amused. 

“I…I…I want to buy it for my cousin.” 

“Cousin?” Xia Muyun’s gaze shifted to Xia Yuqing’s body, but her eyebrows were twisted unconsciously. 

Her sister-in-law bought the hat, not for her royal brother, but for her cousin? This… Could it be that sister-in-law towards her cousin… 

Xia Muyun was shocked by her own thoughts, but thinking about it a little bit, it made sense. Since Liu Yixiang came to Xia Country, once every 3 days, she would have a small quarrel with Xia Mingyuan; and a big quarrel once every five days. They would even get physical. Although the saying goes that couples would fight and will make up at the end of the day, is it really okay to fight like this every day? What’s more, Liu Yixiang’s cousin is really pretty and lovely. Although he looks a little small, it is inevitable that he could be a childhood sweetheart. It seems that she has to observe these two well. She cannot let her brother be cuckolded!

“Since sister-in-law wants to buy a hat for Gong Zi and he is here, why not ask Gong Zi what color and style he likes? Wouldn’t it be better?” 

Once Xia Muyun said this, Xia Yuqing wanted to blurted out I don’t like wearing hats, so Liu Yixiang took a step forward and asked in a low voice: “Qing Jiejie, what color hat does royal cousin like?” 

“…” It turned out that this cousin was not this cousin. Xiang Er wants to buy it for the Ultra Seme Lord! 

Xia Muyun saw the two huddled close together whispering, and the entanglement between her eyebrows became more and more. Two people… in public, but they didn’t know to avoid suspicion, could it be true… 

Xia Yuqing did not know that the actions between the two had been misunderstood. They were still thinking about what color hat Feng Tingye liked. After a long time of thinking, they came to the conclusion that neither of them knew what Feng Tingye liked.

Xia Yuqing was embarrassed for a moment, then her eyes flashed: “You two come here and help me pick which one of these hats is more suitable for your master.” 

He Wenzhong and Leng Ruofeng were taken aback being suddenly asked by Xia Yuqing to choose the hat that Feng Tingye liked. 

He Wenzhong waved his hand and said, “I…I only know how to use spears and sticks. This kind of stuff…” 

Xia Yuqing was startled slightly, thinking about it. That fool was so silly and so nervous, he probably didn’t know Feng Tingye. As for his usual preferences, she turned her attention to Leng Ruofeng.

Leng Ruofeng met Xia Yuqing’s expectant gaze, and suddenly stiffened for some reason. He raised his head and glanced at the hats placed at the stall, and swallowed: “Then…the corner over there. ” 

“The corner?” Everyone looked in the direction he was looking at, to look for the so-called hat in the corner. 

Afterwards… everyone’s expressions suddenly turned into this: “…” 

“Ruo Feng’s taste is really the same as before… strange, not bad. Yes, I like it very much.” 

Not bad your sister! What kind of men in this world would like green hats*? Ahhh, there are men in this world who like green hats and this man is the Ultra Seme Lord! Isn’t the green hat god too much? Ultra Seme Lord, I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person? I really misunderstood you, I misunderstood you! 

* if someone gives you a green hat = they are cheating on you

Leng Ruofeng couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief, then… 

“Hey, why did it suddenly become so cold?” Xia Yuqing suddenly felt a cold current coming. She shivered. Then as soon as she turned her head, Leng Ruofeng was madly releasing his air-conditioning. The people on the side of him were shaking like sheeps with epilepsy. 

“…” Could it be that he heard the irony in her words and got angry? 

As if seeing everyone’s astonishment, He Wenzhong explained in embarrassment: “Well, don’t mind that. Ruofeng gained everyone’s approval, so he is a bit too happy. It will be fine in a while, hehe…” 

“……” That said, everyone was even more surprised.

Xia Yuqing stared at the man who was still working hard to release his air-conditioning, as if he wasn’t freezing the people beside him into popsicles. She suddenly felt her lower limit had collapsed again. 

The way for the bear General to express his joy was to demolish his house. The way for the Iceberg Prime Minister to express his joy was to release his air-conditioning? Can’t you be normal? I’m just an ignorant mortal, I can’t understand an alternative world like yours!

In the end, the golden hat and the peculiar green hat were in the hands of Xia Yuqing and the others. Although Cui Er and the others did not know why things turned out to be like this, they had to accept reality and help the master pay. They suddenly felt some sympathy for Feng Tingye, who didn’t know anything at the moment. 

If the emperor knew that Niang Niang (Qing Jiejie) had bought him a green hat, how would he react? 

Xia Yuqing left the stall selling hats contentedly. Before taking two steps, there was a loud noise not far away. The people who were in the market were all rushing over there. 

A few people ran hurriedly and almost ran into Xia Yuqing and Liu Yixiang. Cui Er and the others hurriedly stepped forward to hold the two of them and protect them in a corner with fewer people. 

“Is Gong Zi okay?”

“I’m fine. Is Xiang Er okay?” Xia Yuqing shook her head and hurriedly turned to look at Liu Yixiang who was pregnant. 

“I’m fine, I didn’t get hit. Don’t worry. But what happened? It became so lively all of a sudden? What happened over there?” 

“Isn’t it easy to find out?” Xia Muyun heard what Liu Yixiang said and grabbed an old man who was walking by them and asked with a smile, “Old man, what’s happening? Why is everyone running over there?” 

“Don’t you know? Today, the daughter of Xiang ye’s Mansion is throwing a Pao Xiu Qiu* in order to find a groom. Many people are rushing to watch the excitement. Okay, I won’t tell you anymore. I won’t be able to see the event if I’m late. I have to hurry up.” 

* throwing the embroidered ball (a game to try to steal the embroidered ball to win yourself a bride)

The old man hurriedly followed the crowd after speaking, leaving a few people staring at each other. After a while, a small voice suggested: “Should we go and join in the fun?”

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