FMEA Chapter 127

Chapter 127 The cat will scratch people when forced! 

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Xia Yuqing and the others thought that the throwing of the Xiu Qiu incident was over, but they did not expect that the follow-up of this matter would be much more than that. 

Three days later, Xiang Ye’s Mansion personally sent an invitation inviting the eldest prince and the consort to go together with the people who helped them when throwing the Xiu Qiu that day. 

“Throwing Xiu Qiu? Help?” After Xia Mingyuan received the invitation, he looked at the people opposite him with some suspicion. 

Xia Yuqing shrank her neck and almost buried herself into the rice bowl in front of her, tears streaming down her face. Wahhh, this matter really has nothing to do with me, it is obviously the iceberg prime minister and third royal sister… 

“What is going on?” Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing’s guilty appearance and couldn’t help but smile. He turned to look at the several people who went out with her that day. 

Feng Tingye’s gaze swept over and the group of people couldn’t help shaking, shirking their responsibility in a hurry. 

“It was Cui Er Jiejie who went with Qing Jiejie that day.” Li Yuan calmly pointed her finger at Cui Er. 

Cui Er was not nervous and her expression did not change: “That day, Nu Bi only took care of protecting Niang Niang. It was the Prime Minister who kicked the Xiu Qiu.” 

“…” As soon as Leng Ruofeng looked up, he found that everyone’s eyes were gathered on him. His face sank and the air-conditioning began to be released. 

Everyone could only hear the sound of a cold wind that was stronger than the Siberian current blow on everyone’s spine. Everyone could not help but shiver and silently retract their eyes. 

“Ahem, Wen Zhong, you tell me…”

“…I…I…” He Wenzhong was taken aback. He didn’t understand how the fire spread to his side. Thus the nervous “I’s” continued for a long time. 

In the end, it was Liu Yixiang who didn’t see the event, letting out a cough: “It’s like this. That day, Qing Jiejie and I happened to run into Xiang Ye’s precious daughter’s throwing Xiu Qiu event on the road that day. Qing Jiejie was curious and wanted to see, but because I’m pregnant and inconvenient for me to go to crowded places, we split up. Qing Jiejie took Ruofeng and Cui Er to the event with Third Royal Princess, while I went to a nearby inn to rest. After a while, then…the next part…Cui Er, you say it.” 

Feng Tingye’s gaze made her more and more uncomfortable. After Liu Yixiang raised her white flag and surrendered, she pushed the hot potato to Cui Er’s side. 

Cui Er was stunned and sighed slightly. Then, she repeated the scene of the day under great pressure. 

“In other words, it was Ruo Feng who kicked the ball into the arms of Fifth Royal Brother, making Fifth Royal Brother the son-in-law of Xiang Ye?” Xia Mingyuan pointed out the critical part to the matter. 

“…You can say so.” 

With a swish, everyone’s sights once again gathered on Leng Ruofeng’s body, and Leng Ruofeng replied blankly: “It’s better them than us.” 

After a moment of being stunned, everyone understood the meaning of his words. If he hadn’t kicked the Xiu Qiu away, the Xiu Qiu would have probably fallen into Xia Yuqing’s arms… 

“…” Ah, okay, okay. Luckily, Ruofeng was there at the time or if Qing Jiejie really snatched the Xiu Qiu… the picture would be too cruel! I dare not look at it at all! This is Liu Yixiang who is fortunate to have saved her small life. 

“…” Fortunately, Ruo Feng was by Ai Fei’s side at the time, otherwise… Seeing that Ruo Feng helped me and Ai Fei so much, the green hat account will be left for calculation after returning home. This is Feng Tingye who was equally lucky but still cared about the little green hat matter a few days ago.

“…” This is really terrible fate! He didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, but fortunately, Fifth Royal Brother who got hit by the ball is a real man. Although it is a bit complicated now, if it hit Xia Yuqing, Xiang Ye will be really crazy! This is Xia Mingyuan who is extremely tangled in his heart. 

“In short, that’s it.” Liu Yixiang made a summary of the whole thing with a stiff smile. 

“Fifth Royal Brother loves beautiful people. The main daughter of Xiang Ye mansion was rumoured to be that, so there were indeed many officials who went there admiringly before. However, going in with expectations, they all returned in defeat. Many people watched the fire from afar, but because Xiang Ye’s status in the court is not low, no one dared to make rash decisions. I didn’t expect this to be the reason.” 

Leng Ruofeng twisted his eyebrows slightly after hearing Xia Mingyuan’s words. No wonder the Fourth Prince at that time refused to accept the Xiu Qiu. Xiang Ye’s status in the court was not low. If one were to get married with Xiang Ye’s house, it might be a good thing. But if the Fourth Prince knew the appearance of the daughter of Xiangfu from the beginning, it would be another matter. 

“Then what should we do now? Xiang Ye called out for Qing Jiejie and the others to go together. If they go, we are afraid of being recognized by someone, but if they don’t….” Liu Yixiang spoke with some embarrassment and guilt. 

Xia Mingyuan was right. If she didn’t want to go out on a whim that day, she might not have caused such a big trouble. 

Liu Yixiang’s words caused everyone’s eyes to suddenly gather on Feng Tingye’s body. After all, the final decision was in the hands of the person in front of them. 

“Since Xiang Ye is kindly inviting, it will be refuting his face if Ai Fei does not go, not to mention this is the wedding banquet of the Fifth Prince. Since they know we are in the Eldest Prince’s mansion and the invitation has stated clearly to invite Ai Fei and the others, if we don’t go, you won’t be able to make ends meet.”

Xia Mingyuan’s face changed slightly. As Feng Tingye said, since Xiang Ye had stated on the invitation to invite Xia Yuqing, if they don’t go, this bill would be put on themselves. Since it was not obvious who the emperor would make crown prince, this is a critical moment and he couldn’t take it lightly. 

Since Xiang Ye has invited them this way, if Xia Yuqing and the others do not show up that day, it will inevitably be used by someone with bad intentions and then they will be accused of being in conflict with their brother… 

“But if at the banquet Qing Jiejie is recognized…” 

Liu Yixiang was still a little worried. “Since they have all been targeted, even if they don’t show up at the wedding banquet, some people will not just let it go.” Feng Tingye watched Xia Yuqing swallow the last piece of the egg into her stomach. After replying, he got up and picked up someone’s collar, and smiled, “Since the matter is over, Ai Fei and I still have some accounts to settle, let’s leave.” 

“…Go ahead.” 

“What account? Me? Why don’t I know?” Xia Yuqing was carried away by Feng Tingye by the collar like a little chick. 

“Of course there is. Since Ai Fei doesn’t remember, Zhen will remind you. For example, picking up the Xiu Qiu.” 

“Woo, what picking up the Xiu Qiu? I didn’t pick up the Xiu Qiu. I just went to watch the fun. Oh, let go of me. Xiang Er, help me!” 

Listening to Xia Yuqing’s fading cry for help, Liu Yixiang silently waved her small handkerchief. She wiped away her tears helplessly. Qing Jiejie, it’s not that Xiang Er won’t save you, but royal cousin is too cruel. Sacrifice yourself for the benefit of the whole world. Such a great thing, Qing Jiejie, just submit!

“I still feel uneasy. I feel like… something will happen. Will Xiang Ye embarrass Qing Jiejie and the others for this?” Liu Yixiang asked with worry. 

“He shouldn’t. According to what you said earlier, in addition to you, there was also Third Royal Sister. Even if Xiang Ye is really dissatisfied with you, in the eyes of others, he is still this prince’s person. Even if Xiang Ye is upset, he will not act too ostentatiously. Compared to him, this prince is more worried about Fourth Royal Brother.” 

“Fourth Royal Brother? What about him?” Liu Yixiang was a little surprised. 

Xia Mingyuan sighed softly: “Didn’t Miss Cui Er just speak about it? At that time, Fourth Royal Brother was next to Fifth Royal Brother. This prince is worried that he would take advantage of this opportunity to cause a scene…” 

Liu Yixiang’s face also changed slightly. She was worried: “It should not be possible.” 

“I hope.” I hope that kid will not provoke people who shouldn’t be offended, but if she really did that, it could be good. If Feng Tingye is offended, the life of Fourth Royal Brother will not end well. There is a saying that if you don’t look for trouble, you won’t die. How Fourth Royal Brother will die depends on whether he is smart or not. 

Xiang Ye marrying his daughter off and the prince marrying a wife, the two things collided together should have been a good story. However, because the groom had suffered from conspiring against his sister-in-law not long ago and the bride had shocked everyone on the day of throwing the Xiu Qiu, these various reasons made this marriage look rather…tragic. 

However, it is undeniable that this is indeed a happy event for the citizens. A public disturbance and another potential disturbance that may threaten the people in the future were thrown to one pile. Two major problems were solved at once. It is really gratifying. So early in the morning when the bride set foot on the sedan chair, the people on the roadside began to set off firecrackers to celebrate. 

Thus, the bride in the sedan chair thought that everyone along the way was blessing her, and jumped for joy all the way. 

“Why haven’t they arrived yet?” Xia Mingqi stood at the door of his palace looking impatient.

Three days ago, when King Xia learned about the throwing of the Xiu Qiu, he swiped his big brush and directly sent down the decree to marry the two, then he named Xia Mingqi as An Wang. He became the first prince to be bestowed a title. This directly cut off the ideas of rejecting the marriage at all. The glory of the first crowned title seemed amazing in the eyes of outsiders, yet, it actually was intended to appease someone. It was to comfort Xia Mingqi, who basically will not inherit the crown and to comfort the precious daughter who has to marry a man who was not completely a man. Alas, this was a sad story. 

“It’s coming soon, Wang Ye, don’t worry. The sedan chair is too heavy, it is inevitable that you will have to wait a little longer.” 

Xia Mingqi frowned, “The sedan chair is too heavy?” 

“Yes, Wang Ye. How can ordinary sedan chairs withstand the lady? Due to the special event, today’s sedan chair was specially ordered by Xiang Ye and made overnight. It took sixteen sedan chairmen to lift the lady, therefore inevitably it would take longer to walk. They should be here in a while.” 

As soon as the voice fell, there was a dead silence in front of the door of An Wang Mansion. 

“Pu…” After a while, the few people who reacted couldn’t help but snort. But before Xia Mingqi turned around, they retracted their smiles one by one. 

Xia Mingqi glanced around and couldn’t see anything odd about the people behind him. His face was gloomy and terrifying. Finally he turned his eyes back to the servant who had just spoken: “Someone come, send this dog who loves to gossip to death. “

“Wang Ye! Wang Ye! Please spare me. This slave knows his error, please Wang Ye, spare this slave. This slave would never dare to do it anymore.” Suffering from the disaster, the slave realized that he had said something wrong and hurriedly stepped forward to grab Xia Mingqi’s hem. He kept begging, but Xia Mingqi kicked him away. 

“Why aren’t you taking him away?”

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