FMEA Chapter 127 Part 2

Chapter 127 The cat will scratch people when forced! 

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Just when several guards were about to go up and pull the person away, a gentle and magnetic voice suddenly drifted in: “Fifth Royal Brother, this is your big day, it’s not good to see blood. For this slave who is ruining your mood, it is better to reward them with corporal punishment. You should just punish a little to prevent a lot, a small punishment and a big admonition.” 

Everyone followed the voice and saw a handsome young man walking slowly not far away, it was the prince’s fourth royal brother, Xia Mingxuan. 

Xia Mingqi saw the face of the speaker clearly and the anger in his heart had to be held down for the time being. He coldly shouted: “Count yourself lucky that Fourth Royal Brother has interceded for you. Today I will spare your dog life. Take him away.” 

“Thank you, Royal Highness, thank you, Fourth Royal Prince.” 

Seeing the slave being dragged away by the guards, Xia Mingqi turned around to look at Xia Ming Xuan: “Fourth brother, why are you here so early?” 

“There was nothing to do, so it was better to come here to see if Fifth Younger Brother had anything I can do to help. In the end I saw Fifth Brother…Fifth Brother, if you can’t bear the small matters, you will be the hindrance for big plans. Don’t forget the words we spoke about that day.” 

Xia Mingqi’s face sank again, he sneered: “Naturally the words that Royal Brother said that day will be remembered in Younger Brother’s heart, one dare not forget.”

“If that’s the case then that’s fine.” Xia Mingxuan smiled as he stared at the haze in Xia Mingqi’s eyes. People who follow him don’t need to be too calm. Once a person becomes extremely angry, he will easily become a sharp dagger that penetrates into one’s heart. As long as the blade of this dagger is not aimed at himself, he doesn’t mind sharpening it for him in advance. 

This episode did not fall into the eyes of Xia Mingyuan and the others. When they arrived, it was already nightfall. The lights were brightly lit everywhere in An Wang’s mansion. It was a lively scene. Xia Mingyuan and the others just placed down their gifts, when Xia Mingqi and Xia Mingxuan had already walked over. 

“Eldest royal brother, why don’t you introduce us?” Xia Mingxuan smiled slightly, the face of a gorgeous person capable of ruining the state bloomed without warning, even the air on the side seemed to be stained with a faint fragrance.

Even the few that had watched him grow up were stunned for a moment, not to mention Xia Yuqing who had only seen him a few times.

Oooooooooo beautiful! She has finally seen what it means to have flawless skin with natural rosy cheeks. This man is so enchanting, but he is not the demonic beauty that the Ultra Seme Lord and the Gorgeous Tutor is. Instead, he has a kind of light and refined beauty, as if he was not polluted by the world’s dust. 

In short, if the beauty of the Gorgeous tutor and the Ultra Seme Lord is as seductive as a poppy flower, then the beauty of the person in front of her was like a white lotus, which unconsciously aroused the sadistic desires of people. This made people want to crush him to the ground, tear his noble aura to pieces, and completely turn him into a mortal like themselves. 

Hey, such a gentle uke should be given a cool, handsome, domineering, possessive and animalistic seme that would imprison him to abuse his mind and body. He would be domesticated into the seme’s own possession. Ahhh, thinking about it is making me blush. 

The only one who has not been confused by Xia Mingxuan’s beauty from start to finish was Feng Tingye. This was because he smelled the same smell he had on this person, this man was far from being simple and harmless as it seems on the surface. He was even more dangerous than Xia Mingyuan. Knowing how to use your own advantages to disguise yourself, he would then give others a fatal blow at a critical moment. 

This man is indeed very beautiful, Feng Tingye admitted that. But… a certain girl staring at another man in front of him so grandiosely and drooling, even though he knew that the other person was someone’s brother and she would not think of doing something improper, Feng Tingye was still…unhappy, ,very unhappy, super unhappy. So… 

“Ah…” Xia Yuqing was startled by the hand that suddenly appeared on her waist and began to slowly reach out to the place where she shouldn’t be touched. She trembled all over and couldn’t help whimpering. 

“What’s the matter?” Several people on the side heard Xia Yuqing’s exclamation and they all woke up at once, and asked worriedly.

Xia Yuqing’s face was slightly stiff. She said with a dry smile: “A, a…rat, it seemed that a rat ran over to the back of my instep just now, and it frightened me.” 

“Rat?” Several female members on the side heard this and hurriedly looked around, for fear that a mouse would suddenly come at their feet and bite them. Each one began to feel like they were sitting on pins and needles. 

“Rat, there are rats in this mansion? What were those people who came to sweep today doing?” Xia Mingqi heard that there was a rat in his mansion and his face was rather unsightly. 

Xia Mingxuan smiled lightly when he saw this: “Today with people coming and going, the people below might inevitably miss a few things. Fifth Brother doesn’t have to be distracted by this little thing.” 

So… gentle, this face accompanied by this voice, ahhhh, really such a gentle beauty. But why is such a beauty a big villain against Royal Eldest Brother? Sure enough, if a world wants to be truly perfect, in addition to a bunch of decent people with beauty, wisdom, heroism and chivalrous incarnations, it also needs people like Fourth Brother that appeared like a white lotus on the outside, but is a green tea b**ch*, a big villain boss with a high value! 

* act innocent but actually a superficial wh***

Thinking of this, Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but reward Xia Mingxuan with a pitiful look. 

Xia Mingxuan couldn’t help but feel taken aback when he saw this. He didn’t understand why that Gong Zi’s eyes suddenly changed from gleaming to pity when he saw him. This boy seemed to be much more interesting than he thought, but …this face gave him a sense of familiarity, as if he had seen it somewhere before. 

“Oh, yes. Fourth Brother, Fifth Brother, these two are my wife’s distant cousins. They came to visit me when they learned that she was pregnant.” 

“Us two brothers respectfully greet Your Highnesses.” Feng Tingye’s words were neither overbearing nor underwhelming, it did not allow people to hear any intent of an inferior showing weakness to the superior. 

Others might not have noticed this, but Xia Mingxuan noticed and couldn’t help but glance at him more. 

“It’s you!” Before Xia Mingyuan’s words fell, he heard Xia Mingqi exclaim, staring at the two in surprise. 

Xia Mingyuan pretended not to know: “Fifth Brother knows them?” 

Xia Mingqi sneered: “It turns out that they are from eldest royal brother’s mansion. No wonder I didn’t say much at that time, but third royal sister jumped out impatiently to speak for them. It turns out to be an old acquaintance. In the final analysis, it turns out this prince has no eyes and fell for royal sister’s future husband.” 

Xia Mingqi spoke rudely, but the frivolous tone was clearly insinuating Xia MuYun not being conservative and had an unclear relationship with these two men. 

Feng Tingye’s eyes were slightly cold, with a bit of indescribable chill. The Fifth Prince really lacked a filter, even more than Yan Ran and could say things that were really unpleasant. 

Xia Mingyuan’s face was ugly. Just about to speak, he heard a familiar whip and a disdainful sneer: “This princess is just late for a little bit, yet someone unwilling to be left out wants to chew on the roots of their tongue? This rotten tongue is better not having. It’s better to let me pull it out so as to stop it from talking about gossip and what not which will stain everyone’s ears.” 

“Who do you think has a rotten tongue?” Xia Mingqi’s face changed. He was about to make a move, but was stopped by Xia Mingxuan first. 

“Whoever admits it? The night was so dark, this princess really didn’t see who the speaker was. Fifth Brother, why are you so agitated? This princess did not name you, or was the one who just spoke… you?” Xia Muyun, as always, wore a hot red gauze skirt, and immediately attracted the attention of many officials.

Many young talents have begun to speak quietly, but Xia Muyun seems to have gotten used to this kind of gaze a long time ago. She walked towards Xia Mingqi and the others very naturally. 

“You…” Xia Mingqi’s face flushed, he wanted to curse Xia Muyun. He had been furious several times today, but he couldn’t say a word. 

Taking advantage of this gap, Xia Mingyuan hurriedly stepped forward to act as a peacemaker: “Alright, Royal Sister, today is Fifth Brothers big day. Both of you should not say too much.”

Since she had said her piece, Xia Muyun naturally accepted it when she heard this. “Look at my memory, this is the big day for Fifth Brother. Come and accept the gift specially prepared by this princess for you.” 

As soon as she took out a brocade box from her sleeve, a servant approached her and respectfully took the brocade box to Xia Mingqi’s side. 

Xia Mingqi was going to take a look at what was in it. No matter what it was, he would use it as an excuse to say a few words to Xia Muyun. Unexpectedly, as soon as he reached the edge of the brocade box, he saw an expectant look in Xia Muyun’s eyes. He shook his hand and took it back with a swish. 

Xia Muyun couldn’t help being a little disappointed when she saw this and couldn’t help suggesting: “It’s not a valuable thing, but it’s very suitable for Fifth Royal Brother. Shouldn’t Fifth Brother take a look at it?” 

The more Xia Muyun said so, the more Xia Mingqi dare not open the box. Pale faced, he waved his hand and let his servant take the brocade box away. 

“It’s not early, it’s time to go in. Fifth Brother, don’t let the guests wait for too long.” Xia Mingyuan’s timely reminder finally ended the battle between the two, allowing everyone to truly move to the banquet. 

Xia Yuqing was in the view of Liu Yixiang, and the seat she was sitting was not far from Xia Muyun. As soon as she took her seat, she couldn’t restrain her curiosity. She got close to Xia Muyun and asked in a low voice: “Third… third princess, what did you put in the gift just now?” 

Xia Muyun did not expect Xia Yuqing would ask this. She originally thought Xia Yuqing would ask herself why she would keep kicking the Xiu Qiu her way that day. Seeing that this kid’s recklessness was like a groundhog, he probably didn’t even know that she deliberately kicked the ball towards him that day. 

In fact, Xia Yuqing was there for the excitement that day. Later, Cui Er and Liu Yixiang spoke about it obscurely, so she really didn’t know that the ball was directed at her. She always thought that the ball was going directly to Leng Ruofeng. It was a beautiful misunderstanding! 

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