FMEA Chapter 132

Chapter 132 A group of snake disease (people with mental disorder) beside her! 

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“…” Xia Mingyuan’s roar echoed in the air for a long time, the front yard was suspiciously silent for a few seconds. 

An Wang Consort’s face suddenly turned red to white. Finally, she became a little blue and white: “Eldest Royal Brother, don’t go too far! If you dare do it, be a man and admit it. How can you do it, then come back and retort this consort? If you dislike this consort’s lack of grace and appearance, why do you do such misleading things to this consort?” 

“…” I said, An Wang Consort, why do you not look like a widow being outraged after being molested? Instead, it seems like you are trying to force others to be responsible for you, but is being rejected?! 

Xia Mingyuan felt the glares throwing knives at him from behind. He wanted to cry, and groaned: “So, what exactly did this prince do to make Fifth Royal Consort misunderstand this prince… what happened?” 

“You don’t you know what you’ve done? Don’t you think it’s too late to come here to pretend nothing happened? Okay, since you won’t admit it, Fourth Royal Brother, bring the evidence.” 

“!” There is evidence? ! Xia Yuqing’s mouth suddenly became O-shaped. 

Liu Yixiang and the others were also stunned by An Wang’s words. All of them moved their gaze to Xia Mingyuan’s body, asking him what was going on? 

Xia Mingyuan was bitter and couldn’t say anything. Pitiful. He really didn’t even know how he provoked this witch. How can he know what evidence this witch was ​​holding? ! 

Seeing that he was indeed at a loss, several people looked at each other, and cast their eyes on the Fourth Prince, Xia Mingxuan who was not far away. 

When Xia Mingxuan heard An Wang Consort’s words, his always smiling face also became a little dignified. He raised his hand to let the people behind him present the brocade box in his hand.

Everyone craned their necks immediately, wanting to see what was in the box. Xia Mingxuan met everyone’s gaze, reached out and took out something from the brocade box. It was… 

“Pu…” Okay…ok…what a beautiful red daisy! Xia Yuqing stared at the thing in Xia Mingxuan’s hands, her eyes shrank suddenly, almost bursting into laughter! 

This is the so-called evidence? A brightly blooming little daisy? It was also red, ahhhh… for an instant her brain thought of something.

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect a Yu Mei Ren, now Eldest Royal Brother is in trouble.” Xia Yuqing was holding her head to fill her head with her thought, when suddenly she heard a familiar female voice behind her. She turned her head and a figure of fire appeared, lighting her eyes up.

“Third Royal Sister, why are you here?” 

“Shhh…” Xia Muyun almost fell over when she heard Xia Yuqing’s exclamation. She raised her head and stared at Xia Yuqing with hatred and whispered. “Are you afraid that others won’t know your identity? What are you shouting for?” 

Xia Yuqing was stunned. She hurriedly covered her mouth. Xia Muyun glanced at the people not far away. Fortunately, everyone’s attention was now focused on Xia Mingyuan, so, they didn’t notice any small movements over there. She was slightly relieved. 

Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but smile when she saw her. She climbed up the pole more and more: “Third Royal Sister, you haven’t answered me yet. Why are you here?” 

Xia Muyun gave her a roll of her eyes: “Nonsense, Eldest Royal Brother caused such a big incident, can I not come? I was in the mourning hall at that time and saw Fourth Royal Brother say a few words with this woman. The woman’s face changed drastically, regardless of the presence of the guests, then she left. I felt that something was not right, so I followed her all the way here. Fortunately, I followed, otherwise, I would have missed a good show.”

Xia Muyun stared at the little red daisy in Xia Mingxuan’s hand. The corners of her lips raised slightly, a very evil smile was outlined. 

When Xia Muyun said this, Xia Yuqing became more and more curious: “Third Royal Sister, what’s the matter? Why is there something wrong with everyone’s face when they saw that little red daisy? Is it possible…” Is it possible that these people are thinking the same as her? 

Xia Muyun couldn’t help turning her head and look Xia Yuqing up and down for a long time, only to see that Xia Yuqing looked a little guilty: “Royal Sister, have you been to Ye Country for too long? Have you forgotten the customs of this country?” 

“The customs of Xia country?” Are there customs in Xia country? Why doesn’t she know at all? ! What should I do now? She won’t reveal something right?! 

Xia Muyun did not suspect her. She knew that Xia Yuqing was alone in the palace for a long time at the beginning and may lack common sense. She coughed and explained: “Royal Sister, in Xia, the big red daisy is also called Yu Mei Ren. If a man presents this flower to a woman, it means that the man is interested in the woman. If the woman accepts it, the woman will cut off the poppy flowers and return the branches and leaves to the man’s hands, implying their willingness to open branches and leaves* with the man. “” 

* have offsprings 

“!” What? ! Use a small red daisy as a token of love, and…to open branches and leaves*!

* have offsprings 

Oh my god! Xia Yuqing was electrocuted by the transmigration god. Have you ever thought about how those flowers would feel having its petals ripped off by those couples in love as a sacrificial item? Also, opening branches and leaves, are you treating women as sows? They aren’t even married, yet are thinking about opening branches and leaves! 

Xia Yuqing was filled with the thoughts of Xia Mingyuan holding a bunch of small daisies and kneeling down to An Wang Consort, then An Wang Consort shyly taking off the petals of the flowers…Help! The picture is so beautiful, I dare not look at it!

On this side, Xia Yuqing lost her ability to speak by her thunderous thoughts in her mind. On the other side, Feng Tingye, Liu Yixiang and the others who found out the truth were no exception. 

“Eldest Royal Brother, do you recognize this thing?” Xia Mingxuan raised the flower in his hand, staring at Xia Mingyuan with a profound expression, “Does Eldest Royal Brother not remember what a red daisy symbolizes in Xia Country? Eldest Royal Brother, by sending this brocade box to An Wang’s mansion, does this not represent you taking liberties with An Wang Consort? Brother, you…what should your younger brother do? Even if you cannot control yourself, this is the funeral of Fifth Royal Brother. If you send this kind of thing as a condolence gift to Fifth Royal Brother, aren’t you afraid of disturbing the dead? Isn’t it going against normal relationships and something that this country’s laws will not tolerate?” 

After Xia Mingxuan spoke in such a heartbroken manner, all of a sudden, everyone’s eyes were filled with condemnation. 

At the same time, a few sympathetic eyes fell on Liu Yixiang. The taste of this Eldest Royal Prince is really peculiar. He didn’t care about the beautiful girl in his house, but actually likes that kind of thing. Poor Prince Consort, she just got pregnant too and he has gone off to have an affair? That’s why you should never celebrate too soon! 

The stark gaze naturally couldn’t escape Liu Yixiang’s eyes. Immediately her face sank. She shot a death stare towards Xia Mingyuan. You weak chicken, it’s fine if you embarrass yourself, but don’t drag me down with you. Look, see how I will deal with you later when this is done!

“This…” Xia Mingyuan had no choice but to suffer in silence, having unspeakable suffering.

He couldn’t figure out why red daisies would appear in the condolence gift box he sent to An Wang’s Mansion. He remembered that he never asked the people to send flowers over! 

Wait, send flowers?! Xia Mingyuan raised his head suddenly and looked at Xia Yuqing not far away, as if thinking of something. He laughed in a low voice: “Ahhahaha… so it was like this! It turns out to be like this! This… it’s a misunderstanding, Shrew, listen to this prince explain. That flower was not sent by this prince. The flower…the flower was given by the Xiao Gong Zi. This prince doesn’t know anything!” 

“Gah…” Xia Yuqing was watching the play with gusto. Yet unexpectedly, the fire was suddenly thrown at her, burning her body at once. The gloating smile on her face was stiff. 

Liu Yixiang and Feng Tingye were both taken aback. They suddenly remembered that Xia Yuqing had indeed asked yesterday for Xia Mingyuan to bring a bunch of flowers to Xia Mingqi as a way of mourning. As a result… she sent a bunch of red daisies over? 

“Xiao Gong Zi?” Xia Mingxuan and An Wang Consort were also taken aback. Following the direction Xia Mingyuan pointed, at a glance they saw Xia Yuqing and the others who had been standing on the side trying not to be noticed.

“Eldest Royal Brother means that it was that Gong Zi who put the Yu Mei Ren in the brocade box?” Xia Mingxuan narrowed his eyes and looked directly at Xia Mingyuan with obvious disbelief in his eyes. He seemed to believe that Xia Mingyuan wanted to find someone else to blame to escape this trouble.

Xia Mingyuan didn’t have the time to care about what he thought. Now he was thinking about how to explain everything clearly to Liu Yixiang, otherwise he would be tortured to death by his own people without having his enemies in front take action. 

“Ahem, that’s right. That day, this Gong Zi was also invited to the wedding banquet of An Wang. Later, when he learned that An Wang was assassinated and died, this Gong Zi was kind-hearted and wanted to send something to show his grief. Unexpectedly… ” Xia Mingyuan sighed lightly, staring straight at Xia Yuqing.

Royal Sister, it’s better for you to take the fall than me, don’t blame Royal Brother for not being loyal. For the future happiness of Eldest Royal Brother, you can go with peace of mind! Besides, you were the one who caused this matter. You said you wanted to send flowers, but why did you choose the Yu Gui Ren? Isn’t this just looking for trouble? Also who sends festive red-colored flowers to mourn the dead? Are you here to help or to cause trouble? If I knew I shouldn’t have agreed to your “little” request! 

Xia Mingyuan regretted his actions at the beginning. While Xia Yuqing, the culprit who made him so embarrassed, was also extremely entangled at this moment. 

“Oh, I didn’t know Royal Sister, your taste is so strong? You sent those Yu Gui Ren?!” Xia Muyun was taken aback for a moment, then she slapped Xia Yuqing’s back. Her face looked complicated and intrigued. 

Now Xia Yuqing’s face had tears streaming down her face. Why did she forget she sent flowers?! Yesterday, she said that she wanted to send flowers, so she ordered Xiao Yuan and the rest to send daisies to mourn the dead. However, she ordered small white or yellow daisies to be sent. She used to see people displaying those at funerals. Thinking it was specifically used to mourn the dead, she thought it was foolproof. Who knew that the flowers in the brocade box will turn into a big red daisy with a profound implication of immortality! 

Didn’t we say white and yellow? What about the op’ness of transmigrating? Why does she have such bad luck wherever she goes? Are you f**king kidding with me, you transmigration gods? ! 

In Xia Yuqing’s heart, the villain hugged its head while it was amidst the chaos. She gritted her teeth and asked in a low voice: “Xiao Yuan, what’s going on? Didn’t I ask you to send some white or yellow daisies yesterday? How did you send a big red one!”

Li Yuan obviously didn’t expect such a big event to happen. She forced herself to smile and said: “Qing Jiejie, I can’t be blamed for this! Yesterday, Miss Liu had severe morning sickness, and the mansion did not have enough hands, so Cui Er Jiejie and I went over to help. After all, we had experience in taking care of Qing Jiejie before, so we couldn’t get out of it at all. Just thinking that the flower selection was not a big deal, I caught the prime minister who looked rather idle at the time to help send it. Who knew that Prime Minister Leng would choose a big red one to send over!” 

Xia Yuqing was taken aback when she heard Li Yuan’s explanation. She turned her head numbly and looked at Leng Ruofeng, who was a few steps away from them: “You mean to say that those flowers were chosen by the prime minister?” 


Xia Yuqing immediately shifted her gaze to the culprit. Leng Ruofeng was close to them, so he naturally heard their words. Before Xia Yuqing got angry, he whispered: “Oh, it turns out that the flowers were not yellow!” 

“…” Such an eye-catching red, how did you see it as yellow? Are you color blind? Can’t you even distinguish between yellow and red?! 

Wait! Xia Yuqing seemed to have grasped an important point, her eyes widened suddenly. She looked at Leng Ruofeng in disbelief: “Prime Minister, you are not color blind, right?” 

“Color blind?” Leng Ruofeng’s expression remained unchanged. 

“…Uh, can’t distinguish between colors.” 

“…” Leng Ruofeng was silent for a few seconds suspiciously, then began to… release cold air. 

“…” Ugh, no need to ask. Since the Prime Minister can’t even answer such an ordinary question, he is basically admitting to it. So… the Prime Minister is really colorblind? 

Several incidents that hadn’t been noticed before, were now very clear in Xia Yuqing’s mind. 

When she was pregnant, she asked Leng Ruofeng for help because she couldn’t reach the oranges.

“Prime Minister, help Ben Gong grab the orange on the table over there. That one, the red one.” As a result, what Leng Ruofeng got in his hand was a green and yellow half-ripe orange… 

She thought he hadn’t heard clearly at the time, and repeated it again: “This is a bit green, what I want is the red one over there.” 

However, until the end she was unable to escape the result of eating sour oranges. 

And the green hat incident from last time. Later, the Ultra Seme Lord clearly told herself that he did not like green… 

And this time, picking the bright red color for a dead person, are you looking for trouble? 

Everything was fine when you looked at it alone. However, if you put it together like this, you can’t help notice, it’s really not a problem of brain damage! 

Xia Yuqing was very irritated by the truth, she suddenly had tears fall down. As soon as she raised her head, she saw Feng Tingye walking towards her. She couldn’t help but asked aggrievedly: “Is he color blind?” 

Feng Tingye was taken aback: “Color blind? What is color blind?” 

Xia Yuqing rolled her eyes: “He can’t distinguish all colors.” 

Feng Tingye pondered for a moment, and smiled lightly: “If you are asking if Ruofeng would confuse some colors. …It is true.” 

There was a thunderbolt. Xia Yuqing complained bitterly with a large black cloud on her head, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” 

Feng Tingye replied, “I thought you knew.” 

“…” No one told her, so how could she know? ! So all of this is a tragedy caused by color blindness? Is this the truth? ! Ahhhhh, why is the truth always so cruel? Every time I know the truth, my tears can’t help but fall? Can’t we place nicely? !

“What’s the matter?” Feng Tingye asked worriedly, looking at Xia Yuqing’s expression of wanting to break down. 

“Nothing, I just suddenly felt that I am quite strong.” 

That’s right! Very strong! To be able to live in a broken world with the people around her… the Ultra Seme Lord is face blind, the Gorgeous Tutor is a gossip queen, the Shangshu is a Tianshan Tong Lao*, the strong general is stupid, and the only one I thought was normal, that is, the iceberg prime minister, who is a bit cold, turned out to be color blind? ! Counting this all up, there are really no normal people around. 

* a character from a martial arts novel; they look young but is old

From this point of view, Ye Kingdom’s imperial palace was basically a gathering place for snake disease*. She is in a snake disease gathering camp, yet she can still live intact until now. Being dragged through this mud but not be infected and stay pure, it is rare in this world! 

* snake disorder sounds like person with a mental disorder

Xia Yuqing, who felt good about herself, didn’t know her image in the eyes of others, was far more shocking than the “snake disease” she spoke about. 

“Have you talked enough? Eldest Royal Brother, this is very important. If this little Gong Zi really did send that in condolences…” Xia Mingxuan looked at Xia Yuqing’s few people whispering and his face changed. He could not help but speak to bring things back to the subject at hand. 

But what he didn’t expect was that he was interrupted by An Wang Consort. Excitedly before he finished speaking, she shouted: “It’s you, I recognize you! You are the handsome young man who fought with the prince to grab my Xiu Qiu that day.” 

“!” Xia Yuqing had just recovered from the shock of being pitted by color blindness, when she heard An Wang Consort’s shocking words. She almost passed out. 

The people who were kicking the Xiu Qiu that day were clearly the iceberg Prime Minister and Fourth Royal Brother! Which one of your eyes saw that she was vying to grab the Xiu Qiu. Also, they were obviously evading it, that’s why the Xiu Qiu was going all over the field!

There was Huo Feiyan before, and now there is An Wang Consort. Sure enough, nowadays all these idiots who have been born this year are particularly narcissistic, and feel good about themselves. 

Before Xia Yuqing sighed, she heard An Wang Consort once again startle the others: “It turns out…it was not the Eldest Prince who was interested in this concubine’s body, but you! Last time you could not grab the Xiu Qiu, but was surprised by the beauty of this concubine’s body. Unfortunately, you had no other options, but you did not expect that on this consort’s wedding night, her husband would be killed. Now, Gong Zi’s dead heart is alive again. Regardless of the prince’s bones, he expressed his heart to this concubine. You were worried about just being a passer-by to this concubine, this consort… this consort…” 

“…” Lady, your imagination is so rich! But, you’re overthinking this! Not mentioning that I’m a woman, even if I’m a man, even if I was blind, I’ll never think of you like that. I don’t want to joke about my life. Being pressed down by 1000kg, I would die! 

“Con…” Xia Yuqing twitched. Just as she was about to explain, she was shocked by An Wang Consort’s next move. Everyone was stunned to see An Wang Consort rushing to Xia Mingxuan in a thunderous manner. She grabbed the brocade box in his hand, then fiercely tore the petals off the red daisies. Like a treasure, she collected the remnant petals into her handkerchief, then held the remaining branches and leaves. She walked to Xia Yuqing, then handed the brocade box over with a shy look. 

“…” What is the situation now? ! 

“Royal Sister, in the country of Xia, the big red daisy is also called Yu Gui Ren. If a man presents this flower to a woman, it means that the man is interested in this woman. If the woman accepts it, they will pull off the petals, and send the branches and leaves back to the man’s hands. This means that he is willing to open branches and leaves for the man.”

Xia Muyun’s words still echoed in her ears. Returning the branches and leaves to the man’s hands means that she is willing to open branches and leaves for the man. Open branches and leaves… Open branches and leaves… Open branches and leaves, your sister! This fellow is a woman. A woman! How can I make babies with you? ! Two women engaging in lesbianism is the same as two uke’s paired together. We will not be happy like this! So please let me go! 

Feng Tingye watched An Wang Consort “reveal her love” under the public eye. His face sank, and the atmosphere around his body suddenly condensed. His gaze on An Wang Consort was filled with strong bloodlust, as if he could not wait for her to be cut into a thousand pieces. 

Everyone who knew him backed up a few steps. They secretly said in their hearts: It’s over, the emperor’s perverted possessiveness is on the verge of an attack. Regardless of the gender, he will indiscriminately attack both humans and animals. An Wang Consort… you should pray for more blessings! 

Xia Mingxuan also noticed the anomaly here. His eyes that looked at Xia Yuqing and the others immediately became meaningful. The two of them were really not ordinary brothers. No pair of brothers would be as close as them. An elder brother would not show that expression when he sees others showing love to his younger brother. The two people’s way of getting along is not so much like brothers, but like… 

“Royal Consort, An Wang’s bones are not cold yet, how can you…” The people from An Wang’s mansion were frightened by the consort’s actions. They finally awakened and tried to persuade An Wang Consort. 

Unexpectedly, An Wang Consort was so dazzled by the joy of someone’s pursuit, she didn’t listen to their dissuasion at all. She snorted coldly: “That short-lived ghost can’t give this lady happiness. Forget it, he died too early. He is really bad luck. He can’t be happy by himself, so why hinder my happiness? Gong Zi, don’t be afraid, I already understand your intentions. You only need to nod and don’t worry about everything else. I will protect you and our happiness!” 

“…” So, girl, you really misunderstood! There can be no happiness between us! How many times do you have to have me say it to be clear!

The next development was even more unexpected. Seeing that Xia Yuqing hadn’t responded for a long time, An Wang Consort decided that he must be too embarrassed to show his love for herself in front of everyone, so she decided to take the initiative. Thus… 

“D*mn it, what are you doing?!” Xia Yuqing’s eyes widened, looking at the big meat ball that was rushing towards her. Before she could step back, she was hugged by the neck, that wet…too shocked, it was beyond words! 

“Ah, Gong Zi (Qing Er)!” The screams came one after another. A group of people swarmed up, trying to drag Xia Yuqing out of the other’s arms. 

However, the other party was really holding too tightly. Everyone was worried that Xia Yuqing would be hurt being pulled too hard. The two parties were at a loss for a while. 

“We love each other sincerely, no one can separate us!” An Wang Consort’s low growl shook Xia Yuqing’s ears. She was dumbfounded, there was only one thought in her heart. 

Who really loves you? ! This Lao Zi is impatient now, help…Help! Lao Zi is going to be crushed by this beast! My long life of fame! I, Xia Yuqing, with the expectation of thousands of fujoshis, have dedicated myself to the great cause of changing the world, but in the end, will die under the hands of a beast. How sad! Hey, this ending is not good at all! You will definitely get bad reviews, Ultra Seme Lord…Help! 

Under the scramble, a small thing fell out of Xia Yuqing’s neck. It caught the eyes of Xia Mingxuan who was on the sidelines. Xia Mingxuan’s eyes tightened suddenly, his face changed. He stared at Xia Yuqing’s panicked face in a daze for a while, then another face appeared in his mind. The two faces merged bit by bit. 

After a long while, he seemed to have regained his consciousness. The hands hanging on both sides were clenched tightly, the corners of his lips were slightly hooked, and he whispered a word that only he could hear: “It turns out…it was her.”

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