FMEA Chapter 133

Chapter 133 Cheap Father to Save the Day 

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After the chaos, An Wang Consort was dragged away by the people of the An Wang Palace. Her clothes were disheveled, her hair was messy, and the makeup on her face was rubbed off under the struggle just now. She became more terrifying than at the beginning. 

Xia Yuqing was no better than her. After experiencing a real stampede, she was now in a mess, but fortunately someone’s chest was spacious enough to give her a place to hide temporarily. 

“My husand, don’t stop me~” An Wang Consort taking a breather, started to move around again. 

Xia Yuqing’s big watery eyes widened. She screamed in Feng Tingye’s arms: “Don’t… don’t come here, Jie… My brother has practiced eighteen different martial arts and is proficient in swords, spears, swords and halberds. You……Don’t come here! If you dare to take a step closer, let’s see if I don’t fork you into a suckling pig!” 

Xia Yuqing’s bluffing threat successfully stopped An Wang Consort. Her big cake face was full of incredulous injuries: “You …How can you treat me like that? Don’t you…you love me?” 

“…when did I fall in love with you? This is just a misunderstanding. The flower was indeed sent by me.” 

As soon as the words came out, An Wang Consort’s eyes lit up. She was about to rush forward again, so Xia Yuqing hurriedly retracted and said quickly: “But what I asked people to send was white and yellow daisies. It was condolence for An Wang passing away. Yet, the people below somehow got the wrong color, so this big mistake happened. Don’t get me wrong, An Wang Consort, I… I don’t have the slightest intention towards you, really!” 

Leng Ruofeng let out a light sigh when he heard the words. There was a daze of enlightenment across his face. He whispered in a low voice: “No wonder at that time when he told the gardener that he would bring this flower to someone, the gardener…” gave him such an….. Ambiguous look.

“…” So this is a tragedy caused by color blindness! Also, Iceberg Prime Minister, just because you have face paralysis, you can’t act like this matter doesn’t concern yourself. If we get to the heart of the matter, it was all caused by you. So, why are you acting as if you became the final scapegoat and is acting devastated? ! Ughh, my heart is so tired, I can’t anymore!

“What are you saying? You mean… You never liked this lady, this is just a misunderstanding?” An Wang Consort froze for a moment and asked tremblingly. 

Xia Yuqing’s head was pounding, she thought that An Wang Consort had finally listened. Just about to let out a sigh of relief, she saw An Wang Consort’s huge figure sitting on the ground fiercely, the ground couldn’t help shaking three times. Then, under everyone’s jaw-dropping gaze…she began to weep. 

“An Wang, you have no conscience, why did you leave so early. You left me alone and helpless. Take a good look! While you are up in the sky, how long have you been away now for your concubine to be bullied this badly? This concubine is a female that not only can’t find the murderer for you, but can’t protect her own innocence. I have let you down!” 

“…” What is the situation now? The live version of the vixen acting shamelessly? ! This is a group of spectators who were frightened by An Wang Consort’s howling. 

“…” The royal family has produced this kind of daughter-in-law, it is really… too embarrassing! This is a group of royal children headed by Xia Mingyuan. 

“…” Lady, have you read too many books? Screaming and crying in such a melodramatic manner and talking about your innocence…. she just sent the wrong flowers by mistake. Why… Why is it related to your innocence? ! And if you really want to be innocent, what was all that earlier where you were pouncing on men desperate to marry? This Sister is the one who should cry about her innocence being in danger! This is Xia Yuqing, who was innocently looking to the sky. 

Just as the scene once again developed in an uncontrollable direction, a shrill voice successfully silenced everyone present. 

“The emperor is here.” 

“!” Everyone present was shocked, their hearts trembled uncontrollably. 

“Royal Father… Why did Royal Father come over at this time?” Xia Mingyuan and Xia Muyun exchanged glances, then invariably moved their gazes to Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye. Their eyes were full of concern. This is troublesome. Now, if their identities are seen through by the emperor, based on the attitude of the emperor to Xia Yuqing…

Xia Mingxuan’s eyes flashed without revealing the chill within. His hands clenched into fists, a little unwilling when he looked at Xia Yuqing. An Wang Consort stopped crying as soon as she heard the sudden arrival of the emperor. She sat on the ground in a daze, at a loss. 

Not long after, a pair of well-trained imperial soldiers rushed in from outside the door and enclosed the fences on both sides. 

Xia Yuqing took a step back with a pale face. She felt her hand warmed by another hand. Xia Yuqing was startled. Looking up, she faced Feng Tingye’s calm eyes. Her heart suddenly settled down. After taking a few deep breaths, she stabilized her mood, then her eyes followed the imperial army who rushed in and she looked out the door. 

In the next second, a tall and straight figure walked in slowly from the entrance. The man was dressed in a black rimmed robe. The edge of the robe was embroidered with eight five-claw golden dragons with golden silk thread, making the man appear more majestic. His imposing manner was grandeur and the black tassels hanging down on his crown smacked each other and made a very crisp sound, but this was not the point. The point was…this face of the person with these things… 

Seeing the face of the person clearly, Xia Yuqing’s mouth suddenly turned into an O shape, and while everyone was present, she yelled out: “You, you…” 

“Presumptuous, how can you be so rude in front of the emperor?” 

“!” This is the emperor, her nominal cheap dad? 

“Withdraw.” The man’s voice was as low-pitched as it was that day, but with more majesty and indifference than that day. Xia Yuqing was shocked. She finally understood that she had done another stupid thing. 

She actually yelled at her cheap dad when she saw him. If this was not troublesome enough, now even if he doesn’t want to pay attention to them, he has to pay attention. Did she just lead herself to a dead end? Ughhh, what should she do? Can they still leave Eldest Royal Brother’s mansion safely after today?

“Why is Gong Zi here?” Xia Haotian, the current emperor of Xia Country, the father of Xia Mingyuan and the others, was the man Xia Yuqing bumped into in front of the Shangshu Mansion that day. He seemed a little surprised to see Xia Yuqing. 

Xia Muyun and Xia Mingyuan were stunned for a few seconds. They didn’t care about their greeting. The smiles on their stiff faces cautiously asked: “Father, do you know this Gong Zi?” 

It couldn’t be that he recognized them? ! Didn’t father dislike little imperial sister? It is said that from the birth of little imperial sister to her later marriage, he never looked at her directly. How could he recognize little imperial sister? And when did this happen? Why don’t they know at all? ! 

Little Royal Sister, how many unknown things have you been doing behind our backs? If you play cards so unreasonably, sooner or later we will be badly played by you! 

Xia Muyun and Xia Mingyuan were tremblingly waiting for Xia Haotian’s answer, but this time they really wronged Xia Yuqing. The reason why Xia Yuqing and Xia Haotian happened to meet was really an accident. Summing this up, it is fate! 

“He’s not an acquaintance, just someone I have seen once.” Xia Haotian’s calm reply made the hearts of several people relax a little. 

Before they could say something else to shift away Xia Haotian’s attention from Xia Yuqing’s body, Xia Haotian asked in a low voice, “Why is Gong Zi in Yuan Er’s mansion?” 

“This…” Xia Yuqing squeezed Feng Tingye’s hand with a guilty conscience. Feng Tingye smiled lightly and took over the conversation: “Replying to the emperor, this citizen and his brother are distant cousins ​​of the Prince Consort. Since there is also some friendship with the Eldest Prince and hearing that the Prince Consort is pregnant, we were very happy for them, so we came to visit in person.” 

“Distant cousin?” Xia Haotian chewed on Feng Tingye’s words. He glanced at the hands between the two of them, there was a clear clear light that crossed his eyes. He smiled, “Since this is the case, the person Shang Shu said that Yun Er likes is this Gong Zi?” 

“…Huh?” Xia Yuqing and Xia Muyun were startled at the same time. After they reacted, the two of them couldn’t help but be embarrassed. That b**tard uncle who picks his feet is speaking nonsense.

Feng Tingye’s eyes were dangerously narrowed. His mood fell to the bottom again. Why do so many people want to snatch his pet from him as soon as he sets foot on the land of Xia Kingdom? He really shouldn’t indulge her too much. She attracts too many people everywhere. She needs to be taught a lesson! 

When Xia Muyun heard Xia Haotian’s words, she cursed Su Yan and took a deep breath. There was a gentle smile on her face. She quickly ran to Xia Haotian’s side and took his hand and said coquettishly: “Father, don’t listen to the nonsense of Little Uncle. He has misunderstood. Daughter has nothing to do with Gong Zi.” 

Xia Haotian didn’t believe it: “Look at your nervousness. You said you have nothing to do with him?” 

“…” Father, Er Chen is nervous that you might suddenly recognized the true identity of that stupid person and cause a dispute between the two countries! 

“Usually, aren’t you very bold? Why are you shy now?” 

Xia Muyun was about to retort, when she saw Xia Mingyuan winking at her vigorously on the other side. Frowning, after looking at him for a long time, she understood what he was hinting. The corners of her mouth twitched and a shy smile was raised, pretending to be annoyed: “Father…” 

When everyone saw her like this, they became more and more convinced that she and Xia Yuqing indeed had a relationship. For a while, what had become a deadlock was unfolding again, there was a light at the end of the tunnel! 

It turned out that the Gong Zi and the Third Princess were actually a pair! Who was the Third Princess? The Third Princess was the most beloved child of the current emperor. Whether it is wealth, looks, or her bearing, it was all top class. Although her temper was not very good, her appearance and family background was stellar. Before this, there were countless princes and Gong Zis’ vying to win her heart. 

But the ridiculously high standards of the Rhird Princess was a lot higher than that of ordinary people. So far, they have never heard of anyone who was treated differently. Yet this unknown young man, who knows where he came from, unexpectedly came out on top… 

Such a young man would give up the Third Princess with excellent looks and family background for a… widow? That would be too crazy!

The situation took a turn for the worse. Everyone believed what Xia Yuqing said just now. This is really just a misunderstanding! 

“You…you…” The one who was most shocked by this information was An Wang Consort, who blushed immediately. She pointed to Xia Yuqing and was speechless. 

At this moment, another person rushed into the door. Everyone looked up to see it was Xiang Ye who came to hear the news. 

“Daddy!” An Wang Consort exclaimed excitedly. When she saw the visitor, her eyes lit up. 

“My daughter, my precious daughter, don’t be afraid, Daddy is here.” Xiang Ye was still wearing court clothes. Today, the servant who heard about what happened to An Wang Consort, rushed back to Xiang Ye Mansion to report that something happened at the funeral of An Wang as soon as Xiang Yw returned home. In a hurry, he rushed over before he could change clothes. He had heard the servant speak about it on the road and now he saw his daughter’s embarrassed appearance. 

“Father, you have to stand up for your daughter, this Gong Zi… this Gong Zi is disrespectful to me.” An Wang Consort threw herself into the arms of Xiang Ye. Pointing to Xia Yuqing, she burst into tears. 

“…” Xia Yuqing suddenly felt an arrow in her knee, it hurts! I’ve said it so many times, this is a misunderstanding! Why is this woman’s head more stubborn than a wood? Sure enough…you can’t afford to offend morons!

Xiang Ye looked in the direction his daughter was pointing. Facing Xia Yuqing’s palm-sized face, Xia Haotian and the others standing beside him, he was shocked but he was also slightly relieved. It turned out it was not the prince, but some unknown kid, so he doesn’t have to worry about offending the emperor when getting justice for his daughter. However, Xiang Ye obviously did not expect that the consequences of offending Xia Yuqing were far more serious than offending Xia Mingyuan.

“Wei Chen greets Your Majesty. Your Majesty, this minister’s daughter has been molested in the funeral hall of An Wang and her innocence has been damaged. Before An Wang’s bones were cold, someone would actually do such a conscienceless thing. It is really… this minister requests Your Majesty to help return justice to this minister’s daughter and give her back her innocence!”

Xia Haotian’s face sank after hearing the words of Xiang Ye. Recalling his intentions for coming, his cold eyes did not stay on Xia Yuqing’s body, but looked at Xia Mingyuan not far away. 

“Yuan Er, what is going on?” 

Xia Mingyuan was startled slightly, he stepped forward respectfully: “Father, this is how things went…” 

Xia Mingyuan explained what had happened just now. Of course Leng Ruofeng being color blind was naturally not said. It was only brought up that the people below heard the wrong thing and confused the color of the flowers, thus the mistake occurred. 

After Xia Haotian heard it all, his face was hard to read. Everyone turned their eyes to him, waiting for him to deal with this matter. 

Xia Yuqing bit her lip. The hand she held with Feng Tingye oozed cold sweat. Feng Tingye’s face was not very pleasant. The hand that did not hold Xia Yuqing was behind his back. He was signalling Cui Er and the others. If there was an accident, he didn’t mind just grandiosely hijacking the King of Xia and smashing out of the capital of Xia Country. Although he would be a bit sorry towards Xia Mingyuan to do so and it was not a wise move that could trigger a war between two countries, but for this person in his hands, he didn’t mind going crazy once. 

Xia Haotian was silent for a while. Then as if he sensed something, he turned his head to look at Feng Tingye. The two looked at each other without warning. Almost instinctive, the imperial might between the two was diffused and filled the air. 

However, it was only a moment. The two of them moved their eyes away tacitly, so not many people noticed this episode. Of course there were one or two exceptions, such as Xia Mingxuan and Xia Mingyuan. 

Xia Mingyuan was frightened to a cold sweat, while Xia Mingxuan was a little surprised. This astonishment was suppressed by him, and he replaced it with curiosity. 

“Since it’s just a misunderstanding, then things should end here.”

Xia Haotian’s unsatisfactory conclusion made all the people in An Wang’s Mansion and Xiang Ye who originally thought they could blow off some steam, stunned. Xia Mingyuan and the others who thought Xia Yuqing could not escape punishment this time were also surprised. 

“Your Majesty… Your Majesty…” Xiang Ye wanted to say something, but Xia Haotian gave him a cold look. 

“Xiang Ye, your daughter is now my daughter-in-law. Although Mingqi has passed away, she is still An Wang Consort after all, a member of the royal family. She represents the face of the royal family. Regardless of whether it is a misunderstanding or not, An Wang Consort on the first day of the funeral, did not guard the mourning hall of An Wang, but ran to the Eldest Prince’s house to cause trouble. If this news was spread out, this would hurt the royal family’s face.” 

Xia Haotian said these words with obvious threats. If we stop now it can result in a peaceful relationship with each other. If this trouble continues, the one out of luck will not be Xia Yuqing, but his own daughter. After all, the crime of harming the royal family’s reputation is not something that anyone can bear. 

The emperor was clearly being partial to that kid! Xiang Ye who understood this, paled, and finally realized that he might have accidentally provoked someone who shouldn’t be provoked. 

“This minister understands. This time it was my daughter who was too reckless and ran into the Eldest Prince and this Gong Zi. Please Eldest Prince and Gong Zi, looking at the fact that my daughter just lost her husband and her emotions are a bit out of control, please forgive her.”

“Daddy!” An Wang Consort dare not believe what was happening. Her dad, who has always been obedient to her and loved her, is standing on the side looking on without lifting a finger….

Xiang Ye warned her and shook his head, but An Wang Consort was furious. She turned around and ran out. 

“Ying Er!” Xiang Ye hurriedly yelled. He could not stop An Wang Consort from leaving. He hurriedly bowed to the emperor and said, “Your Majesty, the death of An Wang has dealt a huge blow to this little girl. Please see that she is young and ignorant and due to the aftermath of massive changes, forgive her discourteous actions.” 

Xia Haotian looked deeply at him, sighing loudly: “It’s fine. Go find her, don’t let her do anything stupid. ” 

Xiang Ye trembled all over, bowed to Xia Haotian, and left quickly.

When the people in An Wang’s Mansion saw that the consort was gone, they naturally left with Xiang Ye to look for the An Wang Consort. Their departure also meant that…

This matter is over? Xia Yuqing and Liu Yixiang looked at each other. They all breathed a sigh of relief, the gaze on Xia Haotian suddenly became one of admiration. 

He’s worthy of being a cheap dad! When the veteran took the lead, one by one, all those people were cleaned up at once!

“Although it was an accident, Yuan Er, you are too careless in your work. You didn’t even know those kinds of things were mixed into the things you sent? You still do not have enough experience.” When those people left, Xia Haotian’s face immediately sank. He turned around, face changed, he reprimanded Xia Mingyuan. The severe appearance shocked Xia Yuqing again. 

Sure enough, accompanying one’s sovereign can be like accompanying a tiger. This face-changing technique is really admirable, even the ugliness on the stage was removed. 

Xia Mingyuan seemed to have long been used to Xia Haotian’s harsh treatment. He bowed: “Royal Father is right, this child has been negligent. This child will definitely pay more attention in the future and will not commit this crime again.” 

Xia Haotian smiled and nodded. When he turned his head to look at Xia Muyun, his face softened slightly: “Yun Er hasn’t been seen recently, is it because of the fact that she has been running to meet this Gong Zi?” 

Xia Muyun was taken aback. Then she forcefully followed through with the lie. As soon as she raised her head, she glared at Xia Haotian angrily, and said coquettishly: “Father, you actually made fun of your daughter?” 

“…” Xia Yuqing and the others who were used to seeing her proud appearance, felt their hearts tremble. It turns out that this queen can be so coquettish! But no matter how they look at it, they…. couldn’t enjoy it! 

Xia Haotian seemed to have gotten used to it. He smiled lightly: “Okay, I won’t say anything about it. How about this? In a few days it will be the spring hunt, every prince and Gong Zi will be there. How about this Gong Zi and…”

Feng Tingye narrowed his eyes and said with a faint smile: “Your Majesty, this citizen’s surname is Feng.” 

“Feng Gong Zi, if little Gong Zi and Feng Gong Zi are free, you might as well accompany us. Just let Zhen take a good look at what kind of person can capture my daughter’s heart, to see whether he is qualified to guard my treasured daughter.” 

“Father…” Xia Muyun was shy again. 

Everyone thought that Xia Haotian’s words were directed to Xia Yuqing. The faces of all those who knew the truth were a little ugly. Only Feng Tingye knew that when Xia Haotian said this, his eyes were clearly on him from beginning to end. This man… knows something? 

“!” Could this be the legendary fake it until you make it? Is this old man looking for a son-in-law? Ahhhh, but I am not your future son-in-law, I am your own daughter, the sister of the Third Princess. If this goes on, something will happen! 

Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye for help, but saw him staring at Xia Haotian thoughtfully with a frown. Only when she pulled his sleeve did he recover. 

Looking at the panic in Xia Yuqing’s eyes, Feng Tingye let out a sigh of relief and smiled indifferently. No matter what the man’s intent is, this girl is already his own now, so why not comply with his request? In fact, he was also a little curious about what this man wanted to do. 

“The emperor is so kind, it would be rude for this citizen and his younger brother to reject.” 

Xia Haotian took a deep look at him, nodded, and exchanged greetings with Xia Mingyuan and the others. He came in a hurried manner and also left that way. 

Now everyone was almost gone, the only one left… 

“Royal Brother being able to solve the misunderstanding and restoring one’s innocence, it is really worth celebrating.” Xia Mingxuan looked at the several people generously and smiled. 

The appearance of this white lotus that confuses all sentient beings is really unimaginable. This person was the one who held the evidence for An Wang Consort just now, and actually the person who stabbed them from behind.

“For it to follow Royal Brother’s auspicious words.” Xia Mingyuan replied to Xia Mingxuan without changing his face. 

In just a few words, the dark tide between the two of them began to rage, but it made Xia Yuqing smell a bit of an affair. 

Why does she feel that Fourth Royal Brother was relieved when he said this? Is it possible… Is it possible that the person whom Fourth Royal Brother admires isn’t Fifth Royal Brother, but Eldest Royal Brother? ! 

Xia Yuqing’s eyes shone slightly, her brain suddenly opened to infinity. 

It turns out… It turns out that Fourth Royal Brother has always liked Eldest Royal Brother! Yet, the two of them were separated into two different camps, they couldn’t ever have a happy ending. Thus he could only watch Eldest Royal Brother marry his wife and have children, leaving him alone. In addition, Fifth Royal Brother had made an attempt towards Fourth Royal Brother. Between love and power, Fourth Royal Brother unable to fulfill his love, chose power and stayed with Fifth Royal Brother. But even so, it is still hard to forget Eldest Royal Brother. In order to attract the attention of Eldest Royal Brother, Fourth Royal Brother chose to become his biggest enemy. Since he couldn’t have Eldest Royal Brother fall in love with him, let him hate him. At least he can have a position in Eldest Royal Brother’s heart that others cannot replace. 

Ahhh, I love you so much, but you don’t love me. In order to make you remember me, I will do everything possible to make you hate me and be infatuated. This love/hate relationship with the Uke and Seme, can it be any more of a tear jerker?! This moe section will lead to my nosebleed to never recover, I’m going to lose too much blood! 

And… and… Fourth Royal Brother endured the humiliation and stayed beside Fifth Royal Brother. He endured all Fifth Royal Brother’s fickleness. However, Fifth Royal Brother died. Fourth Royal Brother has regained his freedom overnight and was very happy. Unexpectedly, at the funeral of Fifth Royal Brother, he saw red flowers in the brocade box of condolence. It made him misunderstand that Eldest Royal Brother was interested in An Wang Consort. With grief and sorrow, he came here with An Wang Consort, wanting to confirm this in person. It turned out that this was just another misunderstanding, thus Fourth Royal Brother was relieved! Ahhhhh, the unfolding of this story is really too bloody passionate! Just thinking about it made her face red, she can’t bear it!

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