FMEA Chapter 134 Teaser

Chapter 134 The person who shot it was you! 

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Chapter Teaser Below…

Xia Mingxuan seemed to feel Xia Yuqing’s gaze on him. He turned his head and looked around. Facing Xia Yuqing’s sparkling eyes, he couldn’t help being taken aback. 

“Gong Zi is looking at this prince like this, but…” The smile on Xia Mingxuan’s lips deepened, looking at Xia Yuqing with some expectation. 

Xia Yuqing didn’t care about this and looked at him in a pitiful manner: “Fourth…Fourth Prince, you and the Eldest Prince will not have a future.” 

So, please don’t be infatuated anymore. Take a step back and broaden your horizon, you will surely find happiness that belongs to you. On the other side of the sea, a gentle and considerate Seme is waiting for you!


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