FMEA Chapter 134

Chapter 134 The person who shot it was you! 

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Xia Mingxuan seemed to feel Xia Yuqing’s gaze on him. He turned his head and looked around. Facing Xia Yuqing’s sparkling eyes, he couldn’t help being taken aback. 

“Gong Zi is looking at this prince like this, but…” The smile on Xia Mingxuan’s lips deepened, looking at Xia Yuqing with some expectation. 

Xia Yuqing didn’t care about this and looked at him in a pitiful manner: “Fourth…Fourth Prince, you and the Eldest Prince will not have a future.” 

So, please don’t be infatuated anymore. Take a step back and broaden your horizon, you will surely find happiness that belongs to you. On the other side of the sea, a gentle and considerate Seme is waiting for you! 

“…” It’s over, Niang Niang (Qing Jiejie) is acting up again! This is a group of onlookers who knew Xia Yuqing’s temperament. 

“…” Royal Sister, it was enough that last time you spoke about this prince and Second Royal Brother, at least this prince and Second Royal Brother are considered to be on the same side. However, Fourth Royal Brother is a deadly enemy for this prince. How do you take such a marginal issue and cause such a mess? And so happily as well?! This is Xia Mingyuan who has been driven half crazy by Xia Yuqing’s unreasonable move. 

“…” What… What is this situation? The future of our Highness and the Fourth Highness? Could it be that Gong Zi has already anticipated the scene of our Highness and the Fourth Highness fighting each other in the future? Is he now standing in line in advance to declare war to the Fourth Highness to show his loyalty? This was the people in the mansion who thought more crookedly. 

Xia Mingxuan looked at Xia Yuqing’s clear eyes for a moment. Soon a brighter smile appeared on his face: “Gong Zi, since there is no future for this prince and the Eldest Prince, is there a future for this prince and you?”

“! ” Xia Yuqing paused. After a brief moment of surprise, she reverted back to normal. Is she being…… taken liberties with? 

“…” Things that are similar gather together. So the Fourth Prince is like the Fifth Prince, a homosexual? No, it seems that what he likes is… 

Li Yuan and the rest suddenly reacted, their expressions changed a little. They ran quickly behind Xia Yuqing and stared at Xia Mingxuan with their guards up. 

Feng Tingye’s face also darkened slightly. The corners of his lips were slightly hooked. He generously stretched his hand to Xia Yuqing’s waist to declare his sovereignty. 

“My Younger Brother is young and inexperienced. To offend the Fourth Royal Prince, I hope you may forgive her, Your Highness.” Feng Tingye’s eyes raised slightly, a provocation arose. 

Xia Mingxuan stared at the hand that Feng Tingye placed on Xia Yuqing’s waist, the killing intent revealed. The atmosphere between the two suddenly condensed. 

Xia Yuqing looked at the two people who were lit on fire with lingering fears. She shrank back timidly and leaned into Feng Tingye’s arms more and more. 

This small action successfully broke the confrontation between the two. Xia Mingxuan’s fists hidden under his sleeves clenched, almost until it was bleeding. Feng Tingye’s hand holding Xia Yuqing also tightened. He looked at Xia Mingxuan with a little triumph. 

Everyone’s eyes hovered back and forth between the two men, and invariably Xia Yuqing, who was trapped in the storm. They were having a cold sweat on behalf of her position. 

“Feng Gong Zi is too serious. Gong Zi is innocent and cute, lively and straightforward, very likable. This Prince just wants to be friends. After all, we are likely to be family in the future.” Xia Mingxuan deliberately emphasized the word “family”. 

Feng Tingye smiled: “Your Highness’s kindness, us brothers will accept Your Highness’s words.  However, your Highness is noble and prominent. This citizen only hopes that brother’s life will be safe, prosperous, and happy. Being friends with His Highness will be like trying to climb the social ladder, another candidate would be better. As for being family… it is too early to speak of that.” 

Xia Mingxuan smiled softly. His eyes was flowing with charm: “It is this prince that has been abrupt. After three days, the spring hunt will begin. This prince is looking forward to the performance of Feng and Xiao Gongzi. Until then.” 

“Take care.”

Feng Tingye smiled and watched Xia Mingxuan leave until his figure completely disappeared beyond the gates of the Prince’s Mansion. His face sank, a line of thought passed quickly in his eyes. 

“Qing Jiejie, you really scared me to death, are you okay?” Liu Yixiang had been held back by Xia Mingyuan the entire time. Now when there were fewer people, he was finally willing to let her out. She looked at Xia Yuqing up and down. Besides her being a little embarrassed, she didn’t suffer any injuries, so Liu Yixiang breathed a sigh of relief. 

Xia Yuqing shook her head and turned her gaze down, just in time to see the big red Yu Meiren that fell on the ground. Blue veins on her head were jumping: “Someone was colorblind but concealed it. This time it was because of that, that the color of the flowers were mixed up and a series of incidents have occurred. Shouldn’t that someone give us an explanation?” 

Leng Ruofeng was taken aback, his eyebrows frowned. He began to release air-conditioning with great firepower. 

“…” This again? ! This time this lady will not be fooled by you again! 

Xia Yuqing poked the person near her and asked in a low voice, “Is he happy or angry this time?” 

Feng Tingye smiled slightly and pointed to Leng Ruofeng’s ear and said: “He’s embarrassed.” 

“…” Xia Yuqing stared at Leng Ruofeng’s ear tips. She had been electrified again, but… 

Leng Ruofeng nodded silently when he saw Xia Yuqing clenching her fists and staring at himself aggressively. Then he turned around and in front of everyone… slipped away. 

“!” Xia Yuqing was stunned for a few seconds, then picking up the broom on the side she tried to catch up, “Little thief, don’t run! Take this!”


Xia Muyun was stunned for a moment. Then as if thinking of something, she followed: “Royal….Gong Zi, stop! This Princess has something to ask you!” 

“……” It seems that the Gong Zi and the Third Princess are really a pair. In fact, it seems that the Third Princess is chasing the Gong Zi?! 

The group of people watched the three jump up and down like cat and mouse, chasing each other around. 

“Royal Cousin, do you really… want to take Qing Jiejie to the hunt?” 

Feng Tingye nodded. Xia Haotian called for them to go. If they didn’t agree to go, he was afraid that they wouldn’t even have to wait until the day of the Spring Hunt, they would not be able to leave this day onward.

Liu Yixiang’s complexion was solemn: “On the day of Spring Hunt, because I am pregnant, I cannot join. You must be careful. You weak chicken, make sure you protect the two of them. If they lose a single hair, I will hold you responsible.”

Xia Mingyuan really couldn’t laugh or cry when he heard that. Who is supposed to be this shrew’s family?

“On the day of the Spring Hunt, princes gather and snakes will be mixed within the group. Even if you take extra guards, you must pay more attention and stay alert.” Xia Mingyuan thought for a while before he warned them. After all, he was a little worried. 

Feng Tingye smiled and nodded. He turned his head and glanced not far away. In order to avoid Xia Yuqing’s broomstick, Leng Ruofeng flew onto the roof. Xia Yuqing was looking for a long pole to stab him down now… 

The result was obvious. However, the most bitter thing is that when Xia Yuqing just got Leng Ruofeng to come down, she was taken away by Xia Muyun from behind. She was “tortured” and interrogated on how she met Xia Haotian. After explaining it again, both Xia Mingyuan and Xia Muyun raised a question at the same time: Why did Royal Father go to Shangshu Mansion? 

A pain in the *ss life does not need to have problems resolved. With a blink of an eye, the day of the Spring Hunt came silently.

Since Xia Yuqing clearly stated that she ran into Xia Haotian in front of the Shangshu Mansion, Xia Muyun’s attention naturally shifted to Su Yan. 

“Oh, Yun Er, you are here too? Oh, look at my memory. I heard that the emperor is going to personally test his future son-in-law himself, no wonder you came so early. Why, are you worried about your little lover? Don’t worry, the emperor spoils you a lot. Since childhood, if you said one thing would he dare say another? The so-called test is just an act, he won’t really embarrass your little lover!” Su Yan leaned against a big tree beside the paddock staring at Xia Muyun with a grim face. From a distance, it appeared as if a senior was instructing a junior to be more careful in the future, but in fact it was… 

Xia Muyun looked at Su Yan’s courteous expression. She endured her urge to lash the other’s handsome face with a whip. God knows how this b**tard can speak such cynical and frivolous words with a serious face. Sure enough, perverts are perverts, certain aspects of their behavior are always different from ordinary people. 

“Speak about lovers again and I will whip your mouth!” Xia Muyun took a deep breath, gritted her teeth and warned. 

“Oh, you hate it? I know, you must be shy. Little Uncle will stop then.” 

“…Can you be more perverted, Little Uncle?” 

“A little bit more perverted? Xiao Yun Er, if you say such strong words, if your little lover finds out, something big will happen. What would you do if he doesn’t marry you?” 

Su Yan responded with a loud whip: “Hehe, if he dares not marry me, I will make the same thing happen to you. I will tell Senior Aunt Wan Er that it was your pervertedness that ruined my reputation and caused me to separate from my beloved lover. What do you think Senior Auntie will do when I tell her?” 


“Okay, now let’s talk about business.” Xia Muyun glanced at Su Yan impatiently, “Little Uncle, let me ask you, why did the emperor make a private visit in person to your mansion? What have you guys been discussing secretly? Is it related to the killing of An Wang?” 

The death of An Wang was settled two days ago. After some investigations, Su Yan, Shangshu from the Justice Ministry, finally found out that the person who murdered Xia Mingqi was a young man in An Wang’s courtyard who was bought by Xia Mingqi from the red-light district. Because of his love that turned to hatred for Xia Mingqi, this person had been chronically putting in poison in Xia Mingqi’s meals, causing Xia Mingqi to die shortly after leaving the banquet.

After hearing the news, Xia Mingxi floated to Xia Yuqing and the others, and said nothing unexpectedly. An Wang really died because of love. 

Everyone sneered at this. Su Yan clearly told them that day that An Wang had died of a different Gu from the Miao borders. How could it become someone killing An Wang because of love after a few days? This incident was obviously a trick that ordinary people could not detect.

“How do you know about the emperor’s secret visit to my house?” Su Yan was startled. He thought it was unknown to all and only he and the emperor knew about it! 

A trace of complacency flashed across Xia Muyun’s eyes: “On the day that the emperor visited, he just happened to bump into…the Gong Zi at your door.” 

“Oh, so that’s the case. This must be fate! This shows that your little lover and the emperor have a son-in-law and father-in-law relationship. You are for sure going to get married now, Little Niece!” 

“What did you say?!” Xia Muyun raised her hand and wanted to hit someone. Then, she snorted coldly, “Don’t change the subject. Be honest, resistance is futile. Speak, what did you guys talk about sneakily?” 

Su Yan touched his chin for a long while in thought, then suddenly raised his head to look at the sky. 

“!” Xia Muyun hurriedly listened. 

“Wow, the weather today is really nice!” 


The atmosphere of Xia Muyun and Su Yan was very different from Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye as they were unusually happy. 

“Wow, this bow looks so high-end.” Xia Yuqing touched the bow and arrow brought out from Xia Mingyuan’s mansion.

“Do you like it that much? If so, we can take it when we go back.” Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing’s excitement and smiled unscrupulously. 

“Is it okay?”

“Of course, a bow and arrow is just worth a few coins. Your Eldest Royal Brother will surely not be so stingy that he would not even give you a bow and arrow.” 

“…” Hey, why are you taking things from this prince without asking this prince? Xia Mingyuan, who silently followed the two of them, felt his mouth twitch. He watched as someone swallowed all the food in his mansion before turning to his own tools. 

“That’s right, then I will try how it feels first.” Xia Yuqing held the bow and arrow eagerly. 

Feng Tingye was observing the surroundings first, so he didn’t pay attention. He was taken aback when he heard Xia Yuqing’s words, and shouted, “Wait a minute!” But it was too late. 

The fastest thing that spreads in this world is gossip. Since they learned three days ago that Xia Haotian personally visited the Eldest Prince’s Mansion, saw the lover of the Third Princess and invited him and his brother to participate in the Spring Hunt, people’s eyes were all on the Prince’s Mansion. 

Therefore, Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye attracted the attention of many people as soon as they appeared today. Many people wanted to see how this little-unknown kid got the favor of the Third Princess. Suddenly seeing Xia Yuqing shooting arrows with a bow, everyone was shocked. They stared at the long arrow in Xia Yuqing’s hands with wide eyes. 

Not long after, with a squeak, the arrow in Xia Yuqing’s hand flew over everyone’s head, and then began to fall slowly, quickly passing over the head of a guard in front of the brigade. With a bang after knocking off his helmet, it quickly plunged into the top of the emperor’s chariot. 

“…” The hunting grounds was suspiciously silent for a second. After a while, someone shouted, “Protect… the emperor! There are assassins, protect the emperor!”

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