FMEA Chapter 158

Chapter 158 Being Drunk isn’t fun 

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The members of Ying Chun Yuan obviously did not expect that the power of Xia Yuqing’s zither sound was far greater than what they thought. Even a few people with Shao Zitang, who were a street away and planning to lead soldiers into Ying Chun Yuan, heard the sound. All of them paused when they heard it.

It’s just that compared to usually hearing this terrible sound and getting beaten black and blue, this time everyone could let out a breath of relief. 

“Looks like our empress is mixing well in this brothel, like a fish in water. At least for now, she should be safe.” Shao Zitang said gloatingly. 

Usually these people were the ones accepting the impact of this magical sound at close range, a hardship difficult to describe. Now it was time for those who dared to kidnap this weak and harmless girl, but in some aspects, an unexpected biological weapon, to experience what it is to suffer in silence.

The corners of Yan Ran’s lips unconsciously lifted. Still keeping in mind the purpose of coming here, he asked in a low voice: “Your Majesty, what shall we do now?” 

Feng Tingye heard the familiar sound not far away and narrowed his eyes: “Zitang, find out what kind of people are inside.” 

“No matter who it is, as long as we charge in, even if it is the king of heaven, they wouldn’t be able to stop us. Your Majesty, can feel rest assured.” 

“En.” Feng Tingye nodded. He drew a flexible sword from his waist and not looking at his people, he dropped a sentence, “Zhen will leave the outside to you.” Then he flew off. With one leap, he disappeared out of sight.

“That sword is…Long Yuan?” The folding fan in Yan Ran’s hand paused. He stared at the direction where Feng Tingye had disappeared, his face was a bit ugly. The smile that had always been on his face changed to become a little… horrified. 

Shao Zitang looked up at the full moon covered by the dark clouds above his head. He smiled sarcastically: “Having repeated assassinations and dangerous incidents, never once had Long Yuan appeared. Yet, it has been moved out now. It seems that this time he is really angry.” 

When the emperor is angry, a million corpses will bleed for thousands of miles. Dare to take away the treasure of that person and truly anger him? There is no other price to pay but blood.

“Dang–“, Xia Yuqing’s movements ceased, and even the strings of the zither she was playing broke. 

“…” Even the zither couldn’t stand the ravages of this girl. It would rather commit suicide than to be tainted again. 

If at first Young Master Shen looked at Xia Yuqing as if he was looking at a white lotus flower, then now he was still looking at Xia Yuqing as if he was looking at a flower. The difference is… it has changed to a man eating flower. 

“Hm, as expected, the zither in the palace is better. The zither outside the palace can’t be played too long, it breaks too easily.” Xia Yuqing mumbled dissatisfiedly as she looked at the zither that was almost destroyed in front of her.

Under the table, the big baby who had experienced this magical sound piercing his head, fell to the ground.

Royal Mother, this zither was obviously broken by you, okay? No wonder every time mother comes and wants to play the zither, the people in the palace act like they’re facing an enemy and that its almost like the end of the world. As soon as his Mother comes out of the zither room, a few girls would always wipe cold sweat off their forehead. Then they would walk out of the zither room holding a crumbling zither, while a group of little eunuchs were holding a big sack, picking up all the various birds falling with a thud to the ground. 

It turned out that this was the reason! The tears of the big baby who suddenly knew the truth today was about to fall. He needs to take his sister and run away, as far away as possible. In the future, he will definitely have to stay away from his Mother playing the zither, at least fifty miles away! This lethality…it’s too scary! 

“Um, how do the two Gong Zis’ feel?” Xia Yuqing asked nervously, looking at the broken zither. 

“…” How can we answer you! 

“Ahem, this Rouge girl’s zither skills still have some small flaws, if it can be corrected…” After all, Young Master Shen still had tender feelings for the opposite sex, so he tactfully expressed his scared little heart. Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by a crisp sound. 

“Miss Rouge’s zither sound is really different. I’m used to the usual sluggish sound, but listening to Miss Rouge’s zither sound, it was really natural.” Xie Gongzi clapped his hands and stood up, staring at Xia Yuqing with a gentle smile on his face, complimenting her without hesitation. 

“…” Brother, what’s wrong with you? Don’t say something amazing for no reason. You will scare people to death! This was Master Shen who was stunned by Master Xie’s words. 

“…” When I entered the door just now, I only looked at Young Master Shen, and didn’t discover this Young Master Xie. Now, after a closer look, this Young Master seems…not so simple! This is He Fang who narrowed her eyes slightly, as if she had discovered something.

“…” Fawning over a person for nothing, if they’re not wicked, then it’s a thief (one who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions). At first glance, that smiling tiger must have bad intentions towards his mother. No, he has to think of a way! This is the big baby who became alert. 

“But the zither in this brothel is too coarse to show off Miss Rouge’s zither skills. There is a good zither in my house. If this Miss doesn’t mind…” 

He Fang had already gotten up before he finished speaking. With a faint smile, she walked to Xia Yuqing’s side and grabbed Xia Yuqing’s hand: “It seems that Master Xie likes Rouge playing the zither. Then next time Master Xie has to visit Miss Rouge once more.” 

After hearing He Fang’s words, the young man raised his eyebrows, and laughed a little dangerously: “Naturally.” 

Several people were talking when they heard a bang. The door of the room was violently pushed open by the people outside. 

“Which b*stard was playing the zither just now? In my Ying Chun Yuan, to dare wail like ghosts and howl like wolves trying to scam people, do you think Ye Jiuniang is easy to scare?” 

“Mama Ye, is something wrong?” Xie Gongzi raised his head and glanced at Ye Jiuniang who broke in and his face sank. As soon as it sank, even though his pretty face had a smile, it made people feel a slight danger. 

Who is Ye Jiuniang? She is the owner of this Ying Chun Yuan, and the most knowledgeable person in the entire Ying Chun Yuan. 

Just one glance at this newcomer, Xie Gong Zi, she could tell that this person was extraordinary. The anger on her face suddenly stagnated, then it changed to a flattering smile: “Xie Gong Zi, a thief had just entered Ying Chun Yuan. I was just worried that the little thief came and bothered our special guests, so…”

Young Master Xie withdrew his gaze and chuckled, “So that’s the case. Mama Ye has seen everything now, so can you leave? We don’t have any thieves in this room.” 

Ye Jiuniang’s smile stiffened slightly. She could see that Master Xie was deliberately protecting Xia Yuqing. Although he was a little strange in her heart, she knew that she would just have to accept it. 

“It turns out that they are not here, so I won’t bother the Gong Zis and will look elsewhere.” 

“En, have a safe trip.” 

Ye Jiuniang touched her nose and took the group of people and retreated. As soon as she walked out of the room, the smile on Ye Jiuniang’s face constricted. She changed into an expression of impatience. 

“Have some people watch the people in this room. If there is any movement, report it immediately.” 


Just as Ye Jiuniang was about to go downstairs, one person rushed upstairs in a hurry and shouted anxiously: “It’s not good, it’s not good, Mama it’s not good.” 

Ye Jiuniang frowned. Her eyebrows were already infected with annoyance and killing intent: “Why are you overreacting? What’s the matter?” 

“Outside, a group of people came. All of them seemed to practice martial arts and from their attire, they seemed to be from officialdom.” 

“Officialdom?” Ye Jiuniang’s murderous intent disappeared. Pondering for a moment she said, “Don’t panic, maybe they’re here for pleasure and to mess around. Go and tell the people below to pay attention. Don’t let those people notice anything odd.” 


Ye Jiuniang straightened out the clothes on her body. She had a flattering smile on her face as she walked downstairs. 

“Oh, these Gong Zis look new, is this the first time coming over to our Ying Chun Yuan? I don’t know if these Gong Zi’s already have a designated girl or do you require Jiuniang to select a few for the Gong Zi’s to enjoy?” 

Shao Zitang glanced at Ye Jiuniang and smiled: “This is our first time, we don’t know anything about the girls in this brothel. Mama, go ahead and call all the most beautiful girls in this place. Call them out and let us take a look to see if any catches our eye. Money is not a problem, but before that, I ask that Mama prepare a quieter wing for us.” 

Ye Jiuniang glanced at these people. From their aura, she knew that these officers entering a brothel is something they do not want to be seen. Thus, there was no doubt and she covered her mouth and smiled understandingly: “Understood. Gong Zis’, please come upstairs.”


Ye Jiuniang turned around. The corners of her lips that were about to lift up cynically disappeared as she felt a bad premonition. Turning around again, a long sword flashed in front of her eyes.

On the other side, in the private room, Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when she saw Ye Jiuniang and the others retreat. 

He Fang stepped forward and led Xia Yuqing to walk between the two Gong Zis. She then poured wine for the two Gong Zis respectively. 

After experiencing that thing earlier, Shen Gong Zi had a bit of a psychological shadow in regard to Xia Yuqing and wanted to be as far away from that girl as possible. Thus, the person Xia Yuqing poured wine for became…… Xie Gongzi. 

The young man in front of her was not like the perv*rted old man who was arrogant to her earlier. Nor was he like those perverts staring at her like a predator. For some reason, he looked at her with a gentle smile. But with her small animal instinct, Xia Yuqing could tell that the person in front of her was more dangerous than anyone from before.

Especially that smile, she seemed to feel… that she had seen it before. It was terribly familiar. 

“Miss Rouge, I will toast you a glass.” Xie Gongzi picked up a glass of wine that Xia Yuqing had poured for him. Staring at Xia Yuqing’s eyes, he handed over the cup in his hand. 

“Uh… this…” Wuuuu, Mama said, one can’t just drink what a stranger hands you, otherwise you will be eaten! This glass of wine, to drink or…not to drink? 

Xia Yuqing was hesitating, when He Fang, who had been paying attention to this side, had already squeezed in first: “Xie Gongzi, this is Rouge’s first time to pick up a guest and her alcohol tolerance isn’t the best. So this glass of wine, I will drink it for her.”

Saying this, He Fang stretched out her hand to take the glass of wine. But when she was about to touch the glass, she watched the glass as it was taken back. 

“Miss He Fang, you better go serve Ziyi. The wine of this noble is not something everyone can afford.” 

He Fang looked at the eyes of the person opposite to her, and felt a cold chill in her heart. A nip of cold air came, making her whole body cold.

 It was a pair of eyes that were as sharp as a falcon. The moment he stared at her closely, she felt the blood all over her body stagnate. 

Danger! Danger! This man is more dangerous than anyone in this brothel, this is not someone she can offend! 

Master Xie looked at He Fang’s pale face with satisfaction, then retracted his gaze. Restoring the gentle smile he had just now, he looked at Xia Yuqing, “I had just helped Miss Rouge avoid the blame from Mama Ye. Could it be that Miss Rouge wants to turn around and forget everything? Are you not even willing to accompany me for a drink?” 

“…” Xia Yuqing glanced at Master Xie, who was staring at her. Knowing she couldn’t dodge this, she could only shakily extend her hand and take the wine glass and drink it bitterly under Master Xie’s eager gaze. 

When Master Xie saw this, the smile on his face deepened. Then, he filled Xia Yuqing with another glass: “Miss Rouge has a good alcohol tolerance, let’s have another glass.” 

“…” The big one hidden under the table could see that this Xie Gong Zi wanted to get his Mother drunk and then do some unruly things. 

“Master Xie, Rouge has really had too much to drink, please let her go…” He Fang recovered, and hurriedly wanted to step forward to persuade him, but was frightened to silence by Master Xie’s cold gaze. 

As a result, Xia Yuqing was given another four or five cups by Xie Gong Zi under the infuriating grinding teeth of the big baby and He Fang’s worried gaze. 

When it was the sixth cup, Xia Yuqing tilted her head forward and fell to the table. 

“Rouge!” He Fang exclaimed, trying to step forward to support her. However, she was grabbed by Young Master Shen on the side.

Master Xie looked at Xia Yuqing, who was slumped on the table, and his appearance became gentler little by little. He reached out to stroke her hair, but was stopped by a low halt. 

“Master Xie!” 

“Miss He Fang, is there something the matter?” Master Xie glanced at her, his face displeased at being disturbed. 

He Fang bit her lip and looked into Master Xie’s eyes, “Master Xie, Rouge and I are both artisans. Artisans do not sell themselves. You can’t…” 

“Can’t what?” Master Xie smiled coldly. “Miss He Fang, take care of yourself first. You can barely protect yourself, what qualifications do you have to take care of other people’s affairs?” 

“What?” He Fang was stunned for a moment. Suddenly Master Shen held her hand tightly. She seemed to notice something and her face changed. She turned her head and exclaimed, “You…” 

Without He Fang’s obstruction, Master Xie stretched out his hand to Xia Yuqing again. Just when he was about to touch Xia Yuqing’s head. … 

With a bang, the person who was still lying on the table, slapped the table with both hands and unexpectedly raised her head. 

“Rouge?” All the people in the room were taken aback thinking that Xia Yuqing was regaining consciousness, but the truth was… 

Xia Yuqing blinked her eyes that were covered with a layer of cloud. She turned to look at Master Xie. She tilted her head, looked at him for a long time, then chuckled in a silly manner looking like an obvious drunk. 

“Huh, where’s the wine?” Xia Yuqing chuckled for a while, blinking her two big watery eyes. 

Xie Gong Zi laughed. He took the jug on the table and handed it over: “Here.” 

“Wine, wine, wine…” Xia Yuqing held the jug happily, like a child who got her beloved toy. 

Upon seeing this, Master Xie looked at her adoringly. He couldn’t help but feel a little joy from seeing the pure happiness on the face of the person opposite him. 

But soon, he will find out what a blunder his actions were. 

Satisfied and full of wine, Xia Yuqing threw the flask in her hand. She smirked with her red face: “So happy, so happy, drinking makes me so happy. Such a happy day, let me sing and celebrate, all right?” 

“Sing a song?” Young Master Shen, who was clutching He Fang’s wrist, heard Xia Yuqing’s babble. For some reason, he had a somewhat ominous premonition. As expected… 

“Ah, pig! There are two holes in your nose. When you catch a cold, you still have snot. Pig! You have dark eyes, and you look at the sides. Pig! Your ears are so big, fan them, fan them, no matter what you can’t hear me calling you stupid. Pig! Your tail is curled, no matter if you run or jump, you can’t get away from it.” 

“!” Everyone in the room was unpreparedly hit by the oncoming notes. A stubborn smell of salted fish rose and was stuck in their throat. 

The person who caused this incident was obviously ignorant of this. She happily continued to howl: “Pig head, pig brain, pig body, pig tail, a good baby who is never picky with their food. Every day, they sleep until the sun is the highest. He never brushes his teeth and never fights.” 

Such a cheerful and joyful song because of someone’s terrifying high pitch, became a powerful note that fiercely attacked the few people in the room. Unexpectedly, it flew out all the way to the front hall.

As a result, the few people who had been caught in a fierce battle nearly rushed towards each other’s sword. 

Although Shao Zitang was stunned for a moment, because he had suffered several demonic music events before, he recovered a second earlier than the person opposite. This second determined the life and death of the opposite person. 

With a clatter, the long sword flashed, and in an instant, like a sickle in the hands of the god of death, it cleanly harvested the life of the person opposite. 

Bright blood splashed out, rendering an unusually gorgeous spider lily on the ground. 

Shao Zi Tang waved the few drops of blood off the tip of his sword. When he raised his head, he found that the battle scenes not far away were similar to his own. 

“You… what are you…” Ye Jiuniang glanced at her powerful subordinates on the ground. She couldn’t help taking two steps back. Watching with a look of horror, she stared at these young people who suddenly acted and killed all the people in Ying Chun Yuan. 

“Ministry of War Official, Shao Zitang.” 

“The right prime minister, Leng Ruofeng.” 

“Grand Tutor, Yanran.” 

“You…” How could so many important officials of the Ye Kingdom appear in this courtyard? Did they find out about the secret here? Impossible, they have been stationed here for so many years, yet they have not been discovered. It doesn’t make sense…Could it be that there is a… spy? 

As if he could see what Ye Jiuniang was thinking, Yan Ran took a step forward and smiled: “This…grandma?”

“Grandma? Am I that old?” Ye Jiuniang’s face changed. She turned towards Yan Ran and shouted loudly.

“…Ahem, okay, this… old lady…” 

“…” Is there any substantial difference between these two titles? 

“You stinky boy, I dare you to come here. This woman promises not to hit you!” I will only poison you, so that you will beg for death! 

Yan Ran ignored Ye Jiuniang’s clamor. He smiled triumphantly: “Are you wondering why we are here and need to murder you guys? To tell you the truth, your identity has been seen through by us. Now this brothel is surrounded by two thousand Elite Imperial soldiers. Not even a fly can fly out. You have no way to escape, so hurry up and allow yourself to be caught. If you do, we can spare you your life, otherwise…hehe…” 

If Xia Yuqing was here, she would have ridiculed them: “This kind of surrounding them, telling them to quickly disarm and surrender, and confess for a lenient treatment, that’s strictly for police films. Did the Gorgeous Tutor run to the wrong film set? ” 

It’s a pity that Xia Yuqing was not here at the moment, so what Yan Ran has gained from this move was nothing but a roll of the eyes from Shao Zi Tang. 

Ye Jiuniang’s face turned pale. She angrily faced Yan Ran. 

“Glaring at us like that, it seems that you aren’t planning on obediently being restrained. Then I will tell you one more thing since you will be stepping into your coffins soon to let you understand. The person who just played the zither and sang to throw one into chaos, causing your entire army to be wiped out is our Empress.” 

“The person who just played the zither and sang? Is it…Rouge? Is she the Empress?!” Ye Jiuniang stared with her eyes wide open. She looked at Yan Ran on the opposite side in disbelief.

Yan Ran was amused by Ye Jiuniang’s shocked appearance. Seeing someone’s mentally devastated heart, he decided to lay down their last straw.

“That’s right! Wise and unmatched in their generation, the emperor and empress have long been aware of you guys and the little actions that you have sneakily done within the city. Unfortunately, there has been no opportunity to catch everything in one fell swoop, but letting you guys go without care would be too dangerous. Therefore, our empress, empathizing with the emperor, volunteered to solve this problem. She decided to offer herself to go deep into the tiger’s den, and provide us with information. Otherwise, how else could you easily capture our empress who is guarded by thousands of imperial guards?” 

“…” Actually, she was easily caught! Does Li Yuan know that the Grand Tutor can lie this well? If she knew, wouldn’t she really kick you? This is a group of insiders who watched Yan Ran shamelessly tell lies without changing his expression. 

“…” It turns out that our empress is not only wise, intelligent and virtuous, but she is also courageous enough to go deep into the tiger’s den for the emperor? She is really unmatched in her generation, how admirable! This is a group of wealthy officials visiting the brothel and now wanting to take advantage of the chaos to run out. 

“…” The rumors about the Queen of Ye are actually true? Ye Kingdom having a new emperor with striking strategies is already unbearable, but now with an extraordinary empress, Ye Kingdom is too frightening, we want to return to our home country! This is a group of criminals in the brothel who have been misled by Yan Ran. Their morale greatly diminished. 

“…” It turns out… It turns out that the girl was pretending. Everything she did this far… no wonder… no wonder the girl looked like a daughter of a big family and was suddenly sold to this brothel by a trafficker, yet there was not even the slightest panic in her eyes. Everything was so calm, she was so cool and collected when receiving guests. So this was all to precisely convey the news to those who were waiting outside.

That woman was pretending to be crazy and stupid from the beginning. She had only thought that the girl had a simple temperament and was unfamiliar with the world. It turns out that she was this unfathomable. Now falling into this trap, she’s been completely hit and has capsized! This is Ye Jiuniang who has successfully identified Xia Yuqing’s deficiencies as a trap laid out by her.

Yan Ran’s words were tantamount to a thunderbolt that struck everyone present. Most of them had been beaten and lost their fighting spirit, but some people… 

“Damn b*tch, you actually played me?”

 “…” This grandma, you really misunderstood, the truth of the matter is definitely not what you think. 

“Do you think that you can win just because of that? That’s a big mistake. If you want to catch us, you guys who haven’t even finished growing out your hair are not enough!” 

“…” Grandma, are you admitting that you are old? ” 

“Be careful, she can use poison!” Just when Yan Ran and a few people were ridiculing Ye Jiuniang’s words triumphantly, they heard a high-pitched exclamation. 

The hearts of several people were shocked. Yan Ran took a step back reflexively, but it was still a step too late. At this moment, white poisonous powder flew towards everyone.

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