FMEA Chapter 159

Chapter 159 Kill everything! 

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The poisonous powder covered as far as one could see. This caused everyone to be shocked. Just when everyone thought escape was impossible, a strong hurricane blew from behind and directly scattered the powder, blowing it straight back. 

“Waa, help, help…” The martial arts masters around Ye Jiuniang were put down by their master’s poison before they could react. 

Yan Ran and the others turned around dumbfounded to see a mechanism bird constantly flapping its giant wings. It was not difficult to see that the hurricane that blew the powder back was from it. 

“…” F*ck, it could even do that? ! Everyone on both sides were stunned. 

“That was close, we almost got annihilated. Fortunately, I always bring my mechanism bird with me when I go out.” 

“…” Do ordinary people carry this kind of thing with them? 

“You…you…” Ye Jiuniang was obviously stunned by the sudden turn of events. She pointed to the mechanism bird behind the crowd and wanted to speak when she felt a chill rush towards her. Her eyes shrank, she completely lost the opportunity to speak. 

Shao Zitang coldly glanced at Ye Jiuniang who fell to the ground as her last trick was destroyed. He looked up at Yan Ran and smiled mockingly: “Being hit by the same trick three times in a row, but still haven’t learned your lesson at all? If your Master knew, he would definitely jump out of his tomb and strangle you with his own hands to clean his sect and save the face of his old man.”


Leng Ruofeng was more straightforward and only coldly rewarded him: “Talk too much.”

“…” Yan Ran only felt his knees receive two arrows unsuspectingly. Both his legs were bent and he knelt down completely. 

Shao Zitang ignored the shocked Yan Ran and turned his head to look at the two people not far away: “Thank you just now for your rescue. However, the disguise you two are wearing…” 

The two people who had just breathed a sigh of relief not far away froze. At the same time, the eyes of everyone in the front hall gathered on them in an instant. 

“…” It’s over, remembering to save the people, he had forgotten how he was dressed. D*mn it, in front of so many people too, how shameful! This is Su Wuduan who for the first time in his life felt ashamed and embarrassed.     

“…” He’s been too careless. Due to the critical situation and under the chaos, they had joined in, now… if Miss Lui Rui knows, she would definitely dislike him. Ahhhh, my reputation as the thousand-handed thief!

“…” So the empress’s two seniors enjoy this kind of play?! This is a group of people who were completely stunned and short-circuited in their heads.     

“You two dressed like this in a brothel, you won’t really have been affected by the empress to enjoy… this kind of thing right?”The others had this thought in their hearts, but a certain person who didn’t own a filter, habitually spoke his thoughts openly.     

“…” The front hall fell into a dead silence again.     

After a long while, Su Wuduan recovered his voice and coughed: “This was forced by the situation, cough cough, no, that is not the point.”     

“… ” Then what is the point?!     

“The point now is that we are here to save Junior Sister. Right, Junior Sister!” Su Wuduan suddenly remembered their purpose of coming here. They glanced at each other, and ignored the weird gaze of everyone. Turning around, they rushed towards the second floor.     

Shao Zitang and the others were also stunned. After a while, they woke up. They hurriedly followed them.    

On the other side, Xia Yuqing, who didn’t know that she had ended a fierce battle ahead of schedule because of her own song, was tirelessly screaming and howling: “Come back, you come back soon, I can’t bear it alone. You need to come back soon, my life is wonderful because of you! You come back soon… Ah… ”     

“My God, I can’t bear it anymore. I beg you, don’t sing, don’t sing!” Master Shen listened to Xia Yuqing’s wolf cry and his face flushed, the veins on his head violently bulged. His painful expression looked like it was about to explode.     

“Huh?” Xia Yuqing paused when she heard Master Shen’s wailing. She blinked her big round eyes, and said innocently: “Don’t you like this one? Then let’s change to another one?”

“Change to another one?” Young Master Shen was startled, staring at Xia Yuqing in a daze, and then… 

“The big river flows eastward. The stars in the sky are like the Big Dipper. If you say go, let’s go, you have me and I have everything… ” 

“… ” The room shook, seemingly startled by Xia Yuqing’s sudden howl. 

“Help!” Young Master Shen collapsed completely, hiding his face with one hand. He groaned in pain. But him relaxing his grip gave He Fang an opportunity.

He Fang’s eyes dazzled. Seeing the timing, she raised her foot and kicked toward Master Shen. Young Master Shen quickly returned to his senses, and hurriedly stepped back a few steps, avoiding He Fang’s kick. However because of this, he let go of the hand that was holding He Fang tightly.     

He Fang ridding herself of her shackles, with a single step, she flew in the direction of Xia Yuqing with a swish. She wanted to grab Xia Yuqing’s hand and run out, but was grabbed a few centimeters away from Xia Yuqing’s hands.     

“You…” He Fang turned her head and glanced in surprise at Master Xie, who at some time appeared to her left. Before she could react, she felt a pain in her abdomen. Her body flew upside down in an instant. She hit the wall and slid down, vomiting a mouthful of blood.     

Master Xie squinted. About to make the fatal blow, he suddenly heard a familiar exclamation: “Oh…”     

Master Xie paused. As soon as he turned around, he saw Xia Yuqing swaying, unbalanced. Then, her body fell forwards.    

“Qing Er!” Mr. Xie exclaimed, ignoring He Fang in front of him. He turned around and flew towards Xia Yuqing. Before Xia Yuqing landed, he took Xia Yuqing into his arms.     

Xia Yuqing, who fell into Master Xie’s arms, rubbed her aching head. She grabbed Master Xie’s clothes and sniffed. It took a long time before she furrowed her eyebrows a little displeased: “The smell doesn’t seem right. Hm, this is not the Ultra Seme Lord. ”     

Young Master Xie, who was a little relieved because he caught the person, couldn’t help but sink when he heard that. The Ultra Seme Lord? Is she referring to that man?

Hmph, from today onwards, the man in your life will only be me. That man will never appear in front of you again. 

Master Xie’s eyes slowly revealed a bit of murderous intent, and the hand holding Xia Yuqing’s waist tightened. This caused Xia Yuqing to let out an uncomfortable cry. 

Crawling under the table, the big baby couldn’t help feeling anxious when he saw this. It’s over, Mother will be taken away by this smiling tiger. What should I do now? 

At a loss for what to do, the big baby felt something. This is… the big baby pulled over the kit that he had been carrying with him around his waist. After a long time, he finally found what he wanted, and his eyes lit up. 

At the same time, Young Master Xie had already leaned down, and was just about to hug Xia Yuqing when an unusually cold killing intent jumped up behind him. 

“Take your dirty hands off of her.” 

Young Master Xie was slightly startled. He reflexively carried Xia Yuqing to the side. In the next second, a long sword fiercely stabbed towards the place where he was standing just now. 

Although at the moment of life or death, the deadly sword was avoided, the corresponding price was paid. 

On Master Xie’s left arm, a huge wound spread from the top of the arm to the crook. Bright blood dripped down his sleeve to the ground, drop by drop. The sword was covered in petals of blood. 

Master Xie raised his head and looked at the person who appeared behind him when he was unaware and even hurt him. His eyes became dark.

Under the moonlight, a young man dressed in plain white clothes stood holding a sword with the cold wind from the window blowing on his clothes. The boy’s head was hung down, making it difficult to see the expression on his face. Even so, anyone with eyes can see how strong the murderous intentions the man emitted from his body. 

“I said take your dirty hands away from her, don’t you have ears?” The low voice revealed a murderous intent that was hard to conceal. 

The corners of Xie Gongzi’s lips twitched, and he chuckled: “If you want her, step over my corpse first (over my dead body).” 

Before the words fell, the smile on Master Xie’s face stiffened. A burst of cold wind blew past, along with a whisper that seemed to come from h*ll: “That’s what Zhen was thinking.” 

“…” It’s over! As soon as my frivolous Father appeared, seeing Mother being held in another’s arms, he’s completely… blackened! 

“When?!” Young Master Xie’s face changed, he turned his head reflexively. 

In an instant, bright red blood like petals of a flower damaged by wind and rain, spurted out in mid-air, staining a large area of ​​the ground. 

Young Master Xie’s fingertips trembled. His left hand was clutching his right hand that was almost cut in half on the spot. He looked at the man who had taken the person back from his arms with a look of horror and unwillingness. 

The turbulent black murderous aura broke out from the man’s body and tightly wrapped Xia Yuqing who was a little uncomfortable in his arms. There was no expression on the young handsome man’s face. His slender fingertips lightly lifted, and stroked the reddish face of the person in his arms gently. This space belonged to only those two people, no one could set their foot in, otherwise…they would pay an unimaginable price.     

This man was a demon in human skin. He was a god of death who had been awakened from h*ll to harvest people’s lives. He was truly the Asura that belongs in h*ll!     

“Master.” On the other side, Young Master Shen who raised his sword to prepare to end He Fang’s life, couldn’t help being stunned when he saw this change. He hurriedly wanted to step forward to help. He didn’t expect that after taking a few steps, a silhouette blocked his way.     


Also hearing the sound of Xia Yuqing’s zither, Cui Er arrived in time and slowly drew out the long sword in her hand. She looked at the person in front of her, and smiled coldly: “Your opponent is me.”     


Seeing the atmosphere in the house with both sides hostile, even the big baby under the table felt the danger coming. The only person that didn’t know what was to come was the fuse that was unconscious in Feng Tingye’s arm, Xia Yuqing. 

“Mm, this smell is the Ultra Seme Lord.” Xia Yuqing nestled in Feng Tingye’s arms with a flushed face. She arched her little nose and sniffed. Discovering that it was a smell she was most familiar with, her eyes lit up.

Feng Tingye indulged the person who burrowed deeper into his arms like a groundhog. Holding Xia Yuqing’s waist, he handed a provocative look to the person on the opposite side. 

“… ” Sure enough, even if he has blackened, as long as his father encounters any matters concerning mother, he would still be as childish as ever. 

“Ultra Seme Lord, Ultra Seme Lord, come and sing, come and sing.” Xia Yuqing hugged Feng Tingye’s waist, as if she had found a peace of mind. She began to play around in a drunken wantonly manner. 

“…Cough, Ai Fei, shall we go back and sing?” Feng Tingye coaxed Xia Yuqing in his arms with a helpless expression. His pampering and gentle appearance really made it impossible to associate it with the domineering appearance just now. Earlier he was a cruel, bloodthirsty Asura who almost cut someone’s arm off with a single slash of his sword.     

“No, I’m going to sing now, I’m singing now!” Xia Yuqing wrinkled her small face. Looking at Feng Tingye pitifully, she muttered, “Sing, sing…”     

“Um……Okay, you sing.”     

“Oye, you are my little apple, I can’t love you enough. Your red face warms my heart and lights up the fire, fire of my life. Fire, fire, fire…”     

“…” The sudden sharp howl made everyone in the room tremble.     

“…” Mother, are you confessing to father right now? But this way of confessing is too much!     

“My god!” Young Master Shen, who was fighting with Cui Er, was stifled when he heard the sound. He almost went crazy. 

Even though he didn’t, it wasn’t far from it. Young Master Shen wailed and fell mid-air with little energy. Cui Er spotted this opportunity. So when he fell, she added two sword slashes to his body. The falling Young Master Shen abruptly spat out two mouthfuls of blood.

“F*ck, why is it that when I hear this voice, I become emotional and crazed, yet it doesn’t affect any of you? ” This doesn’t make sense! Young Master Shen clutched his chest and coughed twice, as he snarled at Cui Er with some annoyance.     

“Huh?” Cui Er landed steadily. She glanced at the angry Shen Gong Zi and furrowed her eyebrows. Then, under the dumbfounded gaze of Shen Gong zi, she took out two cotton balls from her ears, “You, what were your last words you just said?”     

“… ” It turns out she… stuffed her ears with cotton! This is cheating, cheating!     

Master Shen once again faced a huge turmoil. After a while of discomfort, he vomited a mouthful of blood. With half his blood emptied, this is how he had his happy ending.     

“Hey, he hasn’t even finished confessing his last words.” Cui Er said very distressed.     

“…”Aunt Cui Er, are you also too innocent? That guy was obviously angered to death by you, covers face~… 

The big baby was covering his little tortured ears as he twitched. He can clearly see that the black murderous intent that had pervaded his father’s body was twisting in a weird direction bit by bit, never to return.     

His father should actually be regarded as…feeling pained but happy, right? It’s rare for mother to make such a fruitful confession, although this confession is somewhat…cruel.     

But looking at it in this way, maybe the most powerful person in this room… is mother. The big baby looked at the few people who were in a stalemate not far away, and silently rolled his eyes.     

“Well, I’m a little tired.” Xia Yuqing wailed for a long while, then yawned sleepily. Then she slept on Feng Tingye’s body like a koala and didn’t let go.

“Be good and go to sleep when we go back, it will be over soon. If you sleep here, you will catch a cold.” Feng Tingye squeezed Xia Yuqing’s red face helplessly, and softly coaxed. 

“En.” Xia Yuqing who has been tossed around for a long time was incredibly well-behaved. 

“…” Father, Mother, I know that you guys are cheesy, but you are still outside. Can you hold back a bit? It’s too dazzling, you will blind everyone else with your love! And have you forgotten that there is someone on the other side staring at you with great passion? Is it okay to act as if they aren’t here? ! 

Mr. Xie squinted his eyes and looked at the two people who were hugging each other not far away. The intimate cuddling between the two clearly pierced his eyes, and the pain in his arm became insignificant. 

Feng Tingye was focusing on coaxing the person in her arms when he felt a trace of chill rushing towards his face. The vigilance he had cultivated all these years made him reflexively hug Xia Yuqing’s waist and step back.     

At the same time, a neat row of silver knives appeared in the place where he stood earlier, beaming with a cold light.     

Young Master Xie missed the blow and aimed at the moment Feng Tingye landed. He rushed towards Feng Tingye like a cannonball.     

Feng Tingye raised his phoenix eyes. He held Xia Yuqing tightly in his arms with one hand while raising his other hand.     

With a bang, sparks flew from the collision of the swords that were as gorgeous as the fireworks released on a day of celebration. But after the beauty, a strong killing intent was revealed.     

“Those eyes feel a bit familiar.” Feng Tingye stared at Master Xie’s beautiful eyes that couldn’t be hidden even if he changed his face, his face was dark.     

A moment of astonishment flashed across Master Xie’s face, this slight change completely fell into someone’s eyes.     

Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows and said with a chuckle: “It looks like it is indeed an acquaintance.”

“…” Young Master Xie did not answer. The silver knife in his hand flipped over the long sword in front of him. The blade then quickly flashed towards Feng Tingye’s face.

“Your Majesty!” Cui Er exclaimed. She wanted to step forward to help, but was startled by a figure thrown towards her. She hurriedly retracted the sword in her hand, and stretched out her hands to catch the flying person into her arms. 

“Take good care of the empress. I don’t want you to make the same mistake a second time.” 

Cui Er’s face was pale. Clutching the person in her arms, she whispered back: “Yes.” 

Feng Tingye sent Xia Yuqing flying out of the battle, then he took a look at the long hair that was drifting down in front of him. He reached out his hand and wiped the small cut on his face, his eyes flashing.

Young Master Xie coldly looked at the wound on Feng Tingye’s face, the corners of his lips twitched. When he saw another opportune timing, he took a step and rushed towards Feng Tingye. 

“Do you think you can succeed with the same trick twice?” 

“Won’t we know after trying?” 

Master Xie clenched the silver knife in his hand, then like a cheetah that had been dormant for a long time, rushed towards his prey. 

Feng Tingye stood there looking at the other motionlessly until the person on the other side rushed to his front… 

“Person…where’s the person?” The man who was still in his field of vision suddenly disappeared. Young Master Xie, who went straight for Feng Tingye, stopped abruptly. 

Not in front, nor behind! Where is he? Where is he? Young Master Xie turned around and scanned the room, then found that except for the few people like Cui Er, there was no trace of Feng Tingye.

Gone? ! A dark and obscure storm filled the eyes of Master Xie. That’s impossible. With a moment of effort, the man could disappear from this room silently? He must be somewhere in this room, not in sight. Where could he go, under? Above?! 

“Where are you looking?” Feng Tingye’s voice suddenly passed over his head. 

Master Xie’s eyes tightened and he reflexively raised his hand to block. With flames blazing, Feng Tingye’s faintly smiling face appeared in front of Young Master Xie without warning. 

A loud bang resounded through the whole brothel. Everyone who had just rushed to the second floor could not help but shake. After a pause, they rushed towards the room where the sound was made, more anxious. 

“Little Junior Sister!” The door of the room was forcibly knocked open from the outside by a few people. After seeing the scene in the room, everyone was taken aback. 

A wall in the room was sunken in from the center with cracks spread all around. Smoke and dust billowed, blurring everyone’s sight. Among the broken rubble, the figure of Xie Gongzi was faintly discernible. Before everyone could respond, he once again rushed towards Feng Tingye. 

“Disappeared again!” Young Master Xie’s eyes widened. Is he above? 

“Wrong, it’s below this time.” Feng Tingye’s figure rushed from below Young Master Xie like a ghost. 

A sharp dragon’s roar rushed straight into the night sky and shocked everyone present. 

“That’s Longyin? Ye Kingdom’s treasure?” Yun Zhong Yue stared at the sword in Feng Tingye’s hand. 

“It’s over.” Feng Tingye slowly fell from mid-air, condescendingly looking down at the twitching young man on the ground. He raised the sharp sword in his hand high. 

“Bang…” There was another earth-shaking sound.

The billowing smoke and dust blew like a huge wave so that everyone couldn’t open their eyes, especially Feng Tingye, who was standing in front of Master Xie. 

“Hey, what a big sound, did they set off fireworks? Why do I keep hearing the sound of fireworks this evening? Where are the fireworks?” 

“…” Niang Niang, it’s really not the sound of fireworks. 

“Be careful, it’s smoke. Over there… those people ran away!” Amidst the chaos, who knows who screamed. In an instant, everyone’s eyes moved to the people in black who appeared at the window and was carrying Master Xie to flee. 

“Want to run, it’s not that easy!” The big baby who had been lurking under the table finally found a chance to join in. He got out from under the table, holding the trophy pistol that he got from the Zhua Zhou ceremony, he aimed it in the direction of Xie Gongzi’s escape. Then, he pulled the trigger. 

If you dare to eat the tofu of my Mother (take advantage of her), you are making a big mistake. Go die! 

“Bang…” A gunshot shook down the countless leaves outside. 

“Be careful, Master.” The people in black hurriedly fled when they heard the gunshot. Not knowing what hidden weapon it was, they subconsciously stood in front of Master Xie preparing to block it. 

It’s a pity that the power of a bullet cannot be compared with a small hidden weapon. Therefore, the few people who underestimated the bullets were destined to fall into a tragedy. 

The flying bullet slammed into the long sword of the person directly in front. It abruptly pierced through the thin blade and entered the left chest of the sword holder, killing him with one blow. The broken sword that flew out due to the impact of the bullet nicked another unsuspecting person on the neck.

“Hmm…” Along with two muffled sounds, two black shadows fell from the branches outside. 

“Oh, the fireworks knocked down a crow!” 

“…” Niang Niang, you really misunderstood. But why does that head look… a bit familiar. Wait, no…..

“Your Royal Highness, why are you here?” 

With a flash, everyone’s attention was focused on the big baby who suddenly appeared. 

In response, the big baby raised his head and turned back with an expression of disdain towards the crowd with their overreaction. This Highness has always been here. 

“…” This d*mned brat! 

“Master…” The people in black looked at the evil cursed weapon, all of them lost their courage.

Young Master Xie leaned on a man in black and glanced at Feng Tingye not far away with his life hanging by a thread: “Withdraw.” 

Feng Tingye, the shame you inflicted on me today, in the future…I will return it by a hundred fold! One day, I will take everything from you, including her! 

“Want to leave, it’s not that easy, chase them!” Feng Tingye saw through their intention, yelled, and wanted to try to catch up with his sword, but was abruptly stopped by the exclamation that came from behind him. 

“Niang Niang, Niang Niang, what’s the matter with you? Don’t scare Nu Bi, Niang Niang…”

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