FMEA Chapter 161

Chapter 161 The brat that defies nature! 

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The Xiefang palace was as lively as ever. The Imperial Study Room on the other hand, although rarely the case, was also lively.

“Is it out?” Feng Tingye looked at the report with a list of officials on the table with a numb smile on his lips that couldn’t fade away. 

“…” Sure enough, a man who is full and content is actually quite scary! 

“Cough cough…” Shao Zitang cleared his throat, adjusting his little heart that was frightened by Feng Tingye. With a serious face: “All were revealed. Unsurprisingly, these people were spies specially sent by the Xue King a few years ago. They laid dormant in the capital for a long time, hiding their traces under the disguise of working at a brothel. They have acted very cautiously, thus in so many years, no clues have been found. Who would have thought that such a secret organization, in the end, would turn out like this…” Shao Zitang’s face had a gleeful smile. 

In fact, these people were very unlucky. That is, out of everyone they could kidnap, they kidnapped their empress who didn’t follow common sense. Not only did she expose their whereabouts, she also forced their entire force to be annihilated. They were like a turtle in a jar (trapped). I wonder how the Xue King will feel when he knows that his intelligence organization he had cultivated so painstakingly over the years had been destroyed this way. Moreover, being destroyed in this manner, wouldn’t he die in a fit of fury?!”

Listening to Shao Zitang’s report, Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows. Staring at the list with a smile: “Find out what little actions they have done in the capital over the years and the real purpose of them staying here for so long.” 

With such a big intelligence organization, there must be some crouching tigers and hidden dragons (talented individuals in hiding). He really didn’t believe that old fart in Xue Country spent so much energy just to monitor their every move.

“The purpose of them lurking in the capital for so long is actually very simple. They are waiting for the opportunity to steal the court’s secrets, and take advantage of that opportunity to control the court officials for their use.” 

“Oh?” Feng Tingye’s face shrank, but he was interested, so he looked up at Shao Zitang, motioning him to continue. 

“Most of the people who went to the brothel were either nobles or wealthy merchants. According to these people’s confession, most of the women in this Ying Chun Yuan have practiced a fox charm technique of the secret spy sect of the Xue country. This technique is used for when a man and a woman are getting together. A man who has suffered from this technique will regard the person who performs the technique as his master, and will tell the person as much as he knows. Later, he will forget all about it and return to his usual appearance. He won’t notice anything unusual. But at night, they wouldn’t be able to resist coming back to find the person who performed the spell. In short, it’s very addictive.” “

“That cursed? Isn’t it similar to Miao Jiang’s Gu (poison) technique?” Yan Ran couldn’t help but interject. 

A few people in the room unanimously moved their gazes to him. Shao Zitang smiled unkindly: “Speaking of this, I remember that when I mentioned Ying Chun Yuan yesterday, someone seemed to know it very well. From one glance, someone must have visited it before. You dead evildoer, you must have…” 

“What are you talking about, I… I just passed by there by accident several years ago. I went in and listened to a few tunes, but there was no… nothing. That kind of…how could it be possible to do that stuff? Don’t you guys already know? Although I often go to brothels, before I met Li Yuan, I never…” Yan Ran coughed a little awkwardly. If he let people know that this Grand Tutor, who wandered around brothels all day was still a young chick before he met Li Yuan, it would be too shameful!

Several people looked at Yan Ran’s expression of wishing to dig a hole in the ground to bury himself. They secretly laughed, but they knew when they should stop. They had always thought it was strange for a certain someone wandering in the brothels all the time to be a virgin…. 

“Okay, let’s get back to the subject, what’s the matter with the list on this table?” Feng Tingye glanced at the table and brought everyone’s attention back. 

“Oh, that!” Shao Zitang glanced at the list on the table and smiled, “Many officials were addicted to that fox charm. They would constantly run back, thoroughly obsessed. After that, with the help of the old female brothel keeper, some officials were…” 

“Bought?” There was an obvious danger in Feng Tingye’s eyes. 

Shao Zitang nodded: “This is the list of officials secretly bought by Xue Country in recent years. Some of them are people you and I didn’t even think of… some old ministers.” 

There was a suspicious silence in the royal study room for a few seconds, but in the end it was Yan Ran who broke it: “So, we can do a drastic execution and cleaning of the dynasty again?” 

“…” A few people were startled. Shao Zitang seemed to think of something. He suddenly laughed: “Hahaha, Your Majesty, thinking about it carefully, our empress is really a treasure. When she was assassinated for the first time, her intrusion disrupted the positions of those assassins, allowing the dead evildoer to annihilate them all. During the second assassination, her song drew the assassins to kill each other, and as a result, it brought out the evidence of Prince Rui’s rebellion, thus wiping them out. That’s fine, after all, these are all within the palace. However, for the subsequent kidnappings… For the first one, little General Wu was brought back to the court. She also brought back a daughter of the king of Shu and caused them to suffer a double loss after they tried to trick the enemy. This time, just by walking on the main road and being kidnapped, it allowed us to track the clues and pull out the insects undermining us. This really makes one sigh.”

As soon as Shao Zitang said this, everyone in the room was taken aback. They hadn’t noticed it before, but now that he was listing them out, they have to say that someone’s luck is really good. For anyone else, it would already be a miracle if one of those things were singled out, but she had made them all occur. The most important thing is that someone had no awareness of her credits at all. Thus, the person who benefited the most naturally became… her man cough… 

After listening to Shao Zitang’s words, Feng Tingye narrowed his phoenix eyes. After thinking about it, this was indeed the case: “Even if it is a treasure, she is Zhen’s treasure alone.” 

“…” We didn’t have any intentions of fighting you for her, why do you have to emphasize that? Although a time bomb like that blows up her enemies most of the time, it could also occasionally blow up her own side. We, mortals, really cannot be blessed with that, so you can feel rest assured! 

“What will the emperor do with those people in the prison?” Shao Zitang cleared his throat and pulled them back to the subject at hand. 

Feng Tingye held his cheek with one hand with a look of joy: “First, leave a witness to help clean up those stubborn old ones in the court, then…” 


“Pack them up to send back to Xue Country. Send it to Yin Xiang as a gift. He will naturally know what to do with this welcome gift.”

Shao Zitang was stunned for a moment, a clear smile crossed his face, then as if thinking of something, he turned his head and asked: “Then He Fang, how is the emperor planning to deal with her?” 

Feng Tingye glanced at Shao Zitang and said with a smile, “You care about her?” 

Shao Zitang’s mouth twitched: “This minister is just worried about letting the tiger return back to the mountain.” 

Feng Tingye smiled: “It’s not up to Zhen to decide. After all, Zhen handed her over to Ai Fei to deal with.” 

“What?” Several people in the Imperial Study Room exclaimed in unison. 

“Is it really okay to hand that person over to the empress?” Yan Ran asked with uncertainty. 

“It should be.” 

“…” What do you mean by that? ! Your Majesty you are too rash, those spies who got caught will cry! 

At this moment, He Fang, who was handed over “indiscreetly”, was staying in the dark room with no view of the sun, silently asleep. Unfortunately, even in her sleep, she couldn’t be calm, because… 

“Poke, poke, poke. Why won’t you wake up? Did you faint? Moses, can you hear me?” Xia Yuqing squatted outside the cage holding her second baby and poked He Fang’s shoulder with one hand, having fun.

“Mm, Rouge, this is how you repay your savior?” The sound from the room suddenly made the mother and daughter’s hands pause at the same time. After staring at each other, they got up and stepped back in shock. 

“Hehehe, you are really as interesting as the rumors say.” He Fang stood up and looked at Xia Yuqing with a gentle smile on her face.

Xia Yuqing’s face was full of embarrassment of being caught. She laughed dryly: “That…that…uh, no, I didn’t come to ask this.” 

“Huh?” He Fang gave her a puzzled look. 

“Well, Miss He Fang, I heard from Cui Er that you knew my identity from the beginning.” 

He Fang seemed to have expected Xia Yuqing would ask this. She smiled lightly: “In fact, I didn’t know it from the beginning. I didn’t realize it until later. When Boss Chen’s incident happened, I was still a little skeptical. It wasn’t until… until I heard you play the zither that I realized you were the empress of Ye. After all, there is only you in this world who can play the zither like that.” 

Xia Yuqing squeezed her face shyly when she heard that and said with embarrassment: “Those are all rumors, it’s exaggerated. It cannot be counted like that, you’re flattering me.” 

“…” Niang Niang, believe us, the meaning of Miss He Fang’s words are definitely not what you are thinking! 

He Fang was stunned when she saw Xia Yuqing’s reaction, then she covered her mouth and laughed: “You are really funny.” 

Xia Yuqing paused for a second, then looked at the second baby who was also stunned in her arms. Then, she remembered her intention. She coughed softly: “Um, Miss He Fang, is it because you know my identity that you spoke up for me when we were at the brothel?” 

After thinking for a moment, He Fang nodded: “You can say so.” 

“Oh, it turns out to be like that” Xia Yuqing’s eyes flashed with disappointment, “Then are you hoping to get out of here through my life-saving grace?” 

He Fang was startled, looking at Xia Yuqing’s profile, with smiles in her eyes: “You…did you misunderstand something?”

“Misunderstand?” Xia Yuqing turned to look at He Fang. 

“I didn’t help you to get repaid. It was a thanks for treating our little princess well during the days she was in Ye Country.” 

“Your little princess?” Could she be someone Xiao Yuan knew? 

“Are you from Xue Country?” 

He Fang shook her head with a smile: “No, I’m a person who mixed in with the Xue Country spies… I’m a Shu person.” 

Shu Country? That is to say… 

“The little princess in your mouth is…Xiao Xi?!” 

An exclamation came out from the darkroom frightening the birds in the sky. Deviating from their tracks, they were buried here once again, at this place that resembled a place in the Bermuda Triangle. (refers to how thousands of birds have flown to their death at Bermuda Triangle)

“Bang…” On the other side, a loud knock on the door awakened several people in the Imperial Study Room. 

“Your Royal Highness, you can’t go in. The emperor and a few Da Rens are still discussing things inside, Your Highness…” Accompanied by the sound of door kicks, the little eunuch’s fearful persuasion could be heard. 

Several people looked at the door that was kicked open at the same time. Hey, why is there no one? 

“Look down, don’t bully this prince who is small. This prince can still grow up, unlike you, who all have a foot in the grave, you can’t even grow if you want to. One day, this prince will be taller than all of you.” 

A foot in the grave? ! Which family did this brat run out from? He can barely even speak, they should take him back to train him properly, then let him back out!! No, this little bean seems to be… 

“Father, are your eyes blind from looking at too many papers? Don’t you see that your only son is now in deep water? What you should do at this time is to extend a helping hand instead of just standing idle.”

“!” F*ck, which unfortunate kid forgot to take their medicine when they sneaked out!? Is this what a son should say to his father?

Feng Tingye squinted his eyes dangerously, and sneered: “Zhen hasn’t seen you for a few days, yet my son’s wings have grown hard, to dare talk to your Royal father like that.” 

The big baby’s expression remained unchanged. He stared at Feng Tingye for a while, then he snorted very proudly and turned his head. 

The displeasure in Feng Tingye’s eyes gradually boiled up, but when he swept across the high doorstep in front of the big baby, he seemed to understand something. He suddenly laughed: “This is what you call deep water?” 

Everyone’s eyes gathered in front of the big baby where there was a doorstep up to the big baby’s calves. So the deep water in the mouth of the prince was because his body was too small to cross the doorstep? 

“Pu…” Shao Zitang looked at the small bean’s deliberately tight face and couldn’t help but laugh. Even the people around him couldn’t help but laugh in a low voice. Even Leng Ruofeng, who was always expressionless, couldn’t help but show a slight smile on his face. 

Feng Tingye shook his head helplessly. He stepped forward and carried the red-faced baby into the room. 

“Don’t laugh!” The big baby heard the laughter of everyone in the house. His small face flushed, and he roared in anger. It’s a pity that his current voice was soft and was no deterrent at all. Speaking of this, his angry look….. Was more like a cute baby throwing a tantrum. 

“Puu ha ha ha…” It’s okay if the big baby was silent, but after such a protest, several people couldn’t hold back. They held their stomachs and leaned forward and laughed.

“Did you see it, did you see it, this kid is exactly the same as that guy when he was a kid. Not only his appearance, but even how awkward he was… Oh man, I laughed too hard. Little Tangtang, do you remember that day when we just entered the palace and what that guy was doing when we first met him?” 

Yan Ran had long been amused by the big baby’s appearance of pretending to be an adult and had forgotten the etiquette between an emperor and his ministers. Leaning on Shao Zitang, he was heaving as he laughed.

It was rare for Shao Zitang to be not offended by his nickname, but he also smiled: “How could I forget?” 

That time when they entered the palace for the first time, they were only three or four years old. Feng Tingye was also around that age. They were still young at the time and only knew that they were going to serve His Royal Highness in the palace, the future emperor. Thus, they were somewhat nervous. As a result, they never thought that the first scene they would see was their little bean Royal Highness riding the emperor at that time’s neck, and reaching for the peaches that had just grown in the courtyard. 

Moreover, it was obvious that his hands were too short to reach the peaches above, yet he unreasonably accused the emperor of not being tall enough. This made the emperor laugh bitterly. His teeth were itching with anger because he was thinking about how the empress at the time wouldn’t go and teach their brat child. Finally, Feng Tingye came down from his father’s neck, and swore at the peach tree in a righteous manner, accusing him… of being askewed… 囧~ 

At that time, all of them had one thought, this brat is really going to become the crown prince that they will swear allegiance to in the future? The future emperor of Ye Kingdom? Is it really okay to entrust the future of Ye Kingdom to such a child?

But the facts would prove that this child who abused them countless times in their following days, would thrive into today’s crooked strong fellow. Thinking about it now, there was a lot of bitter blood and tears! 

Looking at the big baby in Feng Tingye’s arms who showed so much resemblance to him, besides reminiscing, there was also some gloating. The Emperor before had no way to deal with Feng Tingye, so now it’s Feng Tingye’s turn… The several Da Rens began to gloat for his misfortune, but soon, they wouldn’t be able to laugh. 

“Father.” Listening to the conversation between the two, the eldest baby narrowed his phoenix eyes similar to Feng Tingye’s slightly, and said with a light smile, “They seem to be laughing at you.” 

“…” What is this strange sense of familiarity? Suddenly there was a… bad premonition. 

Sure enough, Feng Tingye glanced at the few people with a playful look. After successfully stopping the smiles of theirs, he gave a smile that was not a smile, “My child, you are not young anymore, Zhen thinks it’s time to have a few military and civil teachers. The ones in front of you are the best officials in court, what do you think of them?” 

“!” The three people in the room were taken aback at the same time. They looked at Feng Tingye in surprise, then turned their heads to look at each other in unison. 

The big baby hung onto Feng Tingye’s neck, his eyes critically scanned the people, “What can these people teach me?” 

Feng Tingye looked at them, a look indicating to them to introduce themselves. 

Yan Ran was the first to bear the brunt. As soon as he opened his folding fan in his hand, he raised his head and said with a smug expression: “This minister is proficient in astronomy, geography, piano, chess, calligraphy. There is no literary art, this official cannot do. Whatever this little prince wants to learn is not a problem.”

“Not interested.” Yan Ran before he could finish his words, heard a childish voice that rejected him mercilessly. The smile on his face froze, “Why?” 

“This prince is not a woman, what use would those flamboyant, funky things do? It’s a waste of time.” 

With a “click”, Yan Ran’s glass heart was completely shattered. 

Women… It turns out that these things I have learnt since elementary are “little girls” stuff? It turns out that my nearly 20 years of life have been a waste of time… a waste of time!? 

Yan Ran died before becoming a teacher, and was kicked out of the battle. Feng Tingye turned his gaze to Shao Zitang on the other side. Shao Zitang gave Yan Ran a mocking look, and said conceitedly: “This minister is well versed in swords, spears, halberds, and the like. Proficient in eighteen martial arts, if his Royal Highness wants to learn…” 

“No!” Before Shao Zitang finished speaking, he was interrupted mercilessly by a certain brat. 

“What?” Shao Zitang raised his eyebrow, somehow unable to react. 

The big baby spread out his hands. His face was very frivolous and playful, but it was somewhat similar to Yan Ran. The gaze he gave Shao Zitang made Shao Zitang want to go up and squash him: “This prince is not a bandit or robber. Learning to use swords and knives, what’s the point of learning how to hit and kill? Besides, no matter how powerful this Da Ren’s weapon is, is it better than the pistol in the hands of this prince?” 

“…” I… I’m speechless! 

The armrest of the chair under Shao Zitang broke completely. The mad Master Shang Shu smiled coldly: “I have been practicing martial arts for so many years, but I didn’t know that what I did have all been acts of a bandit, haha…”

“…” The palace people who acted as the background froze. They looked at Shao Zitang in horror. Master Shang Shu, calm down, that is His Royal Highness, the future emperor of Ye Kingdom. If you hurt him, it’s the same crime of killing the emperor. Don’t be impulsive, don’t be impulsive! 

Feng Tingye looked at the slumped appearance of the two. With a smile on his face, he aimed his gaze at the last person, Leng Ruofeng. 

Leng Ruofeng had a cold face. Before he could say a word, he was cruelly sentenced to death by the brat. 

“This is even worse.” The big baby snorted coldly and made a final conclusion. 


“Your Royal Highness, the prime minister hasn’t even spoken yet.” 

“Even if you speak, Er Chen doesn’t want it.” 


“The atmosphere is not good.” 


So the iceberg was also broken. The temperature in the room suddenly dropped below zero, and a group of people began to tremble pitifully, hugging their arms. 

The three people who gritted their teeth had only one thought at this moment: This stinky boy is definitely the exact same as that soulless, angering person. They were afraid it would be difficult to find another like that in the world who can cause them to choke on their words. This brat is…too much! 

Feng Tingye calmly glanced at his few friends who wished to skin and tear the big baby and smiled: “Since the prince is not satisfied with them, there is no other way. I have to make preparations for the prince in the future and will personally pitch in to teach this prince.” 

The big baby’s face changed. His face of contempt was immediately collected and he smiled and acted cute: “Royal Father, Er Chen is still very young. The matters of teaching can be put aside for later.” 

Thoroughly receiving Xia Yuqing’s teachings of acting cute, he successfully turned over a group of people, allowing everyone to see the whole process of a little devil being re-skinned and transforming into a little angel. 

It’s a pity that the big baby, who is so cute, conquered everyone on the side, but failed to conquer his biggest opponent.

“My royal child’s remark is reasonable. Since my Royal Child is still young, give your pouch to your Father for safekeeping. You can’t carry such dangerous things since you’re a child. When you grow up, Father will give it back to you.” 

As soon as Feng Tingye said this, the big baby’s face changed. He jumped off Feng Tingye’s body in a hurry, turned and ran: “Er Chen suddenly remembered that there is something else for him to do. Er Chen will leave first.” 

Before the short legs took two steps, he was picked up by someone. 

“Let go of me, let me go!” 

“Hand over that thing and I’ll let you go.” 

“Don’t think about it, I grabbed it by myself, it’s mine. Why should I give it to you?” The big baby stared at him and vigorously struggled with his short legs. 

Feng Tingye stopped talking and walked out carrying the big baby by his back collar. 

“Your Majesty, where are you going? We haven’t finished speaking about the list.” Shao Zi Tang suddenly woke up and shouted in the direction that Feng Tingye walked out. 

“What is there to discuss about such a simple and crude matter? You can handle it by yourself. I have to communicate with my good son about the relationship between a father and a son.” Feng Tingye’s voice came in from outside, mixed with the big baby’s bitter protest: “Who wants to talk about a father-son relationship with you? Let go of me, let me go. If you treat me like this, I will tell Mother, you bullied me!” 

“Go, go, Zhen is waiting for you. This time, no one will be able to save you.” 

“…” F*ck, no wonder they are father and son. They say the same thing. Throwing the things off their hands so casually, it’s maddening! In the end, aren’t the unlucky ones the supporters behind the scenes? ! 

The billowing resentment rushed out from the study room, and the people in the palace who felt it were so frightened that they relaxed their hands and feet and all fell off the wall (hinting they were eavesdropping). Regardless of the pain of falling, they ran away in a panic. The Da Rens are blackened. It’s terrible, run, run!

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