FMEA Chapter 183

Chapter 183 The day before the storm 

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The light shone along the gaps between the leaves and onto the ground, casting light spots. Beneath the shadow of the tree, a frail young man looked at her direction with a calm smile. His brown eyes were filled with a faint water vapor. It was hazy, making people unable to see what the young man was thinking about under his smiling mask. 

“It has been a long time, Bi Xuan.” The boy spoke again and walked out from under the tree slowly. A beautiful and enchanting face gradually became clear from the shadow. 

“Young Master… why are you here?” The astonishment on Cui Er’s face flashed by, then she quickly recovered her calm, her eyebrows twisting slightly. 

“The clan is too boring, so I just came out here to see what the world outside looks like now.” Ying Yue smiled lightly. His exquisite and translucent eyes gleamed with a faint light, which made people feel intoxicated. 

“…Young Master, don’t use bewitching techniques on your subordinates casually.” Cui Er’s face sank as she spoke stubbornly. 

“Hate it? Beauty Bi Xuan still doesn’t understand these kinds of things. But such a cold appearance also has its own unique flavor.” Ying Yue leaned in front of Cui Er and sniffed twice. Then he stopped, his originally gentle eyes became a bit fierce. 

“Beauty Bi Xuan, you seem to have been contaminated by a smell that shouldn’t be there.” 

Ying Yue’s words shocked Cui Er’s body. A deep crack appeared in her calm face.

Ying Yue had a full view of Cui Er’s changes. His eyes turned cold: “It seems that you have been in the whirlpool of this world for too long and you have become accustomed to some things in this world, such as…romantic relationships.” 

“Young Master, this is not Yueshi, please speak cautiously. Young Master, this subordinate is now named Cui Er. It is better for Young Master to not mention the name Bi Xuan.” 

Cui Er’s remarks were tantamount to a confrontation. Ying Yue’s face was slightly dark. His delicate face was covered with a gloom: “Beauty Bi Xuan, you have been away from Yueshi for so long and you have not learned anything else, but learned to contradict your master?” 

Cui Er glanced at Ying Yue blankly, “The master of this subordinate besides the Lord is Niang Niang.”

“Niang Niang? That girl…” Ying Yue smiled coldly, “Looks neither smart nor knowledgeable. She is happy to partake but not prepared to do any work. Simple-minded, except for her face, I can’t find anything outstanding. I really don’t understand why you all care about her so much.” 

“The good things about Niang Niang, only the people beside her need to know, there is no need to tell the world.” 

A chill flashed from Ying Yue’s eyes. He reached out to put his hand on Cui Er’s shoulder: “It’s just a weak person who can be pinched to death with one hand. Why should Beauty Bi Xuan bend over to work for her like this?” 

Cui Er’s shoulders shook. She quickly broke free from Ying Yue’s hold. She looked directly into Ying Yue’s eyes: “This subordinate has always respected the young master, but if the young master dares to attack the empress, then don’t blame this subordinate.”

Ying Yue’s smile completely vanished. A pair of sharp eyes stared at Cui Er and Cui Er looked back at him without fear. 

After a long while, Ying Yue renewed the flawless smile he had at the beginning: “Beauty Bi Xuan looks good when she is angry.” 

Cui Er looked at Ying Yue for a while, then changed the subject, bringing it back to the initial dialogue: “Young Master, you haven’t answered this subordinate’s question, why are you here?” 

“I remember that I have answered your question just now. I came out to play.”

“You came to the palace of the princess of Shu to play? And… as a gigolo?” Cui Er seemed to have discovered something. Her face changed slightly, “Young master, you… you really became the gigolo of the princess? Then you…” 

Ying Yue seemed to be very happy that Cui Er finally discovered this. He raised a very evil smile: “Beauty Bi Xuan finally found out, but don’t be afraid, she has never done anything to me. Even if she wants to do anything to me, I have to agree to it. I don’t want to make my righteous father angry and let some people come in and threaten my status.”

“…” But Young Master, you ran out privately and became the gigolo of the princess. If the Lord knew about this matter, he would still be angry. Cui Er looked at the reckless young man in front of her with a little distress. She really had a headache.     

The Young Master’s problematic behaviour was famous back in Yueshi. Back then, the several elders in the clan could not deal with him at all. The only one who could hold him back was the Lord. Now that he ran out and the only Lord who could restrain him was not here, she was afraid that the whole world would be turned over by him!     

“Moreover Beauty Bi Xuan must not know, right? That Eldest Princess has never touched any of the gigolos in her backyard. The people in this backyard are just decorations, so don’t worry about it…that… ”     

Cui Er was slightly startled: “How is it possible?”     

“Surprised?” Cui Er’s surprise amused Ying Yue, “The princess is indeed very strange. This yard filled with gigolos has been with her for a long time. Yet, how can no one climb into her bed? However, this is actually nothing strange, after all, she…”     


Ying Yue’s lips twitched: “Beauty Bi Xuan, there are still some things that are more fun to find out for yourself. If I tell you everything, where is the fun in that?”    

“…” Cui Er looked helplessly at Ying Yue for a while. Then, as if she had discovered something again, she said: “Young Master, your…looks…”     

“As expected of my foster father’s most talented Beauty Bi Xuan being able to discover it after a while. In this princess mansion, except for you, everyone who sees me would see a completely different face.”    

“Young Master, you…”     

“It’s just a little trick, Beauty Bi Xuan, why are you so surprised?”     

“Young Master, there are rules in the clan. You are not allowed to use the secret technique of the clan outside, otherwise…” Ying Yue’s indifferent appearance made Cui Er’s face darken, even her tone of voice became a little tough.

Ying Yue raised his eyebrows and smiled brighter and brighter: “This is the reason why you haven’t used the secret technique of the clan so far? Beauty Bi Xuan, rules are dead, but people are alive (rules are meant to be broken). Using dead things to contain living things can easily kill living things.” 

Cui Er’s body was shocked. Her eyes widened staring at Ying Yue. Her clear eyes were filled with astonishment and panic. 

That seemed to be the effect Ying Yue wanted. He leaned over to Cui Er’s ear, blowing in air: “Beauty Bi Xuan, one day you will find that if you really want to protect what you want to protect, no matter how strict the old customs are, they will be nothing but empty words. Moreover, Foster Father assigned the most valued you to a certain person. I’m just playing a little trick. Foster Father should not blame me. Officials can set things on fire, while citizens can’t light candles (powerful people can do whatever they want, while ordinary people are restricted to legitimate activities), this wouldn’t be a good scene..” 

“Young Master, Lord, he just…” 

Cui Er was quickly interrupted by Ying Yue before she finished speaking: “Okay, no need. That’s it. Beauty Bi Xuan, don’t make a report to my Foster Father about the matter here, otherwise…you know the consequences.” 

Cui Er’s face changed slightly and she bit her lip, “Subordinate obeys.” 

Ying Yue nodded in satisfaction. He looked up at the sky: “As for the person you are protecting or am loyal to now, as long as you don’t come to provoke me, I will try my best to restrain myself from provoking you. The premise is… that I am in a good mood.” 

“…” Cui Er looked at Ying Yue’s back. Her heart trembled. This time they might have met a problem very difficult to solve. If this man gets involved…     

“Oh, by the way, Beauty Bi Xuan, about the smell on your body… Based on the fact that we have known each other for so many years, I would like to give you a piece of advice. Although Foster Father may not care about this matter, with the old stubborn temperament of the clan, you also know… the most important thing is, don’t forget your identity. Since you can’t give it, don’t give too much expectation to people.”     

Ying Yue finished speaking, then gave a look at Cui Er and turned away. Cui Er was left alone standing in the cool breeze, bearing the leaves flying above her head, her face stern.

“Ahchoo!” At the same time, Su Wuduan who was thrown outside of the princess mansion to wait sneezed loudly. “Strange, why do I feel a bit cold? It’s still summer, is my wife thinking of me?” 

Su Wuduan thought of the earlier cold and pondered for a moment: “No, if my wife wants to beat me, I would generate a lot more cold sweat. The feeling of coolness behind my back just now must be Junior Sister thinking about me. ” 

” …… ” 

At the moment, unaware she had taken the blame for something, Xia Yuqing was staring at the medical records in Su Qingyan’s hands: “Second Master, do you see anything?” 

Su Qingyan thought for a moment: “Well…… this……” 




“In fact ……” 

“What is it? D*mn, just speak already. You’re making me anxious to death!” Xia Yuqing stared at Su Qingyan with her eyes widened in anger, wishing to step forward and grab him by the collar and shake him. 

Su Qingyan greeted Xia Yuqing’s stare and rolled his eyes to the sky impatiently: “Actually, I just want to say that this file seems to have been pressed in a certain place for too long, so some places are seriously damaged. Nothing can be seen.” 

As soon as Su Qingyan said this, the room fell into a terrible silence. 

“…” Ah Second Master, if you couldn’t see anything then why have you been looking at it for so long and pretending to be in deep contemplation? It is clear that you wanted to mislead others. This was deliberate, definitely deliberate! Ah… I thought I could learn about some earth-shattering news today, but in the end there was nothing! This is Xia Yuqing who was embarrassed and a little bit angry.

“…” The damage is too severe and nothing can be seen? Then wasn’t my hard work these past few days in vain? I risked my life and sneaked into the hospital in the middle of the night to steal this kind of thing. Several times, I was taken as a ghost by the little eunuchs on duty. In the end, it turned out to be…Jiang Zhaorou had a dark complexion. 

“Can’t see anything?” Compared to the anger of the two, Feng Tingye was much calmer. He only raised his brows intriguingly. 

Su Qingyan glanced at him and raised the torn paper in his hand: “If you have the ability to piece together this missing character for me, I will definitely be able to show you the results.” 

“…” Feng Tingye looked at it. Holding the pile of shredded paper in Su Qingyan’s hand, he choked for a rare moment, coughed slightly and looked at Jiang Zhaorou, “Where did you find this pile of waste paper.” 

Jiang Zhaorou replied with a black face. “Under the table by the window of the hospital.” 

“In the drawer under the table?” Xia Yuqing interjected. 

“…No, the legs under the table.” 

“…You mean these important medical records were cushions for the table legs?” 

Jiang Zhaorou was embarrassed and nodded silently. 

“…” The room fell into dead silence again. 

Jiang Zhaorou looked at the dumbfounded appearance of the few people. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes to the sky. Let alone them, when she saw this thing, she was no less surprised than these few people. Who would have thought that Old General Ji’s medical records would be thrown on the ground at will…to be used as a cushion for the table! At that time, if she didn’t think someone was coming in and fell face first or turned the cases of the hospital upside down and still couldn’t find this thing, ahem…the process doesn’t matter.

“Being cushion for the table’s foot, no wonder it was broken.” Xia Yuqing cleared her throat and broke the silence with a loud voice. 

Feng Tingye didn’t say a word. He thought blankly for a moment, then asked, “Is that table next to the window? Has it not been moved for many years?” 

Jiang Zhaorou was startled. She thought about it for a moment. “The table was in the corner, it doesn’t look like it has been removed for a long time.” 

“That’s right. Maybe we should be glad that this thing was taken to the foot of the table, otherwise it might have been destroyed long before we could find this item.”

When Feng Tingye said this, all the people in the room were taken aback. 

“You mean…someone deliberately took this thing to the corner of the table, in order to temporarily preserve the medical record? But later, because of certain things, there was no chance to bring this thing out again, so…” 

Feng Tingye glanced at Yun Zhong Yue without commenting. 

Jiang Zhaorou stared at the debris on the table, her eyes flashing a little unwillingly. She patted the table: “What if that is the case? Now this thing is in our hands, but we still can’t find anything.” 

Crash! The scraps of paper on the desktop just flew out and sprinkled out in front of the people. 

The heavy atmosphere gradually spread in the room. Su Qingyan swept over the ground at random with a deep sense of boredom. After touching a piece of paper not far ahead, Su Qingyan paused. 

“Wait, on this one…” 

“What?” Several people were taken aback for a moment and they all pounced over.

“This one says that when he died at the time, his face turned blue. His hands and feet were stiff and cold, while his fingertips were black. There was white foam in his mouth. It was predicted that he was short of breath, impetuous, causing shock to the heart and lungs…..what nonsense…” Su Qingyan read the words above. Only reading the first half of the sentence, he then wrinkled his eyebrows and couldn’t read it anymore. 

“What nonsense?” Xia Yuqing probed. She was just about to get close to Su Qingyan when someone took her back first. 

Feng Tingye grabbed Xia Yuqing and took a step back. He turned his head and asked, “What’s going on?” 

“It’s true that one’s mood could be stimulated by anger, but under normal circumstances, nothing would happen. Moreover, I heard you talk about it. The old general Wei Ji was always healthy. With his physical condition, even if he is suddenly ill, the most serious effect would be a temporary stroke and paralysis, he won’t be killed on the spot. The most important thing is this…” Su Qingyan pointed his finger on the piece of paper. “Foaming at the mouth and stiffness and coldness in his hands and feet can be explained, but the complexion being blue and the slightly black fingertips, this is…” 


“The appearance of poisoning.” 

“!” Xia Yuqing sucked in a breath, startled at this sudden discovery. 

“What you mean is… the old general didn’t die of anger, but was poisoned to death?” Although Jiang Zhaorou had expected it, it was still somewhat shocking to have it pointed out now.

“Well, according to this record, it’s not just regular poison, but it’s very likely to be highly toxic.” 

Yun Zhongyue leaned against the pillar with his arms around his chest. When he heard Su Qingyan’s words, he walked a few steps forward and took the piece of paper that could barely be labeled as complete. He leaned over and picked up the other pieces of paper on the ground to compare it. His eyebrows were slightly frowned: “This piece of paper is lighter in color than the others. It looks like it was stuffed inside and protected.”

When Yun Zhongyue said this, several people on the side also discovered this. 

“Now we can probably assume that the reason why this thing appeared at the foot of the table was due to someone deliberately doing it .” 

“But…who is this person?” Xia Yuqing poked Yun Zhongyue’s head, somewhat puzzled. 

“…Little Junior Sister, just ask, why do you always poke my head?” Yun Zhongyue protested uncomfortably. 

“Because my head is not enough, I can’t think of it!” 

“…If your head is not enough, poke yourself, why do you poke me?” 

Xia Yuqing turned her head and glanced at him sadly: “My head is already not enough, if I poke it then wouldn’t it be unusable. Moreover, it hurts so much. I would be stupid to not poke others’ heads and poke my own.” 

“…” I’m… speechless!

Yun Zhongyue sighed helplessly and looked at the sky. It’s not that he doesn’t want to complain, but there are too many things and he doesn’t know how to complain. Suddenly he felt tired. He can no longer play happily! 

“It doesn’t matter who that person is. The important thing is that it is now possible to determine that the old general did not die of illness as it was spread to the outside. Moreover, the death of the old general is likely to be related to the princess.” Jiang Zhaorou’s hands were slightly tight. There was a faint light gleaming in her eyes. 

Feng Tingye looked at her and raised his eyebrows: “I’m very curious, why would you insist that the death of the old general is related to the princess?” 

“Of course…” Jiang Zhaorou paused softly, as if thinking about it. Then she coldly snorted, “Why should I tell you?” 

“…” Hey, Jiang Feizao, how could you dismantle the bridge before crossing the river, is that okay? 

Feng Tingye had a smile on his face upon seeing this: “You don’t need to tell us. We just don’t have any need to continue to help you.” 

Jiang Zhaorou’s face changed slightly. She turned to look at Feng Tingye’s face, “Our deal wasn’t like this in the beginning.” 

“Really?” Feng Tingye seemed to have expected Jiang Zhaorou to say this, “I only remember at the beginning, that I promised as long as you can help us get what we want, I will help you find out the cause of General Ji’s death. Now that the cause of General Ji’s death has been revealed, our transaction is considered complete. I don’t remember what I still owe you.” 

“…” Jiang Zhaorou petrified on the spot. Only then did she discover the key points in Feng Tingye’s words. 


“Don’t stare at me like that, I’m just telling the truth. As for what I asked you just now, it’s your freedom, I don’t mean to force you at all.” 

“…” Ultra Seme Lord, you didn’t force her, you are threatening her! 

Jiang Zhaorou stared at Feng Tingye fiercely with a cold face. If her eyes could kill, Feng Tingye would have been poked seventeen or eighteen times with her eyes. 

After hesitating for a while, Jiang Zhaorou mumbled angrily: “Because the Eldest Princess was by his side when General Ji died. The rumor that the old general was killed by anger was first passed from the Eldest Princess.” 

“What? The rumors that the old general was angry to death came from the princess?! Could it be that the princess deliberately lied and spread rumors to discredit Xiao Shangshu? Did she want the Young General Ji to bear a bloody vengeance and never share a life with Xiao Shangshu?” 

Oh, my god! What kind of divine development is this? This kind of approaching the truth step by step, directly from the BE (bad ending) dead knot of them hating and loving each other to the HE (happy ending) where all the misunderstandings are resolved, this drama is really cute! Xiao Shangshu and the Young General are really a pure love! 

Feng Tingye glanced at the small eyes of his pet that suddenly became shining. He could easily figure out what she was thinking, but at this moment, he didn’t have the energy to correct her. 

Jiang Zhaorou’s remarks still failed to satisfy him. The reason for being suspicious was obviously insufficient based on the sentence that the last person General Ji was with was the Eldest Princess. Also, from a while ago, whenever she looked over, Jiang Zhaorou would always look away unconsciously, not looking at himself. It was as if she was afraid that he would see the clues in her eyes. All this shows that this woman is lying.

“If this matter really has something to do with Fourth Sister, then Fourth Sister really would do anything in order to provoke the chaos between Ye and Shu. The old general was her own uncle!” Yun Zhong Yue sighed. His heart wasn’t just disappointed. To have such a sister, he should be grateful that although this sister is connected with him by blood, he has never had a deep friendship with her. This way, he doesn’t have to worry about when he will get bitten. 

When Xia Yuqing and the others heard Yun Zhongyue’s words, they all fell silent, until… 

Su Qingyan coughed lightly, looked up at Feng Tingye with a little embarrassment, and interjected: “I have read this medical record. I have done what I promised you, now that rhino horn…” 

Feng Tingye’s attitude towards Jiang Zhaorou just now made Su Qingyan keenly feel a crisis, and couldn’t help but confirm it. The result… can be imagined.

Xia Yuqing, who was closest to Feng Tingye, clearly saw the corners of Feng Tingye’s lips slowly conjure up into a familiar calculating smile: “If Zhen remembers correctly, what Zhen said was… after the things are done! Now this thing hasn’t been done yet, why are you in a hurry?” 

“You…you cheated me!” Su Qingyan was taken aback. Even if he understood what Feng Tingye meant, he was surprised that he was fooled like someone else and his anger surged, “Do you not believe that I would take medicine out and poison you to death?!”

“Whatever you want. If Zhen is dead, you are even less likely to get that rhino horn.” 


Xia Yuqing glanced sympathetically at the two people who were dragged onto the thief ship by Feng Tingye. She secretly lit countless candles for the two of them. If they were trading with the Ultra Seme Lord, they would be sent to their deaths. Rest in peace, amen… 

“What should we do now? Continue to investigate? Go on, or…” Yun Zhong Yue glanced at the pieces of paper on the table and asked in a low voice.

Feng Tingye pondered for a moment and was just about to speak, when he heard a rush of footsteps outside the door. 

The faces of several people changed slightly. Feng Tingye made a silent gesture towards several people, winked, and asked them to follow him back to behind the screen in the room. 

“Little Gongzi, are you there? Are you there?” Footsteps sounded outside the door accompanied by a knock on the door. 

“Wait, wait, I’ll come open the door. Is there something urgent?” Xia Yuqing pretended to have just walked out of the inner room and stepped forward to open the door. 

“Little Gongzi, it’s no good! There is something wrong at the palace. Her Royal Highness needs to enter the palace and has called for you and Master Xi to accompany her.” The little girl said breathlessly, her face full of anxiety. 

“Something went wrong in the palace?” Xia Yuqing was also taken aback. “Do you know what happened in the palace?” 

“I heard…I heard that the emperor was suddenly seriously ill and called the princess into the palace urgently.” 

“The emperor got a serious illness? This suddenly?!” Xia Yuqing was startled. She deliberately shouted loudly so that the people in the room could hear her voice, then nodded and said, “Well, since I know, I will go now to Her Royal Highness with you.” 

Several people in the room heard the door close again. When the other two were far away did they walk out from behind the screen. 

Feng Tingye squinted slightly and chewed on the words Xia Yuqing had just yelled with a stern face: “Some people really can’t help but make a move.” 

At the same time, Yingyue, who lived in a corner in the princess’s mansion, watched the commotion outside. He silently took a sip of his teacup on the table. 

The breeze blew across his window, blowing a letter with a red seal. After a while, the breeze gradually subsided, and the usual tranquility in the courtyard was slowly restored, but it was different from the usual tranquility. It was more like…the calm before the storm.

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