FMEA Chapter 184

Chapter 184 An Unexpected Encounter 

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Xia Yuqing followed the little maid to the front yard, just in time to catch up with the big group. The other people did not show anything unusual about this, but Xizeyan gave her a sullen look. 

His eyes were full of jealousy and resentment that could not be concealed. Xia Yuqing felt helpless when she saw it. How long will this being shot while lying down continue!?

As a result, under Xizeyan’s targeted icy gaze, Xia Yuqing followed the large group into the palace with great difficulty. Although she stayed in the palace in Ye Kingdom, after entering the palace of Shu Kingdom, Xia Yuqing was still like Grandma Liu (character from novel Dream of the Red Chamber), and she found everything very fresh. 

The main reason was that a group of people are supported by their region’s water and soil. Buildings in different places are different. The Shu palace would have the characteristics of Shu. 

Although most of the structures were made of clay, there was still a small part made of cedar. Xia Yuqing was amazed by the construction talents of the people in the ancient period. She secretly planned to have Feng Tingye return to Ye Kingdom and make one for herself according to this pattern. 

However, in that case, would she become the kind of evil devil who wastes manpower and resources, the pampered beauty that destroys the country? Well, let’s forget it! 

Xia Yuqing was secretly annoyed, then she was excited for a while. These tangled expressions had fallen into someone’s eyes. 

Xizeyan looked at Xia Yuqing’s ever changing expressions and snorted coldly. His eyes were instantly stained with obvious disdain and contempt. As expected, he was only from the countryside and had never seen the world. How can such a person be worthy of being with the princess? How could he deserve to compete with himself?

If Xia Yuqing knew someone’s heart at this moment, she would be surprised for a while, then would give him a roll of her eyes. If I am from the country, you definitely came from a ditch! 

A group of people hurriedly entered the palace. When they rushed to the palace to where Yun Zhongli was, many important court officials and royal family members had gathered outside the palace. 

When everyone saw the arrival of the princess, they unanimously parted the road. They respectfully stood aside and bowed their heads. 

“These officials greets the Eldest Princess.” 

The unanimous greeting once again displayed to Xia Yuqing the influence of the Eldest Princess in the court and even the royal clan. Being able to receive such courtesy in front of the emperor’s palace, this shows the weight and status of the Eldest Princess in the hearts of these people. 

“All the Da Rens here are too polite, what’s the situation with Royal Brother?” The Eldest Princess walked down slowly from the carriage. She stretched out her hand in the direction of Xia Yuqing. 

Xia Yuqing followed the Eldest Princess for a few days, so she learned some of the little skills of serving people. She hurriedly stepped forward to hold her hand and helped her out. 

In an instant, Xia Yuqing felt a nuclear radiation projected on her body. After the atomic bomb passed, the atmosphere became dense. The hot sight of the people seemed to poke several big holes in her, making it look like a thorn on her back. Among them, Xizeyan’s eyes were the most prominent.

The other gazes were a bit inquisitive. They were trying to determine the importance of this young boy who had suddenly appeared next to the princess that could cause the princess to abandon Xi Da Ren who has always been favored and choose him instead to wait upon her. On the other hand, Xizeyan’s gaze was obviously hostile.     

The jealousy and resentment made Xia Yuqing, who was facing him face to face, feel a chill run down her spine. She secretly sighed in her heart. The trees long for peace but the wind will never cease (world changes whether you want it or not). Now Master Xi must want to break herself even more, but God knows… she really is innocent!     

The one who rescued Xia Yuqing from the fire and water was a little eunuch in front of the palace: “This servant greets Her Royal Highness. Your Royal Highness, the Emperor and the Empress have orders, please enter.”     

“En, I will go in right away.” The Eldest Princess twisted her eyebrows. Not caring about the people outside the hall, she had Xia Yuqing support her into the hall.     

“Royal Brother…Royal Brother…how are you?” As soon as the princess entered the door, she shouted anxiously and went straight to the chaos of the hall.     

Xia Yuqing, who was left alone, stayed silently in the outer room with Xizeyan and the others, waiting for the call from the inside. When the Eldest Princess was there, Xizeyan barely concealed his dissatisfaction with Xia Yuqing. Now that the Eldest Princess has entered the door, Xizeyan’s hostility towards Xia Yuqing couldn’t become more obvious.

Xia Yuqing gritted her teeth. She turned her head away, completely isolating Xizeyan’s death ray gaze behind her. This fell into Xizeyan’s eyes and had him interpret it as Xia Yuqing looking down on him, underestimating his performance. As a result, Xizeyan’s eyes on Xia Yuqing became worse. 

When Xia Yuqing was outside in the abyss of suffering, she suddenly heard a pleasant female voice in the room: “You are here.” 

“Royal Sister-in-law, what’s wrong with Royal Brother? Royal Brother is usually strong inside and out, how can this happen all of a sudden? How did he fall ill?” 

Royal Sister-in-law? ! Xia Yuqing was stunned on the spot. The tension that she had been feeling was thrown out to the clouds. 

The Eldest Princess just called that person Royal Sister-in-law? That means that person is the empress of Shu? Xiao Xi’s mother? 

Thinking like this, Xia Yuqing couldn’t help poking her head out slightly to look at the woman who was standing opposite to the princess. 

The woman was wearing a rich golden yellow neon feather dress. The belt and the hem of the skirt were embroidered with exquisite double phoenix flying patterns, reflecting the golden crested hairpin on the woman’s head, which was even more luxurious. The woman’s face was somewhat similar to Yun Xi, but because of the lack of Yun Xi’s chubby cheeks, it was transformed into a pointed oval face. Therefore, compared with Yun Xi, she was a little bit less childish and a little bit more mature. Her face was solemn and expressionless. She didn’t look cute and gratifying as Yun Xi, but… cool and elegant!

Hearing the princess’s question, Helian Mingyue sighed: “Your Royal Brother was angered. After he arrived in Ye country last time, he was assassinated by someone sent by Third Royal Brother. Although his life was saved, he suffered a serious injury. Then after that, hurrying back to Shu country without stopping, he didn’t get to recuperate at all. Therefore, a lot of troubles became deeply rooted within him. Now that the weather has been erratic recently, the emperor has been a little uncomfortable. He suddenly fainted to the ground this morning, and still hasn’t woken up yet. If…if something really happens to the emperor, Ben Gong…” At the end, Helian Mingyue choked up a bit. 

Was assassinated after arriving in Ye Kingdom? Was Yun Xi’s mother talking about the assassination at the post house? I thought Yun Xi’s Father was fine at that time? In the end, he even dragged Yun Xi away, how could he be seriously injured? Xia Yuqing listened to the conversation between the two outside, thinking with some confusion. 

After listening to Helian Mingyue’s words, a ray of light quickly flashed across the Eldest Princess’s eyes, but soon returned to their original state. She comforted Helian Mingyue softly: “Royal Sister-in-law, don’t worry, heavens help the worthy. Nothing will go wrong. First, let’s see what the doctor says.”


While the two were talking, the doctors had already retired from the bed. After discussing, one of the older doctors came forward: “Greetings to Your Majesty and the Eldest Princess. The Emperor has recently been overworked and over-worried, so he has some weakness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and the recurrence of an old illness. This all caused the Emperor to have temporary fainted. Luckily, the Emperor is usually in good health, so the problem is not serious. He will only need to take some calming decoctions and he will be cured after resting.” 

“Just take some calming decoctions?” Helian Mingyue frowned in disbelief. 

“Yes, he just needs to calm the mind and rest .” 

“Rest? Just some rest?” 

The old doctor paused and bowed: “Yes, although it seems that it is just a fatigue problem that is easy to heal now, if it goes on like this, it will still be very difficult. The problem can easily become rooted. Therefore, this minister thinks that the Emperor should not continue to overwork himself. It is better to rest for a while and let him heal.” 

“En, Ben Gong understands. You first go and bring the soothing soup that the Emperor has to drink. The imperial doctors can leave now.” Helian Mingyue took a deep breath and whispered. 


A group of people exited the room in response. One of the imperial doctors happened to confront Xizeyan when he was passing by the outer room. He paused his feet and whispered: “Master Xi.” 

“Doctor Ge.” Xizeyan was stunned. After seeing the person, his face changed from gloomy to bright and he called out very mildly. 

Doctor Ge nodded. He glanced around, then whispered: “The prescription Lord Xi asked this doctor for last time, this doctor has found it.” 

Xizeyan was startled, then he showed a look of overjoyment. He glanced around, then stepped forward and took Dr. Ge’s hand: “This is not a good place to talk. Dr. Ge, let’s go out and talk.” 

“Alright .”

Xizeyan followed Dr. Ge out and allowed Xia Yuqing to relax slightly. She let out a sigh of relief. 

The unconscious person in the room slowly awoke. 

“Hmm…” Yun Zhongli groaned, holding his head, and opening his eyes weakly. 

“Your Majesty, are you awake? Is there anything uncomfortable?” Helian Mingyue immediately rushed over when she heard the voice. She helped Yun Zhongli up and asked with a worried expression on her face. 

Yun Zhongli glanced around and said with some suspicion: “What’s wrong with me? How come I’m in bed?” 

“Your Majesty, did you forget? You fainted in the imperial study room today. When Chen Qie heard this, Chen Qie was almost scared to death! Fortunately, you’re okay, otherwise…Your Majesty, how do you feel now?” Helian Mingyue lifted up Yun Zhongli and asked with lingering fear. 


“Yes, the imperial doctor said that Royal Brother was overworked and overwhelmed with excessive thoughts.” Upon seeing this, the princess rushed forward and interjected. 

“Even Royal Sister was alarmed?!” Seeing the Eldest Princess, Yun Zhongli was taken aback. He thought for a moment, “Overworked? Overwhelmed? Excessive thoughts? Maybe the recent drought in the northwest was a little bit distressing, plus the thing about Xi Er…” 

“That girl Xi Er, making people get worried.” The princess couldn’t help complaining when she heard those words. A complicated light flashed quickly in her eyes. 

Helian Mingyue saw the moment of strangeness in her eyes, but did not change her expression. She turned her head and pretended that her whole body and mind were concentrated on Yun Zhongli. 

Speaking of Yun Xi, Yun Zhong Li was really exhausted. His precious daughter had left to run to find another man. This was really not an ordinary complicated moment. 

“Whatever, it’s fine. Since I’m okay, I will go back to the Imperial Study Room first. The drought in the northwest can’t be delayed for a moment.” Yun Zhongli sighed and wanted to return to the Imperial Study Room when he got up, but Helian Mingyue forced him back. 

“Your Majesty, the doctor said your illness was caused by you overworking and the recurrence of old problems. You can’t work during this period of time, otherwise something big will happen!” Helian Mingyue pressed Yun Zhongli down. Her face was full of disapproval.     

“It’s just a small illness. What’s to fuss about? It’s those imperial doctors who are making a fuss over nothing.”    

“They’re making a big fuss when you fainted? Then what kind of problem would be worthy of a  big fuss?” Helian Mingyue’s face sank, a little annoyed. “Chen Qie doesn’t care. The imperial doctors have spoken, it’s better for the emperor to rest and recuperate during this period. Since that’s the case, the emperor will take a good rest in the palace. Chen Qie knows that the people of Shu are in the emperor’s heart, but Your Majesty must understand that the emperor is related to the safety and concern of the entire Shu country. If the emperor does not even care for his own body, how can he care for the people of Shu country? How could the emperor protect them from the wind and rain, and overcome all difficulties? Not to mention…”     

Helian Mingyue stating the last statement couldn’t help but choke. She wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes with a small handkerchief. “The emperor is not only the emperor of the people of Shu, but also the husband of Chen Qie. Even if the emperor does not think for himself, the emperor should still think of Chen Qie. If something happens to Your Majesty, Chen Qie…”     

“Yes, yes, Royal Brother, don’t you know how anxious sister-in-law was just now?” The princess also helped her when she saw Helian Mingyue wipe her tears.     

“Oh, Yueyue, why are you crying? It’s alright, I promise you I will rest quietly for a few days.” The people of the entire Shu kingdom knew that the emperor of the Shu kingdom was not afraid of heaven and earth, but was most afraid of his wife, the empress of their Shu Kingdom, being angry or sad.     

Seeing Helian Mingyue cry, Yun Zhongli could do nothing but compromise.     

“However, the drought in the northwest is very urgent. Even if I am willing to take a rest, the people who have been persecuted by the drought will not have time to wait for me to heal!”

Helian Mingyue was stunned. She was silent for a moment: “There are hundreds of officials, large and small, in this huge court hall. There are countless capable people. Can they not do anything without their emperor? Just follow what Chen Qie said. Your Majesty should just assign some capable people to handle the drought in the northwest to decide a good remedial action.” 

Yun Zhongli pondered for a moment: “Even if the drought in the northwest can be resolved satisfactorily, this court… ” 

“Your Majesty does not have to worry about the affairs of the court. Your Majesty only needs to find someone who can be trusted and have the courage to help Your Majestyr manage the court well during your period of rest. After Your Majesty is healed, Your Majesty will regain control. Isn’t that enough for the government?” 

“Yueyue is right, but with such short notice, where can I find such a person?” 

Helian Mingyue helped support Yun Zhongli and smiled: “Your Majesty, you’re really confused. Isn’t there a ready-made candidate right in front of you?” 

“!” Xia Yuqing stood outside the door and listened quietly to the conversation inside. Hearing this sentence, the dull hair on her head stood up. A trace of bad premonition grew from the bottom of her heart. The person in Yun Xi’s mother’s mouth shouldn’t be… 

Yun Zhongli looked around in confusion, then suddenly his eyes lit up. He patted his head, “No, but isn’t there just one in front of me…” 

The Eldest Princess saw Yun Zhongli’s eyes shift to her side. Her heart tightened. With great difficulty she restrained her inner ups and downs, then spoke in a panic state, “Royal Brother, your Royal Sister is of humble talent, it would be an embarrassment.”

“Ah, Royal Sister is too humble. Royal Sister’s abilities and courage is obvious to everyone. If Royal Sister was not there to support me in the past few years, I might still have to spend much effort to rectify this dynasty. If Zhen gives the court to Royal Sister for the time being, Zhen can feel rest assured.” 

Before Yun Zhongli’s voice finished, Helian Mingyue also hurriedly added: “Royal Sister, you just heard the imperial doctor, His Majesty needs to rest during this period of time. Naturally, Ben Gong has to help take care of His Majesty. If you help us, us, husband and wife, will be grateful.” 

“!” Xia Yuqing heard this and a series of exclamation marks appeared on her head. What on earth is this? Didn’t Yun Xi’s mother have a problem with the princess? But seeing this aunt and sister-in-law being so harmonious, what is up with the warm family drama? Why do I have a sense that I went to the wrong theater? ! Transmigration God, you’ve played too big, too big! 

The Eldest Princess pondered for a long time before she pretended to sigh reluctantly: “Since Royal Brother and Royal Sister-in-law values Royal Sister so much, Royal Sister must do her best!” 

“That’s great.” 

The Eldest Princess lowered her head. The corner of her mouth raised a tiny arc uncontrollably. She hadn’t noticed that when she was so overwhelmed by joy, at this moment, the two sitting on the bed looked at each other tacitly, the corners of their lips also evoked an unpredictable arc. 

“Your Majesty, here comes your calming soup.” At this moment, a little palace lady respectfully brought the soup medicine in. 

“Give it to Ben Gong. Your Majesty, come and drink it while it’s hot.” Helian Mingyue took the calming soup from the palace maid’s tray and handed it to Yun Zhongli. 

Yun Zhongli nodded and took it. Just about to raise his head to drink, his eyes suddenly saw someone who was making threatening gestures, refreshing their presence at the door of the room. His eyes suddenly glared. 


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