FMEA Chapter 193

Chapter 193 Be my Little Apprentice!!

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An earth-shattering gunshot pierced the night sky, shaking the mountains below everyone’s feet. It even frightened the birds that were about to rest in the forest. They were all screeching, and fleeing with the frightened beasts in the forest. 

At the muzzle of the black hole, a puff of white smoke billowed out, like dry ice. Big Baby brought his hand back, and blew away the gunpowder smoke. With disdain, he glanced at Jin Lao who was sitting on the ground. He grinned with a mouthful of little white teeth that were almost fully grown: “I told you not to touch! If you dare to stretch out your dirty hand, I will blow your head off with one shot!” 

“…” Why does this sound a bit familiar? Everyone’s eyes went back and forth on the bodies of Big Baby and Feng Tingye a few times. There was a big exclamation mark above their heads. They’re really worthy of being a father and son duo, their speaking styles are the exact same.

Yun Zhongyue watched with a gleeful expression as Jin Lao sat with his butt on the ground. Jin Lao, who was almost scared to pee, watched as the bamboo wall crumbled behind him. More than half of it was destroyed. 

Finally…Finally that horrible silver item was no longer pointing at this Laozi! Ba ha ha ha… the little man in Yun Zhong Yue’s heart looked up to the sky and laughed wildly for a few seconds, then he silently lowered his head. Hiding his face, he started crying. D*mn, it was the first time in my life that I felt moved to tears! How sad! 

Xia Yuqing glanced at the farce in front of her with her mouth twitching. She sighed to the sky. As expected, she should have confiscated the gun in the hands of Big Baby. Being stunned from time to time, her little heart really couldn’t stand it! 

“Grandpa, are you okay?” Yuying was also taken aback by the sudden change. After she recovered, she exclaimed and stepped forward to help Jin Lao. 

Unexpectedly, Jin Lao was stunned for a moment, then pushed her away. The smile on his face was completely wiped off. His pair of eyes stared at the pistol in the hands of the Big Baby in disbelief, and said excitedly: “Why is this in your hands?”

“Huh?” Hearing these words, Big Baby took the gun back in his hand with some caution, then turned around and took his younger sister to hide behind Feng Tingye. He completely ignored the small eyes that Jin Lao was using to look at him.

“Ahem, the little child is not sensible, forgive him, Jin Lao!” Xia Yuqing coughed a little embarrassedly when she saw this. She came out to round up the scene, “But listening to Jin Lao, why does it seem like you know of this… item?” 

Is it possible that this old man transmigrated and knows of pistols? Xia Yuqing looked at Jin Lao and thought in her heart. 

“Of course this old man recognizes this thing!” Jin Lao said as if he had been poked at his weak spot. He yelled out in a rage: “This thing was made by this old man and that other old man. How could I not recognize it?” 

“Oh, so that’s the case.” Xia Yuqing was taken aback by Jin Lao’s yelling and she replied dazedly. Then she quickly realized what he had just said, “What? Did you make this thing?” 

“If not this old man, who else? Speak, why is this thing in the hands of this little boy? Old man Xu didn’t even let me touch it at the time. No, he didn’t even let me look at it. Such an important thing, how could he give it to a child? Ahhhhhh…”

Xia Yuqing looked at the bitter look of Jin Lao who had begun to look up to the sky. She couldn’t help but have a drop of cold sweat run down her head. After a brief consternation, Xia Yuqing remembered that when she had handed over the drawings to Xu Lao to ask him to help her make the pistol, Xu Lao once said that he knew a very powerful alchemy master. As long as he helped him, It would be easy to make the pistol.

At that time, she didn’t think of anything, just that he must be a very awesome character. Now thinking about it… Is it possible that so-called master is in front of her… this perverted old man? 

Xia Yuqing glanced again at the strange old man in front of her who was shocked. She reached out and wiped the cold sweat from her head and cleared her throat: “Actually, I drew the design of this pistol.” 

Xia Yuqing’s short sentence successfully made Jin Lao stiffen. He turned his head, and looked at Xia Yuqing in shock. 

Xia Yuqing coughed slightly, then said, “I was the one who gave Master the drawings.” 


“But because both master and I don’t know alchemy, I asked Master to help me find someone to do it for me.” 


“Later, after it was finished, Master returned the finished product back to me.” 

“…… ” 

“Then due to some accidents and mishaps, this gun was treated as a gift for my two children’s Zhua Zhou ceremony.” At this point, Xia Yuqing raised her eyes and glanced in the direction of Yun Zhongyue. 

Yun Zhongyue had a guilty smile, he touched his nose and turned his head. 

Jin Lao still had a dull expression. Xia Yuqing continued: “Then, unfortunately, this brat took the gun as his gift for the Zhua Zhou ceremony and would not return it. So…… it’s like this.” 

“…” The expression on Jin Lao’s face cracked for a moment. His whole person was broken.

After a while, everyone heard him babble and mutter: “No wonder… no wonder…. Xu Lao had us divide the work and get a limited amount of the bits and pieces and refused to let us see the complete drawing. After it was done, he became all hostile and secretly hid away the items, not letting us take a look. If it weren’t for the cleverness of us taking a sneak peek at it, one wouldn’t even know what he asked us to put together something. But who would have thought that the assembled pile of scattered parts turned out to be such a gorgeous and powerful thing, who would have thought…” 

Jin Lao seemed to turn devilish. After whispering a few words, he raised his head and walked towards Big Baby step by step. 

Big Baby guarded his sister and shrank back. Feng Tingye’s face also sank. 

Just when everyone thought that the thief Jin Lao did not change his mind and wanted to take action against Second Baby, they saw the old man squat down a few steps away from the Big Baby. He once again raised a self-righteous smile, actually quite similar to that of the odd uncle in one’s family. He stared at Big Baby expectantly: “Baby, be good, let Grandpa take a look at that thing, okay? Just a look…” 

“…” Big Baby looked at the stranger smiling in front of him. He rolled his eyes, turned around silently, leaving his back to face him. 

After molesting his mother and molesting his younger sister, he still wanted to shoot his pistol? There was no way! 

With a “click”, the glass heart that had been repaired by Jin Lao who was tragically rejected, broke again. Seeing that the child was not easy to persuade, Jin Lao had to retreat. He turned to Xia Yuqing not far away: “Little Junior…”

“…” Xia Yuqing was scared by his sudden intimate call. Shaking off the goose bumps all over, she had a shudder of a lifetime. However, looking at Jin Lao’s pitiful appearance, she felt a little bad, so she whispered: “Dudu, be good, give the gun to this grandpa to take a look.” 

Big Baby heard the call from his Mother, and turned around to give a look of rare admiration, then raised his head to look at Feng Tingye who he was holding the thigh of. 

Feng Tingye seemed to understand something. The corners of his lips twitched slightly, then he nodded towards Big Baby. 

Big Baby reluctantly took out the hidden pistol again. 

When Jin Lao saw the pistol in the hands of Big Baby, his pair of eyes that had already gone through the hardships of life flashed bright. The luminosity was close to a kilowatt flash, which almost blinded everyone’s ​​eyes. 

“This frame, this structure, this combination… It’s too beautiful. It’s simply majestic and perfect. It’s really perfect.” Jin Lao stared at the gun in the baby’s hand. Reaching out his hand to touch it, Big Baby took it back wisely. 

“Ohhhhhhhh…” Seeing his favorite equipment just flee from his eyes, the pain was comparable to that of a foodie watching a cooked duck fly away from him. The old man uttered a shout of panic. 

Big Baby pouted impatiently when he heard the sound, “What? Didn’t you just take a look? You have seen it all, what are you dissatisfied with?”

“Woo… let me touch it. Just one touch.” Jin Lao raised his index finger and asked pleadingly. 

A big red crossroad (x) burst out on Big Baby’s head. Ah, is this dead old man still thinking about it? ! 

Just about to turn his head and leave, he heard a familiar voice coming from the top of his head: “Okay, but the bullet must be taken out.” The latter sentence was clearly addressed to Big Baby. 

His Father had spoken, so Big Baby could only admit to his fate. A little annoyed, he took out all the bullets in the gun. He gave a cold snort, and handed the gun over to Jin Lao to take it. 

Jin Lao ecstatically went to receive the pistol. He was mad with delight as he touched it, “It turned out to be like this! Hey, why didn’t I think of this design? There are still recesses here. The trough is to put those…those things called bullets? I knew at that time it was weird how old man Xu would ask me to make such weird things, it turned out to be placed in here. But there is so much power in it. The workmanship is truly skillful !” 

“…” Such a modern thing falling in the eyes of the ancients who had only seen cold weapons (weapon that does not involve fire or explosions), of course they would compliment the skillful workmanship, otherwise, would the people who designed this thing in later generations have lived for hundreds of years for nothing? 

Xia Yuqing looked at Jin Lao as he held her hand pistol in a jealous manner. Fortunately, the bullets had been taken out, otherwise, Xia Yuqing was really afraid that the pistol could not bear Jin Lao’s “indecent” touching and would go off! 

After studying the pistol in his hand, Jin Lao reluctantly returned the gun in his hand to Big Baby’s hand. 

Turning his head to look at Xia Yuqing, the hot gaze made the smile on Xia Yuqing’s face stiff. A bad premonition emerged. As expected… 

“No wonder Xu Lao always bragged about his little disciple, but would always hide and tuck them away, never allowing us to take a look; it turns out that he was worried about us fighting him for her.”

“…” Xia Yuqing was embarrassed. She really didn’t understand why that item she created that wasn’t even her specialty would cause these old men to fight for it. Ahem, believe her, this item was definitely an accident. Also trying to reel me in over this one item, she may not even be able to make a second pistol! 

“Ahhhh, that guy Xu Lao is too cunning! No…” Jin Lao seemed to have thought of something and paused, then he quickly rushed towards Xia Yuqing. 

Feng Tingye seemed to have anticipated that things would turn out to be like this. He stood in front of Xia Yuqing a step earlier. The long sword in his hand clicked and he pulled it out a little from his waist. 

Jin Lao hurriedly braked at his feet. He watched the smile on Feng Tingye’s face. Instinctively, he felt his scar on the side of his face twitch. The pain made him grimace immediately and the impulse to make someone abandon their sect to switch over to his own sect was stifled in the cradle. 

However, he was not someone who gave up easily. Since the big one can’t be abducted, the small one can be right? Jin Lao moved his gaze not far away, to the two children who had a vigilant look towards him. 

He didn’t dare to move the little one anymore. If he was too anxious, that boy would really kill himself with a single shot, so the only thing left was…. 

Jin Lao touched his chin. He looked up and down Big Baby with bright eyes. This kid could find the pistol he made from the Zhua Zhou ceremony. He must be a master who can tell what’s what. Moreover, this kid looked very intelligent. It must be the inheritance of excellent talents from his parents. If he can take him to his side, in time, he will be able to achieve something. More likely than not, he could even defeat that old man’s proud apprentice!

Jin Lao was dazzled by his beautiful imagination. He obviously forgot that due to his unscrupulous bad thoughts towards Second Baby, he was held at gunpoint and the person who pointed the gun at him was Big Baby who was in front of him.

Jin Lao smiled, got up and walked towards the two buns. 

“What do you want to do?” Big Baby got angry when he saw the old man. He placed his younger sister behind him vigilantly. 

Seeing his appearance, Jin Lao hurriedly waved his hand, “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, this old man has no other meaning. This old man wants to ask if you are interested in alchemy? Would you like to join this old man’s sect?” 

“!” When the old man saw that he could not make a move on Second Baby, did he decide to switch over to the older one? Xia Yuqing’s face changed slightly. She stepped forward to stop Jin Lao, but Feng Tingye took a step forward. 

“Your Majesty?” Xia Yuqing looked up at Feng Tingye in surprise, suspicion in her eyes. 

Feng Tingye smiled and shook his head. He motioned Xia Yuqing to watch the changes. 

“Relax, as long as you are willing to join this old man’s sect, this old man will definitely give everything to you. This old man will never hide any treasures. This old man now only has you as a disciple. A hundred years later, the glory of this old man, the status of this old man, everything about this old man will be…” 

“I’m not interested, not joining.” Jin Lao hadn’t finished speaking when Big Baby’s refusal directly shot Jin Lao into h*ll, causing him to break once again.

“Why?” Jin Lao stared at Big Baby in disbelief. In this country, countless people would run to his doorsteps to beg him, yet this little boy is unwilling?! 

“There is no reason, just not interested.” He didn’t have the leisurely time to stay with an old man all day long. 

“Why are you not interested? Let me tell you, alchemy is very interesting, hey, don’t run…” 

“…” Everyone was dumbfounded as the old man started chasing Big Baby, playing eagle catching the little chick game. (game where one tries to catch the people behind the mother chicken who is at the front protecting the people behind her). 

Everyone’s gears in their brain turned slowly. It took a long while to grasp the main point. Jin Lao wanted to accept an apprentice? Moreover, he wanted to accept a baby who was under two years old. The most important thing was… he was rejected!? 

For a moment, everyone felt that the world seemed like a hallucination! 

Just when everyone was stunned by the sudden reversal of the plot, a beautiful female voice came in from the outside: “Grandpa, sister, I’m back! Hey, why is there no one?” 

“This voice is…” Yun Xi’s round face appeared surprised. After reacting, she became excited. 

Yuying was also taken aback when she heard the voice. She hurriedly shouted: “Xue Er, we’re over here.” 

The voice outside fell silent for a moment. Everyone then heard the sound of footsteps gradually approaching. 

“Bang…” With a loud noise, the door in the bamboo house was kicked away from the outside, and a pretty figure flew in.

The visitor wore a very delicate yellow gauze skirt and had a small face that was quite similar to Yuying. She was not as beautiful and gentle as Yuying, but more energetic. With a pair of intelligent eyes that seemed to be able to speak, people could know her excitement instantly without looking at the big smile on her face. 

Yuxue flew through the entrance and rushed forwards in a few steps. She finally discovered the state of her house and stopped to glance at everyone in the house. She said in amazement: “Hey, there are guests at home?” 

Yuying looked at Yuxue with a look not like herself, one of having a headache. She let out a helpless groan: “Xue Er, how many times have I told you not to be so reckless. You have to knock on the door when you enter the house, don’t just kick the door casually. It’s the third door you broke this month. If this goes on, the entire bamboo forest in the back mountain will be chopped down for you to repair the door.” 

Everyone was stunned. All their eyes focused on the bamboo door that was violently kicked open by Yuxue and was now crumbling in the sad evening breeze. 

“…” The room was silent for a while. For a long time, everyone only felt a cold wind whizzing past, rolling up the leaves on the ground. It was inexplicably desolate. 

“Ahahahaha, I forgot because I was so happy. Sister, don’t be angry.” Yuxue laughed and scratched her head with a guilty expression. 

“You have said that too many times.” 

“Ah, okay, sister, guests are still here. Whatever the outcome, you have to still leave me some face. We can speak later about this.” 


When the two were speaking, Yuxue suddenly heard a call: “Xue Jiejie.” 

“Huh?” Yuxue followed the sound, and in the next second, a small figure plunged straight into her arms. She looked down and exclaimed, “Your Royal Highness, why are you here?”

“I followed Qing Jiejie and the others to look for the old man, so I thought I would visit you along the way.” Yun Xi lifted her head from Yuxue’s arms. Her big round eyes rolled around, as if thinking of something. Then holding Yuxue’s sleeves, “Xue Jiejie, the old man insulted me just now. Not only did he insult me, he even assaulted my Qing Jiejie.” 

“Actually, this is a misunderstanding…” Xia Yuqing heard Yun Xi’s accusation and just wanted to wave her hand in reply. Forget it, it’s over. I don’t mind anymore. 

It’s a pity that before she could say this, the unusually brilliant smile on Yuxue’s face was suddenly tucked away. She raised her eyebrows, “Really? The old man went out to harass girls again?” 

At the same time she raised her eyebrows, the old man who was still squatting in front of the Big Baby, felt a cold chill behind his back. An ominous premonition came out spontaneously. Feeling a little stiff, he turned around, and made eye contact with Yuxue coming his way. “Xue’er, you’re back.” 

“Grandpa, I heard that you were harassing another girl.” 


Crack… Crack… a crisp sound of intertwined finger bones came from Yuxue’s clasped hands. Behind the slender figure, a billowing black smoke continued to rise, which made people shudder. 

“Xue…Xue Er, calm down.” 

“Calm down you damn old p*rvert? Do you think that this old lady’s words are like the wind, going in one ear and out the other? I just went down the mountain, yet you dare to take the opportunity to go around and start trouble? I see that your skin must be itchy again. Do you need me to loosen your muscles and bones?” 

Before Yuxue’s words fell, everyone heard a shrill cry: “Ah…” 

Yuying sighed when she heard the cry and suggested: “Xue Er, grandpa is getting older, please take it easy.”

“En, I know what’s appropriate, don’t worry, Jiejie.” In response to her words, another fearful scream followed. 

“…” You don’t seem to be reassuring anyone! Everyone roasted with a lifeless face. 

Yuying shook her head helplessly. Obviously, this was very common. She turned her head and said to everyone: “It’s not early. Everyone must be travel-worn, and must be tired. Stay here to rest first tonight. For the rest, let’s talk about it tomorrow. I will take a few people to the guest room first.” 

“Thank you for your trouble Miss Yuying.” Everyone nodded and agreed. 

Before she left, Xia Yuqing glanced at the grandfather and granddaughter duo who were still entangled not far away. In the end, compassion for the old and the young was born. She asked in a low voice: “Miss Yuying, is it fine to just let them both be?” 

“It’s okay, Xue Er and Grandpa usually fight like this, don’t worry.” 

“…” Xia Yuqing glanced at the two who had completely scrambled into a ball, then she was  囧 again. This grandpa and granddaughter are this brutal usually! 

For the next few days, Xia Yuqing and the others stayed on the top of Xiangyun Mountain. They lived a simple life of lobbying Jin Lao and watched various slapstick scenes. 

On this day, as soon as Xia Yuqing opened the door, she heard a chuckle from above her head. An energetic hen flapping its wings quickly swept over her head. 

Not long after, Xia Yuqing saw two round little buns rushing from the direction the hen came from. 

“Mother…” The two children yelled at Xia Yuqing in unison, then quickly followed the hen and went away. 

“Dudu, Dun…” Before Xia Yuqing could call out the names of the two children, the two children had disappeared. Xia Yuqing in the distance could still vaguely hear the excited cry of Second Baby: “Brother, Brother, come here quickly, the hen is here. Here.”

“En.” With a calm response, the earth-shaking gunshot sounded again. It once again frightened the various birds living in the mountains and forests. 

Xia Yuqing’s mouth twitched slightly. She secretly lit a candle for the hen who had been sacrificed. At the same time, she murmured a few things secretly to herself. If the predecessors of the future were to know that their firearms, which they had worked so hard to create, were used by a child to kill chickens in the end, she wondered what they would think. Look at the sky… 

“Jin Lao, Royal Brother and Sister-in-law are still in the palace waiting for you to go back to help. The situation is critical. Unknown variables may happen if you delay for even a moment. You should hurry down with us, Jin Lao.” Not far away, Yun Zhongyue was as diligent as a little bee, buzzing around Jin Lao. 

The noisy sound made Jin Lao want to slap him like a mosquito. 

“Boy Yun, you weren’t so long-winded before, how come now that you have grown bigger, you’ve become more noisy? It’s really not cute at all. Be careful you won’t be able to get a wife in the future.” 

“…” Can’t marry a wife? Your whole family can’t marry a wife! If he didn’t quickly solve these messy things, how can he fly back to Lu Rui to continue trying to work on capturing his wife. Does he think he wants to waste his saliva here? 

“Get out of the way, don’t hinder this old man and his young apprentice. If you dare to stop this old man, this old man will tell the embarrassing story of you peeing in the middle of the night to your Junior Sister.” Jin Lao was really impatient and pushed away Yun Zhongyue and rushed towards Big Baby in the yard. 

“…” Jin Lao, I have already heard it. 

“My little apprentice, your teacher is here to look for you!” 

Big Baby who heard the yell rolled his eyes to the sky. He took a bowl of chicken blood that had just been obtained from cutting off the hen’s neck, and let it loose in front of Jin Lao. 

Jin Lao was caught off guard and exclaimed: “Blood, blood, blood…” 

With a thud, he fell to his knees in front of Big Baby again. 

Xia Yuqing’s mouth twitched slightly, she didn’t want to roast him anymore. The scene in front of her had been staged countless times during the few days she lived here. Since the night of the fight, Jin Lao had stepped on the broad road of chasing down his apprentice and it has gone on forever. Chasing behind Big Baby’s buttocks all day long, he had never stopped recommending himself. 

“Little apprentice, your master is the only alchemist in this world. As long as you agree to be my apprentice, your future achievements will be incomparable.” 

Big Baby gave him a blank look. He was originally the prince of Ye Kingdom, the future emperor of Ye Kingdom. He was naturally incomparable. Why would he need to rely on this weird old man? 

Seeing Big Baby’s lack of interest, Jin Lao doubled his efforts: “Little apprentice, alchemy is very interesting. Exaggerating it a little bit, one touch can turn things to gold. As long as you learn alchemy, you will never worry about food and clothing. You will have a life of riches!”

Big Baby became more disdainful: “Do you think I would ever be short of money?” 

“…” Jin Lao choked and took out his last weapon. “Little apprentice, as long as you nod your head, Grandpa will buy you a lifetime of candied haws.” 

Big Baby didn’t even want to lift his head this time. He coldly replied: “Idiot.” What about candied haws? It’s okay to use that to seduce his sister, but if you want to buy that for him, try again in your next life. 


Thus, the you chase me officially began within the bamboo house. 

After Big Baby endured for a whole day, in the end, he couldn’t bear it. After catching on to the weakness of Jin Lao’s fear of blood, he began to brutally kill chickens and frighten Jin Lao every day. 

However, outside of everyone’s expectation, after a few days of this kind of life, the old man fainted countless times and woke up countless times. He actually became more frustrated and courageous, and would still chase Big Baby all day and night.

In the end, it wasn’t clear if Big Baby was moved, or was really annoyed. His little face sank, and he dropped a sentence: “You win.” He completely surrendered with a white flag. 

After winning this victory, Jin Lao was in a good mood, thus he happily agreed to Yun Zhongyue and the others’ request. He took the Yu sisters down the mountain with Feng Tingye and the others, letting everyone breathe a sigh of relief. 

However, Xia Yuqing, who had successfully invited Jin Lao this big Buddha out of the mountain, never thought that at this moment, an earth-shaking change had taken place in the royal capital of Shu Kingdom. 

In the palace of the Eldest Princess, in the shade of red gauze, a woman leaned lazily on the chaise couch. She was receiving a massage from the girl next to her with her eyes closed. 

Suddenly, a figure quickly rushed in from the outside. They knelt down in front of the woman, and whispered: “Your Highness.” 

Yun Shan, who had her eyes closed, calmly heard the voice and opened her eyes. Looking at the person outside of the gauze tent, she waved her hand to stop the girl beside her: “Leave.” 

“Yes.” The servants who were waiting on her all bowed and retired. 

Kneeling on the ground, once Xizeyan saw that everyone was almost gone, only then did he get up and walk into the gauze tent. He handed a secret letter to Yunshan’s hand. 

Yun Shan accepted the secret letter, opened it and read the contents of the letter. Her face darkened slightly. 

“Your Royal Highness…” Seeing that Yun Shan hadn’t spoken for a long time, Xizeyan asked tentatively. 

“Notify the guards outside the city and the Imperial Army in the palace. Three days later, listen to the orders of Ben Gong.” 

Xizeyan was taken aback. The princess is preparing to start a coup d’état in advance? 

“Yes, this minister will do it right away.” 

Yun Shan looked at Xizeyan’s back, with a trace of killing intent in her eyes. Her hand was tight, and the secret letter held in her hand had long been crushed into a ball by her. 

Now that someone has started to take advantage of the loopholes, don’t blame her for acting in advance!

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