FMEA Chapter 192

Chapter 192 It must be the way I opened it was wrong 

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Yuying was taken aback when she heard Xia Yuqing’s exclamation. She looked back and forth between the two of them several times, and asked in confusion, “You know each other?” 

“Of course…”

“Of course not.” Xia Yuqing hadn’t had time yet to finish when she was quickly interrupted by Old Jin, the strange old man who had attacked Xia Yuqing by the river not long ago, “How can I know this girl when I have lived in the mountains for such a long time?” 

“…” Old man, don’t think I don’t recognize you just because you changed your outfits! D*mn you, even if you want to refute, remove that red mark on your face first! 

“Grandpa, what’s the matter with your face? Why is it so swollen?” Yuying glanced suspiciously at Jin Lao. She suddenly saw the glorious mark on Jin Lao’s profile.

Hearing the exclamation, Big Baby looked up at Jin Lao who was awarded his glorious red footprint mark, his eyes narrowed slightly with a sneer. Freeing himself from holding hands with Xia Yuqing, he ran to Feng Tingye’s side and tugged at the hem of his clothes. He raised his head and said, “Father, that’s him, the person who was in the middle of the river in the afternoon and assaulted Mother. Look, his face still has the footprint of this child who kicked him.”     

The few people on the side, except Xia Yuqing and the two children, rushed from the back and weren’t able to see anything at the time as the old man was covering his face. After hearing the complaint from Big Baby, plus the scream that Xia Yuqing made after seeing the person, they all responded by moving their gaze to Jin Lao’s body.     

Yuying was also startled when she heard the words of Big Baby. She turned her head to look at Jin Lao: “Grandpa, you…”     

“…You have recognized the wrong person.” Jin Lao twisted his neck and lifted the small blanket on the rocking chair to cover his body. He turned his back to the crowd, preparing to deny it to death.     

“…” This is the senior who was as famous as her master? Why does he feel even more childish than Master? Also, don’t pretend to be asleep, okay? ! If you knew that this would cause a loss of face, don’t do anything that is indecent to girls in the first place! This is Xia Yuqing who watched the old man trying to deceive the others. Her mouth was twitching, she didn’t know what to say.

“…” This is the Senior in alchemy who is renowned in Shu Kingdom, known to everybody? Why does he seem so unreliable? Is it really okay to pin Shu’s future and their big revenge on him? This is Yan Tingfang, who was hesitant, staring at Jin Lao with a sullen face. She frowned.     

“…” This is the old man with no moral integrity that Yun Xi mentioned? Although I had expected that this person might be a weird one, seeing it with my own eyes is another matter! This is a crowd of bystanders who have been knocked down by the truth.     

Click… After a long while, Yun Xi took the lead to recover. The string in her mind called rationality was completely cut off. She screamed, and rushed towards Jin Lao: “Damn it! Old man, you won’t even let Qing Jiejie go!? If this grandma doesn’t beat you to the ground today, I will follow your last name!”     

Yun Xi’s movements were too sudden and too fast, before the people nearby reacted, the old and the young lady were already fighting.     

“Oh, what’s the matter with you girl? How can you hit this old man? Lightly, lightly…” Jin Lao was unprepared to be pounced on directly. He was so scared, he almost fell from the chair. However, he was beaten back on the chair by Yun Xi.     

Yan Tingfang and the others looked at Yun Xi’s rare domineering side, they were all stunned. They didn’t wake up from this dream until they heard the painful groan of Old Jin and stepped forward to help.     

Feng Tingye looked at the group of people who were in a mess. He squinted his eyes and turned his head to look at Yun Zhongyue who was watching the good show, and sneered: “The Sixth Prince must have already guessed the identity of Senior Jin from the beginning. Is that why you stopped Zhen at that time?”

Yun Zhong Yue scratched his ears and spread his hands innocently: “Actually, I wasn’t entirely sure. I haven’t seen Jin Lao for five to six years. It’s just that I heard Master talk about him in indignation a few days ago because the new mechanical device developed by him was plundered by a certain someone. That thing can be used as a fishing rod, but not only that, it could actually be used for self-defense. When I first saw that fishing rod, I felt it looked a little familiar. In addition, even though Jin Lao was covering his face at that time, the voice and tone of his speech remained unchanged. In addition to his own temperament that we know of…cough cough, I boldly guessed that the person who bothered Junior Sister was…”     

Xia Yuqing, who was holding the two children, dared not go deep into the fighting circle. She was a little surprised when she heard Yun Zhongyue’s words: “The fishing rod was made by Master? Master and this old man knows each other?”     

“They’re more than just acquaintances, they’re basically bad friends who grew up wearing the same pair of pants.” (grew up together)     

Xia Yuqing was stunned. She suddenly remembered that Feng Tingye and Yun Zhongyue had said that this Senior Jin was as famous as her own master. At that time, she only thought of these two old men as both being renowned… She didn’t expect them to be old acquaintances.     

Xia Yuqing was surprised, then she heard a frivolous voice from a noisy crowd not far away: “Hey, isn’t this little girl from Yun boy’s family? She’s this grown up now?”     

Hearing Jin Lao ask that, Yun Xi’s hand that was giving him a beating paused. Jin Lao took advantage of the moment that she paused and flipped around dexterously.     

The same posture, the same action, just happening to different people.     

“Tsk tsk tsk…Why do girls have such small breasts these days? No worries, just eat more pig’s feet and papaya, otherwise you will really become Princess Taiping.” (Taiping can also be translated to too flat)    

“…” After a few seconds of dead silence, Yun Xi who raised her hand was frozen in place. Her beautiful eyes became large as she stared at the old man. Water began to ripple around and spin in her eye sockets, then finally…     

“Pa–” A crisp slap sound accompanied by a young girl’s scream resounded through the bamboo house. The earth shook, “You damn old scumbag, go to h*ll! AAGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH …”


A quarter of an hour later, Yun Xi was in He Wenzhong’s arms, tears falling down unceasingly. Her eyes flushed and the people on the side could not help but feel distressed. He Wenzhong wiped away the tears from her face, at a loss. He patted her shoulder to comfort her: “It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m here. I won’t let the old man touch you again.” 

The initiator of all this, had already sat back on the rocking chair again. There was a red mark on each side of his old face, which looked a little… ridiculous. 

Yuying took a handkerchief wrapped in boiled eggs from the side and handed it to Jin Lao, and sighed softly: “Grandpa, use this to rub it, or you will have a toothache when you get up tomorrow morning.” 

“Isn’t it just touching two girls? It’s not like they lost a chunk of meat, why are they so angry? Ouch, it hurts. She really was cuter when she was a child. How can she grow up to behave like that Yue girl? This old man had told Yun boy back then, this girl can’t be placed next to Yue girl, yet he didn’t believe me. Now look…see what she’s become? If he could grit his teeth and endure it and allow the girl to follow me… ” 

“…” If Yun Xi’s father really put the hot headed Yun Xi here, it would be truly terrifying! Xia Yuqing looked at the old man’s narrow eyes with shock. She couldn’t help shuddering at her imagination. Reaching out, she touched her frightened little heart to reassure herself it was okay. Although Yun Xi’s father was a bit slow, at least his head was still clear. He would never personally send Xiao Xi into the tiger’s mouth! 

“What are you talking about? You dare say bad things about my Father and Mother? Did I not beat you hard enough just now? Do you want me to punch you again?” Yun Xi heard the complaint of Jin Lao and stood up from He Wenzhong’s arms. She rolled up her sleeves and wanted to push forward again. Fortunately, He Wenzhong had the foresight to see this and hugged her from behind, preventing her from getting closer to Jin Lao. 

Seeing that Yun Xi was restrained, Jin Lao started to push her buttons: “This old man is telling the truth. You are a girl who yells and screams, who would dare to marry you?”

“You…” Yun Xi looked angrily with her claws stretched towards the old man, but He Wenzhong who was hugging her tightly yelled, “I dare, I dare. Don’t listen to his nonsense, it will hurt your body. Don’t be angry, don’t be angry.” 

Xia Yuqing gave a dull look at the triumphant Jin Lao who had done all those bad things. She had to admit that the old man in front of her was really just as Yun Xi said. He was a bad-tempered, annoying perv*rt! Compared to him, her master was simply a Buddha, at the level of an angel! Sure enough, it is when there is a comparison can one see what is good or bad. Master, I used to be a disciple who was not filial because I couldn’t find your good. From now on, disciple must reform and be filial to you. I will have Lu Rui make you more delicious food! 

“Grandpa, speak less, this is originally your mistake.” Seeing that the old and the young were about to fight up again, Yuying sighed helplessly and said a sentence of persuasion.

Jin Lao received a slight warning look from his precious granddaughter. Although he still wanted to refute with a few extra words, he could only stop talking. He clutched his aching face. 

Xia Yuqing had some thoughts when she saw this. It seems that this old man listened to his granddaughter very much. In this case, if they were able to pass this Yuying’s round… 

Thinking of this, Xia Yuqing hurriedly pulled Feng Tingye’s sleeves, wanting to pass this message to him. Feng Tingye was startled. Watching Xia Yuqing winking at himself constantly, he couldn’t help but smile. He patted her head, and expressed his encouragement for her rare observation. 

Jin Lao covered his old face with a warm egg for a long time. After he felt that the pain on his face was not as obvious anymore, he looked at the few people, “Yun boy, this old man only knows you. Come on, speak. Why did you come with this group of people to tear down this old man’s place?” 

After a long time, they were finally back on topic. Yun Zhongyue rolled his eyes: “Of course we came to look for you for something. But before that, Jin Lao, there is something very important that I have to notify you about.” 

“What’s the matter?” 

“In fact, it’s nothing, but the first girl you had assaulted was the little apprentice my master had just accepted not long ago. The Empress of Ye Kingdom, our Junior Sister, the jewel in the palm of my master, the most hopeful heir in his life. What do you think would happen if Master knew that you touched his heart and flesh as soon as you met?” 

“Little Junior Sister?” Jin Lao was startled. He got up from the rocking chair swiftly, and walked towards Xia Yuqing. 

Upon seeing him walking towards her and remembering the incident she had suffered not long ago, Xia Yuqing hurriedly backed away two steps. Feng Tingye obviously thought of it too, and quickly stepped in front of Xia Yuqing. He stared coldly at the old man walking towards them. 

Jin Lao touched his mustache. He looked up and down Xia Yuqing for a while, then clapped both his hands together: “So you are the one that Xu Lao Er was hiding and tucking away. How can he not let us old men look at his little apprentice! Quite cute this one. It would be better if her breasts could be bigger. How about this old man makes it up to you by stewing this old man’s secret recipe for papaya and pig feet? After you eat it, I promise you would absorb it all at once……. hehehe…” 

“…” F*ck, can’t you move your attention to other places, why are you still mentioning this? Also, who wants to eat your stewed papaya and pig’s feet? All perv*rts should die! 

A big red intersection (x) popped out of Xia Yuqing’s head, the smile on her face completely froze. She almost bit through her teeth. Sure enough, this old man is really not an ordinary annoying person! Next time, she must detour when she sees him in the future!

Feng Tingye turned sideways and completely blocked Xia Yuqing’s whole body behind him. He looked at Jin Lao with a smile but not a smile: “Jin Lao does not need to worry about that. Ai Fei is perfect like this. Zhen likes it.” 

Jin Lao was swept away by Feng Tingye’s cold gaze. He suddenly felt that his back was chilly. He stared at Feng Tingye, then glanced at Xia Yuqing. He pointed to Xia Yuqing, “You are that girl’s husband?” 

Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows and nodded calmly. 

Jin Lao rubbed his nose: “No wonder your reaction was so big, it turned out she was a married woman. Tsk tsk tsk, such a young girl has already married, what a pity.” 

“…” Hey, what are you pitying? Even if I am not a married woman, it is absolutely impossible for me and you to happen. This old cow wants to eat tender grass! (old person dating young person) Also, who is a little girl? You are a little girl. Your whole family is a little girl. This aunt combining both lives is almost forty years old. I have two children, little girl, your sister! 

“Jin Lao, I advise you not to have any intentions towards my Junior Sister. Don’t talk about my obsessive master, you won’t be able to withstand the one in front of you. He is not a man who knows how to respect the old and love the young.” Yun Zhongyue looked at Feng Tingye, whose face was getting more and more ugly due to Jin Lao’s actions and said it in a somewhat gloating manner. 

“Hey, he’s just a kid who hasn’t even grown any hair, why would I be afraid of him? Moreover,  let alone this kid, even if your Master came here personally, nothing may even happen to this old man. Besides, back then, your Third Brother was also very much loved by your Master and I still played with him in circles, but your master didn’t say a word.” 

“…” Jin Lao, Master’s love for Junior Sister and Third Brother is not on the same level. Believe me, if you dare to touch this little girl, Master will really fight you! 

Yun Zhongyue saw that Jin Lao was refusing to listen to his advice to not extend his claws to Xia Yuqing, so he silently looked at the sky.

The consequences were taken for granted. A bright light flashed by. Everyone present, even Shao Zitang, had never seen Feng Tingye make a move. Jin Lao only felt that his face was slightly cold. He stroked his face in a daze. A damp sensation could be felt from the palm of his hand, then everyone heard a pu, and someone fell to the ground. 


Death-like silence began to spread within the bamboo house, then everyone heard an exclamation that woke them from their dream. 


Xia Yuqing and the others looked at the people who were in a mess again. Everyone looked sluggish. What’s the situation now? They were here to beg for someone’s help, but before they started to beg for it, they had knocked them out! 

After a period of turmoil, Jin Lao finally woke up in the crowd after being pinched and soothed by patting his back. However, it happened that just as soon as he raised his head, he met Feng Tingye’s unapologetically handsome face. At once, he retracted back. He pointed at Feng Tingye and shouted in a low voice: “You stinky boy, you dare to…” 

Feng Tingye let out a low laugh, and stared at Jin Lao with a smile, “What’s not to dare? Senior Jin, do you think Zhen just wanted to scare you? If the Sixth Prince hadn’t stopped Zhen this afternoon, you may have long been buried on the top of the hill. You should be thankful that we have something to ask of you, otherwise it would be your neck that was kissed by the sword just now!” 

“…” Have something to ask of me? Does this boy’s attitude seem to be begging me for something? ! The two mustaches on Jin Lao’s mouth flicked furiously. 

“Okay, okay, grandpa, you’re the one who’s at fault.” Yuying sighed softly and came out to stop the fight. 

Jin Lao was unwilling. An old face looked at his little granddaughter sadly: “Ying Er, you’re turning your elbow outwards!” (helping others and not her own people)

Yuying’s face sank. She glanced at him, “Who promised me and Xue Er that they wouldn’t be rude to girls anymore, yet what happened?” 

The old man choked. He stared at his little granddaughter with a bit of sadness and distress. He was unwilling but had a somewhat guilty expression, like a daylily under the scorching sun… 

Yuying let out a sigh. She turned her head to look at Xia Yuqing and the others, and said politely: “My grandfather has been in the mountains for a long time and is a little unruly. I hope everyone can forgive him.” 

“Uh…it’s okay. No matter what, it is wrong of us to make a move and cause the senior to faint. Fortunately, nothing bad happened, otherwise…” Wouldn’t our trip have been in vain? Xia Yuqing silently wiped the cold sweat from her head. 

Yuying laughed after hearing Xia Yuqing’s words: “This Miss Qing must have misunderstood. Grandpa fainted not because Gongzi took action just now, but fainted because he saw…… blood.”

“!” Shoot, it turned out that this old man would faint at the sight of blood! I was wondering why the victim’s granddaughter could be so calm when the Ultra Seme Lord had knocked out her grandfather. So he had done it to himself! 

“Ying Er, don’t talk about these kinds of things to outsiders.” Jin Lao blushed when he saw his granddaughter revealing his shortcomings in front of others. 

Hey, I didn’t expect this old man to be such a thin-skinned man. This is good, now they have caught his weakness, fainting upon seeing blood and extreme in wanting to save face! Xia Yuqing’s melon seed brain turned quickly, thinking about how to use these advantages to take down a certain old man in one fell swoop. 

“Okay, stop making trouble and let’s speak business. Jin Lao, do you remember this girl, Yan Tingfang? She is the daughter of Prime Minister Yan back then.” Yun Zhongyue glanced at the crowd and reminded them. 

“Prime Minister Yan’s daughter?” Jin Lao raised his eyebrows, and the smile on his face narrowed. After looking at Yan Tingfang for a long time, he said, “You’re still alive?”

Yan Tingfang was startled. She hurriedly stepped forward. “Senior Jin, thanks to the Queen’s help, otherwise I would not have survived to this day.” 

Jin Lao had an epiphany: “It turned out to be the Yue girl. At that time, I knew that with Yue girl’s temperament, how could she let Third boy cause trouble like that. But…you wouldn’t be here to ask this old man to come out and persuade Yun boy, that little piece of wood, for the matter of Prime Minister Yan back then right?” 

“Of course not. Royal Brother now knows the truth about Prime Minister Yan back then…” 

“He already knows? If he already knows, then why did you still come to see this old man? It must be for a more serious matter.” Jin Lao’s eyes were slightly cold. He glanced at everyone inquiringly. 

“Ahem, it’s actually like this.” Yun Zhong Yue repeated the whole story and the current situation again with the eyes of everyone on him. He specifically mentioned the current situation of Yun Zhongli and Helian Mingyue. 

After listening quietly, Jin Lao snorted. In a somewhat proud and angry manner, he stated: “This old man told the Yun boy that the wild girl didn’t seem simple, yet he didn’t believe it. This old man also argued about the matter of Prime Minister Yan. However, that stubborn fool was like a piece of elm wood, he wouldn’t get the point at all. He made this old man so angry that this old man ran into the mountains and forests for so many years. Now it’s good. Don’t listen to the old man and suffer the consequences. Hmph, this will teach him a lesson. This will teach him that there is a sky outside his sky, and there are people outside his people!” (moral that one shouldn’t be too arrogant as there’s always better out there)

Yun Xi thought it sounded wrong when she heard it, so she asked in suspicion: “Weird old man, didn’t you fall out with my father and moved here because father didn’t let you approach me? How did it become Uncle Yan’s affairs that made you angry with my father?”

Jin Lao shook his moustache and said contemptuously, “How is that possible? This old man is so magnanimous, do I seem like a small person who would get upset with your Father over such a trivial matter?” 

“…” We don’t have to say it, it looks like it! 

Jin Lao snorted disdainfully, then turned to look at Yun Zhong Yue: “Did Yue Ya Tou ask you to come to this old man for help?” 

“En, that’s right.” 

“Did that Yue Ya Tou speak about any benefits that will be given to the old man afterwards?” 

Benefits? Several people glanced at each other, they were all stunned. Helian Mingyue’s letter only stated that Feng Tingye would have one of his requests fulfilled. However, she didn’t mention what benefit could be given to Jin Lao after the incident was completed! 

“Ahahaha, well, of course there are. Wait until Royal Brother and Royal Sister-in-law get out of their predicament. With Jin Lao’s great contributions, I am sure that Royal Brother and Royal Sister-in-law will not treat you badly at that time.” Yunzhongyue smiled and unscrupulously drew a blank check. Anyways, after everything is done, he would go back to Ye Kingdom to find his wife. At that time, if Royal Brother and Royal Sister-in-law refuse to admit this account, let’s see where this old man would find his witness. 

Yun Zhongyue was making small calculations in his heart, but it’s a pity that this old man had gone through numerous battles, and even though he was older, he was not so easy to fool. After listening to Yun Zhongyue’s words, he immediately discovered the loopholes and said with a deep expression: “What do you mean…They didn’t plan to give the old man any benefits at all?” 


Yun Zhongyue’s reaction undoubtedly confirmed Jin Lao’s guess. The old man snorted coldly. He laid down on the rocking chair, and pulled a blanket over him, then he turned his back: “Not going.” 

“Why?” Several people exclaimed, startled by the sudden change in Jin Lao. 

“This old man is not a fool. This kind of hard work is not a good thing! What’s more, that Yun boy was stingy from the beginning. Didn’t I just touch his girl, yet, he actually scowled at this old man? Now that he’s in trouble, now he thinks of this old man? Why does this old man have to save him?” 

“…” Old perv*rt, you just said that you didn’t bear a grudge, so what’s all this now!? Can you not be arrogant at this critical moment! 

“I knew you were an unreliable old man. At this time, you are actually acting as a coward, not helping out?! It was a waste of all the respect my Father and Mother have shown you for so many years. Your conscience must have been eaten by dogs. Don’t stop me, today I must beat him until his Mother won’t recognize him!” When Yun Xi heard these words from Jin Lao, it was like her gunpowder was ignited. She just wanted to step forward to hit someone. 

“Senior…” Yan Tingfang whispered beggingly. 

“Who are you calling? This old man is not your Senior, you have acknowledged the wrong person.” Jin Lao looked like a pig who was not afraid of boiling water. Lying upright on the rocking chair, he turned his head away, unwilling to face them at all. 

“…” Here comes that move again. Old man, can you not be so childish! Xia Yuqing glared at Jin Lao, then turned to comfort Yun Xi. 

Just when everyone was eager to step forward and beat the old man who was so hateful, Feng Tingye, who had been standing by the side watching the changes, suddenly asked: “What benefits do you want?” 

Feng Tingye’s words finally made Jin Lao’s head turn back to them. Turning his head, he looked at Feng Tingye. He smiled, “You deserve to be the emperor of Ye Kingdom, you hit the mark with that comment.”

Feng Tingye was too lazy to deal with him, so he straightforwardly asked: “Speak, what do you want?” 

Jin Lao turned around, touched his chin and thought for a while. His eyes went back and forth around everyone, then his eyes brightened when it stopped not far from Xia Yuqing. 

Just when everyone thought that he hadn’t changed his mind and wanted to have ideas towards Xia Yuqing, they saw him reach out to Xia Yuqing’s side, and said joyfully: “This old man wants this doll to stay by the old man as his little granddaughter.” 

“Huh?” Xia Yuqing and the others were taken aback. Looking in the direction he pointed, they faced the innocent, watery eyes of Second Baby. 

“!” F*ck, this dead old man hasn’t given up?! It’s fine if he lays his hand on an adult, but this time he even wants to extend his devil claws to children? What a beast, no, even worse than a beast! 

Xia Yuqing rolled up her sleeves, she was ready to step forward. Yun Xi, who was originally very angry, hurriedly followed with He Wenzhong and persuaded: “Qing Jiejie, calm down.” 

“That b*stard wants to make a move on my daughter, how can I calm down?” As soon as Xia Yuqing thought about how this old man could have done something bad to her innocent and cute Second Baby, she was furious. She wished she could incarnate to Godzilla on the spot, to swallow this beast in one bite, saving him from harming any more people.

Compared to Xia Yuqing’s anger, Feng Tingye was surprisingly calm. The corners of his lips curled up slightly: “Yes, as long as you can coax the child to go with you.” 

“!” A thunder struck down. Xia Yuqing was petrified on the spot. The Ultra Seme Lord was planning to abandon this mother and child duo? It turned out… 

“How hard could it be?” Jin Lao got up from his rocking chair. He put on a self-righteous smile on his face, and walked towards Second Baby.

“What do you want to do?” Shao Zitang, who knew Feng Tingye’s bad nature, glanced at Jin Lao who was walking towards Second Baby.

Feng Tingye narrowed his eyes and sneered: “You will know soon.” 


“Little girl, I’m your Grandpa Jin. Be good, come here, Grandpa will buy you sweets.” 

If it was normal, Second Baby would have definitely jumped into the other’s arms without saying anything when she heard that there was candy, but now… 

Ooooooo, this grandpa looks scary! Second Baby was frightened by Jin Lao and shrank behind Eldest Baby. She only showed two big eyes staring back at Jin Lao carefully. 

Seeing that Second Baby didn’t go forward, Jin Lao took a few steps back. He was a little anxious. He reached out his hand to get the person back, but was blocked by Big baby: “Don’t touch my sister with your dirty hands.” 

“What? Don’t mess around, kid, go play.” Jin Lao didn’t pay attention to the warning of Big Baby. He pushed Big Baby and wanted to extend his claws towards Second Baby. 

“I said, don’t touch my sister with your dirty hands…” Big Baby was becoming a little annoyed, his voice stirring up a storm, “Don’t you understand?” 

Accompanied by Big Baby’s gritted teeth questioning, everyone only heard a click, and an exceptionally gorgeous silver pistol appeared in the hands of Big Baby. The black hole of the muzzle accurately pressed against Jin Lao’s head. Jin Lao’s eyes tightened, everyone on the side were also collectively surprised. 

“!” Dudu, you’re playing with the pistol again!? It could hurt people! 

“Bang ……”

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