FMEA Chapter 197

Chapter 197 Excavating Graves at Midnight 

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“Look at this.” Under the surprised gaze of several people, Su Qingyan took out something from himself. 

“This is…” Ji Miaoyan asked in surprise, staring at the handkerchief in Su Qingyan’s hand that was stained with some ink black marks. 

Su Qingyan raised his eyebrows and chuckled: “The poison that penetrated into your grandfather’s bones.” 

“What?!” Several people exclaimed again. When they reacted, they hurriedly covered their mouths to prevent being discovered by officers and soldiers coming and going outside. 

Yun Zhong Yue glanced at Ji Miaoyan’s pale face and stepped forward to grab Su Qingyan’s sleeve, “Master Su, where did you get this thing?” 

“What garbage! Of course it was extracted from the bones of the old general.” Su Qingyan freed his hand from Yun Zhongyue’s grasp. He looked at Yun Zhongyue with a look of “you are really an idiot”. 

Yun Zhongyue choked in surprise: “I mean, the bones of the old general should have been buried in the ancestral grave of the Ji family, how could you…” 

Wait, it won’t be what I’m thinking right! Yun Zhongyue’s face whitened. His eyes widened as if he was looking at an alien creature. He stared at Su Qingyan, for fear that he would say it as his answer. 

Su Qingyan glanced at Yun Zhongyue, judging the Sixth Prince of the state of Shu for asking such a mentally handicapped question! 

“Does this still need to be said? Of course I found it from the old general’s grave. 

“!” Yun Zhongyue’s pupils widened. He stiffly pointed at Su Qingyan, and said with a trembling voice, “You mean you excavated the ancestral grave of the Ji family… and found this thing?” 

“Of course! Otherwise, how could I get such big poisonous weeds stains out of thin air, and be so sure that this thing caused General Ji’s death?” 

Speaking of this, Su Qingyan was full of fire. He didn’t know Feng Tingye’s identity at the beginning, so it’s fine for him to be swindled out of so much money. This time he just passed by, yet he fell into the hands of the same person again,and was used as a free labor force by him. Forget about seeing a medical record, he even made him run around to dig the graves of other people’s ancestors.     

Thinking back to the days spent in that gloomy, cold cemetery, Su Qingyan, who had always been gentle and elegant, couldn’t help but want to curse. How could this be? He was a doctor! No matter how famous he was, he was no more than a doctor. He was not a tomb thief. Wasn’t it too much to have him go to the cemetery to dig a grave!? If it weren’t for that precious rhino horn…     

Su Qingyan’s mouthful of silver teeth was cracked. If Feng Tingye dared to criticize him this time, no matter which country he was the emperor of, he would have no mercy. He would definitely throw poisonous powder all over him, making him not be allowed to enter the path of reincarnation for the rest of his life!     

Compared with Su Qingyan’s rage, Yun Zhongyue who was unfortunately swept through the tail of the typhoon, was also messed up at this moment.     

Su Qingyan’s answer just now was like a thunderstorm. It directly shocked him into a crisp with no remains in sight.

I was wrong. I shouldn’t have saved the girl named Jiang Feizao from the beginning. If I hadn’t saved her, then she would not have seen little brother-in-law; if she hadn’t seen brother-in-law and the others, brother-in-law would not have agreed to save General Ji. If they did not promise to save the person, he would not have accepted the hard work of bringing people over to save that person. If he did not accept this hard work, how could he fall into this embarrassing situation now? In front of the person involved, saying that you dug their ancestor’s grave, Su Gongzi, you are too courageous… you really are not ordinary!     

Yun Zhongyue became more messy. He took a deep breath, “Master Su, you wouldn’t have been digging a grave in broad daylight right?”     

Su Qingyan was startled when he heard these words. He turned his head and rolled his eyes. The familiar eye roll made Yun Zhongyue have a bad foreboding. As expected…     

“Are you stupid? Have you seen someone sneak to dig someone’s ancestral grave during broad daylight? If they’re caught, they would get beaten to death with a stick on the spot.”

“…” Even if you go to dig someone’s ancestral grave at night, you would still be beaten to death with a stick if you are caught! 

But… Yun Zhong Yue breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was not in broad daylight, so it was not so obvious. 

“Oh, that’s right.” Su Qingyan seemed to remember something. He coughed a little embarrassingly, “Little General Ji, because it was midnight when your family’s ancestral grave was excavated and I couldn’t bring a big lantern to look for your grandfather’s grave in the cemetery, I accidentally dug several graves by mistake at the beginning. After this is over, remember to go back to your cemetery to fix up the coffins I accidentally dug out. Bury it back again, don’t forget!” 


There was another weird silence, then Su Qingyan heard a sound of blood spurting around him. He was immediately startled: “Sixth Prince, what’s the matter with you? You were just standing there, how did you start vomiting blood?” 

“…” Ah, this serious-looking youth, is also a natural like his sister-in-law. This lethality… 

Yun Zhongyue vomited a mouthful of blood again and wiped the blood from his mouth. He reluctantly smiled: “No… it’s okay.” 

Su Qingyan didn’t believe it very much. He stretched out his hand to check his pulse: “Impatient mood, pulse in disorder, young people can’t be so restless, it is easy to cause internal problems that would affect your… future happiness in life.”

“…” Don’t speak as if you are not a young man, okay? You don’t seem to be much older than me. 

“Pu…” The blood Yun Zhongyue had held back with great difficulty was vomited out again. D*mn it, he hadn’t even faced Fourth Sister yet, and he’s actually injured internally! You are too savage! 

“Why are you vomiting blood again?” Su Qingyan’s face straightened. He was just about to stretch his claws toward Yun Zhongyue again, when a voice with a little sullenness abruptly interrupted, saving Yun Zhongyue from being caught in the fire. 

“Enough.” Ji Miaoyan recovered from the initial astonishment. The more he heard, the darker his face became. Finally he couldn’t help but interrupt the conversation between the two with a loud halt: “With only your words, how can I know that the things in this handkerchief weren’t something you took out casually to slander me?” 

“You really won’t shed tears without seeing the coffin.” (to refuse to be convinced until one is faced with the grim reality) Su Qingyan shook his head and laughed. 

“What are you laughing at?” Ji Miaoyan looked at the smile on Su Qingyan’s face, his face sank again. 

“It’s nothing, I’m just laughing. Feng Tingye, that evildoer, really does have incredible foresight. He had long expected that you wouldn’t believe such a small mark, so he told me early on to take something else from the grave. Is this dagger familiar to Master Ji?” 

“…” After finally adjusting his mentality, Yun Zhongyue, who slipped and was climbing back up from the ground, almost fell to the ground again. He nearly vomited blood. 

Not only did you run off in the middle of the night to dig out other people’s ancestral graves, but you also stole things from other people’s tombs? Isn’t your behavior that of a tomb thief? Shouldn’t this be the job for the king of thieves? Young Master Su, are you sure you are not here to steal my job?!

The moment Ji Miaoyan saw Su Qingyan take out the dagger, his face became very ugly. The hand hanging beside him was also subconsciously clenched tightly. 

Su Qingyan had a full view of his reaction. He raised his hand and put the dagger on the table, so that Ji Miaoyan could better confirm the authenticity of the dagger. 

“If you still don’t believe me, you can follow me to the cemetery to see your grandfather’s bones. I believe that Young Master Ji’s wisdom should know whether the poison was poisoned before death or poisoned after death. There is a clear difference between the two. This will make it clear that I did not make up such a farce to deceive you.” 

Ji Miaoyan fell silent. His lips tightly pressed. A long time later, he uttered a sentence: “My grandfather received what kind of poison?” 

Ji Miaoyan’s words undoubtedly demonstrated that he believed Su Qingyan’s words. Su Qingyan smiled and took out a small herb from the medicine bag he carried with him. 

“This is…” After Ji Miaoyan saw the medicinal herb in Su Qingyan’s hand, a trace of surprise flashed across his eyes again. 

“LianYing grass? Fourth Sister gave Old General Ji LianYing grass?” Yun Zhongyue just let out a sigh of relief, when he was once again shocked by the things in Su Qingyan’s hands. 

“This thing is called LianYing grass?” Su Qingyan nodded thoughtfully, “Well, after taking out a venom sample from General Ji’s bones, I went nearby to look for a poisonous weed with the same toxicity. Finally, when I was outside the city, I found this herb on the mountain.”

Ji Miaoyan lowered his head, to let the shadow cover the expressions on his face. He asked aloud: “Sixth Prince’s words mean? Aunt has poisoned someone else?” 

“Not long ago …… Fourth Sister had been adding LianYing grass in Royal Brother’s meals, but was seen through by Sister-in-law.” 

“Now can you say your aunt is innocent?” Su Qingyan asked Ji Miaoyan with his arms folded. 

Yun Zhong Yue paused and said to help: “Young Master Ji, don’t forget that when the old general died, there was only Fourth Sister by his side, and…before the death of Third Royal Brother, he bluntly spoke to Girl Jiang, that the death of your grandfather is related to Fourth Sister.” 

“The Third Prince?” Ji Miaoyan’s face flashed again with a trace of surprise, then his face was gloomy, “If this is the case, why didn’t she tell me?” 

“If she told you early on, would you have believed it?” Su Qingyan recalled Ji Miaoyan’s reaction when he had just told the truth. There was a bit of sarcasm in his eyes, “You value the princess so much, if Ms. Jiang really told you, if you didn’t believe her, you would be bound to fall out with her. If you did believe it, you’re bound to fall out with the princess. No matter which result, you won’t get a satisfactory one.” 

Ji Miaoyan was speechless, but still refused to yield: “Speaking about this, you just want me to go out and help you resist Auntie. To be honest, I’m dubious about what you said, Auntie, she…” 

Su Qingyan interrupted Ji Miaoyan’s dying struggle a little impatiently: “Since you don’t believe it, why don’t you ask your aunt yourself? I think her reaction would be more interesting than expected.” 

Ji Miaoyan seemed to have heard Su Qingyan, then after struggling for a while, he sighed and compromised: “Even if I really want to go out and help you, you have seen it. Inside and outside the capital, it’s all under the control of my aunt. Even if I go out now, no one would be willing to listen to me, everything would be in vain.”

“…Don’t you have some cronies?” Yun Zhong Yue was more startled. He looked at Ji Miaoyan with some surprise, his smile stiffened. Although he didn’t always pay attention to the affairs of the court, he knew that Ji Miaoyan was young and talented and had the power of the Ji family. Although he did not dare to say that he held heavy power, he still had many soldiers loyal to him. How could no one listen to his dispatch?

 “Yes, but now only one team of elite troops directly assigned to me can be dispatched, and the others only recognize the seal passed down by my grandfather.” 

“Where is the seal? It’s still on you, right?” 

“…It was snatched away by my aunt before.” 

“…” Yun Zhongyue’s face turned white. He wanted to stop his headache. This kind of key moment was completely different from the script! Don’t play with me like this! 

“What should we do now?” Su Qingyan glanced at the two of them and asked with an eyebrow raised. 

“That…” At this moment, an old man who was regarded as an invisible person weakly interjected while watching from the sidelines. It was a pity that the dignified people didn’t even care about him. 

“No matter what, let’s take the person out first. Junior Sister and the others should have already started to take action. We will meet with them first.” 


Su Qingyan touched his chin: “It can only be done like that.” 

“I said…… “

“Ah, let’s take advantage of no one coming and go. ” 

“I said, can you listen to this old man for a word or two!” Jin Lao, who had been ignored, finally erupted. Pointing to a few people, he scolded, “I said you young people really… don’t know how to respect the old and love the young. I have been here with you guys for a long time, but you didn’t even pay any attention to me. That’s fine. However, when I wanted to say a word, you actually…… Wuwuwu …… ” 

“Jin Lao, hush hush hush…… “Yun Zhongyue and the others were yelled at by Jin Lao, and froze on the spot for several seconds. Watching Jin Lao’s saliva flying wildly, it took them several seconds to come back to their senses. They thought of reaching out to cover Jin Lao’s mouth when he spoke, but it was already a little too late. 

“Young Master, are you there?” The dim light of the lantern gathered from outside the room, and soon was accompanied by a knock on the door. An urgent inquiry came in from outside. 

Yun Zhongyue and the others heard the sound, and became stiff. Covering Jin Lao’s mouth, they froze in place. 

Ji Miaoyan made a silent gesture toward the three of them, and replied: “Yes, what’s the matter?” 

The people outside the door were slightly relieved when they heard Ji Miaoyan’s reply, and continued to ask: “I just heard something from Gongzi’s room just now. There has been some movement, and since the capital has not been very peaceful recently, I was wondering if it’s convenient for Gongzi to open the door and let us come in and see?” 

Although Ji Miaoyan was restrained, he was still the Eldest Princess’s nephew and the heir of the Ji family. Before the princess dealt with him, they didn’t dare to be too presumptuous to him. 

“No need, I’m already settled down to sleep. The movement just now was just because I had a nightmare and woke up, so I don’t want to make a big fuss.”


“What? My words don’t work anymore? Don’t forget that this mansion is still surnamed Ji now!” Ji Miaoyan obviously brought a bit of anger in his voice. 

A moment of silence outside the door, then the man gave up, defeated: “Please forgive this subordinate’s insolence, forgive me Gong zi. It is getting late, Gongzi please rest early, we will retire first.” 

That being said, before the person left, they left a few more people at the door. 

Yun Zhong Yue waited for the sound of the group’s footsteps to get further away, before he was slightly relieved, but he did not dare to make too much noise. 

“Uhhhhhh…” Jin Lao still had his mouth covered, with an expression of soon having his eyes rolling to the back of his head. Yun Zhongyue and Su Qingyan gasped at the sight, and hurriedly let go of their hand.  


“Hush hush hush…” Jin Lao wanted to swear, but when he saw Yun Zhongyue and Su Qingyan winking at him vigorously, the anger that was about to rush out was swallowed back abruptly.  

Yun Zhong Yue took a look outside, then heaved a sigh of relief after making sure that there was nothing unusual. 

“Jin Lao, can you stop being so scary, it will kill us.” Yun Zhongyue wiped off the cold sweat from his head and whispered.

Jin Lao snorted coldly, and turned his face away: “Who told you to ignore this old man, it’s really not polite.” 

“…” Old man, can you be more childish? 

Yun Zhongyue took a deep breath. He restrained the grass mud horse (F word) running through his heart, and asked with a stiff smile: “Then what on earth did you want to say? We are listening now.” 

Jin Lao proudly snorted, triumphantly. He glanced at the three of them: “Want to deploy troops? That so-called seal of old man Ji…” 

“!” Is it possible that this old man has a seal on his hand? Several people stared at Jin Lao expectantly. 

“This old man doesn’t have it.” 

A few people slipped and looked at Jin Lao in amazement. Are you f*cking kidding us? ! 

“But… the old man has something more useful in his hand.” 


Jin Lao raised his head and took out something from his chest and handed it to several people. The cool moonlight shot obliquely into the room along the window, reflecting the small and exquisite token in Jin Lao’s hand. A pattern resembling a tiger could be vaguely seen. 

“This is…” Yun Zhongyue’s face appeared blank for a moment, then he pointed at the command seal and shouted, “Tiger Seal!” 

“…You!” Su Qingyan covered his face. As expected, he was not afraid of opponents like gods, just afraid of stupid teammates.

“Who’s inside?” The few people guarding outside heard the movement and shouted loudly. 

“…” It’s over! 

Yun Zhongyue’s work on this side was about to kill them. At the same time, in the prison on the other side of the capital, a group of people were also moving in an orderly manner. 

“Xiao Shangshu, don’t be so depressed. Although it is too unkind to not let you see the young general at this time, there is no other way. Think about it. According to your cruel fate, you and the young general are destined to fall in love and kill each other. I’m afraid that if you enter the door and before you could even speak, the little general would be too excited to try to fight you. Not only will we not be able to save the little general, but it may also reveal our whereabouts. So for the sake of the overall situation, you will have to feel wronged. Anyways, the days are long, you will have the opportunity to meet, okay?” Xia Yuqing looked at the dark clouds of the person around her, with an expression of “I understand”, and persuaded with a smile. 

Little did she know that because of her words, the blue veins on someone’s head exploded and the black smoke behind his back grew stronger. 

“Your Royal Empress, how many times does this minister have to tell you? This minister has nothing to do with that Young Master Ji, so don’t tie this minister with him.” 

“Xiao Shangshu, it’s not right for you to be like this. Discovering this affair through my hard work and with my cultivated professional affair detection vision of 30 years, the little general definitely has a deep love for you. You can’t dislike him because he has a crazy aunt, and abandon him. There will be retribution!” 

“Paa” Shao Zitang clearly felt the string in his mind called rationality completely…break. 

“Pu…” Before he could get angry, he heard a somewhat unbearable laughter.

Shao Zitang turned his head coldly and looked at Yan Tingfang’s grinning appearance. 

“I didn’t expect Master Shang Shu and Young Master Ji to have this kind of relationship, you continue, continue…” Yan Tingfang coughed slightly, trying her best to stop the curvature of the corners of her lips. It was a pity that her eyes still betrayed her. 

As early as in Ye Kingdom, she had often heard people in the know mention that the Empress of Ye Kingdom was very different. One thing was that she liked to imagine two men together very much, cough cough… the legendary male on male love. At first she didn’t believe it very much, but now, this view was really eye-opening. Looking at the face of Master Shang Shu who had become the protagonist of this topic, it was really funny. It’s a pity that if Young Master Ji knew that his resentment towards Master Shang Shu was interpreted as such by others, one wouldn’t know what kind of expression he would have. It would be very interesting. 

“……” Carry on? Carry on with your sister! Who wants to continue on with this topic! Shao Zitang’s face turned dark. He was about to get angry, but was again obstructed by a certain master. 

“Can you guys stop this? If you make any more noise, please return for me.” Feng Tingye turned his head and glanced at a few people, and said with a slight warning, “Zitang, your personal relationship issues should be discussed later. It’s important to do business first.” 

“…” What? Did I pick this topic? Your Majesty, you are too biased! Sure enough, Yan Ran’s remarks were right. The husband and wife duo are too irritating, it is too annoying!

Shao Zitang had a sullen face. He turned his head and glared at Xia Yuqing, then moved his gaze down to the two dolls holding her thighs, and counterattacked: “Your Majesty, we are here to do business now. The Empress is fine since she is an adult, but why did the prince and the princess follow?” 

Big Baby who was playing with Second Baby heard Shao Zitang’s words and glanced up at him with disdain. He replied with full temperament: “Do you have an opinion?” 

“…” Who will drag this brat back for a spanking?! Should he lament, like father, like son? This b*stard’s irritating ability was really better than that of his father when he was a child! 

Shao Zi Tang looked at Feng Tingye with a face, and his expression was clearly condemning him for “not teaching his son”. 

Unexpectedly, Feng Tingye raised his lips indifferently. He replied with a smile: “Immersive experience of a rebellion is also a good way to cultivate an emperor’s mind.” 

“…” Shao Zitang’s face went blank for a second, the corners of his mouth began to twitch. Are you trying to tell me that taking two dolls under two years old to participate in this kind of shouting and killing rebellion is a kind of precious practical experience? Shao Zitang had begun to grind his teeth…

“Cough, it’s actually because the city is in chaos now. We all ran out, so we can’t leave the two children in the inn with no one to take care of them.” Xia Yuqing saw Shao Zitang almost driven mad by the father and son duo, so she coughed slightly and rounded up the scene with a loud voice. 

Shao Zitang snorted coldly, his face finally improving a little. 

At this moment, Feng Tingye made a silent gesture to everyone, and whispered: “Shh, someone is coming.” 

The sound of calm footsteps came from the other side of the cell. Step by step, it hit everyone’s heart. 

Feng Tingye and Shao Zitang looked at each other, unanimously blocking the two girls behind them. They carefully looked out to the path of the cell. The two buns who were still a little noisy at this moment also closed their mouths obediently. They nervously hugged Xia Yuqing’s thighs. 

Not long after, they saw a slender patrol officer slowly walking towards them. 

Just one person? Feng Tingye’s eyes went cold. He gestured to Shao Zitang. Shao Zitang nodded. He raised his hand and pulled out the dagger hidden in his sleeve. He was going to kill them with one blow when the officer passed by them. 

Unexpectedly, the officer walked a few steps away from where the few people were hiding, and suddenly paused. 

The hearts of everyone stopped beating for a moment, then the officer slowly raised their head with the official hat on. 

In the next second, a familiar face with a small smile came into everyone’s view without warning. 

The heavy atmosphere around them solidified for a few seconds, then everyone’s faces were full of surprise. 

A long while after, they just heard a sound of surprise: “Cui Er!”

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